Here's the last chapter. I'm actually proud of this story. I haven't figured out why though. . . This chapter is kind of like an epilogue. I doubt I will be writing a sequel to this, but I can not predict the future. Enjoy the last chapter.


". . . mm. . . nngh. . ."

"God, babe. . . ugh. . . Ah!"

Pete's grip on my hips tightened almost painfully. I wouldn't doubt if I had bruises blossoming there later tonight. My palms slipped a bit on his sweaty chest. No matter how many times we've made love over the summer, the feeling of his thick cock inside me was still satisfying. I hooked my ankles around his thighs, lifted my hips until only the head of his dick was left inside, then slammed down. The hot tip struck my prostate dead-on.

". . .Arh!" My moan echoed throughout the bedroom. ". . . Pete!"

"Grey. . . ugn. . . Fuck me, babe!" Pete's dark blue eyes were glazed with unadult-rated lust. "Please," he begged between pants.

I smirked down at him. There was no way I was giving in to him. Has he already forgotten what happened last time? How he had teased me relentlessly? No matter how much I begged and cried to be taken by him? I slowed my pace, earning an angry scowl from my lover. Any other time I would have screwed him into the bed mercilessly, but I'm getting my revenge.

"Damn it, Grey," he growled, then groaned when I slid down as slow as a snail. "Please, babe! I need you."

I shook my head at my Goth.

Pete narrowed his eyes. He lifted his upper body off the bed until we were chest to chest. There was a dangerous glint in his eyes that sent shivers down my spine. He shuffled back a bit on his ass then, in a move that happened so fast I couldn't comprehend, had me pinned to the bed. He shoved his dick into my body as far as he could, his heavy balls slapping against my skin.

"Ah!" I threw my head back and my eyes slammed shut as Pete took me almost ruthlessly. I reached in between our bodies and grabbed my dick; it was weeping a steady stream of precum. I whined low in my throat; my body was becoming overwhelmed with pleasure as Pete repeatedly struck my prostate, sending jolts of electrity to every part of my being. My other hand found Pete's back. My nails dug into his skin, most likely leaving crescent shaped welts.

"Grey, come," Pete demanded in a low tone. "Now."

Stars, I love it when he does that. I stroked myself faster and harder until I came with a loud moan that surprised even myself. My cum splattered against our chests, sticky and hot. Pete groaned low. I remembered what it was like being on top with my dick buried in my boyfriend. The almost suffocating feeling that encircled my cock when he came was life-changing; there's nothing that can compare with that delicious vibrating heat that surrounded my member.

"Pete, please!"

As if on cue, my boyfriend pulled out then shoved back in one last time. The familiar feeling of his cum filling me to the brim was satisfying. I grunted when he fell onto me but held him close as we fought to catch our breath.

I could feel some of Pete's semen drip out of my backside, staining his black blanket. But neither of us cared. It was the last free weekend we'd have for a while. Pete was going to college nearby and had gotten a job like he promised his aunt. His work schedule was a bit hectic, and I knew we would only be able to see each other when we weren't attending classes and he wasn't working.

I was planning on staying at his place during this school year. I already have a drawer of my own here, and my toiletries were in the bathroom. It was Pete who insisted that I somewhat move in with him; I'd still be staying at the Broflovski's every few nights. That was the deal with Sheila. She seemed reluctant to let me stay somewhere else, but after Pete promising to keep me out of trouble and Gerald agreeing with him, she finally allowed me to go.

Not long after I started staying at Pete's, Firkle was kicked out of his home. His parents had found out about him kissing another male, called him the spawn of Satan and kicked him to the curb. Pete was the first one he turned to; my Goth is allowing him to stay in the second bedroom in the trailer. He's been staying with us since the beginning of July, and so far we haven't had any problems living together, except that we could not have loud sex unless he was out of the house.

"I love you, Pete."

"I love you too, Grey." Pete nuzzled my neck and pulled out carefully. More of his cum leaked out, but it didn't really bother us. We can wash the blankets in the morning. "You drive me insane when you tease me like that."

I smirked. "Revenge is a bitch, babe."

Pete humphed then murmured, "I see you're not stuttering anymore."

It was true. I had stopped stuttering on my words a while ago. The Goths had been helping me knock the dust off my vocal cords. It took a few weeks, but I managed to say a full sentence without having to swallow, clear my throat, or stop altogether. Sheila was so surprised when I spoke to her without any problems with my speech. I don't know how much she cried that day but it was a lot.

"You should know that. You had me read Poe for over two hours yesterday."

Pete smiled against my skin. "You read beautifully though."

I hummed a response. We fell into a comfortable silence, holding onto each other as our hearts slowed to normal. My eyelids were growing heavy and Pete's breathing was beginning to even out when an irritated voice called from the other bedroom.

"Are you guys done fucking yet?!"

I laughed aloud at our friend's irritation. Pete shifted until his upper body was lifted off mine, using his arm to hold himself up.

"I thought you weren't home," Pete called, dark blue eyes sparkling with mischief and happiness.

"I've been home, you dick!"

"Oh! Sorry!" Pete smiled down at me. "I think we pissed him off."

"He'll get over it," I answered with a smirk.

"God, I love you."

"I love you too, my Goth."