Leo held onto Douglas and Marcus's shirts witha vice, refusing to let go. He knew that if he did, they would be separated. Something in Donald's eyes gave it away. He didn't trust Douglas. Or Marcus. Especially together. But when his eyes fell on him they were almost... Sympathetic? Pitiful? Leo didn't like it one bit. What did this man know about him? Nothing. And Leo didn't want him to learn anything either.

He had been told when he was younger that if anyone learned of his past, who his mom and dad were, he would be taken back. He didn't want to go back. Not after his dad nearly killed him in a drunken stupor. He was sure his mom wasn't any better considering she left him. He wouldn't go to them. Even if it meant going to jail or juvie for crimes he didn't understand.

He could hear hushed conversation from the front of the plane, where the bionic teens and their, caretaker, were. They were asking questions. Leo listened, keeping his hands tightly wrapped around his family's shirts.

He learned that Douglas was supposedly dead. Obviously not, but still. He was insane. Leo would argue he was just mildly crazy and very eccentric. He learned that the three with Donald, were the first three bionic beings created by his father.

"Did you know?" Leo whispered to not draw the attention of the other bionic beings, "Did you know they were my brothers and sister?"

As Leo referred to all bionic beings near his age as his brothers and sisters, they were no exception despite being raised under different circumstances.

"They were the first. I'm glad I made their lives better."

"Why aren't they with him?"

Leo didn't need to identify him. There was only one man he ever really refered to as him. Krane.

"It was before Krane. When you were just a baby yourself. I had the idea to build better humans. Stronger, faster, and smarter. I had the chance when I liberated them."

And there was no question as to who was them.

"It was horrible. Abusive alcoholics and Neglectiful Addicts. They didn't want their kids. So I took them before I heard on the news how an infant was killed by their hands. And you know, it worked. They were free of their parents and better prepared with their bodies. They would have made great soldiers."

Nothing more was said. The trio sat in silence for awhile. When the plane landed, they all grew tense. The door opened as they were all brought out. Adam held Marcus, Bree held Douglas, and Chase had an arm on Leo. Leo averted his eyes from the first bionics. They were... Different. They had abilities that were still locked away. He was itching to get into their coding and release their hidden potential.

That was only one of Leo's abilities. As a child he was naturally curious. Wanting to push the boundaries of anything and everything in front of him. His new enhanced eyes only made that worse. Now he could see the coding, understand it. It made him want to break all the locks and see what it could really do.

But he didn't trust them. They had a problem with Douglas, his Uncle. It made him mad. His uncle was a good man. Still is. And yet they treated like... Like a virus. Like he was a piece of malware that needed to be irradicated. But Donald, who held the most displeasure, also held the highest amount of curiousity when he had heard his name. It was as if he knew a Leo. Or of a Leo. Maybe he reminded him of someone else and had a different name making him confused. It kept coming back to the eyes. For some reason, it seemed like they were begging to know who he was. Who he had been. But why would he even care about any of that? That was one mystery he wasn't quite sure he wanted to solve.

It didn't take long to be taken to a new facility. Leo nearly panicked when he saw Marcus and Douglas being taken to separate rooms. He could handle not being with them. But he was more than a little concerned. He caught Douglas's eyes for a brief moment. He flicked his ring finger up. Leo relaxed.

When he was little, Douglas had taught him that the middle finger was rude and bad. So, Leo would use his ring finger. At first, Douglas would think he was being rude, it wasn't until Leo laughed that Douglas caught on. Over time, the ring finger was used when things looked bad, but we're going to be alright.

He was placed in a small room. One with a bed and a small attached bathroom. Leo furrowed his brows in confusion. Why would they give a prisoner a nice place? And he knew he was a prisoner. Why else would they drag him and his family against their will to this apparently super secret location? He barely noticed Chase leaving until he had heard the door lock shut. He was so wrapped up in his own thoughts he didn't notice when they had begun to speak softly. So soft that he couldn't hear exactly what they were saying.

"Tasha had a son?" Chase questioned quietly.

"You're kidding right?" Bree asked. Adam just looked amused. Donald sighed glancing over at his wards.

"Yes. Her ex husband received the rights for Leo. Tasha had visitation."

"Why hasn't she seen him then?" Adam asked. Seemingly dumb but the question they all wanted an answer to.

"Because he was supposed to be dead."

"Dead?" Chase questioned.

"Cool! A Zombie!" Adam said a little louder. His siblings shushed him and let Donald continue.

"No. He... Apparently he was on a bus that was being held up. The man... Blew up the bus. They could barely identify any of the bodies. Tasha's ex husband yelled that his son was on that bus. Not one person made it out alive."

"Then why are you focused on that Leo kid?" Bree asked. Silently, Donald pulled out his wallet. He opened it and pulled out a picture. The picture was of Tasha when she was younger. She was pretty, laughing and hugging a small boy who held a striking resemblance to the boy in the back.

"Tasha's son's name was Leo."

"You think that's him?" Chase inquired. Donald didn't do anything for a moment.

"It's a possibility," he muttered softly, more to himself than Adam, Bree, or Chase. He typed something into his personal computer. A picture of Tasha's ex husband appeared. Along with another pretty girl. His new wife.

"New wife, no kids. Living it big in Florida," Donald stated. The information he could get was interesting. Married. Had a kid. Divorced. Got custody of the kid. Kid "dies". Receives thousands of dollars in some sort of deal. Bets it all gambling. Makes it rich. Married the next pretty girl to walk past him.

Donald may not have been a detective, but he could tell there was something horribly wrong with the death of his son and a large fortune coming to him. Especially when his kid seems to be alive.

Well, this is getting interesting.

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