The cold air hit her body as Cinna stripped her down to bare skin, and was taking measurements, what he didn't realize just yet was that Katniss was getting turned on by the way he was brushing against her bare skin while trying to measure her. She was mortified when she felt herself growing hot between the knees, and was almost certain that he would soon discover this and would probably get somebody else to work on her if got the idea she was crushing on him, that she wanted him to fuck her. There was one problem though, she was a virgin girl and had no idea how to get a man to understand what she wanted from him without words. But then the amazing this happened, he somehow brushed against her breast with his wrist as he pulled the tape measure around her waist, and she let out a involuntary groan as it made her breast stand straight up to attention like twin military men ready for action. The sound did not go unnoticed by the trained man and he stopped and looked her in the face, "you liked that did you? You like me don't you?" He asked suddenly realizing what he was seeing. She smiled at his understanding face. "Well I am fixing to possibly go to my death soon, and it would be nice to be able die happy don't you think?" "I think I can fix your problem, you want me to handle this for you?" he whispered and he crushed her mouth with his own. She sighed into his mouth and kissed back as best as she could. While he kissed her his hands traveled down to cup and mold her breasts gently gaining another groan from her.

Cinna grinned softly and gently lowered his mouth to take the pink flesh of her nipples into his mouth and he suckled her roughly and passionately. Each moan she made gave encouragement for him to give more to her. He led her to the bed where he lay her gently upon the mattress and returned to kissing her as his hands traveled down to cup her between the legs, he used the palm of his hands to separate her legs and with a quick flick of his hands he slid one of his digits into silken folds. "Oh damn, your hot and wet for me." He whispered as he kissed her more passionately and finger fucked her for a while and then he inserted a second digit into her body so that now he had two fingers pounding into her body. She whimpered under his body with pleasure.

Then finally when she lay limp on the bed, Cinna pulled her closer to him so that he was situated nicely between her legs, and he pulled out his nice sized dick and slowly gently eased inside her, he soon hit her virgin wall, he pulled back out until the tip of his dick was positioned perfectly and then crashed back into her body in one thrust and tore through her sensitive wall very quickly. She whimpered at first as it hurt at the beginning but then she began to moan with pleasure as it got better, soon the first moment of pain was forgotten and she was moving her hips in tune with Cinna's as he thrusted harder and deeper into her body. He fucked her harder and harder until finally he released his semen into her body.

She lay on her bed panting before whispering "you are an awesome sex partner, I wish we could have done it more then just for today!" She whispered softly.