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No, no, no, no! I refuse! I refuse to die like this! NO!

Voldemort was furious, absolutely enraged beyond all reason and rational thought. He couldn't believe the Potter boy had defeated him! Him! The most powerful wizard of all time! And now he was dead… NO! I will not die!

Voldemort let out a yell as he felt his soul being sucked towards the darkness that was death. He looked around in the void, desperately searching for anything that could help him escape from his fate.

His eyes widened as he caught sight a flicker a flicker of motion. A light! Several lights, actually, Voldemort corrected himself as a few more flickers reached his dilated pupils. He was still being sucked towards the darkness, but by summoning all of his will, all of his power, he was able slowly maneuver himself closer to the lights.

As he continued to push himself through the void, the lights seemed to grow brighter and larger until finally Voldemort was in arm's reach. Reaching out, he grabbed the light, his magic pouring over it in an attempt figure out what it was.

It felt new, innocent… could it be a new life? Could this be the soul of someone whom was about to be born?

A sinister smile slowly creeped across his face. Perfect!

Voldemort looked around again, his red eyes searching for a soul that was just about to be born.

There! A small, flickering light, moving towards what appeared to be some kind of portal. Voldemort quickly moved towards the soul and, grabbing ahold of its smooth exterior, forcefully flung it out of the way. He then allowed the portal's energy to take ahold of him, and before he knew it, he had been sucked through and into the world beyond.

Cersei panted as she lay exhausted on her bead, her body covered in sweat and her bright golden hair sticking to her head. The baby had not been easy to birth, and at one point it had felt like it had died and come back to life! She wasn't exactly sure how she could have felt that, but she was sure that she had.

"Where is the baby?" She asked, her voice breaking with fatigue. One the maids stepped forward, cradling a bundle of cloth that she kept tucked close to her chest.

"It's a beautiful baby boy, Your Grace," she said as she handed the baby to the Queen. Cersei nodded, before accepting the bundle and taking a moment to examine the baby.

Her jaw dropped to the ground, and her green eyes widened in shock. How could this be? It's IMPOISSBLE! But sure enough, there it was: pitch black hair resting atop his head, while cerulean blue eyes stared at her!

It looked nothing like her or Jaime. More than anything else, it looked like Robert.

But it couldn't be Robert's! It just couldn't! There was no way!

The baby started wailing in discomfort, and unconsciously she drew him to her chest, cradling him to her body.

"He is beautiful my queen," one of the maids cooed, leaning over to stare at the little prince.

"Should I call for the king?" another asked, staring expectantly at the Queen.

Cersei's eyes widened in panic, before she shook her head. "No, not yet," Cersei whispered. The baby squirmed against her chest, and again she tightened her grip. Robert's or not, this was still her child.

And a Mother has to love their child. She didn't have a choice in the matter.

"Hey there little one," she said, looking down at the wriggling baby. "I'm your mother."

The baby blinked back up at her, the pupils dilating at random intervals.

Voldemort tried to get his eyes to focus on the sounds of his 'mother,' but the blasted organs weren't working. 'Stupid baby eyes!' He hissed to himself.

Well at least he was alive; that's something. Now if only his senses would start to work properly! Had he heard that right? Was the woman that held him a Queen? An evil grin blossomed inside his head. Well wouldn't that be just excellent? He wouldn't even have to try to become a king.

Voldemort knew he had some boring years ahead of him but decided to try to make the most of the time. Like learning of this new place and revise what he already knew. Voldemort tried to feel his magic, and mentally sighed in relief when he found that yes, it was still there. Pulsing inside of him.


Cersei first noted there was something wrong with Tommen when he was two years old and he was found reading a book on the history of Westeros. At first she thought he was just looking at the pages, but then she noted that his eyes were moving along the lines, absorbing the information; and that he was turning the pages regularly.

She had smiled in happiness then, thinking that her sweet little boy was gifted, completely unaware of the monster she had borne into this world.

Had she known, then she would have certainly thrown him off one of the towers.

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