Hello! Time for Voldemort to be mean!


Myrcella knew from the moment her leg stopped hurting her little brother could perform miracles. She was certain he was sent by the gods to protect her and their family from all harm. When Uncle Tyrion sent her away she was surprised (and maybe a little hurt) that Tommen hadn't appeared to save her.

Now she knew why he hadn't stepped in, she was in love. She lived in a beautiful palace and had amazing friends. She was happier here than she ever remembers being in King's Landing. Tommen must have known. She was a little surprised by the death of her older brother Joffery and her uncle Tyrion… maybe not that surprised by her brother but definitely surprised by uncle Tyrion. She had liked Tyrion even if her mother hated him.

Still, she didn't grieve that much, there was so much happening in her life in Dorne and her and Trystane courting was almost over. Soon they would wed and live happily ever after.

Myrcella was strolling the gardens alone, it wasn't often she was alone these days, so she took the opportunity to enjoy the silence. Even her guard was farther away than usual, not that she complained. She took her time with the flowers, smelling them, touching them.

She heard someone approach, so she turned to greet whoever it was. She froze in shook at the sight of her little brother.

"Tommen!" She gasped and ran to embrace him. He gotten so tall! They were the same height now and she could feel his arms wrap around her in a strong grip. He smelled the same she noted as she buried her face in his dark hair. The only dark-haired child of Robert Baratheon.

"Myrcella", his voice spoke softly in her ear. Myrcella pulled away, she wanted to look at Tommen. He was king now.

"What are you doing here?! And why did you disappear? Where were you? Why didn't you write!?" She felt the questions bubble inside of her and not for the first time she felt like the younger sibling of the two. Tommens cool calm eyes studied her face.

"I'm here to get you of course, to take you home", he explained calmly ignoring her other questions. Myrcella frowned.


"I'm sorry I didn't come sooner, I wasn't aware that Tyrion had sent you away. They haven't hurt you, have they?" Tommens voice sounded dangerous. It wasn't a voice Myrcella had heard before.

"No! Of course they haven't hurt me! Trystane loves me and Prince Doran loves me too", Myrcella laughed nervously.

"And I don't want to leave, I love it here. I mean smell the air! It's nothing like the Red Keep!" Tommens face had gone blank and It made Myrcella even more nervous.

"Come Tommen! I want you to meet my beloved!" Myrcella grabbed Tommens arm and dragged him towards the palace terrace where she hoped Tystane and Doran would be. Tommen let himself be dragged but his expression remained blank. To her relief both Trystane and Doran were at the terrace playing chess.

"Trystane! Prince Doran! Look who came for a visit!" Myrcella called as she and her brother approached. Both men turned to look at them, unsure of whom she was bringing. None of them had been in King's Landing for a long time. Seeing the unsure looks on their faces Myrcella hurried to introduce her brother.

"This is my brother Tommen Baratheon, King of the Andals, and the first men, protector of the seven kingdoms", she hurriedly introduced. Voldemort raised an eyebrow at the men. How would they react? Both men needed a second before they overcame their surprise that he was there. Doran was the first to recover.

"My King! What an honour! But I must say I'm surprised by your sudden visit. I have heard no word of you coming to Dorne", he managed to say in a quite calm tone. Trystane choose to just look between Myrcella and Tommen not saying anything.

"Yes, I am only stopping by. I am actually on my way to Essos", Tommen took a moment to take in the room. The guards, the doors and the windows.

"Oh, then I am afraid you chosen an unusual and long route. Surely King's Landing is closer then Sunspear?" Doran was getting uncomfortable. Why would the king come here alone when he was on his way to Essos.

"Yes… but I wanted to take to opportunity to visit my dear sister. We have not seen each other in years and I wanted to make sure she was well", Voldemort turned to Myrcella.

"I asked her to come with me, but she seemed to want to stay here…", Voldemort confessed as he turned back to the Martells. Trystane tensed and Myrcella looked very uncomfortable. Doran frowned.

"The betrothal of my son and your sister ensure the Martells support to the throne. Why would you jeopardize that?" His voice was tight. Voldemort smirked and tilted his head.

"Well, since Myrcella wants to stay I guess it does not matter. Now if you excuse me I need to continue my journey", Voldemort turned on his heels and apparated with a loud crack. Everyone in the room jumped in fright at the king's sudden departure and display of magic. If he could disappear into thin air what else could he do?

"I want guards with the princess at all times. Even in her chambers", Doran instructed, not taking his eyes of the spot the king been a second earlier. Trystane moved forward grabbing Myrcella's hand tightly. She looked back at him with scared eyes.

She was confused, why was Tommen acting like this? She didn't recognize her brother anymore.

As darkness fell Myrcella pulled the covers over her face. She was tired and scared, during the day the Martell forces had been mobilized. She couldn't understand why Prince Doran had reacted to harshly to her brother coming here.

Sure, he had acted a little crazy, but she was sure he would respect her wishes of staying. It also felt a little weird sleeping with guards in her room. She closed her eyes and prepared to sleep.

She sat up when she heard the sound of flesh and metal hit the ground. She turned to she her guards on the ground and her brother standing between them.

"Tommen! What are you doing?!" She shrieked. Tommen looked at her with red eyes.

"I wanted to show you something sister dear", he smiled a Cheshire grin and stalked up to her bed holding out his hand.

"What?" she asked hesitantly and pulled the covers tighter around her ignoring her brothers hand. His smile disappeared and grabbed her.

"You'll see", he hissed. She suddenly felt like she was being pulled through a really tight tube. Myrcella opened her eyes and noticed that they were not in her bedroom anymore. They were outside of Sunspear. The city lights could be seen in the distance. Myrcella wrapped her arms around her and stared in disbelief.

"Tommen! Why did you take me here?" Voldemort looked at her sister for a while before answering.

"Well I had some new inventions I wanted to try, and I wanted your opinion on them", he answered and snapped his fingers. A row of torches lit up on either side of them. Illuminating big metal tubes on wheels as well as some metal catapults. Myrcella stared horrified as she realized what Tommen was about to do.

"No Tommen no! Why would you do this! Please!" She threw herself at Tommen hugging him tightly. Begging him. Voldemort slowly put his arms around her.

"You are my sister Myrcella and I love you dearly. But when I disappeared you didn't wait for me did you? You started loving something else, throwing me aside! I am simply purging those who would stand between us", he whispered softly in her ears. Myrcella started shaking at Tommens words.

"Tommen I didn't throw you aside! I was sent here! Please, I'll come with you! Please just don't hurt Trystane!" she begged looking into her brothers eyes.

Voldemort smiled and softly caressed her cheek.

"I'm sure he won't suffer long", he whispered. Myrcella widened her eyes in terror as an earth shattering sound exploded from the metal tubes.

The walls of Sunspear crumbled under the force of the cannons. Myrcella screamed and stared running towards the city. Voldemort's eyes darkened at his sister's blatant affection for the Martells. He cast a simple leg locking spell at her and she fell headfirst into the sand. She let her lay there as the city burned.

Voldemort signalled to the catapults to throw the new wildfire bombs he developed. The bombs launched at the city and within seconds the whole city was burning.

Truly effective, Voldemort thought impressed with himself. He took a deep breath feeling pleased with himself.

He walked up to his sister and started dragging her by her hair towards a carriage. She was screaming a crying, but he didn't care as he pushed her into a carriage. Voldemort turned to the driver.

"Take her to the harbour, we will depart for Slaver's bay in the morning."


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