A/N: Just a story that came into my head, Letter and T/K related. This will have specific dates included in between February 1996 and Dino Thunder 2004 which will have significant meaning in this timeline…you'll see why. Pairings are Tommy/Kim, Jason/Trini, Billy/Kat, Adam/Tanya, Aisha/Rocky, Rita/Zedd (yes they'll be involved too) and eventually Conner/Kira once we get to Dino Thunder. There will also be a battle after Dino Thunder involving Rangers old and new; you'll see that too.

A/N 2: I own nothing. Power Rangers once belonged to Saban, then they went to Disney and belong to Saban again.

Chapter 1 – Promises and Planning

Wednesday, February 14, 1996

10:00 p.m.

Angel Grove, CA

In between that afternoon, when he'd read the infamous Dear John Letter, and now when he'd finally laid his head down to sleep, he must have read that damn thing about 50 times.

And every single time he read it, as much as it pierced him, he refused to believe that it was real.

More specifically, he refused to believe that Kimberly…HIS Kimberly, would ever do that to him. He'd called Jason earlier that day to talk about the situation, and he and Jason both agreed that something didn't seem right. Jason had later called him back after he'd spoken to Trini, and Tommy found out that the two believed this whole letter thing stunk of a vile plot.

Tommy wanted badly, SO very badly, to go to Florida and find out what was the meaning of this. But Jason had told him, and Tommy, as reluctant as he was to do so, had to agree that it was a bad idea to just rush in there without any hint of warning.

That it just wasn't the Ranger way…after all, one of Zordon's three rules was never escalate a battle unless forced. And right now, they had absolutely no way of knowing what was happening. As much as Tommy wanted to call the shots, Zordon did, and he knew that there was no way on God's green Earth Zordon would let him just teleport to Florida.

It was cruelly ironic that on a day that was supposed to be about love, Valentine's Day 1996, two years exactly since Tommy and Kim had their first date together, that the relationship that was envied by most of the school and the community had come to a screeching halt.

However, he made a silent promise as he finally dropped off to sleep, tears welling his eyes.

"I'm not sure what happened, Beautiful, but this isn't you. It may not be right now, but I will fight for you, and I'm going to make sure we beat Mondo and whoever comes after him…for you."

That promise, as much as Tommy did not know it, didn't go unheard.

Saturday, June 28, 1997

The Power Chamber

Angel Grove, CA

Tommy felt confused. One moment he was just finishing tuning up for his race, the next moment he was sitting on his rump after an unceremonious dump in the Power Chamber. It was a surprise visit so to speak…especially considering that earlier that week, he, Kat, Adam and Tanya had passed on their powers.

He started to open his mouth to ask why he was here, then closed it just as quick because all Dimitria would have done was pose a question right back at him. It was one of the most annoying things about her, but without doubt it made him think.

"There is something significant you want to talk to me about," Tommy said. "You wouldn't have called me away from the track if it were otherwise. This better be something important."

"And it most certainly is, Tommy," Dimitria said. "Do you know the significance of this day?"

Tommy racked his brain, trying to figure out why June 28, 1997 would be such a significant day.

"Honestly, I wouldn't have a clue," Tommy said. "June 28th of 1993 wasn't the day I moved here from Phoenix, nor was it the day I was born in 1979. So please enlighten me a little further."

"If I told you it had something to do with the number 500, what would you say it is?" Dimitria said.

Tommy continued to rack his brain for a few more minutes…until finally the realization hit him right between the eyeballs. It could only be one thing. He glared at Dimitria, his stare piercing a hole right through her.

"500 days since…that," Tommy said, anger coursing through his veins. "You should never have brought that up. Zordon would never have done that."

"First of all, I am not Zordon. As much as I respect him, I play by different rules, Thomas. Secondly, while I understand the wound is still fresh, is it safe to say that is enough to get your attention?" Dimitria said. Tommy nodded begrudgingly; if she had wanted to get his attention, she had most certainly pressed the correct button.

"In addition, before I took over for Zordon, I came to understand that my sources told me you promised you would fight someday to get her back. Is that not correct?" Dimitria said. Tommy was shocked beyond belief. No one, not even his very best of friends knew about this promise he had silently made.

"You are shocked, are you not?" Dimitria said. "Like I said, I have sources that know how to see into minds; sources who can read every thought, every emotion and can see everything. And I know sources that can see into your mind in particular."

Tommy glumly nodded. "Yes, I did make that promise; that I would fight for her. And I made the promise that we would beat Mondo and whoever else we faced until we stepped down."

"Sadly, it's over though, and not just that we beat Mondo and handled Divatox," Tommy said. "I could see it in her eyes when she came home; Maligore's spell fueled her no doubt, but even after it went away, she was still angry at me. I tried to fight for her after we won at the karate tournament, but it wasn't to be. She told me never to talk to her again."

"You don't know, do you?" Dimitria said, a frown crossing her face. Clearly, she had been taken aback by the surprise Tommy exhibited, that he had not been informed of certain events. "I'm going to cut to the chase for once; this leads me to believe that you are completely innocent in this whole debacle. Alpha, if you would please."

Suddenly, after Alpha pressed some buttons, a white piece of paper suddenly appeared in Alpha's hands.

"I highly suggest you read this, and all your questions will be answered," Dimitria said. Tommy opened the folded piece of paper up and his eyes widened as he read its contents. He knew he'd never written the contents of the note, and saw it was directed to Kimberly, but it looked eerily like the contents of what he had received February 14, 1996.

Tommy was a half a second away from his head dropping downwards in despair when suddenly an idea popped into his mind.

"Dimitria may I go get something then return? I know what I'm looking for, I know where it is, and it will only take me two seconds. Teleport me to my parents' home please," Tommy said.

"Certainly, Tommy; please inform me when you are ready to return. Teleporting now," Dimitria said.

20 minutes later

True to his word, Tommy had found what he was looking for, which was even surprising to him being the packrat that he was. He had teleported back to the Power Chamber soon after and must have read the old Dear John letter about 10 times, comparing it to the note he had received moments ago. What shocked him was the wording of the letter was almost verbatim from the Dear John letter, even though this note was written in what looked like Tommy's handwriting.

"Dimitria, from what you told me and what I know, I think I have realized two things," Tommy said.

"And they would be?" Dimitria said.

"The first thing is that I believe with my whole heart that Kimberly and I are completely innocent of this whole ordeal," Tommy said. "And the second thing is that I would still, after all these years, do ANYTHING to get Kimberly back; anything at all."

Tommy turned to Alpha and said, "Alpha, can you run a scan on both these notes? Maybe figure out something more about them?"

"Yo, yo, yo, Tommy, we're talking about scanning writing," Alpha said. "There's a reason, yo, that Zordon couldn't scan that Dear John letter in the first place. Our technology isn't quite up to speed to handle that process. That's why Zordon never wrote anything in Eltarian to begin with."

"If we can't scan it then I guess it's going to be the hard way; I'm going to make that my priority," Tommy said. "In my quest to get Kimberly back, my first decree is today is the last day of my racing career. I'm going to college anyways this fall but I'm not going back to racing. If someone is going to get personal with my relationship with Kimberly, then I'll see to it if it's the last thing I ever do that their efforts go in vain."

"Are you sure, Tommy?" Dimitria said. "To me, you have a very promising racing career ahead of you."

"No, Dimitria, no," Tommy said. "This is too personal for me. I promised I would fight for her. If I fight for her and it doesn't end well then so be it. But if I don't fight for her after what I just found out, then I'm not the leader everyone says I am. There is just one more thing that I ask."

"And that is?" Dimitria said.

"Please do not tell anyone about my mission. No current Rangers, future Rangers, no one," Tommy said. "Not even my former teammates. I hate to be so cryptic, but this is my fight, my personal battle. This is my fight alone. I wish I had Billy here to help me now, but so be it."

"Very well, Tommy. I commend you for your courage, and I wish you much luck on your mission," Dimitria said. "It will be difficult and it may take years, but I know that if you work at it, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. I shall teleport you now."

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

9:45 p.m. Central Standard Time

Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas

Tommy may have been half a country away from Angel Grove during Astronema's invasion, but word of mouth had reached College Station, the fraternity house he was in, and his ears. Throughout the world, the news had spread like wildfire.

To him, though he had lived a significant portion of his life in San Antonio and had followed his adopted parents to A&M, he still considered Angel Grove a sacred place in his heart for obvious reasons.

He was now very glad for having chosen a fraternity right after he got to A&M in August of 1997; it gave him another support group that he could (somewhat) talk with if he needed it.

It had hit too close to home, for several reasons, principle amongst them that Zordon, the Eltarian who had taken a chance on him five years ago after Rita had nearly ruined his life (without his choice), had now passed away.

Albeit, he'd done it for the good of the universe, but it still hurt every Ranger who had been touched by him. Every one of Zordon's Original 12, as they called themselves, could feel it happen, but none more so than Tommy.

The other reason it hit too close to home, was that it was Day No. 1000 since…that. Was this planned that way by any chance, or was this some sort of coincidence?

The way evil was, Tommy reckoned, this was no coincidence, that somehow every being involved in that invasion knew that very fact.

It was even more incentive for him to continue his quest; Operation Pink, as he called it now.

As he drifted off to sleep that night, it was almost as if he could hear a familiar voice in his head. The voice of…him?

'I am very proud of you, my former White Ranger. Please know that you continue to make me proud. I know you will eventually succeed in your personal mission. Remain open minded, as you will need some unexpected help. Many surprises await you in your quest for your beloved Crane. May the Power protect you always, Tommy.'

Tommy knew then, in his mind, that he couldn't lose now. He knew he had to be successful in his mission; for not only himself and Kimberly, and all his friends, but most importantly the man who had made him into who he was today.

He was a bit unsure about what was implied by unexpected help, but he understood from T.J.'s report via Trey that Rita and Zedd had been purified and they were on their way to Phaedos for some reason.

In the moment before he drifted off to sleep, he consciously reiterated his promise.

He would do whatever it took to get Kimberly back, no matter what got in his way.