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When Jake heard he would be going to a private school, he had mixed reactions.

"Private School? That sounds sooo lame. I mean, really. Fu-dog, help me out here: Gramps is trying to send me off to some lame private school."

"And what is the matter with private school, Jake? "His grandpa asked "Private schools have better education, and don't have annoying teachers like Mr. Rotwood. These seem like good reasons to go, correct?"

"Well, you're right, except my friends will still be here, and when I get back, I'll probably be some snobby jerk and I won't have any friends! Do you know what it's like to have no friends? I mean, if it wasn't for Fu-Dog, you'd be all alone. I don't want to have only Fu-Dog as my only friend gramps. No disrespect, of course."

Gramps (Real name Luong Lao Shi) considered this for a moment. When he spoke, he had a slight smile on his face.

"What if I told you that the school would be in japan, which is closer to Hong Kong, and, by extension, your girlfriend, that New York is?"

This is when Jake's attitude improved and he found himself packing his bags for Yokai Academy.


Jake found out that the distance between here and Hong Kong was still rather large, so he wouldn't be visiting Rose as often as he wanted.

"Should've paid more attention in geometry…" he muttered. He realized he was the only kid on the bus as they pulled up to the school gates. He went to get off, but he was stopped by the bus driver.

"Be careful kid. This school is veeeeery scary." the man warned.

"It can't be that bad," thought Jake, but he still remembered to remember the man's warning.

As he got off, he noticed a few things.

The sky was Red.

The trees had no leaves and looked dead.

There were tombstones littered everywhere.

It smelled like it was near the ocean.

"Well this is a great school already…" thought the young boy.

His thoughts were interrupted by a shrill scream of "LOOK OUT" followed by a crash.

The only sound heard after that was a very distinctive "Aw, Man…"

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