Flying On Your Own Wings

By Ella Anders

March 9, 2015

Summary: There is nothing that sixteen-year-old Bloom longs for more than to become a magical girl. The magic, cute outfits- everything is appealing. That is until one day she gets her wish and is swept into a word of magic, and danger where she learns everything was nothing more than a lie. AU.

Disclaimer: Winx Club is owned by Rainbow. I, the authoress, do not own and or profit from anything. Please note that none of my personal views and or opinions are reflected in this work of fan fiction.

Authoress' Notes: I realize this is what, my sixth go at a series re-write? Eh, what can I say; Winx is a fairly large 'sand-box' to play in with endless hypotheticals. But unlike the other re-writes I have spun this is going to surely going to be taking a very different direction. This however, is written in honor of the Underground Fanfictioners' anniversary. Enjoy!

Act One- I Always Dreamed in Fantasy

It was six a.m. on a Thursday morning in warm and sunny Gardenia, California. And all the citizens were either still barrier under their covers fast asleep, or slowly pulling themselves out of their dream-worlds a la alarms. That is except one girl, one very different one.

And her name was Bloom. Bloom Peters.

Unlike most of her fellow hours-away high school graduates that where either still in bed reading Facebook posts or ransacking though their closets for the perfect last day of school look, Bloom was up and staring at her computer screen. But it was not Facebook that she had opened. But rather Crunchyroll. Forget the last day of school and senior pranks as well as other on-goings- this, this is what she had been waiting for. After months of waiting and waking at un-godly hours Bloom would finally see how it ended. Her big blue eyes grew wide as she watched her favorite magical girl- Akela, princess of the written word vanquish the league of illiterates with one final blast of her Master Pen. After twelve heart-pounding episodes filled with more drama, danger and magical girl goodness than she had ever seen it was finally here. The end.

"Say farewell trolls," Akela boldly decaled as she raised her staff in the air. "Author's-"

"Aaahhh!" Bloom squealed as she battled not the infamous Gram-minor, the sworn enemy of the Underground Empire, but her own desire to yelp out in excitement.

But what happened next was not what Bloom expected. She was so transfixed on Akela's attack she had not noticed her bedroom door swing open and a figure set inside. Suddenly the lights flashed on, "Bloom. Honey!" A cheerful voice called out.

"Aahh!" Bloom squealed as she jumped out of her chair, hit her head on the side of her desk and tumbled onto the floor in one swift motion.

"Sweetie, are you okay?"

Bloom grumbled as she rubbed the side of her head, "Yeah. Just peach-y." She made a face as she blew a stray lock of hair out of face and peered up. "What's up, mom?"

Vanessa gave a small smile as she walked over and helped her daughter off the floor. "I was hoping to wake you up," She started slowly, her eyes falling on Bloom's screen. "After all it's not like every day is my little girl's last day of high school…but it appears you were already up."

Oh mom, Bloom though as she seen her mother's natural happy-go-lucky expression alter into a slight frown. Please don't go where I think you are-

"It seems like just yesterday you were just starting school; wanting nothing more to prove you so grown-up-"

AND here she goes… Bloom wanted to grumble, but she bit her lip. Memories of the past began to flash across her mind of her days past. Her frown deepened and her brow knit together. Yep, thinking about the past was just want she wanted to do on the day before her graduation. Yep, yep. Great. Simply fantastic.

Vanessa sighed as she reached over and wrapped her arms around Bloom, "Oh Bloom. I can't believe how fast time has gone." Vanessa's eyes began to water as she gave her child a squeeze.

"I know mom," Bloom patted her mother's back. "I know."

There was a few moments of silence, Bloom nor did Vanessa really know what to say. "So," Bloom began trying to come across as casually as possible.

Taking the cue, Vanessa pulled away. "By the way, what where you doing up so early anyways?"

Bloom gestured towards her computer, "Season finale of Akela of Underground." Nervously Bloom reached up and rubbed the back of her neck, talking about anime or anything even along those lines was a rather touch-y subject with her parents. Even though they weren't completely against Bloom' interest with medium, they were not the biggest supporters. Well, at least her mom was relatively supportive. Vanessa always loved looking at Bloom's art-books and visual novels with her daughter; always eyeing any flower arguments to get new ideas for her own shop. Her father on the other hand, well, he found it fairly childish and had commented on several occasions that he believed it was time for Bloom to 'grow-up'.

Vanessa nodded and started to make her way towards the door, "Alright then. Just don't get too carried away, after all you still have school today." Just as she was about to grab the door-knob she added, "Breakfast will be ready in about fifteen minutes."

"Thanks mom," Bloom smiled as she watched the door close. "Now where was I?" She turned her attention back onto her screen and clicked play. After all fifteen minutes was plenty of time to see the end of the final. And after waiting for months for this moment there was no way she wanted to waste any more time.

Authoress' (Additional) Notes: Akela, is a magical girl alter-ego of my friend and fellow writer Akela Victoire. Not only is she a fantastic writer (be sure to check out her works), but she is also the founder of Underground Fanfictioners. And it goes without saying that the Underground Empire was a play on the group and a inside joke we had a while ago. :)