Act Fourteen- New Arrivals

"You look like death; shame didn't kill you." Was the greeting that awaited the white haired witch as she entered her apartment. After nearly two weeks of being stuck in a bed healing up and being called before the powers that be. The last thing she wanted was her younger sisters to call her on her crap. Enough people had done just that.

Yet here they were; in her room waiting to do just that. Apparently scheming in the comfort of her bed as she indulged in tea was too much for a witch to ask for. Her eyes became stills as she watched Darcy lounge on her unmade bed and Stormy dig though her dresser. Icy muttered a few words under her breath as she snatched one of her favourite skirts from Stormy's hands. "I'll take what's mine, thank you very much."

The curly haired witch made a face as she huffed. "Do we even ask what happened? Plus that was my skirt that you stole last month."

Icy cocked a brow as she glared darkly at her sisters. Her brow continued to twitch as she flopped herself down on an old sofa. With her arms folded tightly against her chest the white haired girl looked away. Her nose high in the air. "We underestimated things extremely."

"No really," Darcy snorted as she leafed through an old magazine. "Because the way I see it you got your back side handed to you by some Earthling. A teenage one at that. That is pathetic if you ask me."

"I'm not sure what surprises me more; how casual you two are acting, or how just how ill-informed you both are."

"Ill-informed?" Both sisters stopped and eyed Icy skeptically. "What's that supposed to mean, we heard what happened. You failed."

"I DID NOT FAIL!" Icy's voice boomed as flakes of snow started to fall from nowhere. "There wasn't just one Earthling, oh no. Our target is more powerful than we though. What is lacking knowledge is made up for in ability. There is no way our mark had any awareness of the powers, yet somehow…somehow the target was able to use them. Believing herself to be some magical girl was enough to trigger it all."

"Just when the target was enveloped in the flame another fairy showed up."

"Another," Stormy blinked.

Icy nodded, "This one lacked any training as well. Her magic was as raw as it comes."

"Do you suspect that the flame was split into two? That this other fairy also is packing the same power?"

"No. This other fairy's power wasn't the flame. I'm not sure what it is, but something tells me that it is something than ordinary fairy magic. I want to keep an eye on that one, too."

"So where are these two now?"

"I'm not sure. Power like that doesn't go unnoticed. The Chambers have already likely been informed and the two are probably in hiding. "

"Urgh, the Chambers…" Darcy growled. "At least their involvement means that all the witness had their minds whipped."

"Yeah, and with no family or home to return to they will break. What a great chance to rip out their magic."

"You think I'm going to wait until they get homesick to act? No, I want revenge and I want it yesterday."

Stormy and Darcy exchanged nervous glances, they knew what that look meant. "So what's our plan?"

With a name like Magix City a very certain image came to mind for both Roxy and Bloom. Well, mostly the latter of the two. Having spent a life-time absorbed in the worlds of fiction and fairy-tales. The bright eyed teen was all but jumping at the chance to get into town. Even as the waited by the front gates for the bus to arrive the red-head struggled to contain her glee. As she yammered on about what she pictured the metropolis to appear. It became clear that not everyone was as joyful.

Layla who stood quietly, only offer small smiles towards her roommates. Her ember eyes cast down as she fussed with the hem of her skirt or a lock of her still damp hair. But her expression switched from nervous to perplex as Bloom continued to ramble.

From one extreme to the next, that was how Roxy seen things as she leaned against the cool wall. Her arms folded across her chest, gaze darting between the two girls. A snicker followed, something tells me things will be real interesting with these two.

By chance she extended her hand and scratched her head. As her fingers where raised she stopped herself short. Wait, I don't have to wear the wig anymore. Roxy's face softened as her fingers uncurled themselves.

Somehow, though she had no idea it was possible nor did most believe it was possible. Her hair was naturally magenta pink. For the longest time Roxy had never paid much mind to it, that is until someone noted it.

Like the schools did. Violating dress-code is what they deemed it. In order to comply, she had died it. Yet the colouring never last long leaving her to turn to wigs.

Roxy straightened some, as she poked her head around the corner and look at the courtyard. Though fairly empty. There was a few students out and each of them had just as vibrant hair colours as Roxy herself. Blue, green and even silver to name a few.

"Hey! Has the bus to Magix left yet?" A girl raced towards them, her hands waved in the air.

Roxy blinked, "No. We're waiting for it."

The girl continued to race towards the gates, and called out once more. "Awesome. Hold it up for me if I don't get there in time, 'kay?"

"Al-alright." As Roxy responded a bus pulled up towards the gate- as did the girl.

Gasping for air, hands fallen to her keens the girl shot Roxy a toothy grin. "Thanks, I didn't want to miss the bus."

"Um, no problem. Headed into the city, too?" Roxy extended a hand to the panting girl.

The girl nodded, grasping Roxy's hand. "Yep. If we're headed out we might want to get in line." She jabbed a thumb at Bloom and Layla, the two girls waited for the bus doors to open.

The doors opened and out stepped a single passenger. A teenage girl with wild short pink hair sporting both a dark glare on her face and an over-stuffed duffel bag. She blinked, and with a sigh turned to Bloom. "You don't know where the headmistress' office is. Do you?"