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Chapter 1: Catalyst.

"It was right of you to call me, Sarutobi-san," Makarov muttered as he looked over at his newborn great-grandchild. She slept soundly in the arms of a dog-masked ANBU.

The sleeping babe had a lightly tanned complexion that may change with age and exposure to the sun. What little hair that was on her head was a bright sunshine blond, much like Minato's, Raisa's, and his own in his youth. He knew when he'd first saw her that her eyes were the same blue as Minato's.

He'd never been fond of the mainland, which was rather different than other places closer to Earthland. Earthland residence felt the mainland was more barbaric. Their frequent wars and Shinobi did not endear the Elemental Nations to Earthland, but he couldn't truly judge since there were some in Earthland who could be just as barbaric.

Fact remained, Earthland didn't have the same problems as the Elemental Nations did. Wars were rather rare in Earthland if one did not count wars between guilds. He remembered when his eldest child, his daughter Raisa, had met the traveling ninja known as Ryuu. He still was not positive why Konoha had sent the man, but he suspected it was a reconnaissance mission.

Namikaze Ryuu had stayed for months, and in the year he was in Earthland Raisa had fallen in love with the pale haired man with bright blue eyes. Makarov was against Raisa leaving Fairy Tail and Earthland to be with Ryuu at first, but he couldn't stay angry with her for choosing to follow her heart. She was a lot like her mother, and he could never deny Raina what she'd wanted before her death either.

He still had contact with his family, no matter the distance there was between them. Makarov knew when she married, when she had her son, Minato, and when she and her husband both died leaving Minato orphaned during the Second Shinobi War.

Makarov wanted to take his grandson in when the news reached him, but the Elemental Nations were at war, and Raisa and Ryuu both desired their son to grow up in Konoha and become a Shinobi instead of learning magic. He respected his daughter's choice, even if he didn't completely agree with it.

He visited a few times as Minato grew older. He'd been at Minato's inauguration as Hokage, and his and Kushina's wedding. He'd been informed Kushina was expecting first and made arrangements to arrive after her due date to congratulate them. Before that could happen he'd gotten an urgent letter. To his grief it told him of how the Kyūbi had gotten loose.

His grandson and granddaughter-in-law had both died to protect their daughter and the village. To know that the village had not taken his grandson's sacrifice to heart and had tried on multiple occasions to kill his great-granddaughter for what she now contained angered him greatly.

"I should have sooner. Minato and Kushina both told me if anything where to go wrong than either Jiraiya or you where to take care of Naru. Jiraiya is unable to take care of her. He is constantly out of the village because of his spy network." Hiruzen sighed. "After the last attempt at her life and the constant pressure the council gives me because of her burden, I knew the time had come to contact you. Even if it meant she would not be raised within the village."

Makarov could tell this hurt the other man and went against everything he'd been raised to believe. To give the legacy of such important ninja to another to raise outside the Elemental Nations couldn't have been an easy decision for him to make.

Makarov was aware that Konoha was first a military village, and many were under the impression Naru was to be a weapon for their use since she was a jinchūriki. This was one of the reasons the previous jinchūriki's identities had been kept hidden.

Hiruzen was aware the ramifications of his decision. No other village was likely to let their jinchūriki leave the village, much less fake their deaths. It showed just how much Hiruzen must have respected his successor and Kushina. Makarov was happy to see someone respected his grandson and granddaughter's sacrifices.

But he also felt he should have been contacted the moment Naru had been left orphaned. The moment his grandson and his wife, his family, died. He was her next of kin, he had more right to raise her than the village did in his opinion. Though he knew things were done differently on the mainland than they were on Earthland.

His desire to punish those who dare try and kill his great-granddaughter was only squashed by the fact they'd already been dealt with by the Hokage and his shinobi.

"If she wishes to return, to see the lands of her parents or even..." Makarov stopped with a frown before he continued. "– to become a Kunoichi, then I'll allow it. If or when she does, know she'll be a wizard. She may not be able to access her chakra the way other ninja do because of this, I do not know to be honest, given they are different energies."

Raisa had never been able to access chakra, and Minato never showed any signs of learning or wanting to learn magic. If his parents had lived longer than his second birthday maybe Raisa could have taught him magic while Ryuu taught him how to use chakra, but they'd never know for sure if it was possible. Not until Naru was older at least.

Hiruzen smiled sadly knowing he may never see Naru become a ninja that would make her parents proud. But he was relieved he could give Naru hope for her future and a family. Even if it meant sending the jinchūriki of the Kyūbi outside the Elemental Nations. At least he could face Minato and Kushina in the afterlife proud that he'd done everything he could for their daughter.




Sixteen Years Later;

July X784:

"Why am I here again?" an almost husky feminine voice echoed through the train. She lounged on the long bench seat, her right leg crossed over her left and tapping to an imaginary beat. Her arms pillowed her head, long blonde hair pooled around her, her bright blue eyes were closed.

"Uh...ahhggg," a pink haired boy with fair skin and black eyes groaned. He too laid on the seat, but on his stomach and he looked irreversibly sick. A blue cat sat nearby.

"You're here because Natsu asked?" the cat said in a questioning manner. "Why don't you play with your cat's cradle if you're so bored, Naru?"

Naru opened her eyes and glanced to the side, sat up and sighed. Naru Uzumaki was the great-granddaughter of the Fairy Tail Guild Master. She in her own right was a very powerful wizard, an unique one at that. At first glance she looked very little like the Master of Fairy Tail, but her golden blonde hair was very similar in shade to Makarov's when he was in his youth. Her eyes had been inherited through her father Minato Namikaze, and grandfather Ryuu Namikaze.

Naru had a very voluptuous figure for her age. Large breast, a curvy slim figure, and light sun-kissed skin. She wore rather revealing clothes under an ankle-length, form fitting dark orange haori-coat. The coat was kept from opening more than she wanted by a white sash under her bust. She wore an orange bikini-top under her coat, and black shorts with an orange belt. Her legs were covered by mesh-armor leggings, and she wore black knee high boots with a short heel.

"I just... a lots been on my mind lately," she said, not wanting to go into her own dilemma's. "But I should be more supportive, it's not everyday rumors of a Salamander circulate."

"Aye!" Happy exclaimed, grinning.

Sitting back in her seat with a smile, Naru raised her hands and strands of golden light sprung to life. She didn't speak a word, but began playing cat's cradle with the light. The fact she was able to play a version of the game without a second person said a lot about her skill and magic.




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