It's been so long! It's nice to finally be back here. Once again I am so sooo sorry huhu life life lifeeee. On the bright side, I have prepared a 5,500++ words chapter for you! I was contemplating on whether or not I will start all over but I know I have to stay determined! I hope you'll enjoy this chapter before it gets to the big reveal! 3 And yup! They are kind of back together but what will they do if a certain someone is still in the way? Who even caused this mishap in the first place?

The Sixth Piece: Trust and Mischief


"Is something the matter, love?" I asked with my arms firmly around her as her scent mixed with mine wafted into my nose. She wore my shirt as if it were her own with her back pressed against my chest. Her dress was folded neatly on my desk to make sure it didn't garner any creases and wrinkles that would arouse suspicion. My mind was going a little over the top with fantasies sprouting around from what I'd want to say was nowhere but her bare neck told me otherwise. The shirt was overly large but it only reached until her thighs. It was a night well-spent and I feel refreshed with her right beside me. We weren't called for work as it is agreed to be a day off today so we are permitted to get up late. It was quite early, still, but her phone was ringing nonstop as we cuddle each other on my bed. (And no, we did not do anything besides sleep and enjoy each other's presence.)

She turned to face me and her eyes gazed into mine before she reached out her hand and caressed my cheek tenderly. She shook her head, "It's just Ritsu. Why don't you get some more sleep?"

Silence filled the air before the phone went frisky once more. Seems like someone's on quite a rage. "Just answer it, love. There's nothing to be afraid of," I said reassuringly as I gave her a quick peck on her soft lips which I now have access to without any restrictions. It all happened so fast that I couldn't believe we're back to how it was without any further evidence. I did fall asleep quietly last night as her voice whispered the contents of her sweet letters that never reached me years ago. It was also warm despite the fact I didn't bother to grab a shirt for myself at all.

[Oi! Mio where are you?!] the text read as I peeked over her shoulder. It was sent over and over and I could say, that was quite the effort for little Ms. Forehead. Love then replied that she'll call back in an approximation of 5 minutes and 32.7 seconds. The brunette didn't reply back, plausibly respecting her best friend's wishes though she is evidently eager to hear from her.

"Tainaka-san grew up to become quite obedient, didn't she?" I said as I played with the hem of the shirt she was wearing, occasionally grazing her leg with my fingers.

"She's great and will never be worth replacing. That's why I love her as my dearest friend," she said as she shifted herself closer to me nuzzling her head on my neck. "And I love you, you perverted boy."

"I love you, too, you old pedophile woman. Is that last part even necessary, you could ha—" my voice turned into a muffled sound as she crashed her lips on mine, with her tongue exploring every nook and cranny of my mouth. The way she hovered on top of me was so much more suggestive than that of when she was drunk—not that I hated it of course. Based on her actions, I assumed it was alright for me to squeeze her leg, which I actually did and was tempted to move further.

She stopped and sat upright, and playfully raised an eyebrow, "Did that prove my point, Bakihiko-kun?" I felt myself heat up but I braced myself for more when she leaned over but utter disappointment filled me instead when she just did that to grab her phone. Gah! Akiyama Mio, I want and I need you so bad.

She went on and dialed up what I assumed was Tainaka-san's number and pressed it to her ear but jerked it away when a storm of words boomed over the phone's speaker. I propped myself up with a single elbow as I pulled her gently then all at once toward me so that our bodies were pressed against each other once more. Why? I was freezing to death and holding onto dear life.

She was able to suppress her voice at the sudden movement as she continued to listen to the brunette's never-ending rants. "Oi! Where the heck are you?! I've been looking for you since last night! Young lady, you've got some explaining to do! Yes, you told me you'd be discussing the storyboard with that piece of-Just where were you?! The poor boy named Shiki even came running to me thinking that you're cheating on him.. But er, are you guys even together? He does seem quite exaggerated as a good friend of yours. But hey! Where the heck did you go! I know it's impossible for you to spend a night at that friggin' guy with the red turned blonde hair"

She kept yapping and dilly dallying as my love patiently listened to her. I did cause her to blush as I moved my hand to her bare back and randomly stroking it ever-so slightly.

"Ritsu—Oi Ritsu. Just give me a minute to explain!"

"Explain what? I don't even know if I hit the mark or whatever—"

"Well, you see, um… I'm at—Oi!" she said the latter in a hushed shout as I managed to unclasp the hook of her undergarment that starts with a B and ends with an A. Her eyes and attention was now directed at me with a slight irritation evident on her voice. She covered her chest as she protected it with her arm.

"Love, I find it unfair that I'm bare-chested and you're not," I whispered as she mouthed, "Stop!" Lifting each one of her leg made me sigh as she went to standing up beside my bed, with her back facing me. I followed suit and just stood behind her, wrapping my arms around her small frame. Hn, seems like working out sure does pay off since she wouldn't be able to wriggle herself out of this.

"Oi Mio! You're at what? Did I just hear a guy's voice?"

"Ritsu, I'm at… hmm, a situation that you always find yourself in."

"In trouble?—"

"No way! Well, sort of, but not exactly."

"Nee Mio~ Won't you tell me? Aren't best friends supposed to be honest with each other? Hey! You even dodged my second question!"

"You promise you won't be mad?"

"I don't like the feeling of this but heck, fine then."

"I stayed the night at his place. Nothing happened! Um well, except, um…the usual and we're.." she turned her head to look into my eyes, as if trying to find the words to her answer.

"Oi! Oi! Wait, what?! Explain yourself, woman! Are you drunk? Are you out of your freakin' mind?"

"Ritsu, you know me. I won't make a huge decision without thinking it through. Besides, it seems we were all wrong after all," she smiled at me and I felt my heart flutter and beat triple-time. It has been long since I've felt this way. I planted a kiss on her forehead before we were met with a series of shouts once more.

"I-I know! But this is the Akihiko Hideo that we're talking about, right?"

My love gestured for me to move closer. She whispered a few things about messing with Tainaka-san and I proudly obliged. I did suppress a fit of laughs. This would definitely be fun.

Mio's POV

I never doubted a single bit that Hideo would like my plan. It just came to me all of a sudden since Ritsu's being overly dramatic at the moment. I thought, 'Hey? Why don't I put this into good use and lead her to coming over here so we can actually talk about it?"

"Hideo, please do enlighten me by making your presence known to her," I whispered. He nodded and a grin grew wide on his face. He seemed to like the sound of that. Knowing him and his ways—new and old—that I've come to accept, he'd gladly be up for it for a bit of mischief and an excuse to seduce me—Er, I mean show his affection for me in a way or so. (Not that I hate it, of course.)

"Hey, Love, can't you just converse with her later. We can't possibly stop if it's starting to get this steamy, can we?" he said in a suggestive manner which would be surprising if he said that a number of years ago. Throughout the years that I was not present, he surely had grown bolder and more aggressive in a way. He started kissing my cheek and it was loud enough to be heard over the phone. "I am starting to get hungry—Hungry for you, that is," he said and with anticipation, I knew that I'd be able to feel his overflowing affections that would be transmitted through the unspoken words in form of an infinite amount of lip-locking. Seven years is actually quite a number, isn't it?

Ritsu started ranting and the only thing I made sure to know of was if she was coming over here. I was drowning into the ocean of my dear, closing my eyes and inhaling his scent. My legs grew weak as he massaged my lips with his own. It wasn't harsh, rushed or rash. Instead, it was soft, warm yet electrifying. I felt my phone slip out of my hand and meet the ground with a soft thud. My hands were on his neck and his were on my waist.

Without putting our contact into a halt, he picked me up as if I were nothing but a feather. We found ourselves back on bed and it just went on like that. (I won't go into detail!)

As carried away as we were, I found it in me to stop. I gasped for air and our panting spread throughout the room. "Hi-Hideo, I'm sorry but I think we should stop for now. I… I might request for something even more if we don't, and I don't want that yet 'til Papa—Otou-san would formally give me away to someone who I can't see anyone else to be perfect for except for you."

I saw a tinge of pink on his face as he smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear. "I respect that, Love. And I won't go further until after we get to say our vows," I felt my chest heat up even more and I am aware that I was blushing madly, truly and greatly. He gave me one last peck before residing into the space beside me, with our hands still intertwined.

"I find it unfair that you're still in your bottoms while I'm—"

"While you're in your matching set of undies. How adorable must you be, Love?" he said with a slight laugh. That urged me to pull the covers over myself. Even if I wanted to use the same words he did a while ago, he managed to turn things around. He's the only one with the guts to do that—oh and Ritsu…

Wait! Ritsu! She did mention she'll be coming over ASAP. "C-crap!" I shouted without any second thoughts and pushed him away. He must be confused at my sudden actions but I mouthed "Baka! Ritsu's probably already here!" I crossed my arms over my chest, remembering how he managed to unclasp the hook of my bra. It makes me wonder how he did that without any difficulty. I could—I mean, I must and should ask him about that later

"Uh, er, so what do you want me to do?" he asked with a tinge of red on his face as he examined me from top to bottom. I must say, his arousal is quite too evident at this point.

"O-oi! Don't stare! Get dressed, Bakihiko!"

"Hm? But what if I…" he slowly pulled down his bottoms until it fell to the floor. I looked away, feeling my face flush. I didn't want to see that yet. I mean it's just his underwear and all that but it is detrimental to my ideal future. I know it's already the modern era but I'm not going to give it away just like that. Please. It loses the essence and symbolism, in my opinion.

"Go ahead and stare, my love. Nothing's stopping you."

"My pride is. GO! GET DRESSED!"

"My Love is so modest. A single peek won't hurt right? As I lay here, tempting you—But hey, you're right. At least let me do the hook for you."

I heard his steps toward me and embraced me from behind. "Hey, Love, I really missed you," he buried his face into my neck and I felt a smile creep up the corners of my mouth. The sincerity of his voice took my breath away. I took a deep breath and grabbed his right hand with my own as I tilted my head against his embrace.

"I can't stand waiting down here any longer!" the door was kicked down and what met us was a raging Ritsu whose face immediately fell at the sight of us. "Oh my frickin' gosh! My eyes! My eyes!" she shouted with a hand up her face, still with spaces in between, her eyes peeking so intensely. I was too lost in the moment to even process what was happening.

Hideo and I looked at each other, then back at Ritsu, both getting beet red, our mouths agape and words that never seemed to find its way out.

I never expected we'd get a sermon this long from Ritsu. Now she's just rambling on and on with Hideo and I fully dressed with our heads down low like little kids who broke a vase and was forced to admit it. We broke our own vase-the barrier that we put up just because of unreceived mails and a stupendous misunderstanding.

"What the heck were you guys doing? You said nothing happened. Is that what you call nothing?! I saw half of your arse, young man! And as for you you pedophile of a woman, you were just two steps ahead of him in wearing back your clothing, am I right? The heck?! Is it even legal to f-"

"Ritsu! Nothing really happened except for uh, er, this really feels like déjà vu. We just.."

"Made out, had a couple of steamy exchanges and undressed everything except our undies, no big deal," he said with a smirk. I still have to get used to this cheeky side of him. I could not fathom the change that much especially after reminiscing memories of our relationship back in High School.

"The last thing I'd want to hear from the both of you is that—"

"Yes, I do think we're back together. Well, technically we did call each other ex but we never officially broke up now, did we, Hideo-kun?" I cut her off, knowing what she was supposed to say.

"I guess there really is no stopping two lovebirds who are oh-so passionately in love. But how are you going to deal with Shiki? He was beating around the bush and chasing his own tail for Pete's sake," Ritsu said whilst shaking her head. She's one to talk. She has four boys under her sleeve. Does she even have the right to ask that? Yes, because she's my best friend. But if she were just a stranger to me then I'd already have returned the question to her without reflecting about my own actions in a minute and 27 seconds. "Whatever you do, Mio, don't let that Bakihiko touch these precious gems of yours!" she screamed and buried her face down my breasts and squished it from the sides. I had no second thoughts and slammed a fist across her head.

"Those are going to be mine eventually," Hideo said with a wink but I slapped his face. Now the upper hand is mine and these two should stop fighting over me like I'm a piece of object. It's nice to see that somehow, things have calmed down for the better. How should I deal with Shiki? I could not just possibly say, "I'm sorry but Hideo's back in my life, I don't need your pity any longer."

He was sweet and all that but there are times that I think he's actually hiding something. That's what kept me from agreeing to be his girlfriend. I just find his reserved and desperate self off. He's a good guy but too good to be real. Hideo was somehow like that before but he was also quite frank and he's an open book despite others telling me that he's too quiet and question me how I even survive our relationship.

Even with my hand imprinted on his face, he laughs and says, "Of course you'll be mine and I'll be yours to keep. I respect you and I love you, Love." He kissed my forehead and Ritsu sighed, shaking her head once again but nodded and shed a few tears in approval.

Hideo's POV

A week or so has passed and I still can't believe we're back together. Yes, I have started to look at rings or so just because my mother told me to but it's too soon for that. I want to reestablish and strengthen our relationship a little further and of course we do want to resolve the Shiki thing. Love did her part of contacting him and asking if he has free time and he replied that he'd be free by the next Wednesday, which is tomorrow. Love doesn't seem all that nervous and we aren't that public yet but we caught each other sneaking glances and there are some spats between me and her but now t ends with a laugh and "I still couldn't believe that all we did was fight. I miss it somehow, but not really." In short, we don't really get that upset with each other just some occasional, "Baka! Focus on your job! The boom mic can be seen from your shots!"

"Can you help me a bit over here, I can't seem to see where it is. I'll get my eyes checked soon enough," I yelled back at her. She gladly obliged and headed over my way, taking over the camera. She tried moving it but can't. I put my hands over hers and guided it. "Should it be lower or should I pan left?"

"Pan a little bit to the left, yours is a tight shot."

"Is that so? I get it. You know what, I think you and I should have and ECU kind of shot."

The other camera man almost fell down the stool he was standing on, understanding that ECU meant extreme close up. He must have painted the image across his mind, huh?

Urgh, I can't handle these eyes looking at us. Well, I can't handle them because I can't make a move on Mio. She turns around, glares at me, flicks her finger across my head. "The heck was I doing wrong?!"

"Did you even listen while I gave out instructions?"

"What? When?"

"Just now, Bakihiko!" now that certainly made them look away. Good for me.

I couldn't help but smirk and say, "You look cute when you're mad."

"A-are you drunk?!"

I shook my head as I admired the way she's flushed. "Nope, are you?" I leaned over her ear, "Should we keep on hiding our love, my Love? The marks we left on each other are those that we did not conceal. Mind entertaining them with a bit of the truth?"

She looked over at them behind her shoulder, "Sir, I'm sorry but would it be okay if I get around 5-10 minutes to discuss some things with Hideo-kun all alone?"

Normal POV

All have complied and approved of the request of Mio. It might have been good to really call for a break now that everyone (especially Hideo) seemed out of their usual selves. Yes, they are a bit groggy and all but this break is like a dream. For two people, though, it seemed more of an opportunity to test their stealth and deduction skills.

"Hey, Pickle-juice, something's up. I could really feel it," said the film's main protagonist to his other half in the reel world. They may not be bigtime artists but people surely do ship them.

"What's up? The sky. The sky filled with stars for just me and you," she replied. ""Ugh umm err, I'm getting carried away by my role."

"Enough of that! Man, I think Hideo already scored!"

"W-wait, what?"

"Scored himself that woman! I mean, like don't you notice their eyes gazing at each other, their hands grazing as either one of them passes by—Don't you get the point? They love-hate each other!"

"If that happens then my sister's gonna be pissed. It doesn't seem like she cares nowadays, though. But honestly, it seems to me that they want to slit each other's throat and drench themselves with each other's blood."

"You talk kinda gory for a girl."

"Don't you dare say what a girl must and must not say."

"Bu-! Okay, fine. Just come with me and let's see what they're up to."

"If I go with you…"

"I'll give you whatever you want—except for actually going out, of course."

"HA HA HA! Who would even want to date you? I was going to ask for pickled cucumbers, if that's really unexpected," she replied though the glint in her eyes faded. At the very least, she's going to spend time with him. We don't have to look away from the brighter side of life.

The two made their way to the door sneakily, acting like little kids, acting like spies. The eyewitnesses of their feat shrugged it off, knowing these two might have hit their head somewhere. They succeeded into exiting the holding room. The lights flickered and they nodded, "Onward, Pickle-juice girl."

With front rolls, cartwheels and pickles, they were able to make their way in front of the studio door. They tried opening the door and even attempted to use hairpins for that matter. Secret agent codename Pickle Juice pushed the door ever so slightly and it opened.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot the door's like that. Come to think of it, it doesn't really come with a keyhole now."

"Still think they're up to something, they didn't even bother to lock the door."

"I bet you there's something, let's just go inside."

"Mio, the door just opened, nobody's there," Hideo said, jerking his head toward the door's direction. The color out of Mio's face drained.

"W-well we have just finished discussing that you better not get cocky anymore s-so we c-could p-probably go," she replied, trembling, pointing at another way out.

He leaned to whisper, "Still a scaredy-cat huh? Actually, the main stars of the film seemed to have decided that they would film an action movie rather than the one they're currently shooting."

"Where are they now?"

"Hiding behind the board but I could see their legs—Oh wait, they moved to inside the cabinet."

"Mind putting a show for them, dearest honorary member of the theatre club with the frilly little prince costume?"

"Don't mind if I do, my cold-hearted princess."

"Baka! So here's the plan…"

"I just love your creative juices, 'Light and Fluffy Time' composer."

"Can you see them, Taka?" she asked from inside the cabinet, peeping through the space in between.

"Well, yeah, you think I'm blind?"

"They haven't done anything yet. They're just talk—Oh mother of my father, I spoke too soon. Argh, I don't think I should be seeing this. Greek gods, that's too steamy for me."

"Shhh! Quiet, you!" Taka said in a hushed voice, watching intently. How couldn't he when a hot girl is aggressive? "I think I better start wearing neckties, don't you?"

Mio's POV

I yanked Hideo's necktie to pull him close enough leaving less than 2.54 centimeters just so that it would seem as if we were kissing. I had enough for a day and I would not want to be carried away by Bakihiko. I love him even though he turned into quite a piece of s- I'm sorry. I got used to being so mean to him these past few weeks that even the nastiest of nicknames would do but I would start refraining from that unless he sincerely enjoyed our 'friendly' banter at the store before. He did tell me that it was quite nice for a change. He need not have to worry if he wants to know how stupid the both of us were by not hearing each other out.

I left him in charge of letting out those erotic noises, he seems to be enjoying that kind of thing since last night-uhm, er... On the other hand it did not take more than 34 seconds for us to reach the cabinet and me pushing him towards the cabinet door for him to be capable of locking it shut and teaching those two a lesson of not eavesdropping.

"Ah.. Yes.. Mm.. Mio, fudge!" Hideo shouted louder and louder. Shi*.

"Baka! What if even those who are outside starts to judge us! Bakihiko!" I said in a hushed tone, pressing my finger on his lips before punching his abdomen. I walked a few steps away for distance and started searching the director's number from my contacts to tell him I've finished speaking with Hideo and if he decides to continue shooting right now, he would have to wait a handful of minutes (around 7 minutes, I presume) as we would need the said time to give a lengthy sermon to these two protagonists of the movie.

"What else do you suppose I would do?" he mouthed before he started nudging the cabinet slowly before pacing it up to hear shouts from the inside.

"They're so intense! Help!" said a high-pitched scream. As I talked to the director, I witnessed Hideo actually letting the cabinet fall on the floor before sitting on it. He knocked 2 times.

"Knock knock, kiddoes!" he said in a monotonous voice before winking at me and licking his lips. I quickly turned around as I felt the heat rising up to my cheeks. Kami-sama, the effect he had on me escalated after last night's turn of events.

"Who's there?" asked Taka and I could literally do a facepalm right then and there. Does he not know that they have been caught?


"Boo who?"

"Well, I suppose I could say it's a boo hoo for the both of you. Oba-san here almost freaked when you left the door open. She's a scared little girl hiding in an older woman's delicious body."

"O-oi!" I shouted at him right after I hung up the phone after getting an approval from the director. He even wished me good luck.

"I'll close the door next time, Hii-kun! A-ah! We're caught!"

"Took you long enough, ba-ka!" I said walking towards their direction.

"Calm down, love. Save your anger for when we're actually alone."

"Great, Bakihiko, now how are we supposed to give them the talk if you keep interrupting with sexual remarks?!"

"Who said they were sexual? Does it turn you on, my Love? So much for wanting to wait."

"I-I... We're still too young and we aren't even married and u-uh, I... Baka Hideo!"

"Hm? Seems like someone here is quite embarrassed, huh, sweet cheeks?" he hugged me from behind and whispered in my ear, "Your place tonight? Or now since we don't have to worry about being seen?" This sent electricity running down my spine. He left trails of kisses down my neck before I got to jostle him. "Ack! That hurt too much!"

"Know your time and place, Bakihiko Hideo!"

"To the future Mrs. Bakihiko, is it wrong for me to get excited now that we're actually back together?"

"N-no! But still!"

"Uhm, I hate to interrupt but Pickle Juice girl over here needs her pickle fix! Please let us out! We won't judge or eavesdrop on you two lovebirds again!" a muffled voice said through the cabinet. I have forgotten in that short span of time that we were supposed to teach them a lesson.

I sighed. At least now I know that there is one thing we could never get back-Hideo's innocence.

Hideo's POV

Love asked me to "go do whatever you have to do, Bakihiko! I can do this alone. I would not want him to be triggered by your presence." ha ha. What am I supposed to do if I am worried about her and Shiki? I took a deep breath. I trust her. I trust her because I love her.

As I sat on a bench, I fiddled with my hair. Hm.. Funny how I even went on slicking my hair back and even dyeing it blonde earlier last year. At present, it's getting longer and I did not even bother to slick it back ever since that day when she was drunk. I see my red hair starting to grow back, too. In that same moment of looking back at the past, I was struck with an idea. I have to go to Daiki Damian's post office or Daiki Damian himself.

I ran to my car and shut the door. I have to face him. I dialed Tainaka-san's number and the moment she picked up, I asked for his contact details.

"Great, lover boy, you call me while I'm in the middle of a date and the first thing you ask me is Daiki's number and location. Don't you even have time to say hello or at least consider the fact that I ain't a map or a gps device?!"

"Relax, forehead and I doubt you're even on a date right now since you told us you're going to help Satoshi with his love life. Aren't you some kind of cupid, huh, fixing up relationships here and there. I'm desperate to find out what role he played in my and Mio's split. He must have some sort of explanation as to why I did not receive my letters."

"Ugh, fine. I'll text them to you."





"Uh, Forehead girl? Are you still there?"

"Akihiko Hideo... Are you listening?"

"Yes, why?"

"...whatever you do, promise me you'll never hurt her again. You broke it once. Don't commit the same mistake twice."

"Definitely, I won't hurt Love ever again, I promise you with all my heart, soul, mind- the whole me."

"You better keep that word you little sh*t. I ain't gonna tell you this if I hadn't even experienced it myself. I've committed the same mistake over and over and I don't even know why I'm telling you this. Heck, I can't even believe I keep trying to find me a man. You better not waste your chances, buddy. I had several opportunities to tell her I loved her-F*ck, I still love her but you... You were the one that gave her happiness and the love that she deserves. She ain't gonna find that in a b*tch like me who did nothing but stayed as a best friend and was not even completely present at the time when she was hurting during your split."

"Ritsu, are you crying?... I'm s-"

"Don't you dare say sorry, Akihiko Hideo. I deserve this. Her happiness comes first, my love comes second."

"Thank you, Tainaka Ritsu. Hey, you do know she also loves you, right?"

"Not in the way she loves you. But I'm happy that way. Thanks, Hideo. Get your freaking a** over there and allow me to have some alone time!"

"Heh, you were in a date, huh?"

"Screw you! Leave me be!"

I heard the dial tone and true enough, she gave me all the details that I need. It was quite a heavy discussion. I won't waste it. Clenching my fists on the steering wheel, I know I will get this solved once and for all and even the worst possible events won't hold me back.

I love you, Mio. And I will prove that I am worthy of you. I will make up to the seven years of hatred I have garnered out of my self pity.

And there you have it! Looking forward to a brighter and happier 2017 with you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lots of love,