They swear a lot in this chapter fyi.

"I knew you had it in you ESP." Jake laughed from the other side of the computer screen. "I fucking knew it!"

Rolling her dual colored eyes playfully at his loud displays of mirth, the young psychic glanced from her homework over to the brunette the moment she felt an arm slung around her shoulder.

"You should have seen it Jake, it was glorious!" Bella grinned from her position next to the open laptop, her dark eyes mischievous "I thought she was gonna rip Drew's whole throat out."

"I mean, she ripped something off." The native boy said snidely and if possible Bella's smirk grew wider.

"Yeah," She sniggered. "his fucking balls!"

Abruptly snorting the blonde shoved at her first best friend and flopped down on the bed.

"Oh come on guys, if you're gonna celebrate me bringing guys to heel then at least make sure it's actually brutal." She complained. "I wasn't even ten percent mean to him!"

There was a scoff.

"Well if we're going by what you say about the guy then this is the meanest anyone has been to him since the good doctor spanked him at birth, so it counts." Jake shrugged and Bella nodded fiercely in agreement.

"Come on Esp, no one tells off Drew - not even Andrea Deconnitani and you know she does whatever she wants." The other girl pointed out. "Not to mention he actually fucking listened to you! Which means you know this was a win so why not just admit it was bad ass?"

Blinking at the almost heated tirade, Esper turned to first meet Jake's eyes, then Bella's and sighed.

"Fine," She exclaimed dramatically. "we can add it to the Commemorative Hall of Brandon Badassery - but only until we find something that tops it."

"Deal." Both of her besties chimed and she rolled her eyes.


"But enough about me," Esper waved. "let's talk about what's happening down in Forks and that upcoming break where hopefully Mr. Black, you, and Charlie come down to my ancestral seat to hang."

Jacob looked amused.

"Which one did you wanna hear about first?"

"Let's go with Forks," Esper decided. "It's been a few months since we were last there and since I make it a point to not ask you about town proceedings every single time we talk -"

"Which is every single day." Bella chimed.

"- there has to be something new you can give us."

Jake's toothy grin flashed starlight against his dark skin and for a moment Esper was charmed.

"My friends are so good looking." She smiled, allowing herself to go off topic and watched as Jake flushed red a little and Bella flashed her a mock sultry look.

"You know it, babe." The other girl smirked and Esper shoved her off the bed.

"Did you see that Jake? You give someone a compliment and they can't even say thank you." She tsked, shaking her head even as a pillow smacked her straight in the face.

"Jerk." Bella scowled as she climbed back on the bed and Esper stuck out her tongue before flinging the cushion back in retaliation.




"Ladies, ladies!" Jake interrupted looking all too solemn and immediately Esper was suspicious.

"Calm down!" He soothed, using his guileless brown eyes to cow them. "Can't we all just agree that you're both assholes and been done with it?"

Dark eyes flashed playfully and Bella sat forward.

"Of course you would compare us to that!" The other girl shot back. "After all, that's your favorite meal, isn't it? Holes in people's asses?"

"It's better than that bullshit you have in your diet!" Jake countered with a smug little grin. "After all, isn't that all that's coming out of your mouth right now?"

And there was a pause where Bella narrowed her eyes to mere slits before she cursed and leaned back.

"Damn that was good." She grumbled. "I can't believe he won again."

Esper snickered because watching them flame each other was golden - especially when compared to their almost stiff relationship in canon where the two wouldn't even have dreamed of trash talking each other. But here though - here in the universe where Esper took up space and changed their connection into something more close-knit and relaxed, the two (well three) of them clicked in ways no one could really explain.

It was both glorious and a travesty.

Poking Bella in the side, she waggled her pale brow and gave Jake a thumbs up which he gladly returned.

"Well after that losing streak he had going, it could only get better from there." She pointed out and Bella shrugged while frowning but Esper could see the amusement in her face - and so could their third.

"You know you wanna show me those pearly whites Bells so you might as well." He teased. "Come on one little grin and that's it."

And however reluctantly, due to Jake's needling that continued on a for a minute, the corner of the brunette's mouth lifted up and Jake cheered.

"And there it is - a smile!" He laughed and Bella rolled her eyes before reaching forward and abruptly ending the chat - only to have her laptop ringing in a call a second later to which the brunette promptly answered.

"Sorry, the connection cut off." Bella said in such a bland voice that even a newborn would know it was a lie and Esper chuffed.

"Yeah okay."

"I'm serious Jacob, that's really what happ-" And her screen was blank.

Staring at the machine as another call came in, Esper clicked answer and was met with Jake's - falsely - apologetic face.

"Sorry," He mimicked. "the connection cut off."

Bella scrunched up her nose.

"Dick." She sniffed and Jake rolled his eyes.




"Annnd back on track people!" Esper interceded despite the profound hilarity. "Forks. Tell me. Now."

"Honestly I don't know yet." Jake shrugged. "I stay on the rez most of the time and you already know all of the news about here but I'll go ask Leah, she'll have the dirt."

"Or we could ask my dad." Bella offered and Esper hummed.

"Yeah but I don't wanna bother him, he's usually busy."

Bella snorted.

"He's not that busy if I can text him a picture of a LOL cat and get one back in a literally a second." She pointed out. "Besides, my dad loves you - don't know why - but he does."

Esper gasped.

"I'll have you know I am a delight!"

"Yeah, a delight from hell." Jake smirked and Esper gasped again - right before ending the call and picking it up again when Jake called back.

"Alright alright, I learned my lesson!" He laughed and she nodded.

"Good because I didn't want to have to block you."

"Bella would just undo it."

"He's right." The girl agreed. "I would."

"Traitors - the both of you!"

"I guess if I'm a traitor and then I don't need to come and visit."

"You do and you will." Esper tossed out as she moved to lean against the headboard. "Besides I didn't get to meet your father because I ended up in the hospital and missed the bonfire so I gotta make a doubly good impression."

"He already knows who you are though, I've told him about you."

"And? I still need to impress him!" She said. "I swear if one of my BFF's dads' didn't like me I would die."

"Stop being so dramatic." Bella chided and Esper wailed.


"Ignore her Jake, she's a drama queen."

"Says the girl who screamed bloody murder when I pushed her into the pool!"

"Esper we were nine!"


"We didn't know how to swim at nine!"

"Correction, you didn't know how to swim."


"Wow," Jake murmured. "I can't believe you didn't know how to swim by seven like the rest of us."

"Why is that what you capitalize on Jake?"

"What else was there to notice!"

"Uh? How about Esper trying to murder me!"

"Oh, that? Pshh! I'm sure if ESP wanted you dead then you would be."

Esper shot him a look.

"Way to make me seem like a psycho Jakey poo."

"Hey, I just calls it like I sees it."

"Numbnuts" She snipped and Jake raised a brow.

"Debbie Downer."

"Ball licker."


"Beta male."

"Ooh that one cuts deep."

"I know, that's why I used it."

"You're heartless ESP."

"And don't you forget it bub."

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