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'Normal Thoughts'

'Wolf Pack telepathy'

Sam drove down the long stretch of highway from Seattle to La Push. His cousin was asleep in the passengers seat beside him. It had been a long time since he had seen her. His aunt and uncle had taken her away when she was younger. She had been six years old at the time. Anna and Sam had grown up together. He had seen this little half Quileute red haired girl as his sister. THey had been that close, she was never just his cousin to him.

Anne Uley was 17 years old now. Her hair that had once been in short braided pig tails, was now vibrant and curly. She had gotten the hair from her mother's side. Her mother was an Irish Woman who had moved to Washington from Boston. Her father Marcus Uley, Sam's uncle, had fallen in love with her upon first sight. THought he knew why now. He hadn't understood why someone of his tribe would love an outsider. But now he knew. His uncle Marcus had imprinted on his aunt.

Sam's uncle had been one of the select few, one of the shifters. He died a couple of years after they had moved away from La Push. Only recently her mother had died as well. Sam didn't know how but he knew it wasn't his place to ask. He glanced back at her, watching her while the light was red. She looked like a stranger to him now. So grown up, she wasn't that little six year old that had followed him everywhere. No, his little cousin was a woman now. He sighed as the light turned green and he drove down the road again.

It was around eight that morning when Sam pulled up in front of his house. He could see that the lights were on in the kitchen. Emily was moving about as she continued to make breakfast. The sight of her brought comfort to Sam's weary mind. Quietly he opened the door and got out. Emily must have heard the sound of the door and came outside.

She watched Sam open the passenger's side door and carefully carried her in his arms. Her right leg couldn't bend against his arm because of the brace that was there. It ran from mid thigh to mid calf. It was stiff because her knee had been dislocated and needed to heal. That was really her only bad injury compared to the others. A long black and blue bruise extended from her neck down her collarbone stopping at her chest. It had been given to her by her seatbelt. Small cuts and abrasions lined her arms and face that had been caused by the glass shards.

"How is she?" Emily asked softly not wanting to wake her as she went to grab the bags from the truck.

"She is still drugged up from the pain meds they gave her." He said just as softly as his girlfriend. Sam carried her inside and took her to the other bedroom in the small house. Carefully he placed her on the bed, making sure there was a pillow beneath her leg before covering her up. "She'll probably sleep for several hours." He placed the bags on the floor by the dresser. He then walked over to her and kissed her forehead before he walked out of the bedroom.

"Are you alright Sam?" Emily asked as her arms went around his waist.

He offered her a soft smile as he hugged her back "I'm alright." He placed a kiss to her lips but pulled away when he heard the sounds of the pack coming. "Guess we need to get them to be quiet huh?" They smiled, as if that would ever happen.

Embry, Paul, Quil, Seth, Leah Jared, and Jacob all arrived in time for breakfast. "Hey Em what's for breakfast?" Embry asked as he took a seat while Jacob followed him dragging his feet. His face held a somber expression. He hadn't spoken to Bella since the change. That had been three long days ago.

"Cheer up Jake." Quil said with a smile "Move on from the Vamp-Girl. and find someone better." Jacob rolled his eyes at that comment. Bella still pinned after the leech. HE didn't understand why, the leech had left her! Why did she still want him?! He was just as good if not better than that leech Edward Cullen.

He sat down at the table with a soft thud. He sighed heavily, "Come on cheer up!"

"Stop sulking."

"Hey!" Sam raised his voice briefly causing them all to jump. "Keep your voice down, Anne is asleep in the other room."

"She's here already?" Paul asked curiously. He remembered Anna much like most did except those who had been too young to remember. "How is she?"

Jacob looked up slowly, Anne...who was Anne? The name sounded oddly familiar but he couldn't place it.

"She looks like she has been in a car accident." Sam said with a heavy sigh "But she will be okay. She just has to sleep off the drugs in her system."

"So its true then...her parents-"

Sam gave a slow grim nod, "Dead. My uncle's been dead since she was eight. Her mom, just some months ago." He sighed softly "I am the only family she has left."

The boys looked to each other slowly. The reality of what had happened to Anne was now weighing down on them. "She has us." Seth said slowly with a smile.

"Thanks Seth," Sam said with a soft smile as he finally sat down. Emily hugged Sam around his shoulders before she brought the food to the table.


Anne slowly woke up from her drug-induced sleep. She moaned in pain softly as she began to feel what was around her. Warm plush pillows and blankets were wrapped around her body. Sam must have put her into bed the moment he brought her home. She tried to get up but her body was so sore and stiff it was making it difficult. Slowly she pulled herself into a sitting position. Groaning in pain as she felt her muscles scream at her. "Sam..." She called out softly. Her arms were weak and couldn't hold herself up anymore. "Sam..." Anne lowered herself back down on the bed unable to bear the pain.


He had heard her calling to him and was immediately out of his chair. It happened so fast most at the table didn't know what had happened. He came into the room slowly and saw that she was awake. "Hey Anne," He said with a soft smile "How are you?"

"It hurts..."

"I know," He pulled the blankets away "Do you want to come out and eat?"

"Yeah," she gave him a nod as he knelt down to pick her up from the bed. Making sure to be very careful he cradled her against his body. Anne's arms were wrapped around his shoulders as she felt him stand up. She had forgotten how tall he was now. As he came back into the room everyone, except jacob who was still staring at the table, turned their heads and looked at her.

"Hey Ann," Paul said being the first to say hello. "How is the crash test dummy feeling?" Sam gave him a look but Anne shrugged it off with a slight laugh.

"Like an actual crash test dummy." Paul chuckled as he helped her get situated in the seat next to him.

"Damn girl you grew up." He couldn't help but say as he gave her a look over. "Nice fluff by the way," he reached out and touched her fluffy wavy red hair. Anne brushed his hand away as Sam brought her medication to her.

"Oh happy pills you are my savior."

"Alright so these are for the day and the other, is to help you sleep if you need it."

"Oh I will need it. Tylenol with Codeine is my new best friend at night." She smiled making Sam roll his eyes.

Jared smiled and looked over to see Jacob still staring at the table. His pack brother was completely in his own little world. "Damn Jacob stop sulking will you? Say hi to Anne you are being rude." He said as he gave Jacob a swift elbow to the bicep.

"Gosh alright fine! Hi-" The moment he looked up his eyes locked with hers. It was her...he remembered her. The braided pigtails of red hair as she ran around with the boys. He remembered those eyes. He had never seen another person with grey colored eyes. But they weren't dull no way were they just a simple dull color of grey. The more he looked he swore he saw specks of green in them. As they shifted in the light they seemed to change to that color of green. His heart began to beat rapidly in his chest. Everything around him seemed to fade, except her. She was so beautiful.

He felt a soft sigh escaped him, "Hello."

Her face broke out into a soft smile, little dimples formed at the corners of her mouth. "Hello back..." Her smiled made him melt right there in his chair. He continued to look into those eyes, the more he looked the more beautiful they became.

'Oh god...' He began to panic 'no! No!' A large knot formed in his throat 'Shit I-'

'Did you just?!'

'I did...' he replied in thought as he continued to look at her. He gulped as he felt all of their eyes upon him. 'I...' The heaviest was Sam's.

'I imprinted...'