So... I'm having major difficulties with TDALS at the moment. The ideas just aren't coming to me.

But speaking of ideas coming to me, this one came along one night after reading a bunch of the greatest Eva peggy sues. I'll still need to play with it, but I'm hoping it will go well.

Also, PLEASE tell me if anything needs changing. I'd appreciate the feedback on where I can improve.


Red. All around for as far as the eye could see, there was red. There was the occasional splash of white, grey and black, but otherwise red reigned supreme.

On the white sands of a beach, by the shattered remains of an office building and watched over by petrified, crucifix-like statues, two figures lay. One, a girl, was adorned in a bright red, rubbery suit, bandages on her arm and over her left eye, the other, a boy in a simple shirt and trousers. The girl had red hair and blue eye, although the predominance of that colour gave her eye a brownish hue. He had brown hair and blue eyes that were opened so wide, an observer might have assumed he'd lost control over his eyelids. Alas, there were no observers. There was no-one, but him and her. They were the last of the human race, vomited up by the sea of LCL, the rest were destroyed by Third Impact. And the first thing Shinji Ikari did upon his return, was to promptly strangle the girl.

He didn't know why he was doing it. Perhaps to gain some perspective, to confirm he was no longer in the strange world of Instrumentality. Asuka Langley Soryu did not resist. She didn't even make a sound, just slightly twisted her face in pain.

And then her neck snapped.

Shinji froze when he heard the vertebrae in Asuka's neck give way. The pulse under his fingers immediately went away and her laboured breathing stopped. Her eye widened in shock, her face distorting even further in pain and panic. Shinji himself was panicking now, frantically trying to help her. But his efforts were in vain as her eye rolled back and she passed.

For several minutes he tried to raise her, to revive her, but without any functioning equipment, it was impossible. Tears streaming down his face, he stood and fled the scene, entering the devastated remains of Tokyo-3.

He did not notice Rei/Lilith flashing into existence beside Asuka's corpse, a worried look on her face.


Sometime later, she stood inside a building, tears of her own splashing on the floor. Shinji Ikari's body gently swung from the rope he had attached to the exposed ceiling beam. His mind had been utterly destroyed by Instrumentality, and killing Asuka had been the last straw. Unable to cope with it, he had taken his own life, thus making humanity extinct. For Rei/Lilith, this was incomprehensible.

"This was not how it was to have happened!" she cried in despair, before disappearing from the room, leaving the world in silence.


Shinji Ikari had had one hell of a day. First, his father had made contact with him for the first time in three years (a single word: come), then a giant monster had attacked the city, he'd been blown up by a nuclear bomb, and was now piloting a giant robot he'd never seen before to fight said monster… with no training.

So why did he feel like he'd done this all before?

"Eva Launch!" exclaimed Operations Director Misato Katsuragi and suddenly, Shinji was being forced into his seat by the extreme acceleration G's. He grunted as Unit-01 sped towards an opening hatch on the surface, just a couple of blocks from where the Angel Sachiel was stalking. In no time at all, Shinji was on the surface, facing down the Angel. He wasn't feeling very confident, seeing as this same being had survived an onslaught of conventional munitions and an N2 mine whilst slaughtering all that opposed it.

"Are you ready, Shinji?" Misato asked over the radio.

"Umm, yeah?" he replied, knowing that wasn't really. There was a short pause, then as the final locks on the lift carriage released, her voice came back,

"Evangelion Unit-01, MOVE OUT!" He froze, not knowing at all what to do. So Dr. Akagi's voice telling him to concentrate on walking was a godsend.

'Walk.' He thought, commanding the massive robot to walk. Amazingly, it actually worked, picking up its right foot and taking a short step. His confidence boosted a little from this small, but significant achievement.

'Walk!' he thought again, and the Unit raised its left foot. But then, Shinji felt dizzy and was overcome by balance issues, confusing him greatly, sending the great machine toppling over, smashing its face into the ground. He winced as he felt it and he clutched his nose in pain, moaning at this unexpected outcome.

"Shinji! Are you OK?" Misato called worriedly. Even as he recovered though, he found no time to respond, as he discovered the Angel looming over him. More words from Misato went unheard as he froze in fear.

The Angel reached down and picked up Unit-01 by the head, then grabbed onto its left arm and began to squeeze. He keened in pain, his own arm in anguish and more words from Misato flying over his head. When the arm snapped, he just stiffened up, all ability to fight back just gone. All he could bring himself to do was clutch his eye as the Angel powered its rams and began smashing Unit-01's cranial armour.

And when it punched through, he did the sensible thing, and passed out.


Central-Dogma entered a state of uproar.

"The head is damaged! Extent of damage: Unknown!" shouted one tech.

"We're having problems maintaining activation!" cried another.

"Status report!" Misato yelled.

"Synchro-graph reversing," Maya Ibuki reported back, "The pulses are flowing backward!"

"Break the circuit now!" Dr. Akagi ordered her protégé.

"I CAN'T!" Maya cried back, "It's not accepting the signal!

"What about Shinji?" Misato asked frantically.

"His condition's unknown."

"Unit-01 has gone completely silent!"

Misato mulled this grave news over for a moment, before springing back into action.

"We've got no choice… Abort the operation! We've got to rescue the pilot. Eject the entry-plug!"

"We can't. It's completely out of control!"

"What did you say?!"


Unit-01 reactivated. The restraints holding her jaws together broke, revealing large teeth behind the amour. Enraged, she reared her head and howled, launching herself at the Third Angel. Her initial attempt was fruitless, Sachiel managing to throw her off of itself, but she was relentless.

[We've done it]

She charged at Sachiel once again, but it recovered and blocked her path with an AT-Field.

[It's an AT-Field!]

[No, not now!]

She could break through the Field, but to do so, she needed her broken arm to function again. She channelled some of the energy flowing into her to repair her arm, before she assaulted the Field, breaking through with ease.

[It broke through that AT-Field like it wasn't there!]

Sachiel began panicking and used its final trump card. Its eyes flashed, a burst of energy blasting into Unit-01. But the effect was minimal and only served to anger her even more. She grabbed its wrists in a one-handed grip and then twisted them together with such force, that its bones and rams broke, blue blood splashing to the floor. She raised her leg and savagely kicked Sachiel in the chest, sending him flying backwards, hitting an apartment block with enough force to break it off its foundations and careen halfway across the city.


Inside that apartment building, Toji and Sakura Suzuhara cowered in fear, their room exposed by the impact. In the distance, they could see Unit-01 barrelling down the street. Toji looked up at the crazed ceiling, knowing that if it gave, they could both be seriously injured.

Impact was imminent.


"What the…? RADAR has detected an Unidentified Flying Object incoming at high speed!"

"What?" Doctor Akagi exclaimed.

Misato stayed curiously silent.


Mere moments before Unit-01 was to make contact with the Angel, a great winged figure slammed onto the ground between them, shattering windows, crushing cars and sending chunks of tarmac into the air. Even as the figure was landing, it raised its left arm in front of itself, bracing itself for the inevitable.

Having no time to react, Unit-01 crashed into the mysterious giant with tremendous force, but the newcomer did not lose its foothold, its feet only digging into the tarmac. Its wings retracted into a recess on its back with an eerie sound as it raised its right arm into the air. The arm clunked mechanically, the hand swinging into the forearm, a lateral plasma cannon pivoting into place and locking into position. With a graceful swing, it brought the cannon to bear with Unit-01's thrashing torso and fired a bright green bolt of super-heated plasma straight into Unit-01's chest.

Unit-01 went soaring into the air, crashing back into the building where she had gone berserk.

Sachiel saw an opportunity to get out of its rut and made to stand up, but the newcomer swung the plasma cannon down to point at the Angel, not even looking at it. The cannon swung back inside the forearm being replaced by the hand once again. The fingers clamped together, the tips opening and ultra-sharp blades shooting out. Then, with a hiss of compressed air, the blade arm shot forward on a pneumatic ram and pierced the Angel's core. The Angel slumped back to the floor, limp, and quite dead.

At the other end of the road, Unit-01 recovered and turned to face the newcomer, snarling furiously.

Retracting its mechanical arm from Sachiel's core, the smooth, bullet-like head of the jet-black newcomer was distorted by a pair of bright red lips and smooth white teeth.

And the mysterious Eva Unit snarled back, its pilot mimicking it,

"Do your worst, Yui!" growled Kaworu Nagisa.