"Tony, you do remember that you're taking Rebecca on a roadtrip this summer." Pepper reminds Tony.

Tony turns away from a large floating holographic surface that is blocking view to New York City.

"I do—what again?" Tony asks.

Pepper sighs, looking towards the ceiling and then turns her attention to Tony.

"You promised our daughter you would take her on a roadtrip around the states." Pepper said. "She has been so excited about it for the past two months. I can't believe you forgot your promise to her."

"Oh." Tony said, acting sheepishly.

Pepper folds her arms.

"Was Rebecca playing with the Iron man armor when you promised her?" Pepper asks.

"I remember now." Tony said. "She had JARVIS speaking in Princess Elsa's voice and flying all over the place in a smaller model of the armor.I promised ,in exchange she didn't change JARVIS's voice again while I was gone, I would take her to Disneyland during July." Tony blinks, realizing what he just said in the wrong order. "I mean I promised Bruce to take him to Disneyland last July."

It made sense to Pepper, now, why Tony came back with Bruce wearing Disneyland gear .

"You have to keep your promise." Pepper said.

"But, a road trip is not two days long." Tony said.

"This is our eight year old daughter; you should find a way to keep it." Pepper said.