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Scott Residence

Malibu, California

September 4th, 2015

It was a beautiful day in Malibu. The sun was shining brightly, the water was washing ashore on the beach and as the late summer air began to whisk through the palm trees, it was turning out to be a beautiful, fun filled day in the Scott home.

You could hear laughter throughout the house as four little kids, ranging from the ages between 10 and 3, running through the living room; squirting water guns at each other. Jason and Trini were smart enough to lay bathroom towels down on the tile floors because, the way they see it, their four little angels were making a huge mess. However, as they were standing in the kitchen making lunch and watching them have fun with one another, they didn't mind. They cherished the times seeing everyone so happy.

So much has happened in 11 years. So much has happened since the wedding and the romantic honeymoon in Bora Bora. As far as their professional lives were concerned, Jason and Trini were still at the top of their game. Jason still works at the real estate office downtown, but now, he has complete ownership since his partner, Marissa announced her retirement. The original red ranger was still a hot commodity among celebrities, socialites and big time businessmen who looked to live among the gorgeous coast. And with the money he was making, he even managed to go back to school and get his Masters.

Trini's career as a lawyer got a huge boost; thanks to her impressive record in the courtroom. Six months after she got Fiona's conviction thrown out, the poor young woman, who was still sitting in jail for a crime she didn't commit, was finally able to walk out of the courthouse a free woman. With new evidence that actually could've cleared her a long time ago being introduced, not to mention the phony phone records, the woman who turned out to be an imposter, the hit man who killed Fiona's former married lover's wife finally admitting that he was paid to say that he and Fiona did meet up; over the phone and in person and that fact that Fiona was up in Canada at the time of the murder and was seen the entire time, it didn't take the jury long to come up with a not guilty verdict. To further sweeten the pot, Trini made sure that Fiona was compensated for the hell she was put through by filing a wrongful imprisonment suit against the state of California. Not wanting to add anymore fuel to the fire, a settlement was reached. Fiona was able to walk out of prison and has since moved on with her life.

After winning her second biggest case since moving back to California, Trini got a huge promotion. She went from being a rookie to junior partner to senior partner in less than 3 years. So, now, the huge sign you see outside is the law office of Johnson, Parker, Smith & Scott.

Their personal lives were just as extraordinary as their professional lives. Jason and Trini has been married for 11 years and they're still very much in love and very much happy. And their four beautiful children were the perfect products of their lives: 10 year old twins Christina Nicole and Christopher Nathan, 7 year old Joshua Lee and 3 year old Harper Simone Scott. All four of them were splitting images of their parents and are very good, polite kids...with some mischief along the way.

And their friends' lives fared just as well as theirs. Tommy and Kim have their hands full with 15 year old Hannah and 11 year old Thomas James Oliver, or TJ, as he likes to be called. Tommy still teaches science at Reefside while Kim continues to run her gymnastics academy, but she has also taken up teaching music at Reefside High as well. It was no secret that the original pink ranger loves to play her guitar and she was happy to see Hannah take up the same mantle. TJ just likes to be just like his father.

Rocky and Aisha have a 7 year old daughter named Desiree Maria DeSantos. She's their only child and is such a joy in their lives. Rocky now owns two successful casual dining restaurants in the San Francisco area and Aisha's now a pediatrician; having to have a strong love of taking care of children. Though Rocky does get on her nerves from time to time, she can't imagine with her life without him and now, with their beautiful daughter in tow, Aisha can say her life is anything but normal.

Adam and Tanya have two children; 9 year old Veronica Rochelle and 6 year old Adam Jr. Adam is now a successful voice over artist; having dubbed voices for various video games and animated cartoons. He closed down the Youth Center in order to pursue his new career and has taken great joy in traveling a lot. As for Tanya, she's still a popular radio personality and a multi-platinum singer; having released her last studio album Fierceness last year to great critical and commercial acclaim; despite the current state of the music industry. The Parks currently reside in Burbank, California.

Zack and Angela doesn't have any children together, but they still are very much married. Due to their hectic careers, they decided to put off having a family and just focused on each other. Zack's still thriving as a choreographer and has since opened up a popular nightclub on the Sunset Strip while Angela's modeling career still does wonders for her. Over time, the Taylors ended up traveling together a lot so they won't have to be apart anymore.

Billy and Kat's twins, Torrence and Tiffany are now 12 years old and, just as Rocky predicted, they are two of the smartest twins in their class. However, outside of their academics, Torrence is a competitive gymnast just like his father and Tiffany's a ballet dancer and community activist, just like her mother. Billy's computer software company is still going well and Kat still runs her dance studio. In fact, Tiffany is one of the star students there.

When Vivian and Roland got back home, they got married as planned. In fact, Trini ended up attending the big event, as a show of solidarity of their friendship. After the wedding, they ended up moving down to Atlanta, Georgia, where Vivian ended up starting her own law practice and is doing well so far. She still attends counseling sessions to work out her issues, but the good news is, she completed the terms of her probation and, to date, her record remains clean. Also, her relationship with her parents has gotten better and, as far as her father is concerned, he has gotten better, health wise.

Russell has never gotten married, but he's in a long term relationship with Galena Yang and they even have a child together; a little boy named Russell Jr. He's still a top notch lawyer in Brooklyn and has reconciled with his past concerning Trini and Vivian. After some heart to heart talk with both ladies, he was finally able to move on with his life and could finally lift the weight of their turbulent lives off his shoulders. He's in a committed relationship with the woman he loves and loves being a father to his son.

Nate and Brenda's daughter Fiona Nicole is now 21-years-old and is attending college. However, the empty nest didn't last long for them. Shortly after Fiona's 10th birthday, Brenda got a huge surprise: she was expecting their second child. Little Melissa Simone Smith was born in 2008 and now, she's in the first grade. Nate, Brenda and Fiona couldn't be more thrilled at the new addition to their family. Nate's still a hotshot land developer and Brenda's still a senior partner at the law firm. And, yes, their marriage is still going very strong.

Speaking of still going strong, Nate and Brenda's friendship with Jason and Trini was hotter than ever. They would have couples date nights and Nate still volunteered at Jason's dojo in Malibu. The four could also be seen hanging out with their other friends and having a great time together.

Jeremy and Sylvia dated for several years before finally tying the knot in 2009. Just like his cousin Jason, Jeremy didn't believe in long engagements, so after proposing to Sylvia on a romantic picnic in the mountains, they decided to head to Las Vegas and eloped; with plans of a bigger wedding in the near future. Now, they were expecting their first child and they couldn't be more thrilled with the upcoming new addition to their family. Jeremy and Sylvia currently reside in Venice Beach, California and visit their cousins almost all the time.

So, in the end, everyone was truly happy with their lives. Everyone has the happy endings. Nothing or no one could ever take that away from them, even if they tried. As Jason and Trini continued making lunch for the kids, they looked at each other with huge smiles on their faces; smiles showing true testament of how much their love and their bond has strengthened over the years.

"Are you happy, baby?" he asked as he walked over to where she was standing.

She looked up at him, love sparkling in her eyes. "Truly happy. I'm truly one happy Saber Toothed Tiger."

"And I'm one truly happy Tyrannosaurs Rex. We made some really good kids, didn't we?" he asked as he looked over his shoulder and seeing his kids sitting on the floor, playing Connect Four.

"Yeah, we did. I can't imagine my life without them. Hell, I can't image my life without you, Jason. You really made all of my dreams come true," she told him, winking at him.

"You'll find out when the children go to sleep tonight," he leaned over and whispered in her ear, causing her eyes to roll in the back of her head.

"Jesus, man, do you have to speak so lowly? You know what your voice does to me," she hissed lightly.

"Oh, really? What else?" Jason asked as he bit down on her earlobe gently.

"You know something? Your beard is turning me on. I love how you groomed it and it makes you look more manly," Trini purred before their mouths fused together. He had every intention of hoisting her up on the counter and continue having his way with her when their four children decided to make their presence felt.

"EWWW!" they screamed, causing their parents to pull apart.

"Uh, hi, babies. Anything we can help you with?" Jason asked, causing Trini to bury her face against the crook of his neck to stifle her giggles.

"We wanted to see if the food was ready, but I guess you and mommy has other plans," Christina said, shaking her finger playfully as if she was disappointed in them.

"Yeah, we understand you two love each other, but, come on. Don't traumatize us," Christopher said, covering his face in his hands.

"All right, all right. Go upstairs and wash your hands. Food will be ready in a few minutes," Trini ordered as she reached inside the cabinets and pulled out some plates.

"Are you guys sure?" Joshua asked, arching his eyebrow up in skepticism.

"You heard what she said. Get upstairs and wash those hands," Jason ordered, causing the four kids to do what he said. They ran upstairs quickly, not wanting to upset their father.

He returned his attention to his wife, who was filling the plates up with food and was setting them down on the table.

"Stop staring at me, Rex. You'll go blind if you keeping doing that," she quipped, looking at him with a smile.

"Can you blame me, gorgeous? You're simply a sight for sore eyes," he said as he leaned over and captured her lips with his, kissing her passionately.

"Mmm, hold those lips until later tonight. Right now, I hear eight tiny feet running downstairs," she said as she moved away from him. Sure enough, a few seconds later, their kids returned, having successfully washed their hands and were now sitting at the table.

As they all sat down and had lunch together, Trini really had to count her blessings. After everything she has been through in her life, being here today, with her husband and four beautiful children, well, she couldn't be more lucky to have everything she has ever wanted.

Jason was right. Love has prevailed. And she was living proof of what it means to be truly loved.

With all of her heart.

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