Chapter 1

We find ourselves on a misty bridge, all vision blocked by the thick mist.

Standing beside a man with gravity defying white hair, was a 13 year old boy with spiky unruly blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, tan skin, and three whisker marks on each side of his face.

The boy was staring at the motionless body of a 14 year old girl, with long black hair, doe brown eyes, and flawless pale skin.

She had a gaping hole just where her heart is supposed to be. The boy then heard a gruff voice say "Even in the end you served your purpose Haku."

The boy's head turned to the owner of said voice.

He with rage in his eyes snarled out "She was not a tool, she had dreams just like everyone else, and you just throw her to the side, as soon as she looses her purpose. I despise people like you, who use the people who love you."

The man was about to say something when the sound of someone clapping could be heard. All heads turning to the end of the bridge, widened spotting a short and stubby man, with his right arm in a cast.

The man laughing said "Well it looks like you were nothing but a big baby Zabuza. It doesn t matter anyway I was never going to pay you anyway. I was going to kill you after you killed the ninja and Tazuna. Oh well, now since you're tired out, I'll let my men kill you."

Thousands of men, armed with weapons then appeared behind the short man.

The man then walking over to Haku's body kicked it, spat on it and said Little bitch that s what you get for breaking my arm. The boy seeing this, snarled and said "You sniveling piece of crap."

His sensei was about to stop him, when he noticed something red leaking from the boy s eyes. He asked "Naruto what s wrong with your eyes?"

Naruto wondering what his sensei was talking about, reached his hand to his face. Moving his hand away, he felt his eyes widen spotting the blood on his hand.

He was wondering what was happening when he heard a deep, demonic, ancient and powerful voice say "It seems as it s finally time!"

Naruto looking around wondered who said this, and asked "Time for what?"

The voice with happiness in it's voice answered "It s time for your ascension Imumoto-chan. Ha Hah Ha He!"

Naruto s eyes widened wondering just who the hell the voice was calling little sister, who the voice was, and ascending to what.

He then feeling a burning sensation spread throughout his body, let out a loud scream of pain, almost like a screech of agony. He dropping to his knees grabbed the side of his head. He heard his sensei shout his name, but couldn t respond.

Thick purple chakra then started pouring from his body. The chakra was also very powerful, as it made the mist vanish, started churning the waters around said bridge and caused a giant storm cloud to appear over said bridge. The chakra was so thick, that all visibility of Naruto was lost.

This chakra saturated the area for about five minutes, when the chakra tripled in height and width. It was now hanging over the rails of the bridge, hell it was even seeping into the water under the bridge. It was also as tall as a skyscraper. Kakashi had to take several steps back to keep from being crushed by the chakra. He had no idea where all of this chakra was coming from, but he was praying to Kami that Naruto was alright.

The chakra then suddenly burst, making a large powerful purple wave that swept over everything.

Smoke could be seen where Naruto had just been standing, so nothing could be seen. The smoke started to clear, and Kakashi could make out the shape of a female.

The smoke fully cleared and everyone on the bridge found a heavy blush on their face.

Standing there in a crater was a woman whose looks simply defied reality, and defined beauty. She was at 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She had long flowing sky blue hair, that seemed to move like fire. Said hair also framed her lovely heart shaped face. Her eyes were glowing silver orbs, the power was literally overflowing in her eyes. She had a pair of plump kissable lips, that at the moment were drawn into a thin line. Her eyebrows were prim and proper, showing that she obviously had nobility in her blood. The rest of her face was flawless, not even a mole could be seen on her face. She had a lean neck, that looked to be very strong. This neck lead to her breast, which were 32 triple d-cups. From there a 12 pack of abs could be seen on her stomach. She had a cute waist, that lead to wide hips, plump thighs, and a nice little rump. The strange thing was the thick tail swaying behind her. The tail looked like the fusion of a shark s, ape s and tiger s tail. It was furry, yet had fins and stripes. The woman was dressed in a black tank top, and a pair of torn red jeans. They were torn at the knees, and her gorgeous knees were visible. She also had a red jacket on her shoulders, that was slightly wrapped around her body. What made Kakashi s eyes widened was the symbol on the right sleeve and back of the jacket. It looked like three clans symbols fused together. The top half was a red top part of a fan. In the middle of that was what looked like a slit, that had a bar in the middle of it. This slit went far to the side, were on each side a thick curved line almost looking like a horn, could be seen along with a smaller version of said line. Then the lower half of the fan appeared this being white. At the very bottom of the fan was a circle with a thick line going through the middle that connected to a curved line in the middle of it, that had two thick lines on it connecting to the first line. From the first line another thick line went down, connecting to the circle.

The woman didn t even say a word. She simply glared at Gato. She then lifted up her left hand and fired off a purple beam. This beam connecting with Gato s little army, wiped them out.

She lowering her arm glared at Gato even more and said "This is your one and only chance to get the hell out of here. Leave and never come back."

Gato with fear clear in his eyes said "You little whore! Just for doing that I m going to let the rest of my men have a few turns with you before I kill you." She shaking her head whispered "You fool."

She then vanished, and appeared in front of the shocked Zabuza. She placing her open palm on his stomach said "Ki release; Burning Kamehameha!"

From her palm a huge beam of blue energy tore through Zabuza, and blasted well into the ocean.

In the distance an explosion could be heard. She removing her hand, revealed the still smoking hole in Zabuza s body.

She then grabbing his sword, shook her head as the man fell flat on the bridge. She lifting the Kubikiribocho onto her right shoulder set her eyes on the downright terrified Gato.

She then vanished again, and appeared behind the man, and with a heavy swing of the sword sent a huge wave of purple chakra into the mist.

A loud explosion was then heard, and felt. She then turning to Gato, vanished again.

Gato was then thrown high into the air. She appearing below him cupped both of her hands together and said "It's over for you now. Big Bang Kamehameha!"

She then blasted the man with a powerful beam of orange energy. Gato s screams could be heard miles away.

She then standing up, turned to the body of Haku. Closing her eyes she went through a few handsigns that ended with the snake seal.

She then cried out "Mokuton; Burial Tree of the Ancients!"

Kakashi s jaw hit the floor, when a large tree burst from the bridge and not only swallowed Haku s body, but grew to the height of the average home.

The woman then walking to the tree, placed her hand on the trunk and said "Rest easy Haku-chan."

Nothing happened for a while. Kakashi gulping, slowly and gingerly walked over to the woman, and asked "Naruto?"

His answer was the sound of soft snoring. Hearing this he sweat dropped.

He then winced hearing a shrill shriek of "SASUKE-KUN!"

Turning his head, he sighed in relief spotting his other student trying and failing to push off his pink haired fan-girl student.

Just then little Inari and the rest of the villagers appeared armed with weapons. Kakashi shaking his head gently wrapped one of the woman's arms around him, and made his way to Tazuna's home.