Yo it's TTJOD here with the 3rd chapter of Senju Uchiha Yamanaka Naruko. This chapter is a little graphic, but at the same time gives you some comedic release. Mibiki is basically a sleeper cell super Android that obeys, serves and protects Naruko. By the way I plan on having Sakura her pregnant with Mibiki's child. Triplets.

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Chapter 3

Naruko was now very pissed off. Why because Sakura and her mother were trying to get out of their punishment. Sakura had tried to bully her way out, while Mibiki had tried to bribe her way out. She had declined the bribe, and smacked the taste out of Sakura's mouth. So here she was sitting in her room at the brand new Senju compound waiting for her two slaves to was also ignoring the multiple oinks from Ton-Ton and the soft nuzzling of Hikari. She was about to send some of her new army to bring her two slaves here, when her bedroom door opened and both women appeared with their new tattoos and new outfits on. Naruko giggled spotting Sakura in a very tiny maid's outfit. She even had the little feather duster in her right hand. Mibiki herself was dressed in a sleeveless black low cut shirt, and a black skirt. The difference between the two besides their bodies and age, was that Mibiki had a mask over the lower half of her face while Sakura had a small red ball in her mouth.

Naruko smiling said "Good that you two are here. I thought I was gonna have to send my new forces after you. Now then Sakura get to putting my things away. Mibiki come with me." She then picking up Hikari, walked out of the room, not before saying "Sakura my two guards hidden in the room will be watching you and if you do anything besides put my things away they will alert me. Oh and Ton-Ton's in charge." She then walked out of the room. She leading Mibiki outside, walked towards a tree and pressed her hand against it. The tree then made a whooshing sound and open up to reveal a tunnel. She walking down the tunnel, flicked a switch on the wall. This activated lights, that lead deeper into the tunnel. She reaching the bottom of the tunnel, smiled finding her new and vast lab. She walking over to a door, opened it up and said "In here, and strip down to your bra and panties." Mibiki nodding obediently entered the room, and felt her blood run cold spotting the many, many tools in the room. She gulping did as her mistress ordered.

Naruko then coming into the room, was dressed in a white lab coat, white gloves, and had a chart in her hands. Hikari the bunny, who was no longer a bunny but an exact duplicate of Haku beside her also dressed in scrubs. Naruko smiling said "Lay flat on the table." Mibiki doing so blinked when metal straps appeared and attached to her wrist and ankles. Naruko smiling at this said "Haku-chan turn on the computer and the camera." Haku nodding said "Yes Naruko-hime." A large desktop computer was then turned on, along with a camera. Naruko walking toward the computer said "Haku prep our test subject." Haku nodding once again walked over to Mibiki and finished undressing the woman. Well more like she ripped off the panties and the bra. This revealed Mibiki's completely clean shaven pussy, and large slightly sagging breast. Haku then said "Subject is prepped." Naruko hearing this smiled and got up from the computer. She dragging all of the tools around the wide eyed Mibiki said "Good. Now we can see if we can transform the test subject into an android, and alter her body." She then turning on a power saw said "First we will cut open the chest cavity." Haku seeing this asked "Are we going to numb her pain Naruko-hime, and are we worried about her passing on." Naruko giggling said "She can't die Haku-chan I own her soul. As for numbing the pain, she's a test subject it doesn't matter if it hurts or not." The saw was then tearing into Mibiki's chest causing the woman to scream in pure agony. Naruko ignoring her muffled screams said "One small step for mankind, a giant leap for my curiosity."

An hour later and Naruko was now covered in Mibiki's blood, along with Haku who was tossing away the sixth pair of gloves she had worn. Naruko writing something down on the chart said "Let's see her heart has been injected with pure electricity along with tiny metals shards. Her lungs have been equipped with water tanks, oxygen tanks and a super heater. Her right arm has been equipped with a plasma blade that Mom donated to us. Her left arm has been equipped with a chakra absorbing device, and her fingers have been turned into drills, keys, wires, cameras, hooks, knives, guns, needles, and a dildo. Both of her breast have been replaced with rockets with her nipples capable of shooting bullets of chakra. Her stomach has been turned into solid steel. Her legs have been enhanced with gyroids and springs. Her feet have been equipped with high powered wind tunnels. Her throat is now equipped with a fully loaded plasma cannon. Her right eye is now connected to the satellites of old. Her left eye on the other hand is a cybernetic duplicate of the legendary Rinnegan. We took her clit and transformed it into a metallic penis, still capable of impregnating a female. We have also installed anti-rape equipment into her vagina. A bear trap will go off if someone tries to rape her. Lastly I have given her a command code that will transform her from a humble slave into a ruthless killing machine designed to protect and serve her mistress."

Haku walking over to Naruko asked "So was the experiment a success?" Naruko smirking said "There's only one way to find out Haku-chan." She pressing a red button watched as the straps vanished and Mibiki slowly sat up. Naruko smiling said "Sasuke-teme sucks tomatoes." Mibiki instantly snapped up and asked "What is it that I may help you with mistress?" Naruko smiling said "Haruno Sakura did not put my things away. You are to go punish her by raping her both vaginally and anally. You are to release inside of her, and make her wish that she was dead. You are not to stop until I tell you to, and make sure she knows that this is to be her punishment if and when she disobeys an order from me." Mibiki nodding said "It will be done mistress." Naruko smiled when a 13 inch metallic penis grew where Mibiki's clit was supposed to be. Mibiki then walked out to the lab into the secret passageway leading to Naruko's bedroom. Naruko giggling walked over to a TV and said "It's show time."

The screen turning on revealed Sakura with her maid skirt pulled up pissing on one of Naruko's brand new dresses. The girl had an arrogant smirk on her face. Ton-Ton was locked in the bathroom, trying to break out. Just then Mibiki appeared. Mibiki without a second's hesitation grabbed Sakura by her long hair, and forced her down on the bed. Mibiki with her other hand, grabbed her penis and slammed it hard into Sakura's virgin pussy. Sakura screamed in pure pain as her hymen was broken. Mibiki not waiting a second pulled almost all the way out and slammed hard back into Sakura. Naruko watching as Mibiki fucked her own daughter, pulled her pants down, revealing her soaked panties. She was about to stick a finger into her pussy, when she felt Haku's hands on her thighs. Looking down she blushed spotting the hungry look in Haku's eyes. Haku licking her lips said "Allow me Naruko-hime." Naruko spreading her legs moaned when Haku's warm and wet tongue was inserted into her folds. Leaning her head back she let her hand move through Haku's back hair. She feeling her hand touch Haku's brand new bunny ears, smiled as Haku was only half human. Her base form was Hikari the rabbit. So far she had three forms, panther, rabbit, and rabbit-girl hybrid. Naruko feeling her orgasm hit, closed her thighs trapping Haku in between her legs. She feeling her core spraying juices on Haku's face, moaned deeply just as Mibiki cam inside of Sakura for the first time.

Naruko opening her legs again, let Haku out from between her legs. She smiling said "Haku-chan stand up." Haku blushing stood up revealing her long pale legs and rabbit like feet. Naruko giggling put her hands on Haku's thighs and spread Haku's legs. This revealed Haku's cute dripping slit. Naruko moving her head close to it, took a deep whiff loving how her little rabbit smelled like vanilla and cherries. She gaining an evil smirk on her face took a long slow lick causing Haku to both moan and squirm. Giggling as Haku tasted just as she smelled and at how sensitive her little rabbit was. Once again that evil smirk appeared on her face, as her silver eyes taking on this predator like look. Haku spotting this look blushed wondering why her love had that look in her eyes. She got her answers seconds later when she found herself pinned to the wall with her legs spread. Naruko face to face with Haku's core plunger her tongue deep into Haku, making the rabbit-girl scream out in pleasure. Naruko giggling started to eat her little rabbit out until Haku screamed out in orgasmic bliss. Naruko withdrawing her tongue smirked at the pleased look on Haku's face and said "Haku-chan you taste like a cotton candy dream."

Haku panting said "I'm glad you enjoyed my taste Naruko-sama." Naruko standing up said "We're not done yet Haku-chan." She getting on the still blood soaked table, spread her legs and said "Show me your extra appendage, and let's see how large my precious little bunny is." Haku blushing moved her hand to her clit, and played with it for a few seconds. She groaned when her clit transformed into a nine inch pink dick. It was dripping with pre-cum and was at least 3 inches wide. Naruko smiling said "Oh my. You're mighty large Haku-chan. Come take the virginity of your one true love." Haku stumbling over to Naruko lined herself up with Naruko who had a lovely smile on her face. Naruko reaching up to Haku's head said "Come on." She then forced Haku inside of herself. She biting her lip kept Haku still. Haku of course had no problem with this as she was still trying to recover from her orgasm. Naruko once used to Haku, started to slowly push her hips against Haku. Haku feeling Naruko, moaned and said "Oh mistress." Naruko smiling used her power to flip the two of them over and was soon riding on top of Haku.

An hour later Naruko and the transformed back Hikari walked into her room to find Sakura in the corner bawling her eyes out. Mibiki was looking herself over in the mirror liking the many upgrades Naruko had given her. Naruko ignoring this walked out of her room and was heading towards the kitchen when she heard Shizune say "Maybe a slug summon with a note. No to creepy. A chocolate heart with the question engraved into it. No too romantic." Naruko rolling her eyes said "Shizune-nee, just ask him out. The worse you can do is creep him out regularly." Shizune nodding said "Yes that is what I'll do." Naruko rolling her eyes said "Hikari sisters are weird." Hikari simply moved her whiskers. Naruko then walking by Tsunade's room, gained wide eyes hearing Tsunade and Satsuki giggling. Her face turned green hearing Satsuki say "Oh Tsunade-chan you know just how to make a goddess feel loved." Naruko quickly got the hell out of there before her ears heard something else she didn't want to hear.

Reaching the kitchen she blinked spotting Ton-Ton eating from a bowl. She giggling set Hikari down and said "Ton-Ton share your food with Hikari-chan. I'm going to fix me something to eat and head to bed." Ton-Ton glaring at Hikari moved over to share his food. Hikari glaring back at Ton-Ton went right to eating. Naruko fixing herself a snack, started thinking about her wedding with Ino tomorrow. She imagined that Ino was going to be the bride, and she was going to be the groom. She had to fight not scowling picturing herself in an yellow dress as Ino was a diva. Sighing she walked over to both of her pets and picked them up. She teleporting to her room, laid down with her pets and said "I love my new family. Tomorrow I get married and Ino becomes the head of her clan." She closing her eyes said "Goodnight Ton-Ton, Hikari." Both of her pets snuggling into her laid their heads down and was soon sleeping. Satsuki in a robe peeking in through the door smiled and said "I'm so proud of you baby. Capable of taking on anything life throws at you with a smile on your face." She then gaining a perverted smirk said "Who knows with the way me and Tsunade-chan are reconnecting, you may have a new little sibling in a while." She then giggled and teleported to her room. Naruko cracking open an eye said "Okay I so didn't wanna hear that." She then closed her other eye and was sleeping peacefully.

The next day Naruko glared at the stupid frilly yellow and pink dress she was forced to wear by Ino. She was shocked when the girl let her be the bride. So here she was in this fancy dress trying not to sweet. She hearing snickering turned around and glared at Kakashi who was wearing a simple black suit. She scowling said "One day when you and Shizune are getting married I'm going to be the one laughing as you try not to sweat." Kakashi eye smiling at her said "You forget little sister I'm a man and will not have to wear a dress." Naruko smirking said "You're a man right now. Who knows what the future holds. One day your little sister might decided to find out what you look like as a woman. She might transform you and make Shizune the man." Kakashi blanched at this and begged "Please don't do that. I promise to be a good boy." Naruko snorting said "Of course you will." She then blinked as the door opened up and in walked a crying Tsunade. Naruko sweat dropped and said "Mom I'm just getting married. It's not like I'm fighting an S-rank missing ninja or nothing." Tsunade wiping her face said "Satsuki implanted her feelings into me, as she didn't want to cry like a little girl in front of so many people." Naruko blinked and asked "So she's making you cry like the crazy mother, while she is out there smiling at people." Tsunade wiping her eyes said "Yes." Naruko sweat dropped and said "At least Ton-Ton and Hikari aren't fighting right now." Suddenly the ground shook from a loud explosion and someone could be heard screaming "DID THAT PIG JUST FIRE A BEAM OUT OF IT'S MOUTH?" Naruko letting her sweat drop grow said "I spoke too soon." She turning to Kakashi said "Go stop them from fighting before they destroy something important." Kakashi nodding went to go do so. She then turning around looked herself over in the mirror and said "I'm too young to be getting married."