To the best of my knowledge, this is the first Stargate/RWBY crossover posted. This is set during Season 7 of SG-1 and post-Breach. It's more polished than the initial version that I posted in the discussion thread, but it's still not perfect.

I'm not actually sure about the plot past the meeting of two worlds. Right now I'm planning this as a relatively short fic, perhaps 10 chapters, to be followed by a sequel about the Remnant Stargate Program. That's not to say I don't have a plot in mind, but it's very vague and subject to change.

I'm rather busy with other fics so updates will be very sporadic. Please leave feedback; I want to see what people think.

The Forbidden World

1: Arrival

"Hmm... have we ever seen a red forest before?" Colonel Jack O'Neill asked immediately after stepping through the Stargate. He surveyed the area around him.

The first thing he had noticed was the bright red forest surrounding them. The trees had leaves a deep crimson, and they covered the forest floor. Directly ahead of the Stargate was a collection of stone ruins, probably Ancient or Goa'uld- it was more Daniel's thing. Though the MALP had already checked it before they came through, he visually confirmed that the DHD, or Dial Home Device, was present. Without it, they would have no way back.

The robotic probe in question was parked ahead and slightly to the right. Behind him, the other three members of SG-1 emerged from the water-like event horizon of the large stone ring. Once they were through, it automatically shut down, the "puddle" disappearing and the radial lights on the interstellar wormhole device going out.

"Carter?" he asked. "Have we ever seen a red forest before?"

"It's probably fall here, sir," Major Samantha Carter, PhD, replied. She scrunched up her face in thought. "Could be- no, the star is the same colour as ours. It's most likely a seasonal thing."

"Yeah, that makes sense," her superior agreed. Of course the seasons wouldn't always match up on the other side of the gate. He turned to one of his other teammates, the archaeologist Dr. Daniel Jackson. "So, Daniel, forbidden death world?"

"Uh, yes, the writing was quite specific about it," Daniel replied as he stepped down to examine the broken stones. "It mentioned monsters that emerged from the dark of the soul."

O'Neill cocked his head, still scanning for threats with one hand on his P90 submachine gun. You could never be too careful on an alien world. "Monsters from the id?"

"Well, I mean, the meaning obviously isn't literal," the archaeologist replied with a shrug. "They could be natural predators attracted to conflict, or even some kind of technological construct. Still, we should be careful."

The Colonel turned to the last member of his team, a tall, dark-skinned Jaffa. A gold marking on his forehead identified him as the (former) First Prime of Apophis. "Teal'c?"

"We should remain cautious, O'Neill," he replied simply. His tone could be described as confident or calm, though SG-1 could read the subtle emotions behind it. Right now, he was slightly concerned. "They may still be here."

"So, Daniel, have you found anything yet?" O'Neill asked his teammate, strolling casually to the outer perimeter of the ruins.

"Jack, we just got here, I mean-"

The Colonel cut him off, raising an eyebrow. "Well?"

"I don't know," Daniel replied, a hint of doubt in his voice. "I don't see any writing on these pillars, I mean, maybe it's just buried, and the architecture isn't really distinctive of any particular style."

"O'Neill," Teal'c interrupted. The hint of urgency in his voice hinted to the Colonel that something really bad was about to happen. He raised his staff weapon and fired, a bolt of yellow plasma erupting from the end of the weapon into the red forest.

Sure enough, only a second later, something came out of the trees. It looked vaguely like a bear, turned into the monster in a horror movie. Off-white, bony plates covered its face, framing glowing red eyes. Similar bony protrusions formed spikes on its back and claws on its paws. It bared its teeth and charged.

"What the hell is that?" O'Neill shouted, his gun up and firing before he had finished his sentence. His two human teammates opened fire a split second later, pouring a mixture of small-calibre rounds into the creature.

The monster had decided on Teal'c as its first prey. He was barely able to dodge the beast's strike, rolling behind what was once a pillar. He ran from the creature, firing his staff weapon as it destroyed the stone he had been behind only seconds before. This time, he landed a hit, which stumbled but did not stop the creature.

"Damn it!" The Colonel knew his options were limited and quickly evaluated them as he reloaded. Their weapons seemed to be ineffective. They had grenades and C4, but couldn't use them in the confined space. They couldn't dial out, at least not with the creature between them and the DHD. Outrunning it was an unknown, but maybe it would buy them some time. "Fall back!"

Teal'c squeezed off another shot at the creature before following his team leader toward the other side of the gate. This hit landed, and monster stumbled and slowed down, crashing toward them and wrecking the stones littered around the gate.

Suddenly, there was a high-pitched yell followed by a pair of gunshots and a red blur appearing in front of the monster. The blur spun and with what sounded like another gunshot, beheaded the monster. The red blur stopped, turning into a cloud of red petals that quickly settled to the ground.

A teenaged girl stood beside the monster's corpse. She had black hair with red highlights, silver eyes, and a black and red sleeved dress paired with a pair of sturdy-looking combat boots. The most striking thing about her, however, was the enormous red scythe in her hands, almost twice as tall as she was.

The girl blinked, scanning the strangers. "Umm... hi. I'm Ruby."

Is that a fucking scythe? O'Neill almost asked, but instead forced himself to remain professional. After all, she was the first local they'd seen, she seemed capable, and they had no idea what this planet had in store. "I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill, this is Major Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c."

"Oh, you're military!" Ruby said excitedly, toying with her scythe. "Which army are you from? Vale? Vacuo? Mistral? Oh, I know, Atlas!"

O'Neill guessed those were the dominant states on this world. He filed that tidbit away in his loosely organized, but effective, mind. "Actually, we're not from this planet at all. We came through that ring there." He motioned toward it for emphasis.

The girl's eyes lit up. "Ooh! You're aliens? You're really from another planet?"

"Yeah, it's actually surprisingly-"

"Ruby!" a shrill voiced screeched, before a girl slightly older, slightly shorter, and significantly angrier than Ruby stomped out of the trees. The first thing they noticed was that she was white. Her hair was snow white, flowing loosely down her back. She wore a white skirt and white wedge-heeled boots with a white bolero jacket, though the jacket was at least red on the inside. On her hip was what looked like the bastard child of a revolver and a fencing rapier.

"Weiss, look! I met aliens!" Ruby, completely nonplussed, motioned to the severely befuddled SG team with her giant scythe. Realizing it was still out, she flicked it and it folded up into a much more compact package the size of a large rifle, which she stuck on her back.

"Hi," O'Neill waved. He was still focused on the massive scythe.

The white girl looked at the girl in red. She looked at the team. She looked back to the girl in red before exploding. "So you hear gunfire, run off without telling anyone, and now you have the gall to make up a story about aliens? We came here to collect sap!"

"We're right here, you know," O'Neill pointed out. "And we actually did come through the big stone ring."

"Quiet," the white-haired girl snapped at him. At first the Colonel was surprised that the teenaged girl would treat a military officer much older than her in such a manner. Then he put it together. Elegant clothing, elegant weapon, elegant gait, one hell of a superiority complex. She was either a spoiled rich brat or actual royalty on this world.

She turned back to Ruby. "You are so immature! They're probably just lost explorers or something-"

"Weiss." Ruby cut her off softly, but firmly. "It's not safe here. We're going to meet up with Blake and Yang and then get back to Beacon as soon as possible. Ozpin will want to see them."

Was Ruby actually Weiss' superior? It sounded almost like there was a chain of command. "That thing-"

"Beowolf," Ruby told the Colonel.

Daniel scrunched up his face in confusion. Beowolf... Beowulf? In their line of work, there was no such thing as a coincidence, but that one confused him a bit.

"Right, Beowolf," O'Neill said. "Are there more of those things?"

"Well, there's not too many around here, but you probably attracted them," she told him.

"So, uh, what was that thing?" O'Neill asked. He looked back and noticed that the Beowolf- that was an odd name- was already starting to decay and fade away.

"Creatures of Grimm," the white-haired girl explained in a condescending manner. "You know, the soulless monsters that live outside the Kingdoms?"

"You think these are the monsters from the id?" the Colonel asked his teammate.

Daniel nodded. "If that's what you insist on calling them, probably."

"I don't understand how you don't already know this," the white-haired girl continued.

"Because they're aliens!" Ruby waved to the Colonel and his team. She headed back into the sparse red forest. "Come on, Colonel, it's not safe here and the headmaster's going to want to see you. We should get moving."

So they were students, too. This was getting more confusing by the minute. Hopefully they'd get some answers soon. Generally, they would, but not right away. O'Neill shrugged and motioned for his own team to follow.

"Aliens, Ruby?" he heard the white one- the Princess, he internally nicknamed her- say to the other.

"It's what they told me, Weiss," the Reaper- might as well giver her a nickname too- replied with a shrug. "We can ask more questions when it's a little safer."

Weiss... white. O'Neill wondered if colour names were a thing on this world. He also wondered something else. "Sprechen sie Deutsch, fraulein?"

The Princess halted and turned to him. "What?"

"Uh, your name," Daniel explained hastily. "It means white- the colour white- in a language called German on our world, though the pronunciation is a little different."

"It's from an old dialect of Atlesian, thank you very much," she haughtily snapped before turning around again.

That they had the same language but called it something else wasn't what surprised Daniel. He asked, "You speak German, Jack?"

"A little. Picked it up when I was stationed at Ramstein."

"Sorry, she's just like this sometimes. " the Reaper apologized for her teammate- they were almost certainly teammates, O'Neill decided. "So, uh... what's your planet called?"

He gave them the standard answer. "We come from a shining planet known as Earth."

Ruby cracked up. "Your planet is called dirt? Really?"

"Well, it's not the only name we have for it, but that's the one we use the most," Daniel replied. "The name dates back to before we had a concept of a planet; it was simply the ground beneath them. Only later did we apply that label to our planet."

"What else do you call it?" she asked, still walking at a brisk pace. For a skinny girl with a giant scythe, she could move pretty fast. The humans of this planet- at least the ones they had met- were probably superhuman.

"The only other common name we use is Terra, but other races have their own names for our planet- the Goa'uld call it Tau'ri and the Asgard call it Midgard." he explained. " What about your planet? What's it called?"

"It's called Remnant," Ruby explained. She asked, "You really came through that old stone thing? You don't have a spaceship?"

"Yep," O'Neill replied.

"Well, we do have a spaceship," Carter added. "But that's not how we travelled here. We came through the Stargate- that's what we call the stone ring. It breaks up matter and transmits it through a wormhole. There's one on our world and many others across the galaxy."


"Ruby," the Princess warned her teammate.

"You know, Carter," the Colonel whispered to his teammate. "I think this is the first time the locals just didn't believe we're from another planet."

"It's not the first, sir, but it's the first in a while," she replied.

He nodded in agreement. "Yeah, probably."

"Are you still-" a loud voice called as a tall blonde girl crashed out of the trees toward them. She stopped and narrowed her eyes at the new arrivals. "Ruby, who are these guys?"

"They're aliens," Weiss explained, putting air quotes around aliens. Another girl, shorter than the blonde with black hair and a bow on her head, emerged from the bush.

Colonel O'Neill gave them a quick once-over. The blonde wasn't much to look at. Okay, she was plenty attractive and flaunted it, but she wasn't particularly muscular or well armed- wait, scratch that. Given the odd weapons Ruby and Weiss were carrying, he wouldn't be surprised if those oddly shaped bracelets were some kind of weapon. They didn't look terribly practical, but then again, neither did the scythe.

The black-haired girl was dressed less scantily, but still flamboyantly. Unlike the blonde, who seemed to prefer brown, black, and yellow, the black-haired girl was dressed in black and white. She was armed, too, with some kind of pistol-sword that he really didn't understand. Then her bow twitched, making him wonder what was underneath-

"Sir, their eyes," Carter whispered to him. He looked again. The blonde had bright fuchsia eyes, and the black-haired girl had oddly catlike irises too yellow to be considered brown. "I don't know if they're entirely human."

"They look pretty human to me," the blonde girl observed, drawing the opposite conclusion about the visitors.

"Exactly!" Weiss agreed, exasperated. "They're probably just some sort of adventurers who got lost."

"Actually, humans make up most of the population of the galaxy," Daniel Jackson explained. "We originated on Earth, but the Goa'uld-"


"Yes, Jack?"

"Later. When we're not being hunted by the monsters from the id." He turned to the two girls. "I'm assuming you're with them."

"We're the other half of Team Ruby. I'm Yang, and this is my partner Blake," the blonde introduced, motioning to the black-haired girl. "And you are?"

"Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, Teal'c." He briefly wondered what she meant by partner. They didn't look romantically involved, so whoever they were, whatever they did, they probably did it in groups of two.

"Which military?" Blake asked. Did her bow just twitch again?

"United States Air Force," Carter replied, earning them quizzical looks.

"I said they were aliens," Ruby repeated. She was several paces ahead of the group. "Come on, it's not too far. Let's go."