He has no idea where they are going. She is really much better at surprises than he is because she can really so easily just figure everything out, if given the chance. Maybe he's just more patient than she is. Or she's nosier than he is.

The sun is in his eyes, even with his sunglasses, and the boat is moving extremely fast. He feels a little seasick after not spending all that much time on a boat. Meanwhile, his graceful fiancée seems like she's a pro at this. He makes a mental note to consider buying her a yacht. One day. Not right away.

He looks over at her, sunglasses gracing her face and hat covering her head, while she looks down at her phone. He's almost certain she can't be getting any service this far away from the main land so he has no idea what she's looking at on that thing. She has a tote bag with necessities, and her white bathing suit cover is thing enough to still show him her navy, two piece bathing suit. She looks up at him suddenly, like she knows he's been looking at her.

She smiles and leans into him. His eyebrows furrow as she lifts her phone into the air in front of their faces. She snaps a picture and looks at the screen. She quickly shakes her head. She says, "Smile, honey. This one is going on Facebook."

He pushes his arm around her shoulders and pulls her more into him. He feels her lips touch his cheek and he grins immediately. She snaps another picture and pulls the screen back in front of her face. She looks at it and smile widely, quickly flashing him the screen. He nods slowly.

"This is profile picture material," she tells him. He shrugs, not really understanding what that means. He shakes his head as she lifts her legs and drapes them across his lap. "I'm posting it as soon as we get back to the hotel."

"Where exactly are we going?" He finally asks. He's growing impatient and begins to squirm beneath her. He lifts his hands to her legs and rests them there. She smirks and shakes her head.

"We're almost there," she replies. She locks her phone and buries it into her tote bag with the rest of the items she brought. He feels her fingers clasp the front of his light blue t-shirt and tug him towards her. He quirks an eyebrow in amusement but follows her lead anyway, planting a kiss on her lips. "Just trust me, okay? This is a once in a lifetime experience."

"I do trust you," he says.

He looks at the front of the boat then and sees land in the distance. Her fingers slide down his front and brushes over his thigh as she turns away from him to grab her stuff. He watches as she slides her feet back into her flip flops. Just a few minutes pass before the boat begins to slow over the crystal blue waters. The wave of nausea passes through him again but he grits through it.

She took about 50 pictures of him with the dolphins. He' washalfway to tying her count when he dropped his phone into the ocean. He's grumpy because he had that one picture of her naked on his phone that isn't backed up anywhere, and now it's probably gone forever. She'd told him it was his one and only so he better make sure nothing happens to it.

With his phone now a paperweight, buried deep in her bag, he doesn't have anything else to connect him to the outside world other than her. Not to mention, this will be the second time he's had to replace his phone in the last two months. This time was an accident, but it's even more frustrating than the last time. He also scared off a dolphin when he pouted loudly.

Even though he lost his phone and everything on it, this birthday is still shaping up to be better than any of his previous ones. She was right about the once in a lifetime experience, swimming with dolphins and about a million pictures of the two of them together. When she said to put on sunscreen, he listened. He can be hardheaded, but he usually learns after the first time.

His swimming suit was dry by the time they got off of the boat, but he hasn't changed out of it yet. The salt from the ocean is still sticking to his skin. He's laying back on the mattress, trying to gather his strength back up. Swimming against the natural currents of the ocean wore him out, plus the sun. Although the heat here isn't too bad.

He shifts his gaze, tilting his head upward so he can look at her upside down. She's laying on her stomach across the bed, legs bent beneath her and feet in the air. She has her phone in one hand, finger periodically tapping against the screen with the other. A soft smile graces her mouth, while her sunglasses casually slips from her hair to her forehead. She is quite possibly the most adorable human being to ever exist.

"Look at this," she says.

She holds her phone over his face and for a moment he is terrified. All he can picture is her accidentally dropping the device directly onto his face. He holds his breath and lifts his hands to take the phone from her. He sharpens his gaze as he peers at the screen. He slowly realizes that he's looking at her Facebook page, pictures from their trip spread all across the small screen.

He taps on the square picture. It becomes larger on the screen, showing him the one they'd taken on the boat before they even got to the island. He hasn't shaved since they arrived and his beard is growing in thick. He wonders if it bothers her. He scrolls through her pictures, past profile pictures popping up. He hears a grumble fall out of his mouth in protest of her with some guy.

He looks over at her sharply when he hears her laughing. He says, "What?"

"Nothing," she replies with a shake of her head, "You just decided to look through my pictures."

"There's this guy," he admits.

"That guy is my brother," she says.

"I've met your brother," he says.

"Funny thing," she says with a smirk, "I have two brothers. I also have two sisters. Your first holiday at the Paulsen's is going to be fun."

"Kill me now," he mutters. He returns his gaze to the screen and keeps swiping, only stopping when he lands on the picture of her with him and Jessica and Louis. He smiles and closes her phone, rolling over onto his stomach and handing it back to her. "You had a picture of me."

"I have lots of pictures of you," she corrects, waving her phone. He rolls his eyes playfully. She drops the phone onto the bed and pushes it away from her. "But I don't think I want to put those on the internet."

He remembers that one picture again and he pouts at the loss of it. Maybe when they get back home, he can have Benjamin try to recover everything in his phone. He looks over at her and gives her a slight smile.

"You're upset about your phone," she says.

"I'm upset about what's on the phone," he corrects.

She scoots towards him and rests her forehead against his. He feels her lips against his cheekbone, her gentle touch landing on his back, and he feels reassured by the movement. She pulls back then, hand slipping beneath his hip and urging him to roll back onto his back. She moves over him, straddling his waist and letting her hands settle against his chest. Her bathing suit outline is more prominent through her cover up with her hovering above him, the sliver of sunlight left highlighting her just right.

"You get to see the real thing anyway," she reminds him. He furrows his eyebrows, confused. He didn't know that she even remembered. She adds, "Which is way better."

"You're right," he agrees.

"But, maybe Benjamin can recover the images when we get back," she says.

"You'd let Benjamin see that picture?" He teases.

"It isn't like he'd enjoy it," she reminds him.

"Right," he says. He suddenly remembers that Jonathan and Benjamin were hitting it off at the engagement party, if he remembers correctly. He had been a bit preoccupied that night. "Are he and Jonathan...?"

"Dating?" She finishes with a laugh. She shakes her head, her thumbs digging into his ribs. Her fingers spread out at his sides, the thin material of his t-shirt still too much to feel her touch. She says, "No. Jonathan isn't really the dating type. He likes to play the field."

"He hates me," he replies.

"Jonathan doesn't hate you. He just doesn't know you. People just have to know you to love you," she says, "What do you say we all get together for dinner so they can get to know you?"

"Anything for you," he says with a smile.

She nods, a shy smile stretching into the corners of her mouth. He sits upright and pushes a hand into her hair, the locks still damp and slightly unruly given the nature of the sea. He kisses her softly, briefly, because she's playfully stamping her palms against his chest.

"I'm gonna take a shower," she says, "Maybe you could join me, conserve water."

He nods quickly in agreement.

He feels a groan tumble out of his lips as the bed shifts, rousing him awake. He feels her hot breath against his chest as she rolls over to face him. Her hands push against his skin, one hand working around to his back as she slips her hand between his arm and his side. She kisses his chest softly.

"I'm sorry, baby," she mutters against his collar bone. She lifts her head and lightly kisses the corner of his mouth. He peels his eyes open to look at her. He doesn't say anything in response, just slips his fingers to the small of her back and pulls her closer. "I didn't mean to wake you up."

"It's okay," he mumbles.

"Go back to sleep," she replies, slipping her foot between his calves.

He's tired, but now he just wants to lay in bed with her and think about the feeling of her in his arms. Her nails etch gently into his back, and he shudders. The unintentional movement turns him on a bit, prompts him to press his hips against hers. He offers her a half smile to tell her that he can't help it. She just shakes her head.

"Is everything okay?" He asks.

"Yeah," she says, "I was just thinking about you, us."

"Like what?" He asks.

"You're not going to like it," she admits. He sighs then, not really sure what she's getting at. Despite her awkward announcement, he tightens his embrace around her. He silently encourages her to tell him what's on her mind by pulling his hand from her back into the space between them to run it through her hair. "You don't really know my history and I don't want you to think I'm keeping something from you. I keep telling you not to worry about it, but I know you do."

He swallows a lump in his throat and slowly nods his head. He says, "I know I wasn't your first."

He hears a chortle escape her, her hand colliding with his chest. He follows the lead of the impact and leans back, his lips tugging up only in the slightest. She says, "I'm trying to be serious."

"Okay," he finally says, "Let's get into it. Lay it all out for me."

"There are some rules you have to follow when I tell you," she replies.

His eyebrows furrow and he says, "I can't agree to that."

"Come on, they're easy," she says, "You have to let me finish and you can't get mad."

He worries at the inside of his cheek for a moment before he finally nods his head. He watches her expel a breath like she's bracing herself for the aftermath of this conversation. He feels her fingers tap against his rib cage like she's tracing an outline of his bones.

"I've never been engaged or even lived with a man, but I've had two or three boyfriends meet my family," she admits. He laughs, fully rolling over onto his back. She follows him, edging her leg over his thighs. "One guy hated you."


"Because he was jealous of you. He was jealous that you made me laugh, made me angry, you were under my skin more than he could ever be and he knew it," she clarifies, "He's the one Louis was talking about that one time. He wanted me to quit my job, to get away from you, because he could just tell all you had to do was say you wanted to be with me and I would drop everything."

"I did want to," he tells her, "I was just scared."

She pushes her leg over him and straddles his waist. He feels her fingers spread over his stomach and slide up his torso. She leans down, her forehead close to his.

"I was scared, too," she replies, "My heart never fully committed to anyone because in the back of my mind I had hoped that one day we would be together."

"We were inevitable," he reminds her with a smirk.

She kisses him softly on the mouth. His lips part beneath hers. His hands come up her back, palms pressing there, until he delves one of his hands into her hair. He deepens the kiss, tongue flitting against her lip until she parts her lips in response. He feels her hand press against his chest again and a resistance against his hand.

"Wait," she mutters. He looks at her, confused. Her hands flatten against his chest. His eyes trail down the length of her. She definitely isn't making this very easy, given that they're both practically naked and she's on top of him. He swallows. She says, "I didn't even tell you anything."

"I don't really have to know," he says, "I'm in love with you and I believe that you're in love with me."

"I am in love with you. I've always been in love with you," she replies. He slides his fingers down her spine and lets his hands rest at her hips.

"I know you've broken a lot of hearts," he says, "Just don't break mine."

"I have not broken that many hearts," she replies. He watches her face pucker with annoyance, like he's just accused her of something. Her lips jut out like she's pondering what he said. She adds, "Do you not know by now that I would do anything for you?"

"Yes, of course," he says, "Let's just drop it, okay? I shouldn't have been concerned about some guy on your Facebook. I just don't want to lose you."

"You're the love of my life, and you're never going to lose me," she says. She lifts her left hand and wiggles her fingers. He grins in response. "And this little beauty means we're going to spend the rest of our lives together."

"Damn," he mutters, wrapping his arm around her waist and flipping them over. He settles between her thighs. Her hands squeeze at his biceps. "How did I get so lucky?"

"That's a very good question, Mister," she mutters.

He feels her hand slide over his arm until she cups his face. He closes the space between them and he gently places his lips on hers. He's really lucky she ever gave him another chance.

"I don't want to go home tomorrow," she says with a pout.

He looks over at her from his spot on the bed. She's wearing a red, two piece bathing suit and nothing else just yet. They're spending their last day in the Bahamas at the beach but every time he sees her in that bathing suit he really doesn't care about leaving the hotel room.

He sits upright and reaches for her hand as she passes. He tugs her towards him, parting his knees so he can catch her between them. Her hands land on his shoulders, a sad smile on her face. He wraps his arms around her, his hands settling on the curve of her ass.

"Reality will be good for us," he says with a shrug, "And you can show off that ring of yours."

"I've already set up interviews with all of the local news sources to let everyone know that you're off the market," she replies with a smug look, "I just feel like we've kind of been making up for lost time this week, and maybe things will be different when we leave our bubble."

"I don't know about you," he starts, "But I don't plan on changing my mind when we get home. I'll still want to marry you."

"Are you still going to move in with me?" She asks.

"We've kept the arguing to a minimum," he says.

She grins, her knees knocking against his. She says, "That's because we were too busy having sex to argue."

"We can argue later," he replies, "After I move in with you. And we can have sex after."

"You and me in my little apartment," she muses.

"Temporarily," he corrects.

"Of course," she says cheekily. He watches her lips for a moment as she considers the matter at hand. They twist coyly, her fingers traipsing their way into his hair. "Spending weekends marathoning The Good Wife."

"Star Trek," he corrects. She shakes her head gently. He knows she will win. She will get to watch The Good Wife and he'll get to distract her. He has, after all, spent the week better learning how to initiate sex. He's also learned that she's quite receptive and as insatiable as he is. "And we'll go to baseball games."

"Broadway," she says, "I'll wear a fancy dress and you'll wear a tux."

"Baseball," he corrects, tugging her more into his arms, "You'll wear whatever you want and we'll drink beer, kiss on the kiss cam."

"They do have those uniforms that show off all of the goods," she absently agrees. He smirks triumphantly. She leans down to kiss him then, her lips soft and warm and inviting. He loves her oh so much.