Semper Fi

Alright, we all know I didn't write a lot for the past year (that's a euphemism) and I'm probably more pissed than you about it. Heck, you might even have forgotten this story existed, or most of what happens in it. I know I do, that's why I started reading it again from the beginning... and stopped somewhere in the middle of the first chapter. This story needs a serious rewriting work, and that's what I'm gonna do this summer.

I've wanted to do that for a few months actually, ever since I asked a competent betareader to correct the text. You didn't see anything change? That's normal, I never uploaded the corrected version. It's been sitting in my Google Drive since December, waiting for me to go through it again.
I didn't do that because of many factors, the first one being I just have no energy whatsoever in winter and I'd go to bed right after work if I could during those cold months (bonus point for living in Switzerland and having 220% more cold months than anybody else it seems).
The second factor has been my roommate, who's been a dick since December. I've been on edge because of her since the end of fall, the situation is still not resolved but at least now I'm ready to move out if necessary.
Third factor was my glorified and very expensive typewriter, aka my Surface Book, which basically made everything more complicated and infuriating since March (thank you Microsoft for your useless Anniversary update of Windows 10). I'll spare you the details (all of that can be found on my tumblr if you want to read me rant about life in general by the way) but I literally just got it back in running order today, hours before I typed this announcement. It's been really frustrating.
Fourth reason: Mass Effect Andromeda. I don't know for you guys but this game was a big disappointment for me (I took days off to play it over a long weekend, urh). I thought it'd give me the kick in the butt to go back to Mass Effect but it didn't. Big let down.
Fifth reason: I slowly but surely drifted away from the fandom despite my love for Mass Effect (plus everybody is now talking about MEA and I don't care for MEA, honestly) (so does BioWare too apparently, ah ah...) (yes my humor sucks, so what?). It's hard to get back on that ride. I started a new playthrough but I had forgotten ME1 was so ugly. That killed my enthusiast a little. (And I recently bought the new Zelda so it might be a while before I go back to ME).

Anyway, while I'm at it, I'm going to change a few things that may or may not impact the story as you know it. A lot of time has passed for me, as a writer. I've developed new headcanons, I read a lot of awesome hard sci-fi, I learned a lot of cool new scientific stuff, etc, and I'd like to enrich Semper Fi with all of that. So some minor stuff will change. Some major stuff too, because I don't like how certain things have been developed, how certain characters are basically never exploited correctly (or at all). Because of that, I'll write new chapters and interludes, I'll change how some characters are presented and used. I know this might be really annoying for you guys because things will change, but, since it's been a long time, maybe it's the occasion to read Semper Fi again? I'm honestly counting on that to give you an improved story with better development, better characters and a better universe.

Also, I really need this second draft to be interested again in my own story. Like I said, it's been a long time, I too have found new interests and ideas. I don't want to leave Semper Fi half finished or just to give you a vague summary of how it's supposed to end. I am determined to finish this story, but for that I have to go back to the beginning and rewrite a few things. Not everything, Jesus fucking Christ no, but the story need this and I need this.

I'll try to keep track of what has been modified on the tumblr dedicated to Semper Fi (I might forget, honestly, but I'll try).

Thank you for your patience.