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A boy around the age of twelve blinks at a book titled 'For Go Beginners', his curiosity spike when he started flipping the pages of the instruction book.

A grin slowly spreads across the child's face and his eyes seem to sparkle at the strategies laid out neatly on each page.

Oh, how he loves games.

The boy had been playing different types of games, online games, board games, sports, even taking up different martial arts to observe how he can put those moves in ways that would allow him to put others in place whenever they took his fragile looks as someone easy to bully.

He chuckled at the memories flashing in his mind while staring at the book in his hands with half lidded eyes. As expected, those moves have strategically placed him on the throne of 'someone-not-to-pissed-after-Hibari' and one of the most popular boys (and yet somehow isolated) in the school.

But the ones that held his attention the longest are strategy games.

Chess, Shogi, RTS, MOBA and more.

Tucking the book under his arm, the little boy walks straight to the machine to borrow the book.

Looks like Go would be the next game to be added to his collection.


The brunette turned to face her son, a gentle smile on her face as she sways to the music playing on the radio in the corner of the kitchen.

"Yes, Tsu-kun?"

"Can I get a Goban? And the stones? I'm learning how to play Go. Please?"

She chuckles. It was rare for her son to buy things since material stuffs rarely catch his attention.

"Sure, sure."

"Thanks, okaa-san!"

One week went passed.

One month.

One year.

Two years.

Despite what the boy thought, Go has latched on to him and ever since then, he was never left bored. When he has defeated his opponents in real life, he took onto NetGo, stirring a commotion and left everyone scrambling to find this mysterious person named 'Caelum'.

The boy yawn and his hands clasped together, stretching above his head. Slowly he pulls the blankets off him and rolled his shoulder in an attempt to ease the tension in it.

A knock on the door and a smiling face pops from behind the opened door.

"Morning, Tsu-kun. Breakfast is ready!"

His eyes crinkled slightly and warmed at the sight of his mother's happy expression. Only that he can see a mischievous upturn of her lips, leaving him to scramble for the possible reasons that it was on his mother's face.

Not to mention that he always had to deal with the problem arising from it. The last time his mother was smiling like this, he had one Ogata Seiji who managed to found his living residence through his mother when she realized that the man was looking for him because of a game on NetGo.

Tsuna has smiled politely when the man turned up to demand a game, only to trash him on the board and promptly kick him out of his house, redirecting or outright ignoring the man when he comes to visit.

Of course, not forgetting Touya Akira and Shindou Hikaru. The two childish kids that tagged along after seeing the game recreated by Ogata.

But he cannot deny that it was entertaining to see the two squabbling over moves in the game.

The brunet blinks out of his thoughts before promptly telling his mother that he is going to get ready and closing the door after the brunette went down the stairs, humming.

His gaze falls on his textbooks, softening when it fixed itself on early Japanese literature; the chirping of birds outside the ajar window flowed into the room.

The boy quirk his lips.

Maybe literature lessons would make up for the plans his mother has for him.

Reborn smooth out the wrinkle of his suit and tilt his fedora slightly, a smirk spread on his face. From the little information Iemitsu has given him, he managed to come up with an image where the heir is a scrawny boy without backbone and would be easily cowered into doing things.

Also, Iemitsu has mentioned in passing that his boy was once a bully victim, which results in the man having to rescue his son. The rest of the passage includes information about how his son would look up to him with adoration in his eyes and more, making the Arcobaleno to scoff and burn the paper into a crisp.

No matter. Even with insufficient information, he would be able to handle the boy.

After all, how much can one change over the span of four years without any motivation?

Plastering a smile on his face, he jumps onto the wall surrounding the house and sauntered into the backyard, entering the house from the open floor to ceiling windows.

Seconds passed before he finally stepped into the living-dining area, a boy sitting on the chair slipped into his view and line of thought.

With chocolate brown hair tied neatly into a ponytail that it reaches his waist, healthy tan skin and eyes that seems to reflect the colour of an ethereal sunset, yellow, orange, red, all swirling and filling up those warm orbs, Sawada Tsunayoshi managed to capture the attention of the world's greatest hitman, Reborn.

Only when the eyes blinked did it seems to break a spell that had made the hitman held his breath, afraid to disrupt the picturesque view of the boy enjoying his breakfast.

His lips thinned slightly in displeasure at the thought that he, the world's greatest hitman, a man with four lovers, had been entranced by the boy.

"Hello, may I help you?"

The boy was a child, but his voice was low and deep, as if he was older than he looks.

Reborn flicked his fedora upward, Leon remains still on the edge with his beady eyes fixed on the boy.

"Ara! Whose child might you be?"

The two turned their attention to the brunette bustling out from the kitchen, a plate full of food held in her hands.

"Ciaosuu, my name is Reborn. And I'm the tutor you have hired."

The boy in crisp, white uniform arched an eyebrow before giving a glance at the clock and quickly polished the food off his plate, taking another sip from his tea cup.

Slowly, the brunet stood up and cleared the table carefully, nodding a wordless greeting towards the hitman before entering the kitchen, leaving the hitman with the brunette who was just starting on her food.

Normally, the hitman would have ignored the boy and direct his attention to Nana, Iemitsu's wife, but he couldn't tear his eyes away. There was a sense of gracefulness in those simple movements and Reborn couldn't figure out how the boy has managed to acquire it.


The man-turned-child pulls himself away from those thoughts and focused on the woman, jumping onto the table.

"Thank you for coming. The reason for calling you is not because of my son's grades."

The hitman blinked in slightly confusion and curiosity. "Then why?"

A worried glint enters her eyes. "My son has no friends. I have no idea why, but he refuses to interact with others and seems to keep to himself… I hope that you can help him to gain more friends…" She trailed off with an uncertain tone before brightening slightly when Reborn gave a nod.

"Of course, Mrs Sawada."

"Oh, thank you so much!"

Inwardly, Reborn wonders bitterly if the reason for it would be due to the bullying and isolation the boy faced.

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