In the dead of night

I'm the only one here

And I will cover you…

And the mother we share

Will never keep your proud head from falling

The way is long

but you can make it easy on me

And the mother we share

will never keep our cold hearts from calling…

Until the night falls

We're the only ones left

I bet you even know,

Where we could go

And when it all fucks up,

You put your head in my hands

It's a souvenir…

[-The Mother We Share, Chvrches]

1. Morning Wails

2:18 AM. Six week old Derrick Jameson Castle, Jamie, had been fed forty-five minutes ago. The loft had been peaceful for that time until once again the incessant wailing began. This was the part most adults didn't care for.

For Kate Beckett Castle it was a mixture. Sometimes she didn't mind it because she loved being a mother but there were times when she selfishly wished for a pre-baby life so she could get some descent sleep like before.

Beckett nudged her husband. "Your turn," she said to him.

"Kay," Castle said groggily, "In a minute."

"Castle," Beckett said as she continued to hear her son cry.

"I'm going, I'm going," Castle said as he still did not move from his place in bed.

All they both wanted was some sleep but with a baby that was all ready a month and a half it still wasn't possible. Beckett had hoped it would get easier but of course she had forgotten what having a baby was like. Nearly a year ago she and Castle had taken temporary custody of a three month old that still had constant crying fits. It was only now as Jamie continued his cries that Beckett remembered what it was like having Benny in their home. His constant crying had been a turn off for Beckett and she had told Castle that his plan of turning her into a baby person wasn't working.

It felt completely different now that they had a child of their own; Beckett actually finding the sound of Jamie's cries cute but it was still tiring as hell.

"Do you hear anything," Beckett asked as the crying stopped.

"I hear nothing," Castle said still groggy, "Go back to sleep."

"He stopped," Beckett said now fully alert.

"Good boy." Castle raised his head also, becoming aware, "Wait why did he stop? Is he supposed to do that?"

"You don't remember," asked Beckett, "I thought you were Superdad."

"Hey, I am totally Super Dad but the last time I did this was nearly twenty some years ago."

"I'm gonna go check on him," Beckett said getting out of the bed.

"Want me to come with," Castle asked.

"No, you have a book to write in the morning, get more sleep," Beckett said leaving the room.