3. Epilogue- Our Son, Our Daughter

Castle watched as his wife made her way back into the bedroom and waited until she was back at his side.

"How's Cosmo?" he asked.

"Perfectly safe," Beckett replied, "Alexis took care of him."

"She did? She got up, got him to stop crying and everything?"

Beckett nodded, "Changed his diaper, changed his clothes and then held him in her arms while she waited for him to fall back to sleep. You should have seen it Castle, it was beautiful. Safe to say our daughter loves her little brother."

"Well how could she not, everyone loves that little guy. Wait, did you just say 'our daughter?'"

Beckett looked over at her husband and smiled and then bit her lip nervously, "Too weird?"

Castle wrapped his arm around his wife as she settled into his chest, "Not weird at all. I'm glad she see's you as her mom. I mean biologically Meredith always will be but you've been there for Alexis in ways that Meredith never was. I probably haven't told you this but it's one of the many things I love about you, the fact that you've always had this bond with her. It's nice to see it grow."

"So you're okay with it, you're okay with her calling me 'mom'?"

"Honey I am more than okay with it," Castle said placing a kiss on his wife's forehead.

Beckett smiled as she closed her eyes as did Castle for the final remainder hours of sleep that they had left before Jamie woke them up again.