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Ok, this is my first attempt at Femme Slash light. Be kind when reviewing.

"Once they were just a few steps away from the bed, Katerina placed Tina back on her feet. Katerina then ran her paws up and down Tina's back, eventually slipping beneath her camisole. Tina lifted her arms, and Katerina quickly got the message, lifting the camisole up and over Tina's head, tossing it away with the intention of finding it later. Tina wasted no time, closing the distance between them and pressing her now bare chest against the thin material of Katerina's nightshirt. They both shivered in delight at the sensation, Katerina's arms going back around Tina with one hand bracing her back, while the other made its way to Tina's backside. Katerina curled her head downward, searching out the pulse of Tina's neck and suckling on it.

Tina leaned her head to the side, giving Katerina better access to her neck, while her hands clutched at Katerina's shirt. Tina let out a moan as Katerina's teeth raked through her fur, teasing her skin and sending a shiver down her spine. She desperately wanted to feel more of Katerina's fur against her own as fast as possible. She sank her claws even further into the material of Katerina's shirt, but this time she added enough force behind them to shred it, the ribbons of cloth falling to the floor around them.

Katerina felt the sudden rush of air against her skin and blushed, realizing what Tina had done. She couldn't help the surge of warmth and desire that flooded her at being wanted so desperately. She shuddered as Tina's hands began to move, mapping out the newly revealed curves of her body. Katerina pressed even closer, reveling in how different the sensations were and the way their feminine bodies touched. Then all thought came to a screeching halt as Tina raised her head to whisper in Katerina's ear, "Take me to heaven, my love."

Slightly unsure, but more than willing to try, Katerina leaned in and kissed Tina with all of the passion she possessed as she backed Tina up towards the bed. Just as Tina's knees were about to hit the mattress, Katerina turned, giving her newfound lover one more kiss before leaning to the side and sweeping the covers back.

The moment her paw left the covers, she felt herself being drawn downward, and in the span of a heartbeat, Katerina found herself flat on her back in the bed with Tina leaning over her. Katerina did her best to swallow the tremor of nervousness that ran through her, but Tina seemed to notice it. Tina smiled reassuringly, lightly running her paws through Katerina's fur until she relaxed enough to enjoy it again. Knowing that she would likely have to take the lead, she moved downward, nuzzling Katerina's stomach as her hand drifted lower to caress Katerina's thigh.

Katerina couldn't deny how wonderful Tina's paws felt, or the tenderness that rose up when Tina nuzzled her like a kitten. Once more, a purr rose from her throat unbidden, but she wasn't about to stop it.

Tina raised her head, and the look in her eyes shattered the last of Katerina's resistance. No more words were spoken, their cries incoherent as their bodies and voices entertwined on the road to paradise.