Greetings true believers; this is a story that has been played out in the vast multiverse before with many variations. Some of them even have the spider bitten others like Gwen Stacy who became Spider Woman but was not able to save Peter Parker like how Earth 616's Peter Park was not able to save his world's Gwen Stacy, Eugene 'Flash' Thompson whose superhero career as Captain Spider was short lived and in one Earth a teenager called Patton Parnel when he was bitten and given great power by a spider went on the path to become a monster. What makes this a bit different from others was that young Peter Parker in his world would be bitten during a time when the superhero world was divided, yes many Peter Parkers faced all sorts of issues through the journey to become Spider-Man but this one after becoming the wise cracking web-slinger would have to deal with a civil war between superheroes.



It starts like most of the other versions of how this story is told: an ordinary nerdy science major high school student living with his aunt and uncle.

On a morning in the Parker household, a fifteen year old brown haired boy with glasses, a light blue shirt and jeans who entered the living room to see his Uncle Ben and Aunt May on the couch watching the news on television. "It has been a week since the Super-Human Registration Act was passed asking for all superhumans and currently active costumed crime-fighters to register as agents of the Government." said the reporter Christine Everhart on the news "while various of active superheroes have registered with the law including long time Avengers member and playboy billionaire owner and CEO of Circuits Maximus, Tony Stark the Iron Man, others have refused to register including Avengers leader Steve Rogers or as the world knows him as Captain America who had openly opposed the idea of the act and has gone into hiding with other Avengers and heroes who oppose the Act. The internet video of Captain America encouraging his fellow heroes to fight the act has gotten thousands of views..."

"Let's hope we never get involved in this superhero world and stay in our ordinary world where we can just go about our lives." Ben told May and then faced Peter "hey Pete, have fun on your field trip!" Peter then waved to them as he went out the door and walked to school.

Of course then came the bite that changed the lives and destinies of Peter Parkers all across the Multiverse...

At Oscorp the class of Midtown High that Peter Parker attends were on a field trip a week before they would start their Summer Vacation, attending the trip with him included his friend Harry Osborn, class bully Flash Thompson, his other best friend Gwen Stacy and others. While Oscorp scientist Doctor Mendel Stromm was showing them around an exhibit a spider that had been used in Oscorp's research in Cross-Species Genetics that had escaped from its lab crawled onto the palm of Peter's hand and gave a small bit causing him to jump a little. After Peter noticed the Spider had gotten off and walked away he then went back to paying attention to the lecture that Doctor Stromm was giving. He was paying no mind to the slight looks that he was getting from some of his classmates at the time.

Of course he would be feeling unwell and then he noticed he would his strength, speed and agility had increased plus being able to sense when danger was present and he would be able to walk up walls. One Saturday he decided to answer an ad by the NYWF (New York Wrestling Federation) offering a cash prize for anyone who could beat or at least survive three minutes in a match against NYWF's champion Carl 'Crusher 'Creel..

"And now for the next challenger, the man who calls himself Spider-Man!" said the NYWF ring announcer as Creel was in the ring and Peter entered wearing a red shirt with a spider logo on it, jeans, a black jacket and a red ski mask. Creel, his valets outside ring and the fans in the audience all laughed out loud before the bell was rung for the match to begin. The fans in attendance had already saw other men answer the challenge to try their luck against Creel but were carried off in stretchers and the fans fully expected this to just be Creel pulling off yet another win against someone who were way over their head by wanting to fight him.

About two minutes later Peter had pinned a knocked out Creel while his valets were screaming at him to get up, after the three count had been made the referee held Peter's hand up high as the ring announcer announced him as the winner. Peter had a smirk on his face at the dumbstruck look on the faces of the people in the crowd. After collecting his prize Peter was walking in the hallways when he turned and noticed a man in street clothes running with a bag of money being chased by security, he shrugged and let them passed while he made his way. After getting changed Peter was walking home and was shocked to see a parked police car outside his house...

After learning that someone had broken into the house and killed his beloved Uncle Ben when the man realised they did not have anything for him to steal, Peter locked himself in his room and changed into his room and changed back into his wrestling gear. This Peter Parker had in his preteen years discovered a prototype of an object which can shoot a web like substance that his father Richard Parker had been working on before he died. Peter had spent years looking through the notes of how to create the web like substance and made his own modifications to his father's invention and decided they could be used as a weapon against enemies and could very well be used as a way of transporting by using the web to get form one building to the other. Donning the web-shooting device he went out the window and followed the police cars to track down the man who had killed his uncle.

Peter had found his Uncle Ben's killer when he spotted him going into a warehouse to try and hide, he cornered the man on the top floor and roughly lifted him up by his shirt, after managing to get a clear view of his Uncle Ben's killer he was shocked to recognise him as the criminal he had let pass at the wrestling building. Ten minutes later after the police cornered and entered the warehouse trying to find the killer they were shocked to see him stuck to a wall in what seemed to be a giant spider's web.

Later Peter and Aunt May were at the cemetery in black clothes at Uncle Ben's funeral, after the funeral was over Aunt May had let Peter say some final words to the grave before they left. With tears on his eyes he kneeled down at the gravestone of his uncle, "I could have easily stopped that man when I had the chance, but I didn't and you paid the price..." Peter whispered to himself "I will make sure that I will never make that mistake again, Spider-Man was just a disguise I made up to make money but I will now use him to protect others from criminals like that man. I have great power and like you said I have to use it responsibly."

It was not long after that when Peter's Summer Vacation had started and he would start honouring his late uncle's memory by doing good as Spider-Man and that is when things would start to get complicated for young Peter and let's see what will happen now...

...I thought this day would never come... ever since I started writing Marvel stories, I never thought I would be doing this: writing my own version of Civil War. This is a very controversial story and I have seen that others have written their own version here own fanfiction: I liked the one by tvfan, I am following and liking the one being written by Reborn Dark Phoenix which is a Spider-Man/Ms Marvel story and due to the fact you can actually choose which side you are on I do like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. When they announced the movie line-up for Phase 3 (before changing it a little bit once Marvel made that deal with Sony) I was among those excited but groaned when I saw that the 3rd Captain America movie was subtitled: Civil War (I am excited but it is mainly cautious optimism it will not be as problematic as the comic version). That being said with what I think of the story, why have I decided to write this? Well I discovered this story by ABOOKS5117 called Spiderman: Ultimate Hero (okay I knew it existed before but I never actually read it until recently). It's a mixture of Civil War and Spider-Man's origin of the Ultimate Universe which features Norman Osborn as the United States President (though since it features Osborn using villains as his registered 'heroes' I say it has elements of Dark Reign as well). The idea of Spidey starting his career during Civil War intrigued me and I wanted to try it out, I asked ABOOKS5117 and he was okay with me using this idea. SO here is my version of this story plotline using elements from the various Marvel cartoons, movies, comics and MUA2 and I will be focusing on the ideology conflicts of the story, plus certain subplots which will lead somewhere and little if any of the political sides of the story (mainly because I have little knowledge on politics). For a visual of the costume Spidey uses in this chapter and a for a while in the story picture of a combination of the wrestling suit from the first Sam Raimi movie and the vigilante suit from Amazing Spider-Man. One more thing: I do think the title is kind of corny but I honestly could not think of a better title for this story.