Judging from the reaction on one of my lemon-stories (my first and only one up till now) I realised people like what I'm doing with that. So, I decided to move my activities to Ranma 1/2, something I had wanted to do for quite some time. I decided to write this and not some other ideas wandering through my mind, like Ranma ending up with Nabiki after the chapter where Akane gives Ranma to Nabiki in the manga, Nabiki conscripted to get Ranma and Akane together, a daunting task indeed :-) and more such ideas. I would also like to provide our dear lost boy Ryoga a very painful death but have not yet found a believable way to do so. But I digress.

I got this idea from a lemon fanfiction (which I didn't read entirely. Lemons bore me) by lord fanfiction (I think) if I have the wrong name, please notify me. Anyway, the basics of this idea are not mine (Akane considering all of the first day a dream) but the expansion upon the idea IS (Among which are: Ranma's reaction to Akane, the description, Akane's feelings, yadda yadda, you get the idea).


What a terrible day. First, there was that Panda, that very odd freaky Panda which seemed to be more intelligent than her father on good days. Then there was the girl. The freaky, redhaired girl. The freaky redhaired girl who was supposed to be a boy and had beaten her. Then the engagement with a boy that really was that girl.

Akane sighed deeply as she ignored the 'occupied' sign and moved into the bathchamber. She noticed the girls clothes and stared at them for a little while. It was like a bad dream happening. Everything weas so freaky and generally twisted, it seemed like a very bad dream. So freaky even that...

'Wait a minute, that's IT! This is a dream! I've had a few dreams where I'm aware of my state of mind, so why not?'

Satisfied with this new insight and knowing she would wake up in the morning with most of the 'day' swiftly slipping into oblivion as dreams tend to do, she undressed quickly and picked up her favourite pink fluffy towel. She opened the door which seperated the Furo from the rest of the room. Akane flung away one last article of clothing before putting one foot inside the inner bathchamber, only to freeze up completely by the sight before her.

In front of her was a young boy. A young, very hot boy dripping wet looking surprised.

'Yep, definitely a dream. And not such a bad dream after all.'

Akane made no move but looked at the boy with a thoughtful stare. It quite quickly turned to ogling as she tried to make sense of the situation. She had been having more dreams like this as of late, but Kasumi had explained it was pubity to blame here. The odd thing was that they had never been about dr. Tofu, but always someone like the bishounen standing before her now, always ending in...

Akane smiled seductively and decided to play along. It was only a dream after all.

She now focussed her attention back on the boy's face who seemed to be struggling to say something but was too baffled to do anything. He opened his mouth but managed to do nothing more than stutter. He started quivering a little bit as Akane put her other foot into the room.

"U-um- I-I am re-rea-really s-s-sorry about this, I di-didn't---" Akane dopped her towel and gave the boy a full frontal, making his brain melt down completely. Akane tried to hide a snicker. The effect she had was quite amusing. Time to continue the show. She made slow, seductive steps sensually swaying her soft hips [1], covering her breasts and pubic area with both hands, feigning purity. The boy's mind seemed to have been somewhere halfway across the world at this point, as she could nearly imagine his brains seeping out of his ears any minute now. He trembled ever more vehemently, but managed to control his body enough to step back a little. He was too far gone to notice he still hadn't made an attempt to cover his own nudity, pleasing Akane all the more. He looked so innocent and cute, she could just gobble him up. She mentally snickered.

'And that's exactly what I'm going to do'

She put one foot in the furo and grabbed one of the boy's trembling hands which seemed fixed just above the furo water. She held it with the hand she had removed from her breast and gave the boy a good close up of aforementioned fleshy orbs, making the boy's eyes bulge and a little trickle of blood flowing down his nostril. With an immense effort, so Akane could see, the boy tried to pull his hand back as Akane moved to where her left breast was and softly put it there. She could feel the boy's trembling reverberate in her chest. Akane had to admit she was liking this dream.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked, putting up the cutest smile she could muster. The boy snapped his attention from her breasts to her face. She noticed the deer caught in the headlights look he was giving her and was loving every minute of it. As she moved her other foot into the furo she bumped, quite deliberately, into the boys front, grinding herself slowly against him. She noticed she was not the only one aroused as she felt something hard and warm press against her abdominal area.

"I-I-I-uh-I-we-oh MAN" the boy tried to speak and managed to utter an intelligible word formation as Akane stroked his inner thigh. She decided she should be even more bold and covered his open, trembling mouth with her own. The boy stopped trembling entirely now and seemed to relax into a gelatine-like state. She noticed he was snaking his arms around her back, pressing her closer against him as he started to kiss back. She could feel herself melting into the kiss, admitting to herself that this felt good. Really good.

No, not such a bad dream at all


As his mouth and tongue were working on the girl he had met only today but had noticed he had been fiercely attracted to, his mind snapped back to attention.

'Oh my god, what am I doing? I'm not a pervert!.. But it feels so nice and she's so... NO! Control Ranma, CONTROL!'

Ranma managed to draw his aroused body away from the girl who pouted at him. God, she was cute enough to... NO! NO and NO!

"We-we really can't do this." He managed to utter in a semi-harsh tone. The girl... Akane, a divine name for a divine creature with divine... ARGH! Control, Saotome Ranma, the FIRST lesson in Martial Arts!

"Why can't we?" she said in a such a cute voice he felt nearly obliged to grant her request.

"Because... umm... we only just met!" he tried frantically.

Her pout increased and she hugged him tighter, pulling her aroused form closer to him. Ranma was hanging on for what his life was worth not to lose control.

"Does that mean you don't wanna have some fun?" the hug was now becoming crushing to the bones and... other parts of the male anatomy.

"NO! I mean... OF COURSE NOT! I mean, YES!" she giggled. Ranma could feel his brain flying ever farther away. Only one option left. It was a longshot, since he had shown enough bodily interest in her, but she just might be gullible and badtempered enough.

"Who would want to have fun with an uncute, totally unsexy tomboy like you?"

Akane jumped away from him, her left eye twitching violently, a small aura flaring around her. Ranma felt really sorry for hurting her but he knew this was the only possible course of action... for his own honour but especially for hers. The girl had now fully made the change from angelic to demonic as she opened her mouth to speak, nay, scream.


"I said that I could never enjoy myself with someone as fat like you. But don't take it too hard. If you didn't have the figure of a walrus I'm sure things could've worked out perfectly. In fact, if you weren't built like a brick, I'd say we---" Ranma was rudely interrupted by a piece of the furo being thrown at his head. He allowed it to hit because, so he felt, he deserved it. The last thing he saw before slipping into unconsciousness was a very angry Akane stomping out of the bathchamber.


'That JERK! That total absolute JERK! I HATE HIM!'

Akane repeated those words to herself like a mantra, until she felt the anger and adrenalin leaving her body. Then a cruel realisation hit her. This shock had been so severe, she should have awakened by now!

'It... it can't be!'

She pinched her arm.

It hurt.

Nothing happened.

She fainted.


"Yo Akane."

Akane managed to open her eyes to look at the person staring at her. First she felt anger and the need to hit the boy before her. Then shame as she realised what she had been about to do. Her eyes and spirit went blank as she saw the boy before her smile. He had a large bump on his head... how did he..? Oh yes. She looked at him apologetically. He just smiled back warmly. Akane averted her eyes. She felt ashamed, for two reasons. She had been the one responsible for his bump, and two: she still couldn't help but be attracted to him, even after the fiasco in the bathroom.

"Akane, I think we should go. Our parents are waiting." Akane nodded absently as she took his outstretched hand raising her up. Suddenly something got through to her.

"OUR parents?" she asked. The boy looked back at her with a pained expression guiding her with one hand on her shoulder as she wobbled to the main room. He managed a weak smile and said.

"I'm Saotome Ranma, sorry 'bout this."


"So cold water changes you into a girl while hot water changes you back, right?" Ranma nodded, absently gazing at Akane, who tried desperately not to return his gaze but failing miserably. Soun laughed heartily.

"Well, son, it seems like your problem isn't that bad after all! At least you don't change into a pig or something [3]! Now, these are my daughters, choose the one you like, this is Kasumi she is..." Soun stopped his ranting as he saw Ranma staring at Akane.

"Not necessary, I see your choice has already been made." Soun smiled and sat back down. Akane cast a baffled look her father's way and both Nabiki and Kasumi were looking like they had just been sold to some unknown boy without anyone choosing. Nabiki was the first to speak.

"What do you mean, dad, 'his choice has already been made'?" Soun smiled.

"Don't tell me you didn't notice Ranma and Akane stare at each other all this time, hm?" Nabiki and Kasumi turned their surprised eyes towards Ranma, who was trying to hide his intense blush and Akane, who looked even sadder and more silent than before.

"You mean... Akane? But she...!" Nabiki was interrupted by Akane standing up. She shot them all a look of pure grief and sadness which made Ranma's heart sink. He hadn't realised he had had THAT effect on the girl he was now engaged to.

"I am going to bed early tonight. I'd appreciate it if you called the school I won't come tomorrow." With that Akane left a baffled Nabiki and Kasumi, a shamed Ranma and two partying fathers.

"Saotome, this means we can plan the wedding for tomorrow! Finally the schools will be joined!"

"Tendo, we must celebrate!"

Noone noticed the young martial artist leave the room to follow Akane upstairs.


Akane was sobbing into her pillow. She had considered using her scissors to commit seppuku but decided against it. She liked the bedspread so much, and it would most certainly get dirty.

But she decided life was not worth living for. She had totally ruined her reputation with a fiancee that didn't even think anything positive of her. She hated herself for coming on to him, she hated him for refusing her. She hated the world for bringing her into this mess. She hated...

A window slid open and Akane arose swiftly, looking around her. A pigtail attached to a concerned head came dangling from above her.

"Yo" Akane sighed. The person she least wanted to see.

"Go away Ranma." She snapped and turned around. He just cocked his head onto one side and used one hand to grab her shoulder. Akane froze, remembering earlier that evening, but slumped as she realised it would never work, then berated herself for ever thinking about such perverted stuff again. She then felt another hand grabbing her chin, slowly turning her around. She tried not to melt at the contact, but failed.

"You've been cryin'!" Ranma looked genuinely concerned.

"So?" she snapped back, trying to put up a mask of intense anger.

"What's wrong?" Akane slapped away both his hands and snorted indignantly.

"Why would you want to know, you insensitive jerk?" Ranma seemed to slump as if having taken a hit.

"Yes, I'm terribly sorry 'bout that." He nearly whispered.

"Well, you ought to be you stup... what?"

"I SAID I'M SORRY, 'K?" he yelled, as if having trouble saying it.

"What... what do you mean?"

"I just said those things to stop you, you wouldn't listen to me. You were just... fondling me and I couldn't use a violence to stop you..."

"...Thank you Ranma."

"An' I... huh?"

"Thank you. You saved my honour."

"You're welcome I guess. Though I dun think that was really necessary. I'm even surprised you fell for it, I hadn't expected you to be so gullible and ill tempered. And besides, how can you have much honour when you come on to people like that, y'know? I could swear that-- HEY!" Ranma had barely dodged a small make-up box. He managed to be surprised at the item, Akane seemed something of a tomboy and make-up didn't fit that portrait. But all thought was banished as more items found their way to his head. Akane screamed as she threw the things, ever increasing in size and mass.




"THEN WHAT WAS THAT IN THE BATHROOM TODAY?" Akane hesitated both in throwing objects and screaming. She sure was feisty. Ranma thought it only added to her cuteness and he could just...

'bad thoughts Ranma! You need to get to China to cure yourself before you get into this fiancee mess.'

Ranma's train of thought was interrupted by Akane having found a reasonable retort.

"That was different, YOU JERK!"

"How was it different, PERVERT?"

"I thought I was dreaming, JERK!"

"Oh, so you don't hump every guy that walks around the corner, just the good, dreamy-looking ones, PERVERT!"

"Don't be so full of yourself, you're not that pretty!"

"So you DO hump every guy that walks around the corner!"

"He...HEY!! Oh, you... [2]"

"Whacha gonna do about it huh? Distract me by flashing me your tits?"

"YOU PERVERT, YOU WISH! I wish you were GONE!"

"Pervert? ME? Look at yourself, you slut-OW- WELL DON'T EXPECT ME TO STAY!"



"OH, YOU!"


"Ah, Tendo, they are just like you and Hikari when you were younger... I remember the long days, the even longer nights, the overly large amounts of handcuffs and other bondage instruments." Genma smacked Soun on the back while laughing heartily, Soun laughed too, until he realised what Genma had just said.

"You... you found those?"

"Of course, good friend! There was just the four of us that trip!"

"I... I see." Soun had paled dramatically, while Genma was still laughing.

"Not to worry Soun, they will be able to do things legally tomorrow. Don't forget all the celebratory sake involved too!"

With that, Soun brightened.

"Oh yes! That's true!"

And they laughed and drank untill long after midnight.


Nabiki had been stunned. She knew her family had forbidden cameras near the Furo, but it had been a good thing inspecting Ranma's... assets. And this scene with Akane... it all made sense now. She had to admit Ranma seemed to have an awful lot of restraint, though he had seemed broken at one time. She switched off her tape after rewinding it a third time. She had no worries that things would work out though. Ranma ahd shown on the tape he cared about Akane, and Akane had at least shown as much as physical attraction to Ranma. Things would work out for the two.

The only relevant question remained: How could one make as much money from it as possible?


I'm not sure whether I'll continue this. I might, but in a slow tempo.

First off, I don't think the characters are REALLY OOC. Akane, deep down, I think really IS a pervert, and considering she's thinking she's dreaming, much is possible. Ranma is a prude I think, he never makes any moves on anyone, even though he has plenty of opportunity and freezes up in the vicinity of girls. Ranma is a prude. I think the wettest dreams he has are about him and Akane kissing without her malletting him (or perhaps her malletting him a little bit more than usual, one never knows why he lets himself be hit so often o.O). As for him apologising to Akane which he REALLY can't do in the series (manga AND anime). It's not too odd I think. If you consider that in the beginning he apologised a few times in the series ("sorry about this"), and that his love-hate relationship with Akane only really began when he MEANT what he said about her being uncute (here he uses it as an excuse to get out of something, and feels sorry for using Akane like that). Here no such thing happens, and the only thing that will really happen here are the problems Ranma and Akane develop by Ranma calling her a pervert and illtempered and such. Though it is blatantly obvious that they are both (physically) attracted to eachother, they will still try to fight it. It will be harder due to the nature of their closeness, and therefor there will be a less drawn out series. I do not think this series will span as much as the original Ranma did (I might consider leaving out Ukyo, not too fond of her anyway. Plus, she's not THAT important to the Ranma plot (if there is any ;-)). As you might have foreseen, this will be a R/A

If you want me to continue this, r&r. I update too little as it is.

[1] Yay, alliteration! :-)

[2] Hidden stab at Ryoga (I decided on going for the English spelling (It's actually Ryouga to my knowledge, as it is Kunou etc.). I dislike Ryoga for being a hypocrit and worse. Though he is charmingly naïve at times his naivite manages to irritate me to no ends when he is NOT being charming. Ryoga REALLY is a bad, hypocrit, perverted, violent boy who has no sense of responsibility and those are nearly all the qualities I dislike in people. He works perfectly as a character in the manga, and I will treat him as such, but I will never like his character.

I seem to be pretty alone on my 'Ryoga sucks' quest though, since even Takahashi seems to have been a hidden fan of Ryoga.

[2] The word I'd have liked to use here is 'teme' a wonderful Japanese word fitting exactly such situations as this. But I decided that Japanese should not creep into English stories. Though words like Baka and Hentai are pretty essential to the Ranma-universe since their English counterparts, Jerk and Pervert respectively, miss the nuances involved in those words.

If Japanese still manages to find its way into my stories, please notify me, I'll either explain or take it out.