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Kenshin: You have a porn stash? (rolls eyes)

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Kenshin: (shrug) Point taken.

Issei: Ahh fine, my stash is probably better anyway.

Draconis: Said stash, that in the actual anime/manga, Rias probably torches when she moves in with you.

Kenshin: Dude, spoilers!

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Issei: He has a point.

Rias: And I did burn it.

Issei: (gapes) Whaaaaatttt?!

Draconis: Moving on. I know last chapter I got at least one thing wrong, case in point: Rias wasn't observing Issei, he got a flier from her familiar and made a request while holding it, summoning her. Now anyway.

Dragon of the Elements.

Chapter 2

Asia, the Mysterious and Klutzy Nun.

Draconis: Begin!


"So...here I am...a newly reincarnated Devil...strolling around with a nun...and a super pervert in my head." Kenshin thought as he walked down one of the streets of Kuoh with a blushing Asia next to him.

"Hey! I'm not a Super Pervert like Jiraiya from Naruto!" Issei shouts. (A/N: Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto.)

"You're right, you're a lot worse because you don't have Tsunade around to beat several shades of shit out of you on the regular." Kenshin thought.

"You know, you said last night that you worked for a intelligence/terrorist organization, yet you seem to be a fan of anime and manga." Issei said.

"Contrary to what you might think Issei, I did have days off." Kenshin thought with narrowed eyes.

Now that the argument between the two Siamese soul twins had been settled. The author pauses as Kenshin looks up at the sky and glares. What? What else am I supposed to call you?

"Anything but that..." Kenshin thought.

"Who are you talking to?" Issei asked.

"No one." Kenshin thought.

Nice save dumbass. Now anyway, on to the matter at hand. Kenshin glanced at the nun next to him. She was blushing still. "Ugh...how many times do I have to apologize for accidentally seeing her panties when I helped her gather her belongings." He wondered.

"Aaah...hehehe..." Asia giggled awkwardly. "Sorry you had to see an embarrassing side of me."

"It wasn't bad, in fact it was so good it's been burned into my memory." Issei thought with a nosebleed.

"Um...Kenshin-San, your nose is bleeding." Asia said pointing at his face.

"!" Kenshin turned around and wiped his nose. "Issei I swear to go- Aaah! Fuck!" He mentally cursed.

"Hahahahahahaha!" Issei laughed.

"Are you OK?" Asia asked with concern in her voice.

"I'm fine, sometimes that just happens." Kenshin said, playing it off.

"Oh..." Asia said with a carefree smile. "Ok then."

"So tell me Asia, what are you doing here in Kuoh? You look like a foreigner." Kenshin said. "Um, no offense."

"None taken." Asia said waving him off. "I was actually appointed to the church in this city, but I got lost along the way..." She said with a downcast look.

"..." Kenshin narrowed his eyes and looked around. "Well...I could help you find it." He said.

"Really? !" Asia said. "Thank you! Um...I did say that right, didn't I? I've not been here long so the language is kinda hard."

"Nah, I can understand you perfectly. I used to do a lot of traveling myself so I know more than one language." Kenshin said.

"Well for me this devil magic is really damn convenient." Issei said. "I can't tell if there's an accent at all."

"Really? You look so young though." Asia said.

"Meh, I liked to get around." Kenshin said. "Had the tools to do it too."

"I see. Well, thank you again...the Lord really does point the way!" Asia said, holding a small cross at her chest with sparkles in her eyes.

"Heheheh..." Kenshin chuckled. "This attitude of hers is kind of endearing." He suddenly coughed up blood. "Kah..."

"! Are you OK? !" Asia said moving in front of him.

"I'm fine...I've been kinda sick lately." Kenshin said. "Don't worry I'm not contagious."

"That's not what I'm worried about...but if you say you're really OK..." Asia said.

The two heard a little boy crying. Asia approached him and saw he had skinned his knee pretty good. She knelt down and smiled. "Now now, a boy shouldn't be crying over something like this." She held her hand over the minor injury.

"!" Kenshin's eyes widened slightly as did Issei's as a soft green healing light emitted from her palm and healed the injury. "What in the...?"

"Hey Kenshin, do you think it could be one of those Sacred Gear things?" Issei asked.

"I'm not sure..." Kenshin thought

"Alright...Your wounds should be healed." Asia said as the boy's mother came up to them.

"Ah! That Onee-Chan over there, she healed my injury." The boy said.

"He looked hurt, so I did what anyone would do." Asia said waving him off with a smile.

"Yoshi-kun, you should be talking with such strange people." The mother said, looking upon Asia with scorn.

"..." Asia said nothing.

"..." Kenshin narrowed his eyes in slight anger at the mother. "That look..." He made his way up to them. "Wait!" He said as the mother and child walked away.

"It's fine." Asia said with a smile. "I didn't understand what she said."

"If you say so." Kenshin said, acting as though what had just happened, didn't bother him. He batted his eyes at Asia, seeing her looking down at the ground with a hurt look.

"That look...even in this city, there's no change." Asia whispered.

But Kenshin, with his cat ears that he had flattened out to blend in with his hair, had heard it all quite clearly. The way he stood, hid one of his hands that was clenched into a fist. He took a breath and calmed himself down. He reached over with his other hand and grabbed hers. He turned over to the mother and child, to see the child, Yoshi waving. "Thank you Onee-Chan!" He said.

"Huh? Huh?" Asia said first at Kenshn, then at the boy.

"He said thank you." Kenshin said. "Now come on, let's get you to the church, while you were healing him I found it."

"Oh!" Asia said. "Right, sorry I tend to get meddlesome." She said with a smile.

"What that woman said wasn't right." Kenshin said.

"It wasn't! Next time we should shred her clothes off with your wind technique!" Issei shouts.

"As much as I would like to embarrass her, I'd rather not have the fuzz on me for something petty." Kenshin thought.

"Aah...good point." Issei shrugged. "By the way...why did it irritate you so much?"

"At least when that shit happened to me, it came with a good reason." Kenshin thought.

"Huh?" Issei said.

"Nothing." Kenshin thought.

"But being disliked is normal isn't it?" Asia asked.

"Maybe if you had done something bad to them, not when you just did them a kindness." Kenshin said. "By the way, what was that light anyway?"

"It's my power of healing, it was a gift given to me by God." Asia said.

"Well that answers that." Kenshin thought.

"A gift from God huh..." Issei said staring at his hand.

"Here, let me carry that." Kenshin said taking her luggage from her.

"Aah, th-thank you. It's not too heavy is it?" Asia asked.

"No, in fact." Kenshin lifted her up and sat her on his shoulder, wrapping his arm around her hips and took off. "Hang on!"

"Whoa! Hahahahaha this is so much fun! !" Asia whooped in excitement.

"Hahaha." Kenshin laughed.

They got to the steps of the church and Kenshin sat her down. "Wow...that was thrilling." Asia said standing still for a moment to get her bearings.

"Heheh...you're welcome." Kenshin said. "We shouldn't go near this place." He thought

"Do you mind escorting me to the top?" Asia asked with a smile.

"Uhm...I would, but...well I know you're a nun Asia, but churches and me don't really get along." Kenshin said. "They'd probably run me out of there the minute they see me."

"Oh...well, could I at least repay you for your kindness?" Asia asked.

"No need, I was kinda bored today so I enjoyed some company, that'll be the payment." Kenshin said.

"W-Will I see you again?" Asia asked.

"I'm usually roaming around town, you'll be able to find me easily." Kenshin said with a smile. "See you around."

He ducked into an alleyway and warped back to the Occult Research Club. "Where have you been?" Rias asked sitting at her desk.

"This is gonna sound kinda weird, but I was actually walking around town with a nun." Kenshin said.

"What? Just...What?" Rias said with confusion in her voice.

"What? She just blew into town and was looking for the church." Kenshin said.

"You went to the church? !" Rias said slamming her hands down on her desk, standing up.

"I went close to it." Kenshin said.

Rias sighed in relief. "OK good...going into a church is another thing we'd like to avoid."

"I can tell, I felt like I was about to start puking up blood when I got to the steps." Kenshin said.

"It's enemy territory wreathed in holy magic." Rias said. Kenshin nodded. "And try not to come in contact with anyone associated with the church either. Especially exorcists, they are our mortal enemies, being blessed by God."

"And yet there are Devils with Sacred Gears, which are supposedly gifts from God, wouldn't they be considered enemies?" Kenshin said.

"Hey!" Issei snapped in the reflection of a nearby mirror.

"I was talking about myself too, dumbass." Kenshin said.

"Not necessarily." Rias said.

"Anyway, I'm not going to be able to help running into the nun again. It seems like I'm the only one whose treating her like a person, and not like a leper." Kenshin said. "She might seek me out."

"Explain." Rias said.

Kenshin explained Asia's healing ability to Rias who closed her eyes and nodded. "I see, well that is unfortunate, but you need to look out for your own wellbeing."

"Rias...I can handle myself just fine." Kenshin said. "Contrary to what you might believe I do know how to defend myself and I do believe I'm damn good at it."

"You're not the one I'm worried about." Rias said with a sigh. "You maybe trained, but what about Issei?"

"How's he supposed to get better if he doesn't get thrown into the flames of battle?" Kenshin asked.


"Calm down." Kenshin thought as he heard Issei gulping.

"Well he has no way of training right now." Rias countered.

"Rias, I know it's my job to serve you as a member of your peerage, but it's your job to trust me to make a judgment call." Kenshin said. "How's this supposed to work if we can't trust each other?"

"..." Rias sighed with her eyes closed. "I suppose you have a point."

"Alright, just trust me to pull his ass out of the fire if it gets too hot." Kenshin said. "OK?"

"Fine." Rias said. She took notice of the bag in Kenshin's hand. "What's that?"

"Oh, I noticed you have an incomplete chess set over there, so I poked around in a few hobby shops and got you this." Kenshin said holding out a chess board. "The colors are the same and everything. The pieces are under the board itself."

Rias looked it over. "Wow...Kenshin...I don't know what to say. Thank you..." She said.

"I'll play you in a game later." Kenshin said with a grin.

"How can you afford it? You've only been here a few days. Consciously anyway." Rias asked.

"I pickpocketed some blonde jackass. I don't remember his name. But I remember it rhyming with wiser." Kenshin said.

"..." Rias said nothing, staring at him with a blank expression. "He seriously...oh lord!" She thought trying to veil how badly she wanted to laugh right now.

"Rias?" Kenshin asked.

"Um, Kenshin could you excuse yourself from here for a moment?" Rias asked. "I'd like to be alone."

"Um sure." Kenshin said. "Let me know when you need me back here." He said leaving the room.

As soon as he did he heard a loud laughing, followed by the sound of a fist banging against wood. Then followed by. "No way! He actually stole money from that firebird jackass! Unbelievable! ! Hahahahahaha!"

"Firebird Jackass?" Both Kenshin and Issei said.

The two reenter the room a few moments later to see Rias wiping her face with a silk handkerchief. "Find that funny did you?"

"Oh, I needed that so badly..." Rias said taking a breath to calm herself.

"Haha." Kenshin said.

"Are you two done in here?" Akeno asked walking into the room.

"What is it?" Rias asked.

"The archduke has handed down an order of suppression." Akeno said.

"Well, this will be a good training exercise for Issei." Kenshin said.

"Didn't you say you would demonstrate your Sacred Gear for us sometime?" Akeno asked.

"Aw, does someone wanna see my party tricks?" Kenshin said with a grin. "Well that'll still happen, but Issei needs battle experience and he hasn't shown his gear off really either." "Switching to Super Pervert in 3, 2, 1." Kenshin said

"I hate you Kenshin." Issei said as he took over.

"Love you too kid, and stay out of my seals." Kenshin .

"I wouldn't even know how to get into them!" Issei snapped at Kenshin in the mirror.

"Good!" Kenshin said. "Bye."

"Come on, let's go." Rias said. "Akeno go and get Kiba and Koneko."

"Yes, chief." Akeno said, leaving the room.



Rias, Issei, Akeno, Kiba and Koneko walked into an abandoned building. Koneko's face scrunched up in slight disgust. "It smells of blood in here."

"Alright, Issei. Kenshin maybe brash, but he does have a point. If for whatever reason he needs to step back from the battle it'll be your turn to participate. This is a good time for you to observe us in combat." Rias said.

"Aw, you're too kind." Kenshin said with a grin.

"Now would be a great time to explain the traits of underlings." Rias said.

"Traits?" Issei asked while Kenshin took control of his arms and unsealed a pen and paper. "What are you doing?"

"I'm writing this down, I'd rather not bug her about this later." Kenshin replied.

"Ah..." Issei thought.

"I've already explained the relationship between devils, angels and fallen angels. In the war that took place and was prolonged, no matter which side...all were exhausted." Rias explained as they looked around.. "As for the devils, we lost a lot of pure blood and we couldn't rally our armed forces anymore, so we decided to train a few elites instead, called Evil Pieces."

"Evil Pieces?" Issei said.

"Yes, are you familiar with a game called Chess?" Rias asked.

"Isn't that what the foreigners call Shogi?" Issei asked.

"Crude way of putting it, but yes." Rias said. "You both know all the piece names right?"

"Yeah." Issei said.

"Well each has a trait that can be used in battle. While they do not have many skills, they are powerful in the skills they do know." Rias said. "It's become popular enough that evil pieces are used in strength competition called a Rating Game amongst noble devil houses."

"So basically it's like showcasing your peerage if you happen to be the king." Kenshin said.

"Sounds like it." Issei said.

"Yes, but it's gotten to such a point that it could affect their position and nobility ranks." Rias said.

"Does that mean sooner or later we could appear in one of these?" Issei asked.

"Unofficially yes." Rias said. "I'm still not allowed to show up in an arena."

"Aw...I wanted to go kick some ass from the get go." Kenshin said in mock disappointment.

"Are you just battle hungry or something?" Issei asked.

"Dragon, comes with the territory." Kenshin answered. "It's either fight or fuck, and there was not that many willing women for that second option."

Issei started drooling. "I wanna be a dragon demon/devil."

"Tchahahahaha! !" Kenshin laughed. "Ok, that was pretty funny."

"Everything alright over there?" Kiba asked.

"Yeah, Kenshin and I were just having a short conversation." Issei said.

"Have you been paying attention?" Rias asked with a critical look.

Issei showed her that while Kenshin and Issei had been talking. Kenshin had wrote everything down. Rias nodded with a smile. "Good."

"Still don't understand the whole trait thing, what piece are we anyway?" Issei asked.

"You are a..." Rias trailed off as everyone except Issei sensed a foul presence.

"Issei, get ready." Kenshin said.

"I know it smell's horrid in here..." Issei said covering his nose.

"What a beautiful scent...mixed in with a foul one." A female voice said.

"Rouge Devil Vizor! We have come here to destroy you!" Rias declared.

A dismembered, lifeless body fell next to Issei. "A corpse? !" He thought.

"Bitch must have been eating it." Kenshin said with narrowed eyes.

"What a nice scent, just like your hair, your flesh must be a nice shade of red on the inside as well, right? I really want to eat it..." Vizor said walking out from the shadows.

"Huh, a sphinx type of monster." Kenshin said.

"Aren't those usually feline? !" Issei asked as Vizor wielded two bone lances at them.

"Not necessarily." Kenshin answered.

"So it's true, the smaller the dog, the louder the bark." Rias said with a nonchalant smile.

"You!" Vizor shouts.

"I agree, I can sense it from here." Kenshin said taking control for a moment. "This one isn't really that strong. I could probably kick it around with my hands tied behind my back."

"That would be entertaining to see." Rias said with a laugh.

"You two overconfident fools!" Vizor shouts.

"Yuuto." Rias said.

"Right!" Kiba said walking calmly toward Vizor.

"Alright, listen up Issei. I'll be continuing the lecture." Rias said as Vizor stabbed one of her lances down at Kiba who dodged easily. "Yuuto's role is a knight, a piece whose main ability is speed. And his strongest weapon is unpredictable speed and a mastery of swordsmanship." Rias said as Kiba sprung himself over Vizor and hacked off her arms.

"Arrgh!" Vizor howls in pain as Kiba lands and calmly walks away. "You little bug!"

Koneko takes his place as Vizor stamped one of her paws down at him. "Koneko-Chan!" Issei shouts.

"Relax, Koneko's role is that of a Rook." Rias said as Koneko held up the paw with no real visible strain on her face. "The rook's role is insane strength and defense." She explained as Koneko threw the paw off, knocking Vizor off balance. Vizor swung her tail, batting the small devil into a wall worrying Issei.

"Don't sweat it. That level of attack won't work on Koneko." Rias said.

"Time to be blown away." Koneko said running underneath Vizor and jumping into her underbelly, lifting her a full six feet off the ground.

"Whoa!" Issei said.

"Nice." Kenshin said clapping his hands as Vizor went flying through a wall.

"How the hell can this band of inexperienced fools...be doing this much damage? !" Vizor said.

"Alright Akeno, you're up." Rias said.

"Yes Chief." Akeno said with a giggle. "How should I do this?" She wondered aloud.

Vizor snarled at her. "Unforgivable!"

"Ara? Still so energetic hm?" Akeno said raising her hand, crackling with electricity. "Then this level of attack should do." She said as the electricity spread outward and struck Vizor, damaging her heavily.

"Having all the abilities of the pawn, rook, knight and bishop, Akeno is our invincible Queen." Rias said.

"Grrh!" Vizor said struggling to stand.

"Ah? Looks like you can keep going, I wonder for how much longer though." Akeno said before licking her lips. "I just love opponents that can last longer than a few seconds." She said as she struck Vizor with lightning again.

"Don't worry though you two. Akeno is very gentle with her allies." Kiba said patting Issei on the shoulder.

"Th-Thanks." Issei said.

"I wasn't worried, I was actually rather impressed." Kenshin said.

"Well well, I guess I couldn't kill her, let the Chief have the final blow." Akeno said walking back toward the group.

"You...kill me? Unacceptable!" Vizor shouts as she rises back up, letting out a roar as her fatal wounds regenerated.

"Hmm...how troublesome. Kenshin, while I agree Issei needs battle experience, I don't think he's capable of calling on his gear at will yet, do you mind cleaning up?" Rias asked.

"Huh?" Issei said as Kenshin resumed control.

"Sure I guess." Kenshin said as his naginata appeared in his hand. "Prepare yourself Vizor, I don't let my prey slip away."

"Someone as puny as you kill me alone? Hah!" Vizor shouts with a smirk as her arms regenerated.

"Cute." Kenshin said with a smirk. "Didn't you just get thrown to the ground someone smaller than me?" He takes out one of his cards and looks at it. "Hm...that'll do. I sacrifice my sense of touch, to activate Gnome, the Silent Girl of the Earth."

"?" Rias and the others stared at him as the card lights up and vanishes. Kenshin brings the blade of his naginata to his forearm and cuts it.

"Hm...so this is what it's like to not feel anything." Kenshin said.

"Ha! When I'm done with you, you'll wish you could!" Vizor shouts, stamping one of his paws at Kenshin, who did not move.

"What are you doing? ! Get out of there!" Issei shouts.

"Hmph" Kenshin raised his naginata up and stopped the paw effortlessly. "If you and I fought from the beginning this might have worked, but you've been weakened." He bent his arm and pushed it back up throwing the limb off, he spun his naginata and hacked the limb off entirely.

"Argh! Damn you!" Vizor said batting Kenshin into the air with her tail

"Hn?" Kenshin spun around and shot back down at Vizor, holding his weapon overhead. "Demon Skull Beheading!" He said swinging the blade down, cutting a large gash into her torso.

"Gah!" Vizor gasped in pain, but smirked. "I've got your arm!"

"Oh fuck! She tore your arm off in that last attack!" Issei said.

"Did you really?" Kenshin said showing his stump of a left arm. He focused a burst of his youki and magical energy and a new arm shot out of the stump. "I still seem to have it."

"Hm?" Rias observed this. "How strange...that is usually a skill known by upper mid class devils, ones that are about to step into high ranks." She thought.

Similar sentiments were voiced by Vizor. "How are you able to do that? !"

"I was a demon before was reincarnated as a devil." Kenshin said. "I've been able to regrow my limbs since I was a child. Now...enough of this." Kenshin brought out his wings and flew directly at Vizor. Upon getting to her, he swung his sword five times, carving a star into her torso, hacking off both of her arms and separating her torso from the rest of her body. "Death Sword Chaos Star!" He landed next to her torso and stared down at Vizor. "Boring...such a big, clumsy body could never keep up in the dance of battle with me." He walked away. "Like Akeno said, save the finisher for the Chief."

"Very well, thank you for cleaning her up for me." Rias said walking by Kenshin and up to Vizor. "Any last words rouge devil?"

"Kill me..." Vizor said.

"Very well, as you wish." Rias said holding out her hand as a sphere of darkness obliterated Vizor and her detached sphinx corpse.

Rias turned around with a smile. "Alright, let's head back and have some tea."

"Whoa...so...this is a battle with the devils...can I really move up in this group?" Issei said.

"That is for you to decide Hyoudou." Kenshin thought. "Now take control back."

Issei resumed control and approached Rias. "Excuse me, Chief?"

"Hm? What is it?" Rias asked.

"We were interrupted before you could answer my question." Issei said.

"Oh! Of course. Your rank is..." Rias trailed off.

"Come on come on come on! I know I can't be the Queen piece, but I can be a second rook or knight!" Issei said.

"Pawn." Rias said.

Issei slumped. "Of course...I knew I was the lowest ranked." He thought.

"...Idiot." Kenshin thought to himself.


The next day.

Kenshin was laying in bed, when woke up earlier than expected. "Huh, this still needs some getting used to...let's see...it's day time...I'm in bed...Issei's alarm clock hasn't gone off, there a pair of breasts in my face. Pretty nor-...Wait, Pair of breasts in my face?"


"Munya...why does that sound so...familiar..." Kenshin looked up and saw Rias' face who was asleep, in the nude. He shot out of bed, only to notice he was in an infirmary. Rias woke up. "Oh, Kenshin you're awake."

"H-H-Hey Rias." Kenshin said with a nervous tone.

"Something wrong?" Rias asked.

"No, nothing is wrong at all, why am I in the infirmary?" Kenshin asked.

"Issei must have wandered in here after a workout, I came in to take a nap, since you were here I decided to join you." Rias said.

"Yeah sorry about that, I didn't have the energy to walk home." Issei said. "In any case, WHAT A SIGHT!" He gushed.

"...Did I really bother you?" Rias said with a slightly hurt look.

"No, it's not that. It's just I wasn't expecting to wake up to seeing you in the nude." Kenshin said waving her off. "Again at that..." He thought.

"Oh, I can't sleep unless I'm in the nude." Rias said holding her hands at her chest with a smile. "Then to make it perfect, I cuddle up with a stuffed animal like body pillow."

"Stuffed animal like body pillow?" Kenshin and Issei mentally chorused.

"If that's what awaits me, use us as a body pillow all you want!" Issei said.

"...How cute." Kenshin thought with a fond smile.

"!" Rias' eyes widened for a moment. She narrowed her eyes with a demure smile. "So Issei like's a girl's chest?"

"Yes, I love it!" Issei declared taking control of Kenshin's body.

"How in the fuck did you overshadow me without my permission? !" Kenshin said.

"Would you like to touch my chest?" Rias asked.

"O-Of course!" Issei said.

"Seriously dude, give me back my body!" Kenshin shouts.

"Then could you listen to a request of mine?" Rias asked.

"What Kenshin, you're saying you don't want to touch it? !" Issei thought.

"W-Well, I-I'm not saying I wouldn't want to." Kenshin said.

"Wh-Wh-Wh-What is your request?" Issei said.

"Retrieve a contract..." Rias whispered into his ear before getting up and getting dressed. She winked at Issei/Kenshin. "Well then, I'll wait for you in the club room."

"Ah?" Issei said.

"We just got conned...into doing someone else's work...again!" Kenshin thought. "Now give my back my body!"

"Fine, fuck!" Issei said trading places with Kenshin.

"Hah..." Kenshin sighed. "Jeez, let's go hand this shit out." He said grabbing the bag Rias left behind for him, full of fliers and went about handing them out using the power of his Sylph card. "Heh!" He looked back with a grin seeing a sexy woman's skirt get kicked up by his wind.

"Haha! Nice!" Issei said.

"Thank you, Thank you." Kenshin thought.

He made it back to the club room. "All done." Kenshin said.

"Already? Ara, that was fast." Akeno said.

"Ah, welcome back Kuroshi-kun." Kiba said.

"Back already huh? Well. Good, you've already got a summons in order." Rias said.

"Oh? Already? Alright then." Kenshin said as Rias handed him the information. "OK. I'll be back later."

He left the club room. "Huh, man this place is out in the boonies." Issei said.

"Look Issei, because she was bribing you, you should be the one to do it." Kenshin said.

"Fair enough." Issei said as he and Kenshin switched places again.

The two arrived at the house listed in Rias' information a short while later. Issei made his way inside and looked around. "Hello? I'm a underling devil of the Gremory Clan. Is there anyone here?" He walked around, repeating this phrase until he caught whiff of something foul. "What the...this smell."

"Blood...Issei switch." Kenshin said.

"What? Why?" Issei said.

"I've got a bad feeling letting a rookie continue in here." Kenshin said.

"Weren't you the one who said I needed battle experience?" Issei asked.

"Learn to call on your Sacred Gear at will and I'll let it happen." Kenshin said

"Alright." Issei said switching places with Kenshin once more.

Kenshin proceeded through the house until he found someone pinned to the wall in a reverse cross. "Whoa? !" Issei said.

"See what I mean? Whoever did this, is obviously a psycho." Kenshin said.

Kenshin narrowed his eyes. "It smells of hypocrisy in here." He turned around and found a young man, dressed in clerical clothing. "Oh, if it ain't the catholic church." He looked him over. "What's this? They couldn't spare any seasoned vets so they send the fuckboy little Timmy himself at me? I'd be insulted if you weren't the first priest I ran into."

"Ah and look at what we have here, a filthy heathen!" The young man said.

"Sorry, you can't be referring to me." Kenshin replied with a calm smirk. "Before I became a devil I was a demon. You and I would still be at odds no matter what."

"Well then, mind if I ask ya name?" He asked, mirroring Kenshin's smirk.

"Only if you give yours first, papist." Kenshin said.

"Fine, I'll give ya the courtesy. The name's Freed Sellzen." The young man, now known as Freed answered.

"And I'm Kuroshi Tsuki Kenshin. I'll be murdering you tonight." Kenshin said calling forth his naginata.

"Funny, I was about to say the same to you!" Freed said as the two rushed each other, stabbing at one another. Their blades were diverted and they turned toward one another.

Kenshin narrowed his eyes with a smirk seeing Freed's weapon. A light sword, or lightsaber. "I think George Lucas is gonna sue somebody."

Freed smirked crazily. "Cute...You pique my interest, Kuroshi...I'll enjoy scattering your entrails across the room."

"Heheheh...if I had a hundred yen for every time I've heard that, I'd be a rich man." Kenshin said. "But one thing does make me curious. That man you've nailed to the wall. I hadn't gotten to him yet, so.."

"Oh don't you worry about him." Freed said with a nonchalant smile. "He was a repeat offender."

"Oh really?" Kenshin said.

"Yes...listen well you shitty devil demon...your kind feeds off of human desire, right? The humans who provide you with your feed can't be called human anymore, Therefore I kill them before they can be further tainted." Freed said kicking the head of the corpse. "Kindness, this is a kindness...amen!"

"Oh? How cruel." Kenshin said. "You killed him, then you had to go and defile his corpse. Some priest you are."

"Does that make you angry you piece of shit?" Freed said with a wide, crazed smirk. "Good! Now, come on and let's fight! I wanna erase your existence from the world!" He said pulling out a pistol. "Which weapon do you wanna die to, shitty devil? ! I could go for the record of fillin' your carcass full of holes, or the record for slicing you to bits!"

"You fool." Kenshin said with a derisive smirk. "You won't touch me with either of those toys." He stepped back, spinning his naginata, dodging Freed's slash and knocking away a bullet aimed at his left lung. He jumped into the air and spin kicked Freed in the face before directing his naginata back in front of him.

"Spinning on it's own?" Freed said with narrowed eyes.

"The power of my Sacred Gear." Kenshin said. "I have four cards representing the four main elements of wind, earth, water and fire, I can use these in battle while giving up one of my senses. However if I put a card into a slot on this blade. It gets an ability of it's own. This is the wind ability."

"Interesting!" Freed said charging Kenshin, slashing his light sword at Kenshin's neck, however this was a ploy as he scratched against the blade and took Kenshin's back. He shot at Kenshin only for it to be blocked by the naginata moving backward.

"You think you're the only one whose thought of attack one's blind spot?" Kenshin asked.

"Try this on for size!" Freed said throwing his light sword into a spin knocking Kenshin's naginata away from him.

"!" Kenshin reached into his pocket for one of his cards as Freed aimed his gun at Kenshin. "I won't make it!" He thought moving to leap out of the way, when a familiar figure stepped in between them.

"? !" Freed stopped himself from firing and Kenshin stared in shock. "Asia? !"

Sure enough, the nun Kenshin met a day ago stood between him and Freed. "Oi, that was dangerous, you almost got a bullet in the brain, did you finish the trap?"

"Stop, why do you have to do this to Kenshin-San?" Asia asked.

"Eh? You know this schmuck?" Freed asked. "Hahahaha! What is this? ! A forbidden love between a devil and a nun?"

"Kenshin-San is a devil...?" Asia said.

"That's right, this man is one of the shitty devils we're meant to destroy! What? Did you not know? Ah forget it, soon he'll be a masterpiece just like that over there" Freed said gesturing toward the nailed up corpse.

"? !" Asia felt sick, faint as she saw it. "No...Yaaaahhh! !" She screamed.

"What? Is this Asia's first time seeing a corpse? Well get a good look, this is the ultimate fate for any piece of human garbage that succumbs to the temptations of a devil!" Freed shouts with a gleeful smirk.

"Bastard..." Kenshin scowled as he subtly extended his hand toward his naginata.

"N-No way..." Asia said with tears in her eyes.

"That's the way it is, if we don't cut this devil down, we won't be able to complete our job, now get back in position and deploy your trap!" Freed said.

"Kenshin, what are we gonna do..?" Issei asked.

"Dammit...I don't want to do this...but...? !" Kenshin's eyes widened at what happened next.

Asia responded by continuing to stand between them. "I understand what I'm doing Father Freed, but please let this person go!"

"What are you doing?" Kenshin said. "I don't need your coffin on my conscience." He said with a conflicted glare as his naginata started to move. "Come on, come on!" He thought.

"Just because this person was led astray, using that reason to kill people and even devils, it's just wrong!" Asia said with tears in her eyes.

"Haaah? !" Freed said with a furious glare. "What in the blue hell are you going on about you shitty nun? ! All devils are shit! Didn't you learn that at the church? !" He said grabbing her by the dress, ripping it down the middle.

"There are some good people, even with in the ranks of the devils!" Asia argued.

"None at all, idiot!" Freed countered.

"I thought like that before as well, before I met Kenshin-San! Even now that I know he's one of the devils. Kenshin-San is still Kenshin-San! Killing people like this for no good reason, is unforgivable! God doesn't allow this! Wah!" Asia gasped in pain as Freed rammed the butt of his gun into the back of her head, knocking her to the ground.

"Asia!" Kenshin said. "Come on! Almost!" He thought as his naginata unpinned itself from under Freed's light sword.

"Even though Nee-San told me not to kill you..." Freed said working his gun under Asia's bra. "The rest of you is fair game! I'll kill the devil first, then come back for you!"

"ENOUGH!" Kenshin shouts as his naginata shot toward him. He scowled furiously at Freed. "You bastard...if there's one thing I can't stand...it's a fucking rapist. I'll make your death slow and agonizing."

"We'll see about that, you shitty devil!" Freed said rushing toward Kenshin, who flipped over Freed's stab with his light sword and carved a wound into his back. Freed turned around and shot Kenshin in the leg before he could get his bearings set.

"Grh!" Kenshin grunted.

"Heheh, I got ya, bastard. Although I'm surprised, you should be crying out in agony right now." Freed said.

"Too bad." Kenshin said with a smirk. "I've got a higher pain tolerance than anything you've ever faced before fuckboy." He thrust a finger into his wound and dug the light bullet out. "Take this back." He said flicking it at him, sending it through the window.

Before the two could continue their battle, a magic circle appeared on the floor next to them a large one. "This pentagram." Kenshin thought.

A light shone and Kiba, Koneko and Akeno appeared. "We're here to help Kuroshi." Kiba said.

"Ara, it doesn't look good for you." Akeno said.

"It's just a flesh wound." Kenshin said with narrowed eyes.

"Priest..." Koneko said.

"Hahaha! Welcome you shitty devils! Now time to die!" Freed said charging them only to be intercepted by Kiba's blade.

"Watch out for the gun!" Kenshin warned.

"I know." Kiba said as he held Freed's gun arm away from him. "Attacking like that, it's really ungentlemanly. You'll be disliked by the ladies."

"Kiba, I don't think he gives two shits. He just tried to rape this nun." Kenshin said.

Kiba went on the offensive. "I apologize but I cannot allow you to kill Kuroshi-kun and Hyoudou-kun in a place like this."

"There's two guys in there? ! Sweet! A double kill!" Freed whooped with excitement. "That's really hot, so which of you two is the pitcher and catcher respectively, huh? Huh? !"

"That's quite the vulgar mouth you have, are you a stray exorcist?" Kiba asked.

"Sorry for bein' vulgar! So what if I am excommunicated, but if I can kill your sorry asses under the protection of the fallen angels, I'll be satisfied!" Freed exclaimed.

"Over zealousness in hunting devils and the excitement in bringing about the excommunication." Akeno said. "This type of exorcist seems to be the most threatening."

"Aah, there's no point in talking about that with you blood sucking shits." Freed said.

"Even if you are devils, we have rules." Akeno said with a critical stare.

"Aaahnnn! Oh man that stare, the killing intent! You are getting me so fucking hot!" Freed said sashaying around the room.

"Is that right? Well then, shall I turn you to ashes?"

"? !" Kenshin's head snapped over to the doorway to find Rias.

"I'm sorry, Kenshin. I didn't count on an exorcist showing up, are you hurt?" Rias asked.

"Well, I got shot, other than that. I'm fine." Kenshin said. "Already dug the bullet out and everything."

An aura of dark anger surrounded Rias. "So...my charge was under your care was he?"

"Oh yeah, real fun one he is. We were rocking out against each other until you shit bags showed up!" Freed said.

The wall next to him was obliterated. "Hau?" He turned around and saw the wall outside was in a similar state. "Huh...Huh..."

"Chief! A large group of fallen angels seem to be heading right at us! We need to go!" Akeno said.

"Damn..." Rias cursed. "Alright, get the transport spell ready!"

"Hey, Rias. We should take this girl with us." Kenshin said walking over to Asia.

"That's impossible, only my peerage and I can use this circle." Rias said.

"What? ! Shit!" Kenshin said looking around.

"Kenshin, Issei. This girl is an enemy." Rias said.

"Like I give a damn about that right now. If she wasn't here I'd be in a hell of a lot worse shape!" Kenshin said. "She's a friend of mine and I owe her one!"

"Relax! Fallen angels don't kill nuns, there's no reason for them to." Rias reprimanded harshly. "The best plan right now is to retreat."

"...Fine..." Kenshin said with a grunt. He looked down at Asia. "You stay safe now, you hear me?"

"Kenshin...-San..." Asia said looking up at him.

"Damn you! I won't let you escape." Freed said charging after them. Koneko threw a couch at him only for him to spring over it.

"No fuckboys allowed!" Kenshin shouts holding out two cards. "Sacrifice the senses of smell and touch to activate Sylph and Gnome!" He cocked his fist back. "Senkoudanken!" ( 1) He shouts laying his fist into Freed's face, faster than most could see. The excommunicated priest went shooting out through the hole and Rias and her peerage began warping out.

"Kenshin-San!" Asia said making him turn to her. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she smiled. "We must meet again!"

"..." Kenshin smiled and nodded. "Count on it."



Rias and her peerage had gotten away scot free without pursuit. Kenshin stood in the shower, washing himself off. "Aaah, what are we gonna do about Asia?" Kenshin wondered.

"Good question...I wanna save her too." Issei said.

"Agh..." Kenshin's leg twitched. "Damn...I need to take it easy. My regeneration factor was dampened by the bullet." "!" Kenshin felt someone rubbing up against him and turned his head to find Rias. "R-R-R-R-Rias! What're you doing in here?" "Damn! This keeps happening I'm gonna have a heart attack form the shock!" He thought.

"Relax, I just came to take a look at your injury." Rias said. "Let me see it."

"Oh, OK." Kenshin said.

Rias placed her hand on Kenshin's leg. "..."

"What is with this situation? Chief's smooth body, droplets of water bouncing off it nonstop!" Issei gushed.

"Keep it up and I'll ask Rias to leave just so I can turn the water cold and switch with you." Kenshin thought.

"...I'm sorry." Rias said, her eyes narrowed in regret.

"..." Kenshin knelt down and cupped her cheek. "Hey. Don't blame yourself." He said with a smile.

"Kenshin?" Rias said with a curious gaze, placing her hand over his.

"There's no way you coulda known that was going to happen. All you knew was that it was a summons. Hell I could have left myself, but I chose to investigate." Kenshin said. "Don't blame yourself for my mistake."

Rias pulled him in close and embraced him. "I'm going to...huh?" She said as Kenshin embraced her back.

"This is the only time you've done this while I've been conscious." Kenshin said with a laugh. "Figured I should take the chance while it was there, y'know."

"...Hmhmhm...I guess so. Hold still." Rias said

"Gh..." Kenshin grunted as his wound started healing faster than before. "That batshit priest, he was excommunicated from the Vatican right?"

"Yes, with exorcists, killing our kind is fine with them, but there are those who fall in love with the idea and go mad from the bloodlust. They find their services are best used by the fallen angels and become rouges." Rias said.

"No kidding, that guy was a special kind of crazy." Kenshin said. "

"Yes, but please try to avoid them for now. I've given you emergency aid, but it would still be wise for you to rest and take it easy." Rias said.

"Gotcha." Kenshin said.

Rias stared at Kenshin for a moment. "Kenshin, why do you seem to care for that nun? You know what kind of a danger she represents to us as devils."

"I know that, but...well, do you remember how I told you she was being treated like an outcast?" Kenshin asked.

"I believe you used the term leper, but yes." Rias said.

"Well..." Kenshin went silent for a moment. "I guess I can say this and not much else." He thought.

"Well..when I was a child I was treated similarly. I'm sorry, but what I am doesn't change the fact that I know how that feels. Besides, I don't think Asia has it in her to kill. She saw that nailed up corpse in the house last night and almost fainted."

"If you and her didn't meet a couple of days ago, you'd probably be dead." Rias said.

"Exactly." Kenshin said.

"Alright, I'll permit you to be in contact with her, but if you sense fallen angels you get out of there." Rias said. "Seriously, just disappear."

"I can do that." Kenshin said. "Now I'm getting out of here, Starting to prune."

Rias watched his back as he left. She sighed softly to herself. "Am I making the right choice?" She wondered.

Kenshin got dressed and sat on the couch. His eyes started drooping. "Ugh..." Kenshin rubbed his head.

"Looks like you're tired." Issei said.

"Mentally." Kenshin thought. "Fuck, I need to get some sleep. Take over. Go train or something."

"How? Your leg is bum." Issei said as they traded places.

"Hrrrn!" Kenshin flexed his magic around his wound and it healed completely. "There, Rias healing me kinda took the dampener away. Now if that is all, go work out, or work on calling on your Sacred Gear. I'm not gonna be able to fight all the battles."

"Alright." Issei said.

Issei went out into the forest and worked out, he tried calling on his gear a few times, but nothing happened. "Why do I get the feeling it's a battle thing like Kenshin's kickass dual bladed weapon?"

"...I heard that...zzzzzz..." Kenshin mumbled.

"Huh? Is he still asleep?" Issei wondered as he walked into town.

"...Hahaha...c-come on Yukari stop it, that tickles! Zzzz...zzzz..." Kenshin said.

"Yup, definitely still asleep, Wonder who Yukari is though, Someone Kenshin knows back home?" Issei thought.

He stopped off at an outdoor cafe and diner to get something to eat. As he got his food. He happened to look across the street and saw a familiar figure. "Isn't that Asia?" He peeled his eyes and waited for her to turn around. When she did he nodded. "It is!"

He ran across the street. "Oi, Asia!" Issei shouts.

"Huh? Kenshin-San?" Asia said turning around.

"Oh right, still Kenshin's body." Issei thought.

"Is something wrong with your voice? It sounds funny." Asia said.

"Ah, come over here and have lunch with me and I'll explain." Issei said. "Smooth." He thought with an inward grin.

Asia and Issei walked back over to where Issei was sitting and he ordered her a burger and a small order of fries and a drink. She stared at them in confusion. "Excuse me...are there any knives or forks around?"

"What? No. You eat it with your hands." Issei said holding the burger in one hand and a few fries in the other.

"Oh! So that's how it's done." Asia said. "Well maybe I should wash my hands first..." She said digging around in her bag before pulling out a vial of holy water.

"Shit!" Issei thought grabbing a thing of wet wipes kept near the table and sliding them to her. "Here, take that. No need to waste your vial there on something so trivial."

"Oh...thank you." Asia said putting it away.

"Whew." Issei said, very quietly.

She wiped her hands off. "There, all clean. Now, before I eat I should pray." She said cupping her hands together. "Lord..."

Issei's face hit the table as softly as he could manage as he tried to ignore the pain in his head. "Shiiiittt."

"What the fuck? ! Why do I feel like I've just been steamrolled, revived and forced to go ten rounds with Mighty Thor? !" Kenshin said.

"Oh, you're awake." Issei thought. "I ran into Asia."

"Seriously?" Kenshin said as Asia quit praying.

"Er...Kenshin-San? !" Asia shouts in worry.

"I'm fine..." Issei said rising up and beginning to eat.

"Wow, these are really good!" Asia exclaimed with glee. "By the way, you said you'd explain why your voice sounds funny."

"Well, remember last night when you...found out about me." Issei said.

"Y-Yes." Asia said with narrowed eyes. "So you're really a devil?" She whispered.

"I am...sorry..." Issei said. "Yeah, but that's not what I'm trying to tell you."

"What then?" Asia asked.

"Kenshin's body holds two souls. I'm that other soul." Issei whispered.

"R-Really?" Asia said. "Then...who are you?"

"Hyoudou Issei." Issei introduced.

"I've heard of you, you're the young man that died here recently." Asia said. "Why is your soul in Kenshin-San's body?"

"Because before we became devils, we met and we were both dying. My body was slowly breaking apart into nothing, so he offered to let my soul rest in his body, I agreed he ripped my soul out and here I am." Issei said. "We didn't expect to be reincarnated."

"Really? Was Kenshin-San some kind of Paladin?" Asia asked.

"Hahahahahaha!" Kenshin laughed. "She is waaaayyyy off!"

"Hahaha, no. He was a Demon." Issei said.

"O...Oh." Asia said. "Well..that really doesn't matter to me. Anyone who was as nice as he was can't be bad."

"..." Kenshin went silent.

"Kenshin?" Issei thought.

"It's nothing, listen you go ahead and keep control for awhile, I'll just observe." Kenshin said.

"Ooook." Issei thought. "In any case...when I saw her, she looked like she was running from something."

"Considering the situation we saw her in last night, I wouldn't surprised if she's running from that fuckboy priest Freed." Kenshin said. "I'll keep an eye out. In the meantime you make her feel safe."

"Got it." Issei thought.

Asia looked over, "Say, Issei-San, what's that place over there?"

"Huh? Oh that's a game center." Issei said.

"Game center/" Asia said with her eyes narrowed in confusion.

"Yeah, come on. Let's go." Issei said with a grin, grabbing her hand and pulling her over to the game center.

"Huh? Issei-San there is a lot of Ratchu-kun's in this machine!" Asia said looking into the prize grabber machine like a child in a toy factory.

"Do you want one?" Issei asked.

"Hau? ! N-No..." Asia shyly said.

"Don't you like them?" Issei asked.

"Yes! I mean No...err..." Asia said poking her fingers together.

"Alright! Just leave it to me!" Issei said pulling out Kenshin's wallet.

"Ya spent half my money getting that thing." Kenshin said with narrowed eyes.

"Didn't you steal this money to begin with?" Issei thought.

"Your point? Dude obviously didn't need it, he'd have found me by now." Kenshin thought.

"Thank you very much! I'll take care of it forever!" Asia said clutching the stuffed animal close to her chest.

"...Eh, I guess if she's happy I don't care as much about the lost funds." Kenshin said with a smile.

"Well, something like this...I can grab another for you if you like." Issei said nonchalantly with a smile.

"No, there's no need, this Ratchu-kun is the best present created due to our encounter. I want to treasure our encounter here today." Asia said.

"Uwwooaahh! What a good girl Asia is! She's like a little angel even if I am a devil!" Issei thought. Kenshin rolled his eyes at him, but didn't say anything.

"Issei-San, what's that over there?" Asia asked pointing at a photo booth.

Issei started going on a long winded spiel until Kenshin interrupted without him knowing. "It's a photo booth."

"Kenshin-San?" Asia asked. "How are you, you know after...last night?"

"Oh I'm fine, don't worry about me." Kenshin said waving her off with a smile. "Alright, I'm putting Issei back at the forefront." He said turning around.

Issei ended his long spiel about the photo booth and turned back around to find Asia missing. "Huh?"

"She's in that dressing room over there...why is she there?" Kenshin said.

"I dunno." Issei said

"That's actual blonde hair? Here try wearing this! See it suits you!"

"Huh?" Kenshin and Issei both said.

Asia was pushed back out wearing cat ears, tiny angel wings, thigh high stockings and a white dress that was left open at the bottom exposing her panties.

"Uuuuwooooaaahh! !" Issei thought with a nosebleed.

"They took my clothes..." Asia said.

"Ah...d-don't worry about it, it's not like they can purchase your clothes." Issei said. "Come on, let's take a picture." Issei said pulling her into the photo booth.

"Eh, Eeeehhh? !" Asia said.

They took a few pictures, Asia was shy at first, but got into it at the end. They walked around town as the sun began to set. "Woo..." Issei said. "I'm worn out..."

"That injury Kenshin-San got from last night, still hasn't healed has it?" Asia asked.

"Nah, it's fine. I was just working out before we ran into each other." Issei said. "Grh..." His leg buckled. "What the?"

"I healed it, but it's still sore, huh." Kenshin thought. "I really need to look into healing here in this world." He thought.

Issei sat down at a bench. "My leg's still sore though. Excuse me for a moment."

Asia knelt down and held her hands over the spot where the wound was. The same light from a few days prior shone and died down in an instant. "It's done, how does it feel?"

"Fine, whoa...that's amazing." Issei said stopping his foot down a couple of times. "That must be the power of your sacred gear."

"Yes, it's a sacred gear that possess the ability to heal." Asia said.

"Man that is neat. You can even heal a devil like me." Issei said.

Asia went silent, bowing her head, as tears began slipping down her face. "I...I'm sorry." Issei said.

"No, you did nothing wrong." Asia said shaking her head. "When I was born my parents abandoned me at the orphanage at the church. When I received this power. I had just turned eight. When the church found out about it they started to treat me as a saint. I used my power to heal a lot of sick people. But...at the same time...while I was a saint, normal people would look at me and treat me differently. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to the almighty for giving me this power, but...being a saint only made me feel lonely. Then one day I saw a mortally wounded devil. I didn't know what a devil until after I had healed it. So I did what I always did. After it was healed it killed the exorcists that were after it and fled."

"I had committed a serious sin by helping it and the people who once revered me as a saint, now were calling me a demon." Asia said as she started to cry. "A fallen angel took me in and you know the rest as I'm here now." "I always had this dream, to be able to go out with my friends, go shopping together chatting together normally. To be friends with...to be able to...to..."

Kenshin, having heard enough took over and grabbed her head and brought it to his shoulder. "Enough...if you say anymore you're only going to make yourself cry more. We'll be your friend, both Issei and I."

"Kenshin...-San!" Asia said holding him close.

"That's not possible." Kenshin looked up and saw a woman with black angel wings.

"And who the hell are you to decide that, Nephalem?" Kenshin said getting to his feet.

"R...Raynare-Sama..." Asia said.

"Yuuma-Chan...no wait...that's right...she's a fallen angel!" Issei said.

"Asia, come on now...don't waste my time." Raynare said.

"No, I won't help you kill anymore people." Asia weakly protested.

"To us, your existence is a must. You do understand right?" Raynare asked.

"She said she wasn't coming with you Nephalem." Kenshin said. "...I recognize you...You're that fallen angel I chased off before I became a devil."

"Hmph, I can't believe you and that Issei fellow are still alive." Raynare said. "Regardless, this has nothing to do with you devil."

"No you're wrong." Kenshin said. "You killed Issei, destroyed his body really...and now you seek to control Asia? I'm not going to allow that." He said as his naginata appeared in his hand. "If I could scare you off when I was death on legs, I think I should be able to take you on."

"Hmhmhm...you fool..." Raynare said with a small smirk. "The only reason I ran, was because I didn't know you, you could have been strong, you could have been weak...your bodily condition didn't matter. My job was to determine whether or not to kill Issei and I accomplished that. Getting into a tussle with a man with god magic wreathed all over his body wasn't on my to do list."

"Heh, so you ran from the magic of the two gods my clan used. As demons we could do such. Now, as a devil I cannot. So, will you take off again now, solidifying your status as a coward?" Kenshin asked.

"Hmhmhm...cute...but before we begin, Dragon Cat devil. I wish to know if Issei is listening in there." Raynare said.

"..." Kenshin narrowed his eyes.

"Issei, I remember our date that day...I was quite happy..." Raynare said. "Nothing would have happened had you stayed dead...but thanks to this brute, Why don't I kill you once again, hm?" She said calling forth her light spear.

"We'll see about that." Kenshin said reaching into his pocket for his cards.

"Wait!" Issei said.

"What is it?" Kenshin thought. "I don't have much time."

"I want to try something." Issei said.

"You want me to put our asses at risk just so I can let you try something? !" Kenshin thought.

"I want to see if I can call my gear, and...this is my issue with her." Issei said. "Let me at least give it a try, if it doesn't work, I'll stand aside!"

"...Fine, but if anything happens to us, it's your ass Rias' is frying, not mine." Kenshin thought as he let Issei take over.

"I have to make the first move, before she uses that spear of light." Issei thought clenching his fist. "Sacred Gear!" He thought as his fist changed. "It worked!"

"I thought so, It responds to a need. You just need to make that need more than just subconscious." Kenshin said.

"Kenshin-San, Issei-San, that's a...!" Asia said.

"Stand back, I'll handle this!" Issei said.

"Oh? The higher ups said that your sacred gear was too dangerous to be left in your hands, but...it seems they miscalculated. That thing is called 'Hand of Dragon' Although that is the name, it's nothing too exceptional. They can use it to multiply their power, but even if you were to do it by the hundreds or thousands, you won't scare me." Raynare said. "Honestly it's just fitting for a low class devil like you." "Although I am more interested in that loud mouthed dual breed's elemental sacred gear. Bring him back out."

"Krh..." Issei grunted, glaring at her.

"Don't let her get in your head." Kenshin thought. "She's overconfident, if you can shatter that you can win."

"Right! Let's see my increased power then!" Issei said.

"Boost!" The hand itself said while showing the word itself in the orb.

"Come on Asia!" Issei said grabbing her hand and taking off.

"Why the fuck are you running? !" Kenshin said. "Fight this bitch!"

"Hmph." Raynare said throwing the spear through his torso.

"Gah!" Issei gasped and fell to the ground.

"What in the fucking hell was that? ! If I knew you were going to run I wouldn't have agreed to let you take over!" Kenshin said.

"Dammit! I thought this thing would boost my speed and defense as well!" Issei thought.

"Asia run!" Issei said.

"Get out of the way Issei!" Kenshin said taking over.

Kenshin rose up. "Oh?" Raynare said. "So you're back, loudmouth."

"Tch...I should have known he wouldn't have the backbone to fight you because of that date." Kenshin said. He grabbed the spear of light. "Grrh!" He grunted as it burned his skin. "Grrrrhhhh! !" He yanked it out of his torso. "Haaaahhh...hah...hah...Take this back." He said throwing the spear at Raynare's head.

"!" Raynare moved out of the way. "Well...I wasn't expecting that...most devils would be dying from that."

"Sorry to disappoint you." Kenshin said with a weary smirk. "Issei's not going to fight you, but I've got no problems tearing you apart." He said calling for his naginata again. "Damn...I don't know how long I can last like this, just getting stabbed with that thing was exhausting." He thought.

"I'm sorry Kenshin..." Issei said.

"Well, I always did see myself going out in battle." Kenshin thought. "Let's do this!"

"Asia get out of here!" Kenshin said. "I'll take care of this!"

"But your wound!" Asia said in worry.

"T'is a flesh wound! Now go!" Kenshin said.

"Hmhmhm, What a man...you get ran through the torso and insist it's a flesh wound..." Raynare said licking her lips. "Regardless. Asia if you do not come with me, I'll destroy this devil."

"You destroy me...fat chan-"

"I understand." Kenshin's head snapped over to see Asia walking toward Raynare.

"What're you...?" Kenshin said.

"Kenshin-San...Issei-San...I had a lot of fun today." Asia said. "You two were honestly willing to be friends with someone like me. Thank you."

"That's good...after the ceremony today, your pain and suffering will all disappear." Raynare said cupping Asia's cheek.

"Ceremony..?" Kenshin said. "What are you talking about? Hey! Asia, don't give in so easily! I'm not gonna keel over from something like this! I can still fight to keep you away from her!"

"Kenshin-San..." Asia said with tears rolling down her face. "This is goodbye..."

"Your life is spared Kenshin and Issei, now do not interfere with us again!" Raynare said.

"Grrhh!" Kenshin uncased his wings and flew at Raynare stabbing at her head, but she vanished as he got to her. "Dammit..." He flexed his youki and magic and his wound closed. "Hah...hah...hah...hah..." He took a few steps away from the park.

"Kenshin...are you...?"

"Shut...up..." Kenshin thought.

"Grrh...uuhhnnn.." Kenshin fell forward slipping into unconsciousness.

"Kenshin! Kenshin! ! Wake up! !" Issei shouts. "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! He's gonna die and it's all my fault! Dammit I shouldn't have ran!"

(chapter end)

Kenshin: Well that was quick. It was fun while it lasted.

Draconis: Good news, I'm bringing you back as a zombie.

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Draconis: Yeah I guess. I could bring Issei's body back as a zombie.

Issei: Oooooopppppaaaaiiiii!

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Kenshin: I knew that was coming, I saw it coming from a mile away!

Draconis: Well anyway...Next time we'll wrap up the first arc of the story...man that was fast.

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