Chapter I: Fallen

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-October 7th 1998: North America, Glastenbury Mountain, Vermont. 9:49pm

Her blood boiled as the radiation bounced around the wall, for hours the Facility repeatedly bombarded with it in hopes that her mutation would awaken, they had succeeded several hours ago, but continued in hopes of getting the maximum results and if perchance managed to erase her humanity in the process it would simplify the process of her conditioning. Sadly, that proved rather difficult, as the adamantium binding had not shown the same effects as it did with Weapon X, or so they kept saying. It was difficult to understand considering the dizziness, nausea, and over all excruciating pain, it reminded her of the cruciatus curse she had suffered from at the end of Fourth Year. Moony, had instructed to retreat into her mind if under its effect for long periods of time, "memories are a saving grace.", but the application was eternally harder than the theory. The radiation stopped, the Scientists would let her rest an hour before continuing with bombardment. Clearing her mind, she drifted between reality and dreams.

- June 28th 1996: Gringotts, Diagon Alley

Name: Samantha Potter

Age: 15

DoB: July 30, 1980

Status: Active

Parents: Lily Evans, James Potter (ADOPTED): (DECEASED)

Mother: Samantha Wu (Unknown), Father: Logan (Unknown)


House Gaunt (CONQUEST)


Samantha's eyes were blurry with tears, she had lost her parents twice, she had lost the man who was the closest to thing to a father she had in her short yet miserable life, and her friends had abandoned her in her time of need. They had blamed her for everything, from their injuries to their willingness to follow her. The Order berated her for being impulsive and costing them Sirius. The Wizarding World wasn't any better they blamed her for Voldemorts return. Now to top it all off she didn't even fit the prophecy, she was just a pawn that had survived ordeals out of pure dumb luck. Her mind raced with the possibilities that the Order knew this all along and had just kept feeding her a lie that would push her to an early grave. A wrinkled hand brought her out of her thoughts, the old goblin king smiled at with great pity. "Sadly the Potter vaults and the Black Vaults are sealed until you reach of age, marry, or are with child." 'Of course it was about the money.' Samantha thought, goblins didn't strike her as empathetic creature by nature. "But we found that several properties are open to you, Two in the United Kingdom; one in the United States; and three in France. In the United Kingdom we have Number 12 Grimmauld Place in the Borough of Islington and a cottage in Godric's Hollow that has been left in ruins as a tribute to Lord James Potter and Lady Lily Evans. The property in America is situated in the town of Bayville, New York, near Salem Center, I believe it was a summer retreat for the Black family where most of their summer balls were held. Now the properties in France are still being searched for, the manner of charms hiding them are unknown to us." He removed his hand and pulled out a wooden box. "This was left in our possession by Sirius Black before his incarceration, it is a token left by your biological mother, it is completely made out of sterling silver." He pulled out a simple pendant. With shaking hands she took the pendant. The pendant was of simple design, completely smooth on the outside and once opened the words 'May Your Luck Be Better Than Mine' were crudely etched into the metal with what appeared to be a knife. She resisted the urge to smash it against the wall. The Goblin king pulled a ring from his pocket. 'This belongs to you, it had a series of particularly nasty curses protecting it and my curse breakers have spent weeks making it safe, even removing a soul fragment from inside it, you needn't worry about the charges as they have already been taken from what remained of the Gaunt Gallions,, the scrolls have been left untouched. This ring is a head of house ring, but with the Gaunt's lack of standing in Wizard society it is simply a ring."

Samantha bowed to the goblin. "If that will be all Lord Goblin, I shall take my leave." The Goblin King nodded and allowed her to leave, but not before placing the ring on her right hand. She left the room with great haste. Once outside she failed to notice the bug-eyed woman with rather large glasses standing near the entrance of Flourish and Blotts, the woman's arms wrapped around her pulling her into a side alley, her dead voice echoed in Samantha's ear.

"The child of prophecy approaches, born of those who have thrice defied him… born as the seventh month dies…she will be marked with the greatest fire… The Starchild shall suffer in days of future passed… a Memory of what could come and what has been… born to the white kings lost pawn… the deathbird's chosen and the life bringer avatar. She will-"

In a panic Samantha balled her fist and smashed it into the woman's chest, pain shot down her arm and finally through her knuckles, she pulled her fist back in shock. Three nine inch bone claws covered in blood, human blood. She ran.

They would hunt her, call her a dark creature, and they would do it just to see her locked away, to see her weaker than she already was.

By the time she reached the Dursley's home. Her mind had come to the conclusion that she was destined to fail and that her child would inherit her war and if Voldemort heard whispers of this prophecy he would kill her child. One that hadn't yet been conceived, one that she needed to protect. She staggered the rest of the way. The lights were off. Not caring to greet the Dursley she moved to the living room to get to the kitchen. She was greeted in turn by the corpses of her dead relatives and a woman she would later learn was named Kimura.

-October 9th 1998 12:46am

Dr. Sarah Kinney never was a cruel person she treated her subjects with a level of respect that few in the Weapon X project shared, but that never stopped her from advancing the field genetics. So when she got a call from her esteemed collegue Zander Price panicking about something he did to her test subject under the designation of X-13 she had to stop herself from maiming him. The sight she that greeted her nearly pushed her over the edge.

Samantha lied on the table unmoving, guards surrounded her as the scientist took her pulse, she could feel the magic flowing through her as if she held her phoenix feather cored wand. The machines hummed around her, scanning for any signs of organ failure. The female scientist gasped in fear ."Scans show zero brain activity, Zander." She pried Samantha's eyelid open her and flashed a light at it. "X-13 is non responsive." She turns to her 'assistant' "I told you this could happen, and when I tell Dr. Stutter that you went behind our backs and continued to bombard the subject… I don't even want to imagine what he'll do to you." Doctor Sarah Kinney, Samantha hated the woman, not because she was cruel but because she experimented on her for the sake of her younger sister and the woman at times was rather unpleasant to be around as she usually vented her frustrations about X-23 on her. But Zander was another story the man was cruel and never hesitated to torture or use that blasted trigger scent on her.

"Will you be quiet, Stutter won't need to find out about this if you help me get to the healing vat." Samantha almost smiled when she felt his panicked hands undo the restraints. "And besides wouldn't it be better if X-13 actually gave us some helpful results that way you can keep your mutt safe and hey Stutter might even let you keep her." Sarah stayed silent for a moment before helping her sociopathic comrade. The final restraint was unlatched, Samantha's eyes shot open and she stabbed the nearest body, blood splattered over Kinney, time slowed in Samantha's eyes, the horror stricken faces of guards, her claws were lodged in the man's skull. She jumped of the table and onto the other two hacking one mans head off and slicing the others throat, she felt a kick to the back of her, swiping wildly she managed to cut Zander across the chest. Her eyes locked with the last doctor her eyes wide with terror.

Samantha grabbed by the arms. "Where is she?!" Sarah shook her head. Samantha grabbed her ID card and through her against the glass mirror. The glass cracked. 'You know the word… use them…' A voice whispered. "Where is SHE?!" the woman refused once more, "CRUCIO!" A red volt of energy slammed into Sarah. She screamed "CRUCIO!" Samantha found joy in her pain, they had used her to make the perfect weapon. Sarah continued to scream. Till the pain stopped. X-13 face was inches away from her, a savage grin on her face. "You won't tell me where my sister is, don't worry, she'll turn up eventually, and maybe she will be like me." Sarah let out a sob. "I mean, isn't this what you want a weapon with a number? Just another one of me, isn't that your legacy." Sarah looked away. "I hope you're proud."

With an animalistic growl she shot out the lab slicing any guard that had the misfortune of crossing her path. A few of them managed to hit her with bullets but in her rage she barely felt them. A door marked "SARAH KINNEY' caught her attention, naturally she wanted to cause as much damage so she began cutting through it with her claws. Once inside she noticed the Gaunt's ring and the pendant her mother had left her, putting on the ring was simple enough, the necklace on the other hand was sort of a troublesome subject, in a twisted way it was the last connection to her parents her only actual clue and if she left it she could very well be resigning herself to never knowing why, on the other hand it was a mocking reminder that she had, willingly or not , been abandoned and was condemned to a life that wasn't hers. With a growl she placed the pendant around her neck and grabbed the file with information on Weapon X.

Samantha made her way across the maze of doors and hallways, and ended on the cliff face, she could smell and hear a great number of guards approaching, she paced for a minute before peeking over the railing and into the woodland abyss bellow. Weighing her option she jumps, avoiding a volley of bullets. Halfway down the mountain she disappeared with a resounding snap she disappeared into the air.

The dangers of apparition are numerous and when one decides to apparate without a set destination in mid the odds of these dangers multiply greatly. One such danger is known as splinching in witch case the unlucky person looses a random part of his or her body, knowing this Samantha was clutching the gaping hole in her right arm. She had collapsed on the floor white tiled floor. As luck would have it she had landed in a clothing store, the facility had always kept her in sterile hospital gowns and hers were stained red. Forcing herself to feet, slowly she made her way to the woman section. Grabbing a pale blue t-shirt, black jacket, jeans, a pair of boots, finger less gloves, and a scarf for the sole purpose to stop blood from staining her new clothes. With practiced ease she maneuvered across the store picking up things that she would need for the foreseeable future and stuffing it in a backpack. She emptied the register and began folding the bills in her pockets, Samantha stopped briefly to wonder if it should worry her that she was taking things as well as she was… considering everything the last few years have thrown at her… maybe shock would be the best way to describe it or she simply couldn't be bothered to actually care at the moment either way she needed to get as much distance from wherever she was being kept. The Weapon X file was useless, one half of it was missing the other was soaked in blood and was unreadable.

"Where do I go from here?" she wondered out loud. The stores bathroom would be her first stop, it wouldn't go well if she smelled like a slaughter house, but then where? From what she could gather she was somewhere in the United States. Bayville was sadly her only option, the house was supposedly move in ready, house elves would have kept in a decent condition Kreacher being her only example for ancient house elves. After Bayville, maybe France if Gringotts made any head way finding the properties.

The bathroom was surprisingly clean, Samantha almost regretted having to dirty it. Removing her hand from spiral shaped wound, she passed it under the faucets cold spray, she didn't even flinch. "The blood must've made it look worse than it was." She muttered, and for the first time in two years Samantha caught a glimpse of her reflection, black lines framed her face, her skin had become almost as white as snow, her hair long wild and distinctive, her muscles were more defined and she was a taller around 170 cm. In her own opinion she felt rather odd being so… curvy. With an loud skint one of her claws slid out, she had become rather used to the pain they brought and comfortable in her ability to use them like Weapon X. With her free hand she pulled her hair and began to cut.

Her blue eyes almost felt predatory in her opinion, they had lost that playful shine she was usually complimented about back when life felt so much easier…

- June 20th, 1996

"Why don't you bugger off you tosser?" Ron spat. It had been around the sixth time Samantha had tried to visit Hermione key word being tried. There was always someone that in her way, be it Ron, Dumbledore, Neville, Mrs. Weasley, or even Lupin. They played the guilt card well and she had fallen for it the last few times but she was reaching the end of her rope.

"Because she my friend too, Ronald." She snapped. It had been the same song and the same bloody dance. She was certain now that he would respond with some witless comeback that would somehow implicate her in Hermione's current condition and then he would either storm off like the immature childish prat that he is or he would attack her in which case Madame Pomffrey would throw both of them out.

"Yeah, well, if she was her friend how come you didn't protect her from Mcnair or how about Sirius?! Huh? What about him! If it weren't for you he'd still be alive!" He shoved her. "Everyone was hurt because you wanted to be the hero. Well guess Potter your not, your just another spoiled rich brat that who wants to play with the real heroes." She couldn't stop her hand as it slammed into his face, knocking him over.

"Don't blame me for your failings Ron. I didn't ask you to follow me to the ministry, I asked everyone to stay behind, I warned you of the dangers that we would be facing. I yelled at Neville for insinuating that Voldemort's inner circle was something a few fifth years could handle." With her knees she had him pinned to the floor. "And if memory serves me right, she took the curse for you, not for me, she did it because for some reason she can't see what a giant git you are!" she wanted to strike him again, she wanted to show him how much it hurt to be his friend. "And don't you dare blame me for Sirius, we were dueling Malfoy when Bellatrix shot him through the portal, door, thing!" Tears made her vision blurry. Ron shoved her off.

"Your nothing but a fake, you fucking nutter." He strutted out with what little dignity he had left.

She just glared at his retreating back. She stood up and sat next Hermione, Samantha intertwined her fingers with her unconscious friend. "Why?" She whispered. "Why did you have to chose him?" she finally cried.

-October 9th 1998 3:46am

Her hair was a short spike filled mess. Her arm had stopped bleeding and most of the blood had washed off, in her opinion everything would be fine if it weren't for the fact she stank of cheap hand soap. She rapped the scarf around her neck and dressed. Even she had to admit she look good. The next step according to 'Escaping Undetected' by Mad-Eye Moody would be to eliminate any evidence she was ever there, thus the hunt for a sufficiently powerful detergent ensued, which took about five minutes, the cleaning part was what took the better part of three hours; the next step would be actually exiting the store without triggering any type of alarm system they had. Usually Alohomora, which in theory still work. With no other options in sight Samantha made her way to the stores side entrance. "How exactly am I supposed to do this without a wand?"

With a exasperated sigh she aimed her hand at the lock and whispered "Alohomora." For the first few seconds nothing happened, on impulse Samantha kicked the door unhinging it from the frame. Adjusting her backpack she ran across the adjacent parking lot and crashed into a very familiar car. Out of everything Samantha was expecting that night a light blue Ford Anglia (105E Deluxe if she remembered correctly.) was not one of them especially one with no driver. The old bucket of bolts seemed genuinely happy to see her, if the lack of honking and the fact it hadn't hit her that hard was any sign to go by. The driver door swung open nailing her shin. "Nice to see you too." She gritted out, in response the car made its engine roar. After a heated one-sided rant Samantha thanked Ford for the lift and strapped herself in.

"Bayville New York if you would." With a metallic groan in response the old Ford sped off into the night. She was satisfied when she read the 'NOW EXITING RUTLAND' sign, sleep called for her and for once it would be a dreamless sleep.

- October 9th 1998 9:07am

Samantha awoke when the car suddenly and violently stopped, smashing her head her head against the dashboard. "You, you fucking wanna be plain… I'll find a way to get you back." 'WELCOME TO BAYVILLE.' "Great, now what? is there a Gringotts nearby or something?" Ford shuddered before lurching once more and speeding through the beautiful seaside town. The car in her opinion was taking a rather lengthy scenic rout passing by Bayville High School. Bored she decided to memorize as many faces as she could. Two groups stuck out from the rest, one composed of a dancing teen with a blue tail, another with strikingly red sun glasses, a girl with a very annoyed expression, a bleach blonde kid in a pink sleeveless shirt looking around franticly while trying to call as much attention to himself as he could, and finally a vibrant red haired green eyes; the other group was glaring openly at the others, but the only one of true note was the girl with the streak of white hair whose confusion she could feel from the road. The bell rang and the groups disappeared in the mass of students.

Boredom wasn't something she was used to, well not since her Hogwarts arrived all those years ago, of course she was well aware of the organization that was hunting her for her apparent connection with code name 'Weapon X' and the fact that Voldemort was also hunting her but that all felt so far away, or she just couldn't be bothered to worry anymore. Either way answers would most likely be found at Gringotts as Malfoy proved that money could move mountains.

An hour and half later they arrived at the figurative heart of Manhattan, Times Square. The streets were packed and the smell of car fumes and stale pretzels permeated the air. In all honesty Times Square was the perfect place for the entrance to the Magical district no one would notice a few people being magicked away. "Now what?" the car for once braked smoothly next to an rather dark and abandoned alley, it activated left blinker light. "Thank you." Exiting the vehicle was more difficult than it should have been with the hoards of people swarming around randomly, fanally getting frustrated Samantha shoved the door open, this resulted in a few sour looks from the hoard which she ignored before being transported away.

Samantha Potter was now certain that all magical forms of transportation, excluding brooms were extremely unpleasant, it was like taking a portkey the exit being equally if not more unpleasant smashing into the pavement knocking the air pout of her lungs, this appeared to a rather common occurrence as no one stopped to help her up or noticed her in anyway, except for a snobby witch who trampled her hand, irritation now rather prominent she held no qualms shoving any wizard or witch that was unfortunate enough to stand in her way.

Arcadia was in simple terms brilliant, a magical city under water. Its architecture was purely streamline moderne, every arch was painted gold the buildings magical lights left no room for shadows. Looking up she could se a number of ships crossing above. "Wicked…" She whispered. The wizards surprisingly wore normal day to day clothing, with a few exceptions of more flamboyant taste, like a rather tall man with a flowing red cape with a blue shirt and black tights conversing heatedly with a mere-woman .

Samantha was quickly turned away lest she were to draw unneeded and unwanted attention to herself. Finding Gringotts was difficult considering it was the largest building in the small city. Once inside the layout was exactly the same as the one in London, which was good, a familiar sight to ease the nerves. She made her way to the nearest empty podium and waited for the goblin to finish writing down whatever he was writing in his ledger. "Can I help you…" he asked, staring at her for a moment. "Miss Potter?"

"Of course, I would like to speak with an account manager and if you could arrange a representative of your Ministry department of immigration."

"Yes of course, I would of course suggest that you should meet them in the inverse order." He answered with a crooked smile. "Should you anything else Miss Potter?"

"No, that would be all." She slightly bowed.

"Then please follow my associate to the waiting room and the Ministry representative will be with you shortly."

The waiting room to was decorated plainly with two oak chairs and an oversized ash wood desk. The floor was carpeted in red to contras the marble walls. Just as the she sat down in the chair the strange man from earlier entered the room, he had a kind face, an oddly styled goatee, and an a gold amulet, he was smiling, he had a yellow sash around his waist. "Hello Miss Potter, my name is Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange and I understand you wish to move to the United States, am I correct?"

"Yes, though I hadn't discussed this with the goblin-"

"It was implied." He interrupted. "I would be inclined to let you stay if you would be kind enough to inform me where you were hiding the last two years. It caused quite a stir in the magical community."

"I was kidnapped and just recently escaped. I couldn't tell you where exactly, you see my magic apparated me to a town in Vermont, I believe its called Rutland. They never mentioned any names that would be important."

"Troubling." he seemed to ponder. "Your words ring true." He stood. " I will call on you should I find evidence of your abductors or if you wish to discuss training in the magical arts till then feel free to make this land your home, since I have come to understand that things in Britain are rather tense at the moment." He extended his right hand and she rose to shake it.

"Thank you Doctor Strange, until we meet again."

"Till we meet again." He echoed.

As the good Doctor made his exit a goblin with white hair and worn features made his way in. Though the years had not been kind to either one of them she could never forget the goblin's face he was after all their lord and king Ragnok. "Greetings Lady Potter, we have much to discuss."

October 11th 1998 10:00am

Samantha awoke to her own screams for a third day in a row, her body was stiff and tired, as she shook off the memories of her time at the facility. She briefly wondered if the beds held any curses that made non-purebloods have nightmares and if so how to get rid of them.

With a glance at the ebony clock she began her usual morning routine. She had a meeting with the Principal Darkholme at noon. Ragnok had warned her off returning to Britain at the moment, both sides were in preverbal stalemate thanks purely to her disappearance, Voldemort was hesitant to act for the same reason Dumbledore hesitated to act, they were terrified of each other and they needed her to achieve total victory. She was a symbol that could rally the crowds or inspire rebellion, so they hunted for her or at least evidence of her downfall, which Gringotts gladly dismissed. With that in mind he suggested rather plainly that she should continue her studies abroad both in the magical world and the mundane and thus he had her apply to the local High school, under her mothers name or alias as she discovered.

In other news Bellatrix Lestrange was now Bellatrix Black, since Samantha was head of the house this was supposed to matter to her, though it did in fact give large sum of galions to the family vault. Some purebloods had asked for inquiries on the legitimacy to her claim as Lady of House Black, which to Samantha's pleasure and great shock turned out was rather great, what the goblins managed to dig-up was a very interesting to say the least, her mother was the daughter of Cygnus and his wife Druella, but, Druella couldn't safely carry the child after Narcissa so they hired a surrogate, a woman named Beatrice, all records of this woman disappeared after giving birth to a squib under the Black name, DNA confirmed it… and as she relished in her small victory a horrible thought came to mind:

"I'm Draco's cousin…" the realization came as she brushed her teeth, her hands fell to her sides and her toothbrush fell into the sink. "I'm related to that slimy git… oh god…"

Dressing quickly in a blue shirt jeans and the black jacket she proceeded to find things the house elves forgot to clean to distract herself.


Principle Darkholme was a very respectable woman, everything about her screamed power and authority, from her hairstyle to the woman's shoes, it slightly unnerved Samantha how she observed her, evaluating how much of a threat she could become, Principle Darkholme smiled like a predator, an challenge if there were ever one. "It's rather late in the semester to be switching schools don't you believe, Ms. Wu?" She's fishing for information, Samantha had a feeling that the woman knew something. Samantha shifted slightly, she had never done well when dealing with McGonagall and she was certain she wouldn't be dealing with Darkholme any better.

"It was move made out of necessity Ma'am. Thing weren't going so well back in London and I thought it be better if I moved I went across the water for a while." Darkholme was smart she needed a lie and a convincing one at that, but what harm would it do if it had a bit of truth. The Facility had programed it in there

"Oh? Pray tell."

"I'd rather not."

"I will have to insist, if it puts my students in danger I will have to know."

"I don't think it will unless it gets out."

"I'll determine that for myself Ms. Wu now tell me."

"Iwasbulliedbecauseimdifferent." She shot out, it's a distraction it was designed to either give her courage and come up with a good enough excuse or through her interrogator of track."

"Care to repeat that Ms. Wu?' Darkholme was loosing her patience. Samantha could have sworn her eyes flashed gold.

"I was bullied because I'm different."

"Different how?!' She was gritting her teeth.

"I told a friend of mine I loved her and another 'friend' of mine saw it… things… went down hill from there." Truth, not the hole truth but truth enough that Darkholme seemed to keep quiet while she analyzed what she just heard.

" I see." The anger in Darkholmes eyes seemed to subside and Samantha could feel empathy. Coming from the woman.

Samantha felt her cheeks redden, she couldn't tell it was from the emotions that those memories brought on or because she had just admitted she her sexual preference to a total stranger, but they were puffy and it irritated her.

"I do apologize Ms. Wu and I hope that your school year will be more pleasant than the one you have had so far but I have to ask what about your parents? What did they do about it?"

"They're dead.' Samantha responded sadly. "Have been for seventeen years now."

Principal Darkholme actually looked taken aback, her eyes flashed once more. "Your guardian?"

"He died two years ago, I'm emancipated."

"I'm sorry-."

"Don't be, you didn't know.' Samantha stood up and made her way to the door, felt a hand on her shoulder.

"If you need something, anything, you can come talk to me." Darkholme said,

"Thank you principal Darkholme."

"You can call me Raven in private Ms. Wu"

"Thank you Raven."

With that Samantha twisted the knob and made her way to the hallway. In her office Mystique's skin shifted into her dark blue skin and waited for word from Magneto. "The child is one of us. She is powerful. Do not fail me again, Mystique." His ethereal voice seeped from the walls.

"Does she know?" Mystique asked evenly.


Mystique cursed inwardly but grinned for Magneto as she sat on her desk. The girl was dangerous and she dreaded to see what Xavier or Eric could and would do to the girl, but in war sacrifices were necessary if victory was to be achieved.

Samantha Potter

Power grid:

Intelligence: 3 of 7

Strength: 3 of 7

Speed: 3 of 7

Durability: 4 of 7

Energy projection 4 of 7

Fighting Skill; 5 of 7

Natural Mutations

First Stage:

Probability Manipulation: This psychic ability operates in Samantha's subconscious mind making the improbable happen. In the kinetic aspect she needs to be active for it to have any effect. This ability has been present since October 31st, 1981. She has no knowledge of said ability

Bone Claws: Three claw like bone that sprout from her arms. Dormant; but present since birth. Awakened June 28th, 1996.

Second Stage

Regenerative Healing Factor: Like subject X-23 she can regenerate hole limbs in a span from minutes to hours depending on the levels of adrenaline in Samantha in her system. Like subject X-23 it increases Active Sometime after June 28th, 1996

Induced Mutation.

Restricted Magical flow: A number of simple spells can be preform without the need for a wand or other magical medium.