Summary: Jaune walks in on Weiss in the shower.

Jaune walks in on Weiss in the Shower


Written from the perspective of Weiss Schnee

You probably came in here expecting to see some written description of an underaged girl, wet and in a state of undress, being intruded upon by a bumbling idiot didn't you?


It's not curiosity.

You're a filthy, disgusting, pervert!

Jeez, I bet you want endless description about how my modestly sized chest is covered with dihydrogen monoxide particles streamed from an outdated plumbing system that still operates on the basics of classical physics, didn't you? Or maybe you want details on how the nonpolar tail of soap attach to the sweat and grime on my body while the polar heads adhere to water and create a lattice field which is then filled with air creating suds?

You just want to read about a guy seeing a girl with a bubble bikini on, don't you?

That's your fetish, isn't it?

Is that how you get your filthy fix?

Well guess what?

No filthy dumb blonde is going to walk in on me while I am cleansing myself!

I swear upon the honor of- YANG GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!


No! Stop! Not my chest! Ah… ah

Why are your hands… no! No…! I said n-no


I-I feel so violated…

Y-you happy now?! You got what you wanted! Did this satisfy you? Did it make you feel better about yourself now that you've relieved yourself of all that tension?! Did it make you realise just how disgusting you are, sitting in front of your computer monitor, just waiting for something like this to happen? Well congratulations, you're now on the company's hitlist!

Stupid perverts.

Jaune Walks in on Weiss in the Shower End

Editor's Notes: YOU get a shirt! And YOU get a shirt! And- ew. Not you. I hate you.