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Chapter One

Isabella knew that running away wasn't going to solve her problems, but it certainly did help to distance herself from them. Her father, Charles, had promised her to Baron Segrave. The man was known for his ruthlessness and cruelty. There was no way she could marry such a man, whether her father commanded it or not. She would never be happy and she couldn't live in constant fear. She had already seen what he was capable of and she had only been staying at his home for a few days.

That was why, on the eve of her wedding, she had stolen a horse and headed towards Scotland, where she was sure they would never find her.

She had been riding for a day straight, or at least that's what it felt like to her, when the mare began to weary. The horse needed to rest, but she couldn't afford to stop. So she decided to abandon it instead. She climbed off the horse and hit it so that it would leave a trail running in the opposite direction. She hoped that would keep the Baron's men busy, should they follow her.

She stopped to rest a few hours later, in a clearing, next to a stream where she could bathe and drink. She was beyond ravenous at this point and scowling herself for not bringing supplies. If the truth be told, she hadn't planned to run away. She had merely seen the mounted horse unattended and climbed on it. She was halfway to Scotland before she realized what she was doing.

It was a foolish plan. She had no idea how to defend herself, and without food or shelter, she was sure to be dead within a few days. However, she would not go back to England. If she did her father would surely force her to marry the Baron.

She feared the Baron may even hurt her for her disobedience.

"Lady Swan," Michael, the Baron's first in command called out when he saw her.

She had been so consumed with worry and regret that she hadn't heard the Baron's men approach.

"Lady Swan," Michael called out again as he dismounted his horse. He and his men had been tracking her for the best part of a day. He was relieved to have finally caught up with her and see that she appeared to be unharmed. He had been worried that the savages would find her before they did.

He cautiously approached her, not wanting to scare her as his men circled around her, hidden in the trees. If she tried to run again, they would catch her. She was going home to the Baron, whether she liked it or not.

Isabella jumped to her feet, pulling out the dagger she had also stolen from her pocket. "Stay away from me," she warned him as she pointed the knife towards him. She had no idea how to use it, but she would give it a good attempt if he tried to hurt her or take her.

"There is no need to be scared Lady Swan," Michael said, taking another cautious step towards her. "I am one of Baron Segrave's men."

That was exactly why she was scared of him.

"I don't care who you are!" Isabella shouted. "Stay away from me."

"I have come to bring you home," he said still moving forward.

"I have no intention of going with you."

Michael lunged at Lady Swan after that. He disarmed her within seconds and wrapped his arms around her waist. She had let out a piercing scream before he managed to cover her mouth. He hoped none of the savages had heard it.

Edward and his men had been passing through the woods at that exact moment. When they heard the woman's scream, they rushed to her aid. Edward's men took care of the English soldiers in the trees while Edward went to assist the woman. He saw her in the clearing, fighting against an English soldier who was trying to force her onto his horse.

She was the most breathtaking woman he had ever seen. Even in her state of disarray. She had long rich brown hair that was pulled back in a messy pleat, and the warmest of brown eyes, the kind that pulled you in and wouldn't let you turn away.

"What's going on here?" Edward asked, once he had managed to compose himself.

Isabella felt relieved when she had heard the man's voice, but when she turned around to see him she didn't feel quite the same relief. He was a beast of a man, at least seven foot tall, with broad shoulders, thick arms, and long wavy brown hair. He was barely wearing any clothes. One strap of material covered his chest while the rest fitted around his waist creating some sort of skirt, which sat just above his knees. She had never seen a man dressed in such a strange fashion.

"She's a runaway," Michael said, trying to keep his voice free from fear.

"I am no such thing!" Isabella protested. "I have never met this man before in my life." Which wasn't a complete lie. "He's trying to kidnap me," she cried, hoping that the savage would care enough to help her.