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Summary: What he thought was a better home, wasn't. Marty is a stranger in his own time. And its slowly beginning to take its toll.

Inspired by BlackBandit11's 'Not So Bad, After All'

WARNING: Swearing, Anxiety - maybe depression, I ain't so sure yet – you guys can decide.

READ: Doc and his family moved into the 1980s after the third movie.

Its late, I'm awake – which freaking sucks by the way – and my mind just came up with this like a second ago so here I am.

I hope you all like my late night drabbles. Don't know if I'm gonna continue this but, meh.

This new world he was left in felt wrong. Entirely and hilariously wrong. These people who were supposed to be his family were entirely different to the one he grew up with. Not the socially awkward father and sister, not the 'I know it all' brother and yet somehow, some silly little miracle, his mother stayed the same. A caring and kind woman. Which Marty thanked the Gods for. If she was different who knows how he'd cope. But apparently he was supposed to be different.

This time's Marty was a – in one simple word – dickhead. Yup, this Mart was a stuck up, pompous, idiotic, jerkoff. Which momentarily not only stunned him, but his family as well when he said 'good morning' in a polite manner. He wondered for a moment what this Marty would say. Or would he have said anything at all. And so it didn't really come as a surprise to find that he was one of the most popular guys at school. Ah yes, this also stunned not only him but the entire school when he acted as a clueless teenager wondering why his friends from the other time didn't sit with him. Well, it was more like they sprung off their seats as if their asses were on fire and legged it out of the cafeteria. Lunch all askew on the ground.

But it also seemed as though this Marty wasn't very…intelligent. Recruiting the local nerd for his own need on a daily. Fucking. Basis. So when he asked the nerd, Biff (Marty would have burst out laughing right then and there if he wasn't so confused), what he was doing. The poor kid burst out into tears and begged him not to hurt him. It was a seriously awkward situation since they were in the middle of a crowded hallway with a sobbing nerd clutching to Marty's feet.

This earned him a talk with Skinhead who told him to stop picking on nerds if he didn't want another detention.

So this got Marty thinking, what could this worshiped dickweed possibly do to earn himself a delightful detention with a delightful principle. He wished he had never asked.

So he shan't tell… because you don't want to know.

Out of everything he had discovered in his span of a week Marty found some delightful similarities between himself and this Marty. They both have the same girlfriend, name, skateboard, music obsession and know Emmett Brown. He had also found to his utter delight that he was taller. Once he had noticed this Marty grinned uncontrollably for a day and enjoyed reaching higher things. But after a week of living in this time, he was slowly working his way into a mental breakdown.

These people were expecting things of Marty which he couldn't give. Always asking if he was ok and if he needed to talk. Abruptly his family began giving him concerned glances, wondering where this sudden kindness came from. Where the rude and cold behavior went. This caused Marty to retreat to his room for a good solid hour of trying to contact Emmett. But alas the scientist never picked up his phone. Cursing the man he cried silently until he couldn't take it anymore.

"Marty, honey?" a sweet voice came from behind his door. Turning to it Marty looked up from his tear-soaked pillow and bit his lip. "Dinner's ready"

"Thanks ma', I'll be out in a minute" he heard her pause for a moment as if she was having a silent battle with herself before the telltale clicking of her heels faded into the other room. Groaning, Marty dropped his head back onto his pillow but inwardly cringed at how wet it was.

Feeling a churning sensation in his chest the teen tried to calm down and laughed at himself for feeling nervous at sitting down with his family and having dinner. But he just couldn't bring himself to get off the bed. His mouth went dry and Marty felt his foot begin to tap the bed. Get off the bed, Marty, he told himself. Don't be such a baby. It's not like it's the end of the world… Ignoring that it did indeed actually feel like the end of the world. Ok, I'm getting off the bed in threetwoone! The only thing he accomplished was looking like he was having a seizure.

Punching the pillow besides his head, Marty pushed his head deeper down into the wetness of the drying tears. Be a man McFly! For Christ's sake, you've time travelled, been shot, jumped off a building, beaten the same reincarnated bully three times in a row, fixed the past and oh yeah – time travelled! He mentally shouted to himself. But no matter what he said, Marty just lay there felling the weight in his chest increase. God, he just wanted to sink into his bed and never ever come back out…could he marry this bed? Or is there some kinda law against it?

He should really look that up.

Suddenly there was another knock at the door and Marty internally curled into himself. Just go away whoever you are.

"Little, bro?" Dave's bushy hair peeked through the door and frowned at seeing the youngest lying face down on the bed motionless.

Maybe if I just play dead he'll leave me alone? Marty thought with a glimmer of hope. But all he got was the slight tipping of the bed, noting Dave's presence. Fuck.

"You alive?"

Marty had the inkling to not say anything and keep his plan but his rational side (what was left of it) made him reply with - "No, I'm just lying here, waiting for my knight in shining armor to come a kiss me so I can wake from my slumber and we'll drive off into the sunset...what the fuck do you think?" - no matter how sarcastic it may be. Dave momentarily sat there stunned at the unexpected answer before cracking a grin. Though it slipped away as he still stared at the emotionless form.

"You need to eat Marty. Mum hasn't seen you eat since breakfast." This caused a large amount of panic to sweep through Marty's entire being. She's spoken with the family. They've talked about him. Voiced their concerns to one-another.

"I've eaten" he objected and turned his head sideways so he could look at his brother. Though he was hardly recognizable. Seeing Dave's eyebrows raise into a 'don't fuck with me' with me expression he smiled impishly. "I'm just a quiet walker"

"You're the Jack of the Beanstalk Giant type walker, Marty" Dave replied dryly and without wasting any time he shoved Marty out of the bed. Causing a loud bang to echo through the house as the youngest landed on the floor.

"Son of a bitch!" came the loud shout from Marty as he glared up from the floor.

"You gonna join us for dinner now?" he smirked and ran out of the bedroom as Marty chased him out.

"I'm going to kill you"

Dinner proceeded with a lot of small talk. Which was strange since Marty recalled that in the week he's been here there wasn't ever small talk. Just his family bickering about work and calling each other names. But alas, the small talk had arrived and it only caused Marty to think of a reason.

It was something to do with him, that much he was sure of. But why would the worry escalate to small talk? Something had happened…or they just didn't know how to act around him. Shoving the food around on his plate Marty didn't even notice the silent worrying glances he was receiving after every five seconds.

When the torture of dinner was over, Marty was about to escape their clutches and retreat back to his room when Linda had to open her fucking mouth.

"Is this a cry for attention?" Say wha? Marty just looked like he was staring at an impossible math equation.

"Is what a cry for attention?" he asked in total confusion. Linda just narrowed her eyes in suspicion and slight anger. Which only made Marty even more confused. Besides her Dave stared at her in the expression commonly known as 'the fuck are you doing?'.

"You know," seeing Marty shrug innocently she scoffed and rolled here eyes "this whole depression act" putting pressure on 'act'.

"What depression act?" looking at his family for help, but only received the biting of lips "I'm not acting…Why would you think I was acting?" he asked in keen interest along with worry. Did this Marty like to have attention. He paused and mentally laughed. Of fucking course he did, that little dick.

"Because you love attention" Linda scowled and stated it as if the whole entire world knew.

"I don't love attention" she just chuckled. "I don't" he insisted desperately which caused her anger to falter. Aaand he suddenly wished he didn't say that because he was instantly on the receiving end of worried looks. "Look" he groaned and rubbed his face in annoyance "I'm fine"

"Dude, you're far from fine" stated Dave with a 'give me a break' expression. And Marty was curious as to how Dave has a look for everything.

"Marty, son," started his father who pursed his lips. Worry lines deeply etched onto his face, which Marty was pretty sure weren't there last week "I know that we haven't seen eye-to-eye over the years" This caused Marty to frown. He certainly did not know this. "But even I have seen the signs of depression" Depre – the fuck! "I've recently spoken to Doctor Callery and he explained to me of all the signs and – "

"W-Wait" Marty put his hand up and felt as if the Great Wall of China just settled into the pit of his stomach. "You, um, oh God" He groaned in anxiousness and ran his hands over his face. His family looked at him in pity and concern. Dave stood next to him and placed a comforting hand on his arm.

"It's ok Marty, we're here for you" Marty just wanted to punch that stupid worried expression right into his face.

"Look, guys, I don't have depression – "

"Anxiety then!" insisted the old man. Marty just blinked and wondered why him. Why couldn't Doc mess up someone else's life? You know, just for once. Is it too much to ask? "The point is, son" he put his hands together and walked to a 100% done Marty "You're showing the signs and we have to stop it before it gets worse" His pleading expression begging Marty to open up.

Ohh bed why so far?

"I don't have depression or anxiety" he said slowly, as if talking to a child. His family just sighed. Whoa he just felt a breeze.

"Why do you have to be so stubborn?" Linda glared "And selfish, huh?"

"Linda!" his mother hissed at her daughter.

"What? Its true, for once he's getting the attention he wants and he's just flipping us off!" Marty just sighed at his sister and turned to leave when Dave's grip tightened.

"We want to help – "

"And that's lovely, truly, bravo" he said sarcastically and gently pulled Dave's hand from his arm. "But I am sticking by what I said" seeing his father about to interrupt with what the Doctor said he quickly spoke "I don't have depression or anxiety. Now, if you'll excuse me I have a date with my bed and I cannot be late" All but running out of the room and to his bed. Pacing back and forth he jumped when the phone rang. Seeing it was Doc's number he pounced and pressed the phone to his ear.

"Marty!" came the relieved tone "Marty, I need your help with – "

"That's all fine and everything but I fucking need the help!" Marty interrupted hastily.

"What's wrong?" he scoffed at that and sat on the edge of his messy bed.

"What isn't wrong? Listen Doc these people, this 'family' isn't mine. Its this times Martys' not mine" there was silence over the other line before he heard the scientist exhale a long breath.

"Marty, these people are your family. Just… slightly different to the one you knew"

"Slightly? This is more than slightly, Doc. My nerdy family is now all powerful, strong headed and well, they can be a real dick at times" glancing over at his closed door which lead to said family.

"I'm sorry Marty, but there's nothing we can do if you want to change history again" this caused his heart to thud painfully in his chest. He's never noticed how badly he missed the family he grew up with. Heck even missing the way his father stuttered. Squeezing his eyes shut Marty felt his throat clog up. "Marty, you still there?"

"Yeah" cringing at the way his voice cracked.

"Get some rest, Marty. I can take care of…" he swears he heard Doc mutter 'whatever this shit is' "You'll feel better after some sleep" Marty kept his bitter laugh in. Because he highly doubted that some sleep would help.

"Ok, Doc." He pulled the phone away from his ear as he heard Doc hang up loudly. Sighing he dropped the phone to the floor and sunk into his bed. Letting sleep take him.

Waking up by the song 'Back in Time' was one of the most rude wakeups he's ever gotten…well, no not really but it is one of them. Pressing the off button lazily on the clock-radio he got ready for school. Grabbing all of his essentials Marty hesitated before opening his door and walking into the kitchen. Ignoring the way his 'family' stopped talking as he entered the teen grabbed a piece of toast before walking out of the house, not even giving them a 'hello' or 'good morning'.

Jogging down the steps he froze in mid-bite at the sight of Jennifer walking up to the house.

"Marty!" she yelled with a grin. Her features lighting up brighter than an angel. Suddenly his spirits rose considerably and he wrapped the girl up in a hug. She momentarily halted at the action but chuckled and hugged him back "Not that this is nice or anything but your family called me last night and – "

"They what?" releasing and holding her at arms length. Jennifer's smile faltered at the panic.

"Yeah they just wanted to know how you've been – is everything alright, Marty?" she asked in concern and even though it was Jennifer he cringed at the question. He's had about enough with the concern.

"I'm fine, come on" taking a bite of his toast his appetite suddenly decreased. Opening the garage he was about to get in the new car when he stopped and his jaw tightened. As much as he loved the gift his 'father' gave to him Marty just felt wrong driving it. At first it was fun but…no. closing the garage he sighed and took out his skateboard.

"Are you sure everything's – "

"Yes! Why can't you let it go! I'm fine, can't you see that." He yelled at her causing Jennifer to take a step back. Seeing the hint of fear Marty sighed again and started walking down the driveway "I'm sorry"

"Its ok. I won't ask that again" she smiled at him who returned it. Though it failed to meet his eyes.

Opening his locker at school Marty grimaced at seeing the state of it. A junkyard would be jealous. Reaching inside he took out his Chemistry text book along with many other essentials.

"Yo Marty!" shouted Scott along with his friends or as Marty liked to call them 'lap dogs'. Seriously they're trying to go for menacing but all they're really achieving is looking like they're on drugs 24/7. "My man, we missed you at Calebs' the other night" Marty blinked in confusion before shrugging.

"Sorry guys, but my ass was grounded for coming home drunk" Scott and the groupies chuckled in sympathy. The teen wrapped an arm around Marty's shoulder, closed his locker and lead him down the hall. Students making way for them.

"Dang man, I feel your pain" Marty laughed, but not with Scott, but at Scott. How stupid he was to believe that obvious lie. "I once came home drunker than a sailor with a pink tutu and girls around my arms. To say my parents grounded my ass for a week wouldn't be half of it"

"Nice one buddy" commented one of Scott's goons. Instead of taking it as a friendly comment, Scott took it in offence as he halted let go of Marty and turned to face the smaller teen.

"I'm not your buddy" he growled and took him by the collar "Do you agree or do I have to beat it into you" Marty's eyes widened as he placed a hand on Scott's shoulder.

"Hey Scotty, its ok. He's just a kid – shit!" he stepped back as Scott punched the guy in the face, knocking him to the ground. Students around them passed by without a second glance. Marty looked at Scott who smiled and turned to Marty as if nothing had happened.

"Calm down Marty, you've done worse things than that to him, right kid?" turning to the teen who was obviously holding back tears as he nursed his bloodied nose. Marty frowned and bit his lip.

"Y-yeah – but its ok! I deserved it" this just caused the wind to be knocked out of his lungs. Deserved it? Since when did being beaten was a good thing.

"Deserved it?" he asked in outrage, making Scott frown. But before anyone could say anything the bell rang, and students all rushed to class. Marty stood still in the hallway as people passed him, wondering how much of a dick he really was in this time. Taking a calming breath he walked off to Chem.

Taking a seat he barely even paid attention without concerning thoughts running through his head. Writing some notes down to make it seem like he was indeed listening, Marty turned to look at everyone around him. He knew some back in his time. To his right was Farrell Johnson, he was the drummer in the band. But this Farrell had a sophisticated feel to him, unlike his Farrell this one wore glasses. And..holy fuck is that a cufflink? He didn't get to dwell on it as the bell rang.

"Finish page 34 of your text book for homework. McFly can I see you after class please?" taking a breath Marty wondered what he did this time. Walking up to her desk she turned to me as the last person left the classroom.

"Yes, Mrs Whitmore?" he asked in a bored tone.

"You paid attention today." she spoke with slight suspicion. To her surprise Marty raised his eyebrows and asked -

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Oh on the contrary, its quite remarkable." She then narrowed her eyes "But what I'd like to know is what is this sudden change in attitude, I thought last week was just a rare occurrence. But for it to continue, something must have happened." Marty just shrugged.

"I just want to get a good grade and get into a college" This caused Mrs Whitmore's eyes to brighten.

"That's nice, very nice" she smiled like she just won the lottery "I've always seen you had the ability to do more. I'm thankful that you're finally paying attention"

"You're welcome?" seeing students enter the classroom Mrs Whitmore ushered him out with a final smile. Standing in an empty hallway Marty absently wondered what the hell just happened. So he didn't pay attention in class, with horror he wondered if he'll get the same treatment Mrs Whitmore just gave him.


And he indeed got the same treatment in his next class. Skipping recess he wandered around the football field in thought.

It seemed as though he wasn't just a dick, he was the king of dicks. Sighing he felt a tightness begin to grow in his chest. Looking up at the sky he put his hand up to cover his face. The sky was beginning to get crowded with dark clouds. Suddenly feeling a drop of rain he twitched and kept walking. Abruptly he heard someone bark in laughter. His head snapped up to search who belonged to that laugh. That laugh was his best friend's, Brendon Clayton. Known each other since birth. He felt like he could smack himself. How could he have forgotten about Brendon. Seeing him and some other people under the bleachers he walked to them and felt anxious. Would he have known Brendon in this timeline? Taking the chance he stood off to the side and the laughter died down at his presence.

Tough crowd.

"What are you doing here?" asked Brendon coolly. Taken aback by the tone Marty tried to not dwell on it.

"I just wanted to say hi" shrugging in innocence. He could practically feel the tension growing. "Why, am I not welcomed?" he tried to joke but when nobody answered he realized that he was indeed not welcomed. Brendon sighed and walked around the group, grabbed Marty's arm and dragged him away from hearing distance.

"Why are you really here? You need cash or something?" Marty just raised his eyebrows.

"Why would I need cash?" this time it was Brendon's turn to raise his eyebrows.

"Are you seriously asking that question?" noticing the confused expression Marty wore there was a shimmer of concern in his eyes "Are you experimenting with drugs again – "

"Whoa! What? God no!" Marty exclaimed and suppressed his anger at being asked that. But noticing how Brendon didn't seem convinced he sighed "I swear I wasn't experimenting or need cash" spitting the word out.

"Then why are you here, Marty?"

"Because I was visiting my best friend?" Marty stated as if it was obvious. Brendon, taken aback by that response frowned.

"Marty we haven't been best friends since we were nine" there was a moment of complete and utter silence between the two. The only sound was thunder in the distance and the leaves sweeping across the ground.

"What?" Marty whispered in sadness and looked away. "This isn't right. This isn't how it was supposed to be." His breath hitched and his heartbeat increased. Brendon's anger and resentment towards Marty suddenly disappeared and was replaced by concern.

"What do you mean?" Marty's eyes turned to Brendon.

"We fixed it. Nothing bad was supposed to happen. Everything seemed fine at first! But nothing's fine!" he yelled at Brendon who only stared.

"Calm down Marty" gripping both of the teen's shoulders "What's not fine?"

"My life" he whispered, not meaning for Brendon to hear. This only caused the other boys eyes to widen.


"Oi! Brendon, everything ok over there?" shouted one of his friends who walked over. Casting an indifferent look towards Marty who seemed to be in deep thought. "What's pretty boy doin' here?"

"Just visiting" murmured Marty and looked up at the two "By Brendon" walking away and at that single moment everything Brendon held against Marty seemed to be falling away. Something wasn't right with his-well, friend? It seemed odd to call Marty his friend after everything he did to him. They used to be close, the brother he never had type of friendship. But after Marty met Scott, everything changed. He became more angry and thought of himself as a more important individual. And in a way he was. Everyone looked up to him like a God. Idolizing his way of getting things he wanted. In a way he was a dick. But last week he along with some people noticed huge changes. Marty was kinder, more attentive in classes, he never flirted with girls other than Jennifer. And never once hit someone. At first he thought Marty was on a different drug.

Ah there's another thing Marty did. Used drugs. He owes Brendon over a thousand dollars up to now. All because he was in dire need of a high. It made Brendon sick. What really took the cake was when Marty seemed completely confused as to why he would need cash. It lighted a flame within Brendon, but was quickly snuffed out as he noticed how strange Marty was acting towards him.

"Why was pretty boy needing to speak with you, Bren?" asked Stacy who came over, looking at her boyfriend in concern "He wasn't asking more money was he?" hidden anger in her tone.

"No, Stace, he- um, well" blinking, the difference in Marty still not computing with him "He just wanted to talk with me I guess, and I completely…" shrugged him off. Guilt seeped in his chest. "I think I hurt him" Stacy frowned and looked at where Marty left.

"Yeah well, that brat deserved to be hurt if you ask me" grunted Derek.

"And I didn't" snapped Brendon "Sorry…its just, Marty's been different lately and…"

"You're worried since you two used to be close" comforted Stacy and Brendon nodded. Sometimes he wondered how she could read his mind so easily.

"Yeah" muttered Brendon and his eye twitched when Derek snorted. "You don't know Marty, Derek"

"And neither do you" said Derek "You two haven't known each other for a long time" Brendon knew he couldn't argue with that, so instead he walked back to the group. Suppressing his anger as Derek chuckled.

After school Marty knocked on the door of Doc's place and wanted to kick it down when nobody answered.

"Doc, open the fucking door right n – " he snapped his mouth shut as Clara opened the door with an unimpressed expression.

"Hello, Mr Eastwood"

"McFly, actually ma'am" he smiled sheepishly at her stunned expression "You know, time travel and all that shi – "

"Marty!" came the desperate call behind Clara. "There are children present!" Don suddenly came into the picture with a half flowered face. Mart could slap himself, of course Jules and Verne.

"Sorry" he smiled in amusement "Forgot you're a father now. Its easy to forget that since you're you" Clara chuckled as Doc's cheeks turned pink. You could see the contrast through the flower.

"He's trying to bake us a cake for Jules' birthday tomorrow" Marty felt a pang of hurt in his chest at not being told that. "Oh! I'm sorry we forgot to invite you – "

"It's alright, Clara" he smiled at her who bit her lip in shame. "I understand how things must be for you two. Getting used to this new time" she sighed and nodded.

"I must admit this time is very different to the one I lived in" looking outside and watching in awe as a car passed by. "Oh I'm sorry, come in, please" she beckoned Marty inside as rain started to pour "Don't want you catching a cold"

"Clara, can you keep him company while I put the cake in the oven please?" Marty chuckled as Doc looked from the cake mixture and back to his wife.

"Oh get a move on" she teased and Doc practically fled to the cake. "I went and bought a cake just incase" she told Marty who laughed in amusement. "He thinks that just because he was a Blacksmith that he can bake" Clara rolled her eyes fondly. "So what brings you to Emmett?" she asked.

"I got a call from him yesterday saying he needed my help with something" this caused Clara to frown in confusion.

"That's strange, Emmett was with Jules and Vern all day yesterday"

"It could have been from the future or past" spoke Doc as he came over wiping his hands with a towel.

"But why would past or future you want me to come to your house when you didn't need any help?" Doc frowned in thought.

"I honestly don't know… Best not dwell on it though" he spoke with an easy grin "It's the future or past, we may never really know why I asked that of you" Marty felt a tug in his chest. He had confided in Doc yesterday about his family and right now needed his help with well, everything. His life right now wasn't his. And by the sound of Doc on the phone, it may seem like he'll never get his life back ever again. This just caused Marty to hold back pained tears.

"Are you ok Marty?" asked a concerned Clara. He wanted to once again punch something. He hated the concern people were giving him. Even his girlfriend casted him concerned glances. Just for once, he wanted somebody to not show concern.

"I'm fine, just worried about Jules' cake" this caused Clara to laugh and Doc to glare half-heartedly.

"His cake will be perfect. Just you wait and see." He stated with determination but soon guilt. "Oh Marty I'm sorry for not inviting you sooner to the party."

"It's ok, Doc" plastering a fake smile at him.

"Well, do you still want to come tomorrow? It's at six and goes to eight."

"I'd love to come" he grinned a real smile.

"Excellent. Now, would you like something to eat?" Spending the evening with Doc was nice, especially when Jules and Vern came out to meet me fully.

"Would you like one of us to drive you home?" Asked a worried Clara, peering outside and looking at the oncoming storm clouds. "I don't want you to get caught in the storm"

"Its alright, Clara" Marty reassured and thanked them for the nice evening.

He wished he had said yes. Because it would have saved him from what would happen next.

Marty ran home through the storm. Cold sheets of rain pouring down on him as he marched on through. Turning the corner he heard someone cry out his name.

"MARTY!" turning around he saw Jennifer run out of her home in a raincoat.

"Hey Jen." Frowning when he saw her distressed look. "Look I really need to get home" Or what was called his home, he thought sourly.

"It- it can't wait. I need to tell you this now" she hugged herself and looked pained.

"What's wrong?" now giving her his full attention.

"Its…" she chocked on a sob, which caught Marty off guard. He hadn't even noticed she was crying, tears looked like rain. "I can't do this anymore" His heart stopped for one single moment before beating rapidly.

"What?" he breathed but she couldn't hear him over the pounding rain.

"You're different, you're not you" Marty felt hot tears start to fall but like Jennifer, she didn't notice "You're a stranger" she told him and sniffled "I barely recognize you anymore. I know you've time travelled with Doc and I'll keep that a secret but ever since you returned…" she turned away from him, shoulders shaking. "I'm sorry, Marty. But I can't be with a stranger" with that she walked away, leaving Marty standing in the cold rain. Looking up at the sky he breathed heavily and couldn't stop the sinking feeling that was beginning to grow.

Turning back around he walked home, the cold somehow bringing comfort he didn't understand. He was thankful that nobody could see him cry, because if they could it would just add to the sadness which was slowly becoming more intense.

Walking into the house his sneakers squelched, announcing his arrival.

"Glad you're finally home sport" his father said from his study as he passed him in the hallway.

"Oh Marty, you're wet!" shrieked his mother as he entered the living room. But froze in getting him a towel as she saw his red eyes. "Marty?" she breathed out but he paid her no attention as he walked to his bedroom. "George!" he heard her call in the background as he closed his door and took a deep breath. Getting changed into dry clothes and putting the wet ones in the washing bin he sat on the edge of his bed and felt his heart hurt. Jennifer was his anchor, the only person who hadn't fully changed. And she preferred the dick to him. Glaring at the floor Marty groaned and rolled onto his back. Everything was falling apart. He didn't belong here, this wasn't his family. No matter how much they looked like it.

"George, Marty was crying" Lorraine told her husband who stared at the direction his son went to.

"That's it we're taking him to the Doctors tomorrow"

"Dad!" yelled Dave from where he sat next to Linda on the couch. "You can't force him. Who knows how he'd feel about that."

"He's becoming more and more depressed." Stressed George in worry. "I can't just sit by and act as though it doesn't effect me."

"We're not asking you to do that." Linda stated in an annoyed tone. Keeping her eyes on the tv screen. "We're just asking you to consider how Marty's feeling right now."

"What would make him cry?" wondered Lorraine in concern.

"Maybe Jennifer dumped his ass" opted Linda. "About time too, she's been telling me how she can't take the 'new him'" the whole family became silent.

"That's terrible" said George and felt empathy for his son. "He really liked her"

"Likes, dad, he still likes her" said Dave and was about ready to run to his little brother when the doorbell rang. Sighing he walked to the door "I'll get it" Opening it up he raised his eyebrows in surprise at seeing it was Brendon.

"Brendon, hey" he hadn't seen the kid since about, more than five years ago. "What brings you here?"

"Is Marty home?" he asked and hugged himself. "Not to bother you or anything but can I come in, its freezing out here"

"Oh honey, do come in" mothered Lorraine as she dragged him past Dave and into the living room, shoving him onto the couch. "Now, do you know whats going on with Marty?" Dave, Linda and George all rolled their eyes at the not so subtle question. Brendon stared at the family gathered around him like a cornered mouse.

"Er, um, that's why I came here actually. He seemed kinda – I don't know, off today"

"You spoke to him?" asked Linda.

"He spoke to me actually"

"That's odd, he never speaks to you" said Dave who remembered back when he was in high school and picked Marty up from middle school, he saw his little brother give Brendon the cold shoulder.

"I know!" exclaimed Brendon. "I thought he just wanted some cash for drugsss…" the word died on his tongue and in the next moment he completely regretted even stepping foot near the house. No matter what good deed he was trying to achieve.

"DRUGS!" Lorraine shrieked like a dying cat. "He's doing drugs?" suddenly feeling quite faint.

"Not anymore" the teen insisted. "He's clean" But that didn't seem to do anything as the family seemed to be very distressed.

"What else has he been keeping from us?" wondered George aloud as he held his wife close.

"Look," started Brendon, trying to salvage the conversation "Marty's changed, I think we've all noticed that" the family nodded. "But it seems to be kind of good. I mean," he quickly spoke when he saw them about to interrupt. "he's not doing anything like he used to at school."

"What do you mean? Used to do? What did he do!" yelled Dave in distress. Brendon wished he never opened his big mouth.

"Like, erm, I don't know?..." sinking further into the couch.

"Brendon Taylor Clayton" Lorraine said in a very stern voice which caused even her children to back away. "You tell me what you know about my son. Right. Now" he gulped and told them everything.

About the bullying, bribes, drug addiction, cheating and even what they did as kids. This left the family all sitting down and holding their heads in despair.

"When did he become this little shit?" Linda muttered to herself, looking quite nauseas.

"Linda!" this time it was their father who scorned.

"What? We're all thinking it" no one said anything.

"I'm taking him after school to see the Doctor" spoke Mr McFly in determination.

"He'll know something's up" spoke Dave. "I'll take him, tell him we're going out to the movies or something." George nodded in acceptance.

School the next day was more like a shitstorm of bad events. First he gets an F on his Maths exam, then he runs into Jennifer who burst out crying because he smiles at her, then Brendon was avoiding him, and now. Well, now he's staring at his brother who's outside the school leaning against the family car since he can't afford his own.

For some reason he had a bad feeling about this. Since right now his brother should be on his way back to New York, not picking his little brother up from school.

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