Summary: A serious reflection on RWBY and all of its characters.

Chaos is a Ladder


Chaos isn't a pit.



'I see you like that book.'

'Yes, it's a very good read.'

'I'm glad… but, I was wondering…'


'Do you… like me?'

'T-Tukson, I…'

Chaos is a ladder.

'Yo, Triple-P-Baby! I moustache you a question!'

'Fire away, Miss Xiao Long!'

'I'm gonna go hit the club tonight. Wanna come?'

'My dear child, I would be delighted!'

Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again.

'I… I really like you. Like, like like you. I-I mean, we've known each other for so long and…'


'Oh, I knew you felt the same way, Crescent Rose!'

The fall breaks them.

'Salutations, Weiss.'

'P-Penny, look I…'

'Do not worry, friend. I understand. There is a complication within your family.'

'I'm so sorry… if I was born with a different last name, I…'

And some are given a chance to climb but refuse.

'I've seen your moves in the arena, and you, my little pyrrhic girl, just sway my heart!'

'W-why thank you, Mister…?'

'Torchwick. Roman Torchwick. Now how's about I get your autograph and take you out to dinner?'

'O-oh… I… I'm… flattered, but…'

'Oh, don't tell me that there's someone else…?'

They cling to the realm, or love, or the gods… illusions.

'I uh… I know I ran away last time, but I really like the way you sounded. I even made a song for you if you want to listen to it…?'

[Ursa Growl]

Only the ladder is real.

'You're a bully… I like that in a man.'

'I… uh…'

'How would you like to come by my chambers tonight?'

'Uh… can I ask for what for?'

'Hush my dear sweet cardinal sin… you'll know what you need when you need to know.'

The climb is all there is.

'Do you like pancakes?'


'No? Well, I like pancakes. I like to put lots of syrup on top of 'em. Ren says that it's bad for me, but pfff! You don't see me harassing him about his diet!'


'And you know what the best thing is about having no limits to what you can eat?'


'Ice cream for breakfast!'


But they'll never know this.

'You wear green.'


'I wear green.'


'… My door room's empty.'

'… Don't tell Nora,'

'Don't tell Cinder.'


'I mean, don't tell Mercury!'

Not until it's too late.

'H-hey! Guys? W-what about me? Oh come on, I even brought my guitar! Guys…?'

Chaos is a Ladder Fin

- Narutochaos22

GEP Notes: Butter me up in a dress and call me Suzy. ;_;