Chapter 1:

"This is Rin Takizawa, and I'm standing here 10 meters away from the train wreckage" The news reporter, a woman known on TV as Rin Takizawa, said. The audible sound of the television immediately took the attention of everyone at Anteiku. The scene that was displayed on the TV was of a burning train, on a broken railroad that had been split in half. Hundreds of civilians were dead around the train since the explosion happened near the terminal. "The police are currently investigating the causes of the explosion and-"

Everyone's attention inside the coffee shop, including one purple-haired beauty who was previously reading, was intensified on the TV screen.

"Wait! It appears there's still someone inside the train!" The news reporter suddenly yelled. The cameraman responded by positioning the camera at an angle that made the scene clearer. There was a silhouette that could be seen through the thick flames. "Wait!...There's two people still trapped in there!"

The scene changed when the camera was directed towards the firemen who rushed towards the entrance that was closest to the silhouette.


'I could've just jumped out this damn train and be off with Isley and Priscilla….' Raki thought, before turning his gaze down to the person he was currently carrying. He didn't know this person's name; just that he was the only one he could save out of the hundred passengers. The white bundle of hair brushed against his face as he leaned in and kicked the nearest window open, crushing the glass. '…..I could've done that, but…I'd be feeling a lot of guilt right after'

With that, Raki jumped off.


"Oh my god! He jumped out!" The reporter's voice was barely noticed by everyone since their attention was focused on the brown haired boy who jumped off the train's window. Somehow, the boy was able to grab a cable wire mid-air and used it rappel himself down, along with the person he was carrying.

He landed safely on the ground, his face showing no signs of fear or shock from the stunt he'd just pulled.

"I think he needs medical attention" The brown haired boy simply stated. The medics immediately rushed towards them. The boy he'd rescued was taken away and placed inside an ambulance, whilst Raki himself was only slightly dizzy from all the fumes he had inhaled while inside the train. At least that's what he thought.

'Wha?' Was all Raki could mutter within his own mind as he fell forward, with the medics barely able to catch him. Blood was flowing from the back of his head, and it was flowing at an alarming rate.

"Get a stretcher!" The medical specialist yelled. "He's got a head wound!"

MUCH LATER: City Hospital

"He should be fully recovered by next week" A nurse said to Isley, who stood just outside Raki's room, with Priscilla sleeping on the chair next to him. It has been three days since Raki has been hospitalized, and Isley and Priscilla eventually got scared enough to come visit him. "There were several metal shrapnel embedded on the back of his head and his right ankle was dislocated, probably from the fall. Well at least his injuries weren't that serious compared to the other patients here. Some had their arms and legs cut off."

"Thank you" Isley said nonchalantly, smiling as he did so. The nurse walked away, carrying Raki's medical profile. Just then, a doctor walked out of Raki's room. Said doctor stiffened slightly when he saw the two people sitting outside. There was a tense silence between them before Isley finally spoke again. "I must say, I'm surprised you came here before us…..Rigaldo"

"That's Dr. Rigaldo" The young doctor replied with a sigh. "Honestly, you two are the last people I wanted to meet. Let's continue talking some other time, there are many injured patients from that explosion and every capable doctor has been called in."

"Of course, Dr. Rigaldo" Isley said with a smile, and an almost mocking tone. "We need to talk soon anyways. So many things to discuss"

"Indeed" Was all Rigaldo said before walking away to other rooms. Isley stood up and peered over the window to see Raki still unconscious on the hospital bed. Just as Rigaldo had said earlier, Raki wasn't in critical condition anymore.

A question did linger in his mind. A question he wanted to ask Raki ever since he pulled off that reckless stunt to save a single person.

'Why would you do something like that?'

It was in that moment that Priscilla awakened.

"Would you like to see Raki?" Isley asked her. Priscilla responded by nodding and heading inside the room with no regard for anything that stood in front of her. Luckily, no such things were present at the moment, so no one and nothing was thrown aside.

"Raki" She whispered softly, stopping beside Raki's bed. The girl sat down on the nearest chair and held Raki's hand. She didn't move for several minutes, just staying there beside the boy.

It had been clear from day 1 that Priscilla had been smitten by Raki, though the girl herself didn't know that. When Isley saw this, he thought he'd gained a means to control Priscilla, a means to further his own goal. But the more time the trio spent together, his goals became increasingly blurred. It was something that awakened beings were said to never feel, yet he himself fell victim to it.

Contentment. He became content with a life of just the three of them, his own little make-believe family. In fact, Isley himself barely ate during their time together. Family, the thing he thought he'd never have.

Just then, Priscilla abruptly dropped Raki's hand and turned her head to the side. The brunette teen stiffened for a moment, almost as if she noticed something was wrong. Isley saw this and was instantly on high alert. Whatever Priscilla had sensed was very near. He couldn't detect whatever Priscilla had detected, so it must be dangerous.

"What is it?" Isley asked, keeping calm, but in actuality, his right arm was ready to morph into a lance just in case something attacked them. No, he wasn't reacting like this because there might be ghouls here. He was reacting like this for something else entirely.

"I can smell something strange here" Priscilla muttered quietly, but Isley heard it and remained vigilant. "Some sort of ghoul-"

That was all Isley needed to hear before he reverted back to his 'I don't care' attitude, a ghoul wasn't something he'd ever be cautious of. Not even if he was surrounded by a thousand of them. After all, they were prey and he was the predator.

"That's it? A ghoul?" Isley said in a deadpan tone before sitting down on the chair opposite to where Priscilla was resting. "You should go check it out if you want to. Don't worry about Raki, I'll stay here in the meantime."


How unlucky does a person have to be when all he wants is a date and then he ends up half-dead with holes all over his body? Very unlucky

Unfortunately for one Kaneki Ken, his luck was just a bit lower than that.

A few days ago, he asked a girl out on a date. What happened? The beautiful girl turned out to be a ghoul who, like all others of the same species, wanted to eat him. Running was futile, his defense was absolute bull**** and there was a hungry crackhead super-psycho ready to eat him.

'I hate my life' was all he could think of before tendrils emerged from the girls' back and pierced him in several areas all over his body. He should've died there, but no. The girl, Rize, kept him alive for her own amusement. Although it seemed like absolute futility, he tried running away and the ghoul gleefully followed him.

She stabbed at him with her red tendrils again and again, yet he stayed alive and kept on running until his feet could no longer carry him. He fell to the ground, almost lifeless, but every fiber of his being fighting to stay alive.

"You're quite stubborn aren't you?" He heard Rize say with glee. "But it's over now-"

He didn't know what happened next. Just that there were several loud crashes and all he could see was darkness.

"So you're finally awake" An old man's voice suddenly said. Kaneki turned to the source of the voice but found that his vision was still distorted. It almost seemed like a whirlwind of colors that didn't make any sense. He could make out the vaguely human shapes, but that was it. "You were in an accident"

At first it came as a weird feeling. Like the feeling we all get when we leave the house, and wonder if we might've left the stove on. Something was definitely wrong. From the way he could smell everything almost everything in great detail. He recognized the smell of the doctor, he even knew his body age from the smell alone. His nose also picked up the scent of the young nurse who sat beside the doctor. His eyes were still weak, but he could already tell everything that was going on inside the room from the smell alone.

'What the hell's going on?' Kaneki asked himself. This didn't make any sense. 'Wait!'

"You shouldn't get stressed right now Kaneki-kun" He heard the doctor's voice again, telling him to calm down. "Your injuries might reopen, and we wouldn't want that would we?"

"…injuries?" Kaneki repeated, before looking down and staring at his own chest. His face turned into one of utter shock when he realized…"….it wasn't a dream…."

Numerous wounds were partially healed all over his torso; in the exact places Rize had stabbed him. One was on his shoulder, another was on the right side of his chest, three on his right leg, 2 on his left leg, and the one on his abdomen.

"Get some rest" The doctor advised, and Kaneki did just that. It didn't take long for the doctor and his nurse to vacate the room, leaving him alone.

'Should I tell them about Rize?...No…wait…..if they found me then they must've found her right?...that doesn't make sense…..How am I still alive?' So many questions bubbled up in his head. Yet there were no answers to any of them. All he could do now was to trust in time to reveal all things.

Outside Kaneki's hospital room, there stood Priscilla, just watching. This strange creature had the scent of both human and ghoul, aka food. It kind of reminded her of those blonde-haired warriors from long ago…..

She eventually left though, after concluding that this strange being was harmless. It didn't even smell delicious enough to eat.


"Priscilla, I think we should go back to the hotel soon" Were the words that immediately left Isley's lips when he saw Priscilla descending from the nearby stairway. "I don't think Raki will be waking up anytime soon"

"Ok" Priscilla's reply was short and straight to the point. Isley was right, anyone who went through all that would be very unconscious right now. So it was best to just leave Raki here for the week. "Let's go"


A blonde haired teen currently lied down on the hospital bed. A man in a suit sat beside his sleeping form.

"Ahh Shinohara-san" A doctor, who had just arrived in the room, greeted.

"Dr. Rigaldo, how long till he fully recovers?" The man, now identified as Shinohara, asked with serious anticipation lingering in his voice. Shinohara rushed to the hospital when he heard the news. He visited the room of the boy, who rescued his subordinate, earlier, but found that he too had suffered some injuries greater than the ones Juzou had taken.

"Well…he took a lot of blunt force trauma to the head, but nothing too serious" Dr. Rigaldo began explaining. "He should be out in two or three days."

"That's good news" Shinohara said, relieved. "What about that boy who rescued him? Is he going to be alright?"

"Oh that kid? He'll be out next week if he's lucky. If he isn't, then I'd give him two weeks tops." Dr. Rigaldo said nonchalantly, whilst writing something on the pad he had brought with him. "…..Somehow the rescuer had more wounds than the rescued, ironic huh?"

"It is ironic, but I am very grateful that he saved Juzou" This boy who now lay before him asleep, was like a son to him and dying to a train accident, if that was what it was, was no way for a Ghoul Investigator to go down. "I would very much like to meet him when he-"

"DR. RIGALDO!" A nurse yelled at the top of her lungs as she rushed inside the room. Both Shinohara and Dr. Rigaldo turned to her with raised eyebrows, and they saw the sense of emergency on her face. "Patient 334 has awakened, but is reacting violently towards the nurses who are trying to sedate him. He's knocked-out two nurses already! He's still inside his room, but other nurses can't approach him without getting beat up!"

"If he moves too much then his wounds will reopen and then I'll have to spend another hour tending to his wounds instead of spending my free time with Teresa" Rigaldo said with a sigh, before turning to face Shinohara. "Excuse me Mr. Shinohara; I have a patient to sedate"


Raki was confused and disoriented. His vision was hazy, and it seems he was surrounded by multiple Yoma….wearing white outfits. Still, he could defend himself, but not for long. There were multiple wounds around his body, where he got them he did not know.

Right now, he had no time to spend on these yoma. He had to find Clare fast or-

'Wait what?' Then reality all came crashing down. His vision returned, and he could see that what he thought were Yoma, were actually nurses. Slowly, he let his arms relax and fall. "Sorry about that"

With a heavy mind, and body, Raki slowly returned to his bed, which caused the nurses, who were gathered around him, to become utterly confused. A moment ago, this boy was reacting violently to anything they did, even threw two nurses through the nearby window (You know, the window from INSIDE). His face showed that he was calm, yet ready to engage in battle, then this happens and now it doesn't make sense anymore. Maybe it was because of the shrapnel that was previously embedded on his head that caused this?


Not a minute later, Dr. Rigaldo entered the scene.

"I see he's recovering quite well" Then he grabbed a VERY big syringe and approached Raki. "This should calm you down. We don't want your wounds to reopen do we?"

'Oh fuck'


"I think the patient is still asleep…" Raki heard Rigaldo's voice say from outside the room. He tried to sit up, but found that whatever Rigaldo had injected into his body was causing a lot of numbness; he didn't even know where his feet were. "But you may wait inside. If you're lucky, he might be awake. But I've recently injected a large amount of sedatives into his body to prevent him from tearing up his muscles again; it might've hampered his ability to speak"

"That's alright" Raki heard another voice. "He doesn't need to speak; all he needs to do is listen to what I have to say."

"Meh….suit yourself" Was the last thing Raki heard before the very audible sound of the door was next. Then there were footsteps, it stopped next to the chair that he knew was there.

Deciding to stop his little act of sleeping, Raki turned his head to the person who just entered the room. The first thing he noticed was the snow white hair and eye-glasses. Then he noticed the black tie, white suit and black pants.

'Probably someone from the CCG?' Was Raki's prediction.

"You've created quite the commotion back at the CCG headquarters you know…" The man began speaking. Whatever it was he was talking about, Raki had no interest in it, but he'd humor this person for now. "Oh I'm sorry, where are my manners? My name is Kishou Arima"

Now Raki recognized that name, but he just couldn't figure out where he last saw or heard it. From a magazine perhaps, or from the television? He wasn't sure, but this piqued his interest, a little bit.

"….and you must be Raki Abend (German for Evening/Dusk), a pleasure to meet you" The man, who now identified himself as Arima, greeted. Raki raised an eyebrow when Arima took out a laptop from his briefcase and turned it to him. "I suppose you're wondering about what I meant when I said: "You've created quite the commotion….""

'Yes, I'm very curious' Were his thoughts. Somehow, Arima could read him and decided to show him through the computer.

"These were surveillance tapes given to us by the CCG in France" Arima said, right before playing a video file.

Raki recognized it instantly.


"Are you lost?" Raki asked a small girl who was crying on a park bench. On his way here, he'd already seen her. He assumed that her toy was broken or something, hence why she was crying. An hour later, when he and Priscilla were about to leave, the child was still there, crying. So he simply told Priscilla to go on ahead without him.

"Hey" He said again, trying hard to muster a non-threatening tone. "Where are your parents?"

The girl continued crying, but pointed at something over the distance. It was also at this moment, that Raki noticed the lack of people within the park. The only people here were him and the little girl. This would be an ideal place for an amb-

Then he started laughing.

'How could I ever fall for such an obvious trap' He thought, turning around to face the little girl. Now that his body was turned, the girl wasn't there anymore. 'Isley would be disappointed'

The next thing he did was so fast that regular people wouldn't be able to see him move at all. Raki took out his dagger, from a conveniently placed pocket on his right leg, and slashed at the air behind him. Nothing happened for a few seconds, then an arm suddenly dropped from seemingly out of thin air. Then something screamed, a few meters away from him was a male ghoul who had lost its left arm.

'So he must be hunting to feed that girl from before? Was she his daughter?' He asked himself before setting his sights back to the wounded ghoul. "I'll give you 5 seconds to run"

The male ghoul backed away in terror, before screaming, and Raki knew all too well what that would entail.

'Oh shit' Were his thoughts before a pack of 7 ghouls descended around him. A stupid fool would've simply stood there and waited for the ghouls to attack. Raki, on the other hand, moved at superhuman speeds to kill the closest ghoul while it was still in mid-air where it couldn't dodge. He slashed its jugular, then twisted the dagger while it was halfway inside the flesh. 'It should die of blood-loss'

He then deflected a kagune that was aimed right for his head. Deflected and severed right after deflecting it.

Seeing himself at a horrendous disadvantage, Raki opted to do the trick of divide and conquer. His next move was so fast that none of the ghouls was able to see him do it until it was too late.


The 6 remaining ghouls turned to the source of the odd sound and saw their previously amputated brethren now had a dagger through his throat. They all turned to where Raki previously was, but found that he wasn't there anymore. Instead, Raki sneaked up on the thinnest looking ghoul and simply twisted its neck, causing it to fall to the ground a lifeless corpse.

After that, it was his ridiculously quick reflexes that allowed him to dodge 5 kagunes that were all trying impale him from every possible angle. The remaining ghouls were no pushovers, the second after Raki dodged, they began their barrage of untamed strikes.

'What the hell is this supposed to be?' Raki asked no one in particular as he dodged all their clumsy attacks easily. As someone who'd been trapped in a room full of claymores who wanted to kill him, and then fighting on even ground for an hour, these 5 were nothing. 'I better finish this soon'

The ghouls weren't even able to notice what happened until it was over. One second they were attacking the human, the next, they were covered in small blades. The 5 ghouls fell to the ground, all of them dead.


"….there was a camera?" Raki finally spoke. To which Arima responded with a smile.

"Yes, there was a camera and yes, I know that that person in the recorded video was you" Arima said, before his face became serious again. He closed the laptop and placed it back into his briefcase. "Now for the real reason why I'm here…I want to extend an offer: Would you like to join the CCG?"