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Amanda Waller, a tall, slightly overweight black woman, was a person who'd seen many different strange places during her work for the government. There had been massive mansions big enough to hold thousands, little huts that one person could hardly manage in, and secret places in the middle of nowhere that no one knew about. This, however, was the first time she'd ever been to an island nation that had managed to keep itself completely and utterly off from the map.

It was a few hundred miles off the coast of Japan, they even spoke the same language, and was large enough to hold some small countries and some massive cities. How they did that, Amanda would never know, but these people were powerful. The very reason they'd closed themselves off was because they were the only people on earth who had access to a power known as chakra, with which they could do wondrous things. Wondrous things they wanted no one else to know about, so they stayed alone in a ninja like, Japanese influenced lifestyle. Barely any tech, but they still had all that they needed. They called themselves the Great Ninja Nations.

She was walking to the Hokage's office now, he was the leader of the village and the most power ninja for miles. It was going to interesting to meet him, as Amanda was here to talk about the state of their American relations. Before she could get there, a sound got her attention. It was the sound of some child screaming in Japanese for help, she spoke the language very well, and some others who seemed to be attacking him. Amanda turned to see a group of people in an alley surrounding a blond haired child, throwing things at him and hitting him.

While not the most compassionate person in the world, Amanda still wasn't one to just let people beat a child who appeared no older than 8. She took her pistol out of it's holster and pointed it at the assailants, who appeared to be ninjas in their twenties, and fired a shot just above their heads. They all turned to see who'd fired at them.

"You know where I'm from, assaulting a child is crime," Amanda began in her best Japanese, "Am I correct in assuming it's the same here?"

One of the ninjas turned to to the boy, who had spiking blond hair and whisker marks on his cheeks, and kicked him, "This isn't a child, it's a demon, woman! What makes you think you can come in here and fire that thing at us?"

Amanda smirked and pulled out a scroll and showed it to them, then started to say in a commanding voice, "This is an official honored guest pass to be in your country. It means that I can do whatever the hell I want and only answer to your Hokage. Now, step away from the child before I start to get angry!"

Looks of fear covered all of their faces. It was a very bad idea to attack an honored guest, as the punishment for doing so was death. In a flash, they all ran from the boy, leaving him on the ground crying. Amanda shook her head at the fleeing ninja, "What a bunch of spineless weasels. Now, let's go see about this 'Demon' of theirs."

She walked over to the boy, who was covered in marks and bruises, and knelt down beside him. The poor thing was scared to death, so Amanda kneeled down by him carefully, "Hey there little guy, are you okay? I swear that I'm not gonna hurt you, I made the mean men go away."

The boy looked up at her, tears in his eyes, and sniffed, "I'm okay...I'm kind of used to it by now...my names Naruto. You better go away, they'll hurt you two if they see you talking to me."

Amanda smiled at him and chuckled. She slowly started to pick the small boy up, much to his shock, "Oh, I'm not scared of them. There's nothing those jerks could do to me. I'm Amanda by the way. Do you want me to take your home to you home to your parents so they can patch you up?"

"I don't have a mommy or daddy," Naruto said in a sad little voice, "But you can take me to see the old man. He's the one who looks after me."

She loved the nickname he had for his caretaker, even though she was sad to find that he no parents to comfort him, "And where does this 'Old Man' live, hm? Near by?"

Naruto pointed to the Hokage tower, "He should be working on the top floor in there. He does lots and lots of paper work."

Amanda knew in an instant that he must have been talking about the Hokage. Between him being called a demon and being close with the Hokage, she knew their was a story here, and intend to find out what it was, "Well okay then, we'll go together. You want me to carry you or will you walk?"

Naruto jumped out of her arms and grabbed her hand, "I can walk. Thanks though," he said with a foxy grin.

"My my, you're mood change very quickly," Amanda noted, finding his mood infectious.

Naruto shrugged, not really thinking much of it, "If I stay happy, the pain doesn't hurt so much. Are you from the hidden Cloud? The only people I've seen with skin like yours are from there."

Amanda figured that was where most of the African-american population of this nation must be, "No sweetie, I'm from a place called America. Would you like me to tell you about it?"

Naruto nodded vigorously and the rest of their walk was spent with her telling him about far of nation. He was such a pleasant little one. How could anyone possibly think he was a demon?

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the hidden Leaf's third Hokage, was sitting in his office waiting for Amanda Waller, who was now about 15 minutes late, and looking up at the picture of the Hokages who'd come before him. There was his sensei's, the amazingly powerful legends that were the First and Second Hokages, and the Fourth Hokage, the shinobi whose life had been cut far too short in order to protect his village. It was such a pity that the man would never get to see his son grow up.

These thoughts were broken when a knock came at his door, causing the Hokage to call, "Come in!"

The door opened and a blonde blur shot inside. Hiruzen barely had time to laugh before his favorite little whiskered boy jumped up into his lap, "Hey old man, look who I found! This lady is named Amanda, and she's really, really nice."

Hiruzen smiled down at him and looked back to Amanda, "Well that's wonderful Naruto. It's nice to see you getting so well acquainted with our guest. Nice to finally meet you Ms. Walker, and thank you for being kind to my little friend here. He gets into some trouble from time to time."

Amanda could tell in an instant how close the two of them were, but had other things on her mind, "I don't think that there's any trouble that he could've gotten into that would warrant the way some of your ninjas were treating him."

He'd already seen the bruises on Naruto, so another beating had been exactly what Hiruzen was afraid of, "Naruto, were the other ninjas being cruel to you again?" Naruto cringed and nodded, "How bad was it? The marks don't look too bad, but you heal quickly."

"I've had better and I've had worse," Naruto said. It was an honest answer

Hiruzen sighed, but kept a smile on his face to comfort Naruto, "Why don't you go take these scrolls and read for a little bit in the other room? Get a start on your ninja training. If you get far enough, I'll treat you to some ramen, okay?"

Naruto suddenly beamed and grabbed the scrolls, running right to the other room. Hiruzen let himself frown now and turned to Amanda, "I'm sorry that you had to see that. Some of the people of my village are unable to tell the difference between a scroll and it's contents."

"You know I have to ask, what in the hell did that kid do to deserve something like this?" Amanda asked, as this was a matter she refused to drop.

Hiruzen got out his pipe and lit it, knowing that there was a stressful conversation ahead, "Ever heard of a tailed beast known as the Kyuubi?"

Amanda had done her research about this place, so the name was familiar. She went through everything that she'd memorized, "The Kyuubi: An incredibly powerful creature composed entirely of what you call Chakra. It's famous for how incredibly powerful it's attacks are, the last known attack was on your village eight years ago on October 10th. It was killed by your Fourth Hokage, at the cost of his life."

"It wasn't killed," Hiruzen said, surprising Amanda, "You can't kill something like that. He knew that there was no way for us to stop this beast, so he sealed it away instead, inside a newborn. You're a smart woman, so I'm gonna guess you know where I'm going with this."

Amanda felt quite a twinge of sympathy for the boy at the tragic tale. Clearly the newborn had been Naruto, "Wait, so Naruto got this thing sealed inside of him, right?" Hiruzen nodded, with a puff of his pipe, "Alright, that must be why they all hate him. Easy to take your anger out on a boy who can't defend himself, especially when he has the object of your anger inside of him."

Hiruzen could tell he wasn't going to have to say much more, "His parents died on the night of the attack, so that really didn't help the situation."

Amanda looked up at the picture of the Fourth on the wall, noting his spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, "I wonder how that could've happened."

Hiruzen put a finger to his mouth, as if to say, 'I get the point, no need to go any farther', "And that is how the last eight years have gone. As hard as I've tried to protect him, it's proven more than impossible. There's just not enough manpower available for to give Naruto a constant guard, not that anyone I could spare would take that job. I only pray that him joining the academy will maybe help the situation in some way. Maybe make him strong enough to defend himself."

Having been around the block enough times, Amanda knew that Hiruzen was too close to the situation to see there was just no life here for Naruto. These villagers would never let him become a ninja, and even if he did manage to make it, there was no way they'd let him live up to his full potential. There must be a better solution for the boy. At first she thought about taking him back to her government, but that was the right answer either. Naruto deserved better than to have the military forcing him to train day in and day out to be nothing more than a weapon. He deserved better than that. There was one other solution, but it was rather insane. Still, it might be the only way that Naruto could get the life that he deserved.

"During the meeting with your council, will we be doing anything other than bullshit politics? I mean, is their any way we could just skip all that and talk about something else?" Amanda asked, still thinking very hard.

Hiruzen loved the way she'd referred to the council meeting, "Honestly, it's all just a bunch of formalities. Nothing really changed, this is just a goodwill visit. Did you have something in mind?"

Amanda tapped her fingers on her knee, "I think that I might have a way to give a Naruto the happy little life that he deserves, if you're council is willing to part with him."

"You want us to give away Naruto! He's a member of our village and has a tailed beast inside of him," Hiruzen started, having issues with this on several levels.

Amanda waved off his fears, "You won't be giving him up, more like lending him to someone. How about you gather the council so that I can give them all my proposal? It sounds crazy in it's simplest form, but there's more to it than you think."

Hiruzen took a long drag from his pipe, then let it go as he drifted deeper into his thoughts. Naruto's happiness was of vital importance to him. He had to at least here was she head to say if he was going to sleep at night, "Give me fifteen minutes. That should be the most it would take to get the council here. This had better be good."

The Hokage was true to his word, managing to get the entire council front and center in no time at all. However, they more or less had the same reaction that Hiruzen did when Amanda so much as started her idea for Naruto.

"Are you mad woman? Naruto is the most vital weapon that this village has! We can't just let him leave the Leaf," Danzo, an old, one-eyed war hawk, stated.

Amanda could already tell this was going to be an uphill battle. Danzo wasn't the only one glaring at her, in fact just about every one of the Leaf's clan heads were burning a hole into her skull, "Before I get any farther, I'd like to remind you all that the Hidden Leaf and the United States are on very good terms with one another, and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Then don't try and steal one of our ninjas," Hiashi Hyuga, head of the Hyugas, told her curtly.

Amanda knew that she was gonna have to take a different approach with this, "May I ask that you all refrain from interrupting until I've finished what I have to say? I feel like this would go much smoother if you gave me that courtesy."

The council members hated being told what to do, but her point was a valid one. All of them gave a brief nod, letting Amanda continue, "With what I'm proposing, Naruto would be allowed to return to the hidden Leaf the second you needed him and you'll be able to send someone once every month or two to come and check on his progress, so I'll get that out of the way right now. Does that put some of your minds at ease?"

Strangely enough it actually did. Many of them visibly relaxed once she said it. Naruto may have been seen as a burden by many of them, but he was still a useful tool nonetheless. A tailed beast was the best weapon a village could have. Amanda knew just how to play to someone's logical side, "I've noticed that many people around here hate him due to the issues with the Kyuubi. Am I correct in assuming it will be very hard to train Naruto properly without the villagers interfering? I imagine that even if you could get him trained, it wouldn't be that well and you'd never be able to agree on who did it."

They were all shocked at just how on the dot she was with her assumptions. Hiruzen answered her, "It's been an issue since the moment we found out he wanted to be a ninja."

"I figured as much. What if I told you that I knew of someone in America who would train him for you, no charge, and would do it better than any of your teachers ever could? No strings attached, just think of it as an act of goodwill between our two nations," Amanda started, seeing early that she had all of them hooked.

The council began to murmur amongst themselves, curious about what she was talking about. Of course they still had their reservations, as Tsume Inuzuka showed them, "How do we know you won't keep him for yourself or turn him against us, hm? Why should we trust you?"

Amanda's answer was a very easy one, "Because my nation would never start a war that they know they couldn't win for a weapon that they can't ever comprehend. The man I want to train Naruto has nothing to do with our military, so you have no reason to worry about that."

Shikaku Nara, possibly the smartest person in the hidden Leaf, had a question that would truly be able to but his mind at easy, "And why exactly would you be willing to set all of this up? Clearly you gain nothing from all of this, so why bother? No one in your position puts their neck out this much for some kid they hardly know."

Amanda let his words sink in as looked down at her feet. The answer that she was about to give was one that ashamed her. It would not be an easy story for her to tell, "The man that I want to train Naruto is considered something of a hero where I'm from. He tries to be a symbol of fear to the scum of the world and a symbol of hope to those who need it. For a long time, I was nothing like that. I did whatever I felt was necessary to protect people, no matter what the cost may have been. Not an awful philosophy really, but I soon began to go too far. There was a point where I started to take the human element out of it entirely, I'm ashamed to say. Before long, I got cocky and started to make messes that I wasn't able to clean up. One of them was forcing a little girl to genetically enhance powers she had no business using. She was out of control, nearly killed half a dozen people. Needless to say, I was unable to get a handle back on the situation. However, the man I mentioned before was. He tracked down that little girl, found her scared, unsure of what she was gonna do. She knew her powers were gonna end up killing her very soon, and the poor thing was terrified. Hard as it is to believe, he comforted her. Sat with her until her time came and then carried her to the morgue himself. To this day, I've never seen anything quite like it."

The council was on the edge of their seats, immersed in the story. All except for Danzo, who found it to be a tedious tale, "A lovely story, but what does this have to do with Naruto?"

"Seeing him do that is what made me realize that I needed to change who I was," Amanda said, ignoring the one eyed idiot, "I put that girl through so much pain, and in the end, it was for nothing. While I needed to protect my country, I needed to do it in a way that kept my morals and the morals of those around me intact. I would've killed myself out of guilt if I didn't. Naruto is like that little girl to me. He's a poor soul that needs someone who'll actually bother to train him. Bruce Wayne, the man I've been speaking of, is exactly the person who'll do that."

All of them knew that name, even if they knew little about the outside world. Shibi Aburame asked, "Bruce Wayne as in the rich philanthropist? He trains young children?"

Amanda gave them the vaguest answer she could, "There's more to him than that, but you don't need to worry about it. What you need to know if that if you give him the proper scrolls, Naruto will be able to come to the hidden Leaf's aid more powerful than you could ever imagine. Much more so than if the teachers here who hate him were to teach him. Not to mention, for those of you who care about the boy, this will give him one of the happiest lives you could imagine."

Once again, the council started to murmur to one another. It was a good deal, a damn good deal. Maybe they should actually hear her out on this one, if only for a little while. Hiruzen even liked the sound of it, "You're here for three days, so why don't you draw up some documents and let us talk it over a bit? Does that sound okay?"

Understandable, considering that offer almost sounded too go to be true. It gave her a chance to handle something of her own, "Sure, I've got to make a few inquires of my own anyway. Please, take all the time that you need."

Amanda walked out of the room to let the council discuss her proposal. There was one more person that she still needed to call. Odds were it was going to be a very awkward conversation.

"You want me to what?" A distinctly male voice yelled from the other end of Amanda's phone. It was the voice of someone that she hoped considered her a friend, one Bruce Wayne. He was more than a little upset.

Amanda had just told him about her little plan with Naruto. Needless to say, she had some explaining to do, "Bruce, you're just like the council, you won't even let me explain myself."

Bruce didn't care about what she said about the council, "You suggested the I adopt a kid without some much as talking to me first!"

Amanda knew that he had every right to be upset here, "There's more to it than that. Didn't you hear what I said about this Naruto kid? His life has been absolute shit. You adopted Dick when you felt he needed help, why not this one?"

"So what, I'm just supposed to adopt every single kid that has a hard life? For god's sake Amanda, Dick was different! I was too close to that situation, I couldn't bring myself to turn him away!" Bruce told her, referring to his surrogate son Dick Grayson, the one time flying trapeze artist whose parents had been killed when they refused to pay the infamous mob boss Tony Zucco protection money. Bruce had been the one who'd brought the son of a bitch to justice, as that was his job.

Bruce Wayne was the name he used during the day, but at night, he became the shining become of hope for Gotham, the legendary Batman. After the death of his parents when he was very young, Bruce's life had fallen apart. Despite the fact that he was still filthy rich, he was beyond unhappy. His parents murderer may have been found, but that didn't help him either. After a few years of being completely miserable, Bruce decided that he was going to do something about it. He'd seen his father, Thomas Wayne, work so hard to try and save Gotham from the cassum it'd fallen into. It became Bruce's life goal to save Gotham, to become a symbol to people who were forced to cower in fear. That, however, required training.

Bruce trained for years around the world to become the most powerful hero that he could be, training with people who would be called heroes and villains alike. His martial arts abilities were second to none, he was one of the smartest people in the world, and he had technology that would make any scientist jealous. His little trip turned him into one of the most dangerous people in the world. However, whether or not he had it in him to raise another kid reminded to be seen, "Honestly Amanda, how can you just call someone up and tell them to adopt some child that they don't even know?"

"Bruce, this isn't just some kid!" Amanda yelled, really needing to get this point across, "I'm terrified that this is gonna ten times worse than Ace ever was! I can't just stand by and let it happen!"

Bruce cringed at the very mention of Ace. Ace had been the little girl who Amanda had mentioned to the council before. He'd done his best to try and save her, but her powers were just too much for her body to handle. She'd died in her arms, "How could something be worse than what happened with Ace?"

This conversation was really starting to drain Amanda, but she still kept going, "This kid has an incredibly powerful demon thing sealed inside of him and he doesn't even know it. The people of this village see him as nothing more than the monster that had destroyed so many of their lives. If this keeps up, he could very well end up snapping and hundreds of thousands will die. Naruto's life will amount to nothing more than proving the assholes who tortured him right. Please, just let me send you his file. If you can look it over and honestly say that you feel nothing for this kid, then I'll leave it be."

Bruce supposed he could at least do that, "Fine, send me the damn file. I guess that I can give it a quick one over. Send it to me as soon as you can."

Amanda was cheering internally at her victory, "I had the whole thing scanned before I called you, you'll have it in a couple of minutes. Trust me, you aren't going to regret this. Even I can't believe what all this kid's been though."

"What in the sam hell?" Bruce muttered, as he looked over Naruto's file on the Batcomputer, the most advance computer on the face of the earth.

Alfred, his loyal butler, the man who raised him after his parents died and his closest friend, was standing right behind him and looked at the screen over his shoulder, "What's the matter Master Bruce? Something strange in the young boy's file?"

Bruce shook his head, typing in something on the keys, "No, I haven't read it yet. The computer can't seem to translate all of it. There's about a third of it that it can't identify at all."

Alfred squinted as he looked at the symbols the computer was trying to identify, "Oh, that would be because some of it is in a very ancient form of Japanese that's no longer traditionally used. I can translate it for you if you'd like."

Bruce was pretty impressed at his old friend's hidden skill, "Let me guess; you learned Japanese back when you were working for the British government at MI6?"

"But of course Master Bruce," Alfred said as he started to type in the missing words. He mumbled to himself as he worked, "Hm...oh dear...well that's unfortunate...my word, that poor boy!"

Bruce could already tell that wasn't gonna be good, "That bad huh?"

Alfred didn't even look up to respond, "This boy Amanda was telling you about has been through hell in back. Where did she say he was from exactly?"

"A country that doesn't even officially exist," Bruce told him, which didn't surprise Alfred in the least. You learned many shocking things by the time you were his age.

Alfred finished up his translation and then back away from the computer, wiping some sweat away from his brow. The machine was very warm, "There you are sir. I must say, I don't know what to think about a place that would do things like this to someone so young."

Bruce started to read the file, heeding Alfred's words as he did. The farther he got, the deeper the a pit sunk into his stomach. Losing his parent's had made his life less than enjoyable, he'd admit, but he'd never had it this bad. He'd spent years of his life chasing after justice, having made that and his little family that he'd created the most important things in his life. Reading this made him feel like he only had one option, "Dick, come here for a moment."

His 13 year old side-kick jumped down from his perch in the Batcave down to his mentor, "Hey Bruce, what do you need?"

"Get the Batwing ready," Bruce responded quickly, "We're making a little trip to Japan. You're coming to Alfred. I've got some translators, but I'll have to alter them to recognize the ancient Japanese you spoke of. "

Alfred nodded, going over to gather some of his things, "Gladly sir, it's always a pleasure taking a trip with you and master Grayson."

Once Alfred walked away, Dick turned to Bruce, "So, I'm getting myself a little brother?"

Bruce was startled by the question, as he didn't even know that Dick knew about Naruto, "How did you?"

"I was listening on your call," Dick said, giving his usual charming smirk, "Seriously though, we should take this kid if it's anywhere near as bad as they say. We both know what it's like to lose our parents, but he never even got a chance to have any. Plus, we can't let him fall in the wrong hands...and, on more of a side note, I really want a little brother."

Bruce rolled his eyes as he grabbed the overnight bag he kept in the cave and walked towards the Batwing, "Nothing is set in stone, we're just going to see if he really does need our help. If I feel like he needs to join our little family, then he will. Simple as that."

Dick grabbed his overnight bag as well, trying to think of ways that he could convince Bruce to take this Naruto kid. Having him as a surrogate father was great, and Alfred was nice too. Heck, even Barbra, better known as their occasional cohort in vigilantism Batgirl, was fun to hang out with, but he still got kind of lonely. He wanted someone a little younger than him that he could just kick back and relax with, and if he got to help out a fellow orphan well doing it, he was all for it. To him, Naruto was a perfect solution. This and many other things ran through his head as he jumped in the Batwing with Bruce, Alfred not far behind them. Amanda had already given him the coordinates, so getting there would be no issue.

Bruce took one last look at his various gages, and then started to lift off, "Hold on tight people, we're in for a fun ride!"

Naruto was almost certain that he was in trouble. He'd been called into the Hokages office and told not to move an inch, because the Third had some very important business to discuss with him. There was no one else here, meaning that the old man wanted to talk to him and only him. Yup, he was in trouble.

Naruto shuffled nervously on the couch as Hiruzen opened his office door. The moment he was in the room, the young boy practically tackled him, "Whatever I did I'm really, really sorry! I swear I won't do it again! Please don't be mad at me, please!"

Hiruzen picked the boy up with a small chuckle. He was the one person Naruto never wanted to be mad at him, "Now Naruto, you haven't done a thing...that I know of anyways."

The notorious prankster that he was, Naruto still had a couple of little stunts he wasn't sure if they knew about, "Um, let's just assume that that you caught me for everything, okay?"

The Hokage agreed as he went over to his chair and sat down, Naruto still in his lap, "The reason that I called you in here is very important. You see Naruto, there's a man who may want to adopt you,"

"What?" Naruto screamed, his shock completely apparent, "But almost everyone in the village hates me! Who would want to adopt me?"

Hiruzen could see there was both fear and hope in the child's eyes. If this didn't work out, he was going to feel horrid, "Well, he's not actually from here Naruto, not that it matters. He knows everything about you and he's still interested."

Naruto's big, blue eyes burned right through Hiruzen, "Does he know the reason that they all hate me? Because I don't even know that!"

Hiruzen had to fight to keep from flinching. He was too young to know about the creature that resided him. Naruto would need to be at least a teenager before he could understand, "As I said, he knows all about you. Like He's not from here, so if he likes you and you want to live with him...you'll actually have to leave the hidden Leaf village."

Naruto jumped off his lap, incredibly scared, "Leave the hidden Leaf? I don't wanna leave my home! Don't make me go old man, I promise I'll be good! No more pranks or anything!"

"This isn't a bad thing Naruto," Hiruzen told him, knowing that this would be the boy's reaction, "It's kind of a good thing. He's a man that can train you to become an incredibly powerful person. He'll give a very nice home, a family, everything that you've ever wanted."

Naruto had wanted all of those things alright, but he'd wanted them in the Leaf, "Old man, do you hate me like the rest of them do? Do you want me to go away?"

That was like a knife in the old Hokage's heart. He pulled Naruto into a tight huge, "Good lord, no! You're one of the most important people in this entire village to me. Naruto, I don't want to see you go, but I have to at least suggest it. I honestly think that this could be what's best for you. I think that you could finally have the happy life that you deserve. Will at least give this a chance, for me?"

Naruto looked in the old man's eyes and saw that he was nearly in tears. This man truly cared about him, he had Naruto's best interests at heart. There was only one answer Naruto could give, "Okay old man, I'll meet the guy. What did you say his name was?"

Hiruzen breathed a sigh of relief at those word, "His name is Bruce Wayne, and he's here with his adopted son Dick and his friend Alfred, who's going to translate for us. He's come a long way to meet you Naruto, and I have a feeling that you two are really going to hit it off."

Three American's coming to a place like the Hidden Leaf was more than just a little bit of a culture shock. If hadn't been for the fact that Alfred was there, Bruce and Dick would've gotten lost half a dozen times. Thanks to his translation, they were very quickly able to get a handle on where the Hokage's office was and how to get there.

Bruce and Dick felt incredibly awkward as they walked up the steps of the Hokage's office, as they had no idea how to act. Alfred, on the other hand, knew how to be polite wherever he was and found that the people of Konoha loved him.

"Alfred, can you please stop socializing with these guys?" Bruce asked as he got to door to the room he was supposed to meet Naruto in, "I realize that manners make the man, but I'm quite eager to meet Naruto."

Alfred gave a quick bow to the woman he'd been talking to and then turned to Bruce, "Of course sir, forgive me. I can caught up in the moment at times. Please, let us meet young Master Naruto."

Dick had gotten tired of waiting, so he just pushed the doors open, "Okay, enough talking, let's see this kid."

The three of them walked in the room to find a young blonde sitting on the lap of an older man in robes. They sat down across from them tentatively. Neither side knew how to start. Naruto was clinging to Hiruzen for dear life, so Bruce decided to try and calm him down, "Hi, my name's Bruce, and this is my adopted son Dick. It's very nice to meet you."

Naruto watched him put his hand out as Alfred started to translate. The young boy nervously shook it, and then said in Japanese, "My name's Naruto, it's nice to meet you too. The old man says that you want to adopt me."

Alfred relayed the message, causing Bruce to respond, "We think that we might want to, yeah. We just wanna know a little more about you. Would you maybe answer some questions for me?"

Naruto listened to Alfred and then nodded, still unsure of how to feel, "I guess that'd be okay…"

Dick had the first question, "I heard that you like to pull pranks? Is that true," Naruto nodded once more, and Dick smirked mischievously "Great, I'll have a partner in crime!"

"Haha, awesome!" Naruto replied, starting to let more of his personality shine through.

Bruce was glad to see him smile, and started to ask a question of his own, "What do you want like to eat?"

Naruto only need a second to answer, "Ramen! It's the best food ever!"

That had the whole group laughing, and the air in the room started to lighten up a bit. From that point on, the meeting was much calmer. Naruto learned a little about America and was surprised to find out that Bruce was very wealthy. Bruce learned a little about the Hidden Leaf and hated to have to hear about the abuse that Naruto had suffered over the years. It was great for everyone. Bruce liked the young boy so much, he was almost certain that he wanted to adopt him. There was just one more question that he needed to ask.

"What do you want to be when you get older Naruto?" Bruce asked, certain that this question would let him make or break his decision.

Naruto gave him a determined look and then started to say, "I wanted be a super awesome ninja so that I can prove to the whole village that I'm not bad! Everybody seems to think that I'm evil or something, but I'm not! If can get strong and protect them, then I can prove that I'm good and they won't hate me anymore!"

Everyone in the room heard that answer and slowly started to blink at it. Bruce was the first one to speak, "So these people are mean to you, and instead of being mad at them, you wanna protect them?"

Naruto could see that he got it, "Yeah, if I try to hurt them, then I'd just be proving them right. I'm not stupid enough to do that!"

Alfred had to keep himself from the laughing as he translated. Once Bruce and Dick heard the words, they both looked at each other with the same feeling in their eyes. They knew that this kid needed to come to Gotham with them. Hell, he was just like Gotham in Bruce's eyes. He was something that people had given up on, but could be great if he just had the right symbols to guide him. For Bruce, this was a no brainer, "Naruto, you have no idea how smart you are for saying something like that. We'd really like you to come home with us, if you want to of course. We'll give a you home, food, a family, and I swear on my parents grave, I'll make you the great ninja hero that you've always wanted to be. It'll be a lot of hard work, but a boy like you should have no trouble achieve your dream."

Naruto heard this, from Alfred of course, and started to recede a little bit. Everything that he was offering him sounded amazing, but the Leaf was his home. Hiruzen could see his nervousness, and leaned down to whisper, "He's offering you everything that you've wanted Naruto. I'm not going to tell you to go, but, as much as I'd want you stay, I think this might be what's best for you."

Naruto could see how painful it was for him to say this, so he wouldn't tell him to go if he really didn't think it was best for him. He turned to Bruce and the others and asked, "You're not lying to me are you? You really want me to come and live with you guys?"

Bruce knew this boy had been hurt many a time, so his fears were perfectly natural, "We want to be a family to you Naruto. I promise, we'll make you as happy as we possibly can. Just come with us and we'll show you."

Naruto got off from Hiruzen's lap and walked towards Bruce. He looked up at Bruce and asked, "Can I...Can I call you dad?"

Bruce was a little startled by the request, and was even more startled by tears in his eyes. Dick had never asked to do this, but then again Dick had a father before. He looked to Dick who smiled and nodded, and then to Alfred, who'd translated the requested, and he seemed to think it was a good idea. A second later he looked back to Naruto, "If that's what you that's what you want, then yes, you can call me dad."

Naruto suddenly threw himself at the man and Bruce and started to hug him, tears streaming down his face, "Thank you...thank you...thank you!"

Bruce was a little touched by the action, and started to hug him back. Dick came by his side and put a hand on his shoulder, "Just think of me like your big brother, okay?"

Alfred translated, adding in, "And I'll be a part of your family as well. It's an honor to have you join us Master Naruto."

Hiruzen wiped a small tear away from his eye, both overjoyed to see Naruto get what he dreamed of, and sad to know that he was leaving. He got up and walked to door, calling to his secretary, "Get me the proper paperwork to complete Naruto's adoption. Our little friend has finally found a home."