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"You ready for this, Raven? We're all set, but we won't make a move until you're good to go," Naruto assured the young heroin as he and all the others involved in Trigon's release surround her, "When you're ready to start, just give us a nod."

Raven took a deep breath. She'd sworn to herself that she'd never free her father, but sometimes promise had to be broken. With her mind clear and her heart calm, Raven nodded to her friends, "It's time."

Everyone watch as Raven closed her eyes and began to focus. A small ball of purple mist began to form at the edge of the roof, soon expanding into a large circle. There was a burst of foul energy that shot from it, something dark enough to make everyone's stomach turn. The process had started though, so Etrigan took over command of the group, "Now, my comrades, feed Lady Raven your power! The time has come to allow the beast into our world!"

"Whatever you say, yo," Killer Bee proclaimed. He and the others started to feed their power into Raven's, allowing the portal she was creating to grow even larger than before, "I think we got something coming outta there man! Something nasty!"

Naruto, Bee, and Etrigan might all have had some demon power within them, but what came out of that portal was unlike anything they'd ever seen. A pair of antlers rose up first, followed by a mane of flowing white hair, and finally the torso of man the size of skyscraper with red skin. What could only be described as pure evil radiated off from him, and his four glowing red eyes topped off the towering titan of terror. His voice was enough to shake the entire battlefield, "At last, my daughter has come to her senses and released me! Thank you, Raven, for finally embracing your destiny!"

"I haven't embraced anything, you son of a bitch," Raven called her father, her heart filled with contempt for the creature that stood before her, "The only reason you're getting even a hint of fresh air is because I need you to do something good for once in your miserable life!"

No one, especially not his own flesh and blood, spoke to Trigon like that, "You insolent little pest? I am your father, and you will treat me as such! Now do as I say, or prepare to be punished for your foolishness!"

Raven grinned, "Bring it on, old man."

Rage overcame Trigon as he shot for four beams of pure demonic energy from his eyes, all of which were headed straight for Raven. He would soon find out he'd played right into their hands when Obito leapt in front of the beams and created a Kamui vortex of black chakra to capture the attack, "Get ready Kakashi, here it comes!"

"What is meaning of this?" Trigon asked before his beams vanished into the vortex, "Nothing on this Earth can withstand my power!"

"We're not trying to withstand it," Called Kakashi, giving his voice some extra power because he was a decent distance from Trigon, aiming himself towards the Gedo Statue in the distance, "We're trying to redirect it!"

Kakashi created a second Kamui vortex in the direction of Gedo Path, allowing the beams Obito had captured to shoot out freely. The beams themselves were too quick to give anyone any time to get nervous over what the results might be. No, they flew right passed insanity on the ground below and struck less than two seconds later, making the Gedo Statue scream out in pain. Its scream was followed shortly after by Abaddon's, which could be heard even up on the roof. It was tough to tell from his angle, but Kakashi was pretty sure he could see he could see the madman doubled over in pain. Superman and Wonder Woman weren't letting up on him because of it either, seeing as the bastard more than deserved what he was getting. Abaddon's tie to the statue may have left him weakened for now but that wouldn't last forever. Raven knew what they needed to do next, "It actually freaking worked! Alright guys, let's put my father back where he belongs and finish this! We're trying to get rid of one monster, not release a second one!"

A good idea, but one that was going to be tough to execute. Etrigan ordered them to move on with the next phase to nonetheless, "Right! My comrades, we must now give Lady Raven all the power we can spare so she can seal away the wicked Trigon! Don't hold back!"

"We get the idea," Naruto screamed, trying to focus on the power he was giving Raven and not his friend's cumbersome explanation, "Raven, you'd better make this quick! I'm not sure how long we can keep this up!"

Raven was giving it everything she had as she tried to pull Trigon back into the portal with her trademark black energy, but it wasn't going as well as she'd hoped. Shed gotten him all the way down to his shoulders, but Trigon was clinging to outside world for dear life, "No! I will not allow myself to be seal back in that prison! I've waited to long for that! This world is mine to conquer! Do you fools hear me? It's mine!"

"Sorry, but we've already got one megalomaniac to deal with. We really don't have any need for two," Came the voice of Hiruzen. The Third Hokage began to make hand seals before he stepped directly in front of Trigon's portal, "Allow me to help you find your way home!"

Naruto could barely make out what was happening through all the chaos, "Old man, what the hell are you doing? Get back before you get sucked in with Trigon!"

The 'Old man' didn't listen. He finished his hand seals and called out for all to hear, "Dead Demon Consuming Seal!"

"What?" Screamed Naruto. The scream wasn't because he hadn't heard Hiruzen, but rather because he knew what jutsu was designed to do, "Are you insane? That'll kill you! We've got this under control, I swear! Please, Old Man… I don't wanna lose any more people to that seal."

Hiruzen had to admit, the boy had a rough past with the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. His father gave his damn life to the jutsu to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto. There was no way around using it again, as the Third Hokage wasn't willing to risk them missing their shot to destroy Abaddon because sealing away Trigon took too long. Besides, as far as Hiruzen was concerned, he'd lived more than full life by now, "Naruto, I've lived longer than any Hokage in the Hidden Leaf's history. All my predecessors died defending the village they loved, and now it's my turn to do the same. I've gotten the chance to watch my children grow up and have children of their own, I've felt the pain of watching those I love pass on before me, and I've experienced just about every kind of moment inbetween. It's my time, Naruto. I've lived my life to the fullest, and now I need to make sure you can do the same. Do me one favor, would you? Tell my family I wouldn't have wanted to go out any other way."

"Old man, wait," Naruto screamed, but it was entirely in vain. Hiruzen had already finished the preparations for the jutsu, and a process no one else could see had begun. The Shinigami he'd summoned was behind him, Hiruzen's soul literally in it's hand. Another Shinigami hand was getting ready as well, though this one was hanging above Trigon's head, waiting for the right moment to strike. Simultaneously, the first hand ripped Hiruzen's soul from his body, killing him instantly, and the second slammed down onto Trigon's head, forcing him into Raven's portal. Normally, that would be when the actual sealing took place, but as Raven had quickly closed the portal, there was nothing for the Shinigami to seal. No, it merely left with Hiruzen's soul in its grasp and Trigon's screams fading away in the background as it faded back into the underworld. With nothing to hold him up, Hiruzen fell to the ground, Naruto screaming after him, "Nooo!"

The young Uzumaki was ready to leap to the Third's side, but his father grabbed him by shoulder, "Naruto, wait! I know how you're feeling right now, but you have to focus! We don't know how long we've got before Abaddon's back up to full strength! If you don't want this all to go to waste, you and Bee need to go find and Abaddon and finished the son of a bitch while demon chakra can still destroy him!"

Naruto didn't even wanna hear the name of 'Abaddon', that cursed, wretched monster of a man. No, he wasn't a man, he was something far less human. Not due to his lack of normal human DNA, but due to the pain he dealt others with such ease. While Naruto wouldn't take any joy in killing him, he had a feeling he'd sleep a whole lot better once Abaddon was gone for good, "Abaddon's got enough blood on his hands to fill an ocean, even if every single drop of it wasn't spilled be him personally. I'm about to make damn sure he never gets the chance to spill any more ever again! Stick close, Killer Bee, it's time to get wild!"

"Is there any way to get this guy to stay down?" Superman asked, his frustration growing as he his Abaddon in the chest with yet another blast of heat vision, "I thought the whole point of attacking the statue was to make him vulnerable."

The hole Superman left in Abaddon's chest was large enough to fit a human head through, but it was only open for a matter of seconds. All of the pain that'd come with what was still felt by Abaddon, and he wasn't afraid to let everyone know just how bad it was, "Aaaaahhhhh! Oh, fuck you, you kryptonian piece of shit! You are gonna regret that when I'm back up to full strength!"

Naruto landed behind Superman not long after Abaddon had begun cursing his name, with Bee following close behind him. As much fun as it would have been watching Abaddon finally get what was coming it him, Naruto had put a stop to it. The window opportunity would be closed soon, "Don't bother, Superman. We made him more vulnerable, but we didn't take away his healing factor. There is one power he can't heal from without that damn Gedo Statue though, and you've got plenty of it standing right behind you. Step aside; we'll take it from here."

"Oh please! You must be joking," Abaddon snapped, shaking his head as the Man of Steel cleared the way for Naruto and Bee, "You can't destroy me! As long as there's even a speck of my body left over, I will rise again! You'll never get rid of Abaddon!"

His unhinged ranting and raving was almost for Naruto pathetic to watch, "Not this time, Abaddon. Bee, hold him down."

"No problem, yo," Bee replied, before two of Gyuki's tails soon shot out of his back at a speed far too fast for Abaddon to dodge. The tails were coated in demon chakra, so when they bound their target's hands and feet together, pinning him on his back became all too easy, and struggling became pointless altogether, "Not so tough now, are ya, fool! Believe me, yo, you about to get schooled!"

Naruto took a look out on the battlefield around him, then drew his Soultaker Sword and walked over to his incapacitated foe, "Look around you, Abaddon. Even your plant army is dropping like flies. The Gedo Statue can't keep up with the damage we're doing to them. You've lost. I'd try to reason with you if I thought I could, maybe tell you to do the snark thing and surrender, but lets face it… we both know it's way passed that point."

A was of spit in the face courtesy of Abaddon was the only response Naruto got. Kurama was growling away inside Naruto's head the entire time, "I'm done dealing with this fucker! Give the Soultaker Sword a nice layer of my chakra so I can help you seal away this son of a bitch already!"

"I was planning on it," The young Uzumaki replied before raising his blade over his head. As planned, a layer of the Kyuubi's red chakra surrounded it, making it more than capable of slicing right through Abaddon's chest. What Naruto was about to do, there wouldn't be any way for Abaddon to heal, "When you get to hell, do a little something for me… tell Joker and Scarecrow I said hi!"

That was the last thing Abaddon heard before the sword was plunged into his chest. Both he and Naruto saw only a flash of white before they faded from this world and into another plane entirely. Neither was dead, but only one of them would be returning. Which one it would be would only be discovered with time...

Darkness surrounded Naruto. He couldn't see so much as a foot in front of his own nose. His Soultaker Sword was still in his hand, so he tried adding some chakra to create a little light. It worked, but it didn't do him much good. Naruto could see a little more, sure, but it was nothing but a chasm of emptiness. This had to be Abaddon's heart, or more accurately his soul, and this small glimpse of it was all Naruto needed to understand how the monster was capable of the things he'd done, "There's not a shred of light in here. It's just miles black nothingness. How does he live like this? It's gotta be awful..."

"On the contrary. It's quite liberating to be free of the burden of those moral restrictions most of you fools place on yourself," Came a voice surrounding Naruto. The voice was demented, and barely even in realm of understability, "I can do as I please, when I please, and no shame will ever stop me. Really, if we just took all of the 'good people' out of the world, everyone would be so much happier. Everyone could do as they wish, and people like you would never get in our way. In my world, that won't be a problem much longer."

"Pretty fucked up outlook to have on life," Naruto remarked, his eyes scanning the area, "Why don't you show me your face, so I can see if it's just as fucked up?"

Naruto would get his wish. A slithering sound surrounded him before the creature came into view, and the sight of said creature was enough to make the hero go wide eyed. Abaddon, or at least what Naruto was fairly certain was Abaddon, had the body of serpent style dragon, which was made up of a green, slimy substance. The body was about thirty feet long in all, and there was a curved bone spike shooting out of his back every two feet. His face looked like a human skull, only it was a bit thinner than a one would typically be and featured a set of horns on top. Most prominent of all was the creature's tongue and eyes, both of which were the color of blood. While the foot long tongue hung out his mouth like a dead fish, his eyes were all too alive, glowing as a sort of mist began to drift out of them. What Naruto had been seeing on the outside world was not Abaddon. No, that was only a shell for the monster that he witnessed before him. This was an all consuming, ever starving being that knew only how to take and destroy anything that stood in his way. Simply standing before him sickened Naruto, "You really are hideous, inside and out. First time I ever meant that literally."

"Forgive me if I don't give damn what you think of my appearance," Abaddon growled as his slithered closer to Naruto, "Why do you bother with any of this? You must know by now that you can't rid the world of evil, or whatever else you choose to call those who don't play by your rules. Another like me will rise soon enough, and take just as many lives. Light and dark will always find a balance. Yet, you choose the tedious path of a hero, along with all the restrictions that come with it. Again… why bother with any of it? Why not take your power and enjoy the finest things this ever imperfect world has to offer?"

He knew deep down that there was no way to make Abaddon understand what he was about to say, but Naruto was going to at least try, "Because I already am enjoying the finest things this world has to offer. Knowing that the people I care about are safe and happy is a better feeling than any reward you could ever offer me. I'd take their love and strength over anything else I can find! I'd walk a thousand miles on hot coals for any of them, and they'd do the same for me! That's something a creature like you can never understand, and you know what? I can't help but feel just a little bit bad for you because of it."

Abaddon scoffed at what considered empty words, "The ideals of an overly sentimental fool! I'll be sure and relay them to your precious loved ones after I've slaughtered you!"

"Even now, you don't realize you can never win," Naruto said with a sigh as the monster lunged at him, "This is it, Abaddon. Hope you're ready, cause something tells me you're gonna have a whole lot to answer for when you get where you're going!"

Those were final words Abaddon heard before Naruto swung the Soultaker Sword, striking him right in his twisted face. When they first clashed, Abaddon was sure this battle was going to be his. Yet, as he heard his skull begin to crack and saw Naruto utterly unconcerned with his attack, Abaddon realized the severity of his mistake. Luckily for him, he wouldn't have to live with it for long.

Back in the real world, Naruto shot to attention just as a wave of energy shot from Abaddon's soon to be corpse. That wave of energy passed by every human on the battlefield without the slightest signs of harm, but the same couldn't be said for the plant men. Each and everyone of Abaddon's soldiers crumpled into ashes when the energy hit, and this time they wouldn't be coming back. The Gedo Statue, which had only just begun recovering minutes ago, slumped over when the wave hit it, no longer having a master capable of properly controlling it. Most telling of all was Abaddon's body, utterly lifeless and hollow. It was so fragile that it shattered when Naruto pulled out his blade, turning into something akin to pile of dried leaves. Naruto's blade shimmered with the dark energy of his fallen foe. He could feel his father's presence just behind him, "It's over, Dad. We won. Abaddon's destroyed for good this time... I just wish it didn't have to come at such a heavy cost."

"They all knew what they were signing on for, and no one's going to forget what they sacrificed for us," Bruce said, his hand on his son's shoulder, "The only thing we need to figure out now is what we're going to do next."

Naruto looked at the Soultaker Sword before he replied, "Well, there's probably enough of Abaddon's energy in here for me and Kurama to take control of the Gedo Statue just long enough to free the other Tailed Beasts. I think the best thing we can do is have Kurama talk em' into some negotiations with us, and then start the clean up from there. What do you say?"

"I say 'the sooner we get started, the better.'"

The next couple of days would be telling one's for both the people of Gotham and Great Ninja Nations. It began with the negotiations with the Tailed Beasts, none of whom had any intention of spending the rest of their lives locked away inside some series of different shinobi, and considering it went so badly the first time, the Kage's didn't see that as a great idea either. Of course, that left them with no idea what to do about their little problem. In the end, it was Kurama who suggested that they cut a deal with the Tailed Beasts, in which the Tailed Beasts would be allowed to roam wherever they wish, under the condition that they always travel with three shinobi who'd be capable of both protecting them if need be and sealing them away should they go rogue. Shukaku was the only one who grumbled over it, and that was just because he knew it meant he could no longer go on a slaughtering spree unless he wanted to be impressioned again.

Once that was settled, there was plenty of grieving to attend to. Several funerals were held for those they'd lost during the battle, with Bruce himself personally paying for the funerals for those who didn't have loved ones who could do it for them. That of course included Harvey Dent, the most difficult funeral for Bruce to attend. He'd said some kind words, primarily that he'd remember Harvey for everything he'd done for Gotham's justice system and not for the criminal he would eventually become, and then went and sat back down next to his wife. Bruce didn't shed tears often, but that was one occasion where he couldn't stop himself.

Naruto faced a similar situation at Hiruzen's funeral. While it did give him some comfort to see the entire Hidden Leaf Village turn out to honor their Third Hokage, the pain of losing a man who'd show him so much kindness still hurt more than words could express. No matter the pain though, Naruto relayed Hiruzen's last words to his family, just as the old man had asked. It was difficult for all involved, but then death always was.

The funerals for the lost Akatsuki members were far smaller, and far fewer tears were shed, all of them belonging to Sasuke Uchiha. For the missing-nin, it was more a matter of respect for those who'd been lost finally doing what they knew was right, and solemn moment for Obito as he realized the plan he'd spent so many years orchestrating was now dead as could be. He'd have to face up to what he'd done too, just in a different way. Obito would find out his future on the same day that Terry Mcginnis would return to his own...

"Well everybody, I guess this is it," Terry said as he stood in the carefully cleaned out kitchen of Wayne Manor, holding in his hand a device the Flash had helped Bruce design so he could return to his own time, "It was a dream come true getting to see you guys in the flesh and fight with you. I never thought I'd get to fight in the golden age of heroes!"

No one knew what meant for sure, so Bruce simply shook hands with Terry, all too proud of his one day apprentice, "It was our pleasure. I feel a whole lot better about the future we've got ahead of us knowing that people like you are gonna be there to defend it. Take care of yourself, Terry."

"Thank you for all of your help. We couldn't have cleaned up some people's mess without you," Naruto told his new found friend, shooting a glare at Obito as he spoke, "All kidding aside, I'm really gonna miss you. Best of luck with whatever's ahead of you."

With a final nod of appreciation, Terry clicked on his device and opened the portal into his own time. It took a moment for it to stabilize, but once it was good and ready, Terry began to make his way towards his home. He stopped dead in his tracks when he realized there was someone already waiting for him on the other side of the portal, slowly growing closer and closer to him. As Terry watched the figure walk out of the time portal, he could hardly believe who it turned out to be. Sure, he'd studied up on practically everything related to the mission, and remembered a small reference to a mysterious visitor, but this was the last person he expected.

"Terry McGinnis, you are in so much trouble! Do you hear me?" Dana Tan, Terry's girlfriend, asked in rage, "You promised that you'd be back to our time in time for date night!"

"Dana, I told you I'd try," Terry reminded her, trying to calm his girlfriend down before she started firing off jutsus, "We're dealing with time travel, something even Mr. Wayne only dealt with once. There's just too many variables to have a solid idea of what would happen. Really, looking back, I should've just set the device to send me back to-"

"I said save it McGinnis," Dana yelled, stomping her foot into the ground, "Now you owe me a date, or so help me I'll-"

However before the girl could finish her threat, the pair were interrupted by Zabuza walking into the room, "What's with all the yelling? Can't a guy get some sleep around here?"

Terry was going to give a little summary and tell him everything was fine so he could head back to sleep, but Dana to beat him to the punch when she started cheerfully waving at the menacing shinobi, "Hi Grandpa!"

Both Terry and Zabuza looked at Dana in shock at the revelation. Terry was the first to recover, pointing at the older man before he asked, "Wait, he's your grandfather?"

"Well yeah," Dana replied with a shrug, "It's not like it's a big secret my family's got some blood from the Hidden Mist in us."

Quickly putting the pieces together, Terry facepalmed while muttering, "That explains why you said your favorite hero was "Fang", why you like your steak on the extra rare side, and your codename."

Finally out of his stupor, Zabuza asked, "Codename?"

Nodding, Dana said, "Yep, I go by 'Silent Banshee' when I help out Terry and Mr. Wayne," The teen's black hair suddenly turned snow white as she continued, "I didn't get grandma's power screech, but the changing hair is enough to keep the Jokerz from recognizing me, and the jutsus I know more than make up for any lack of superpowers."

"Wait, you're saying me and Banshee are gonna have a kid?" Zabuza asked. When Dana nodded, the man's head dropped, "Great, my life is over..."

"Oh don't be sad Grandpa," Dana said as she patted the shinobi's shoulder, "Mom wasn't born until a couple of years from now."

"Really? That's great? I've still got some freedom before I'm tied down by some snot nose kids," Said Zabuza before he practically skipped out of the room, leaving the two teens to their own devices.

Dana just watched her grandfather leave with that slight skip in his step before asking Terry, "Do you think we should mention that my oldest uncle was born nine months from now?"

"Nah, let the man have his fun," Terry replied before pulling Dana into his arms, "Speaking of which, why not have some fun ourselves? I did promise you a date after all."

"Alright, Ter, but we better get going, I'm feeling like Italian tonight."

Before the couple could leave Alfred stopped them at the door. With a painful grip on the Knight of Tomorrow's shoulder, the aged butler asked, "And just what, Mr. McGinnis, are your intentions with my lovely great-granddaughter?"

Terry couldn't tell if the man was kidding or not, but he felt remaining charming would be the best route either way, "My current intention is to take her on that date I promised. I hadn't really planned too much ahead, but hopefully this will lead to future dates, and then maybe someday I'll even have the chance to go ask her father if I can-"

"Alright, Terry, I get the idea," Alfred replied with a chuckle, "In all seriousness, be good to her. I never thought I'd have a great granddaughter. I'd better know she's well taken care of."

Next thing Alfred knew, Dana was pulling him into a hug. He was startled at first, but quickly returned it as his granddaughter said, "He's taking great care of me, Grandpa. I don't wanna be clinging, it's just… you passed on when I was pretty young. This feels like the first time I'm meeting you. I'm just so happy!"

"Believe me, I am too," Alfred told her before giving his granddaughter a small kiss on the top of her head, "Now go home. You've already done more for me than you can ever know."

Dana wiped some tears from her eyes when she pulled away. Terry took her hand into his and the two of them gave the room one last wave. Both time travelers turned to the time portal and took their final steps through. The last thing the group of heroes heard before they watched their future walk away from them was Dana calling back, "Tell Uncle Haku and Uncle Sai I said hello…"

With one final reminder of the bright future everyone had fought to protect, they were gone. Naruto didn't fight the smile that came onto his face, whispering to himself, "That, right there… that's why I do it, Abaddon. That's what makes everything worth it, a hundred times over."

"What was that?" Obito asked, only for Naruto to shake his head. It's not as though what the young man had said really mattered. At best it was a distraction from what Obito had actually come to Wayne Manor for, "Alright, don't tell me. All I really need to know is why you insisted Kakashi and I come to this place. He and I didn't exactly grow all that close to your time travelling friend."

"No, you didn't," Naruto admitted, turning to face the ex-leader of the Akatsuki, "I called you here for a couple of different reasons. The first is that there's something I need to tell you, face to face, and it's something that's been a long time coming. What you did to my father, and to the village that you used to call home, is inexcusable. They were the actions of a coward to afraid to face reality he lived in. You ran from the darkness in the world instead of trying to make it better, and frankly, it's pathetic. Some of my most painful memories in life can be traced right back to you, and you'd better believe I've got plenty of anger built up over it."

Obito would've argued with Naruto if he could, but he knew now was not the time to run from his past sins, "You have every right to despise me. If I were in your shoes, I probably would've tried to kill me by now."

While that course of action wouldn't necessarily be uncalled for, Naruto had something else in mind, "I won't be going that far, just don't expect any forgiveness anytime soon. There's something else I need to say as well though… thank you. Thank you for making my life a living hell when I was child. If it hadn't been for you, I never would've met the man I've come to call my father, my family, or my friends, and odds are, I would've have the fiancees I do now if it weren't for you. Don't get me wrong, you never should've done what you did, and there's a part of me that wishes thing had been different so I could've grown up with my real parents, but I can't pretend I don't love the life I have. You should be ashamed of what you've done, but I'll still thank you for the goods things that rose from the ashes you left behind"

"Naruto, I don't know what to say," Obito responded, unable to look the boy in the eye, "You have more of your parents in you than I ever thought possible. I can hardly imagine what they'd think of me if they saw me today. There's no way for me to unburn the bridges that I have."

Naruto saw his opening in that final sentence, "That's actually the second thing you're here for. You may have helped us with stop Abaddon, but that was just you taking responsibility for your own fuck up. It's time for you to face up to everything else you've done. Kakashi, tell him."

"You got it, Naruto," Kakashi spoke up, the first thing he'd said since he got there, "It took me, Naruto, and Tsunade awhile to come up with a punishment we all thought was fair, Obito, but after some debate, we've got something we call all live with. You're going to work with me, using your underworld contacts to track down every last missing-nin we can find. The reason you're doing it with me is because I'm the only one who can keep a leash on you, thanks to these eyes we share. You'll be living in a small apartment with nothing but the bare essentials, no bells and whistles that might make you comfortable. Your shinobi salary will be donated to the various causes in and around the Hidden Leaf that you've harmed in some way, and the same goes for the bounty money we'll be splitting. It's not nearly enough considering what you did, but it was the only way we could punish you without wasting the incredible gift you've got. None of this is up for debate, by the way. Your ass is mine from here on out. Understand?"

There wasn't much for Obito to misinterpret there, "I get the idea, Kakashi, and I'm ready to do what I can for my village. You won't be getting any struggles from me. If anything, I'm getting off easy."

"Trust me, you are," Kakashi responded, before jerking his thumb in direction of the Wayne Manor's front door, "Come on, we've gotta get back to the Hidden Leaf so you can get fixed up in your new apartment. Trust me, it's the shittiest one we could find."

Kakashi gave Bruce and Naruto his trademark 'eye-smile' before leading Obito out of the room. With them out of the earshot, Bruce had to ask his son, "So, Abaddon's gone, the Akatsuki's destroyed, and they took down half of Gotham's criminal underworld with him. What do we do now?"

"You know somebody else is gonna pop up, Dad," Naruto answered, looking out at the sunrise now visible through the kitchen window, "But whoever they are, we'll be ready for em'. It looks like we've got a bright future ahead of us, and I wanna keep it that way. I'll do whatever it take. Hell, I'll become the freaking Hokage if it'll help!"

Bruce chuckled at his son's ambition, basking in the sunlight with him. It was hard to believe he'd come so far since he first came to Gotham. Pride filled Bruce's chest as he put his arm around Naruto, a small smirk on his face. He couldn't wait to see what the future held for Naruto Uzumaki-Wayne.

From there, time marched on. Day's turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. Within those years, everyone slowly but surely began to find their place in the world. It came more easily to some than it did to others, but it came either way.

Rick Flag would go on to be a two term president, and he made plenty of waves in his time. He wasn't liked be some, but he was respected by all. His most famous moment came when he fulfilled Amanda Waller's wishes and revealed to the world the existence of the Great Ninja Nations, with the latter's permission of course. There was a bit of rocky start in the beginning, but the two worlds quickly came together to make one another even stronger, just as Waller had predicted.

Speaking of Waller, someone had to try and take care over her responsibilities after Flag became president and no longer could. Edward Nygma fit the bill better than anyone else Flag could find, and he agreed to do just that after he was promised immunity for his crimes as the Riddler. His final act as his supervillain alter-ego was to give Harley the plant Ivy had made him for safe keeping, as he didn't really know how to properly take care of it himself and thought Harley might appreciate having a reminder of her old friend to keep with her.

Harley adored the gesture, and grinned ear to ear every time she saw it when she came home from a night of protecting the streets of Gotham. Yes, she became a vigilante for the good guys in an effort to make her home a place where Duela could play without worry. The little girl missed her Uncle Harvey, but at least had her big brother to keep her company.

Aside from keeping his little sister happy, Jason worked with his mother and the Bat family to keep Gotham safe, a job he was all too happy to do. He thought he burned all the bridges he had with Bruce, Naruto, and the others, so to be welcomed back like he was felt great.

His lovely lady friends were married to him in a private ceremony a mere couple of years later. Rose had lost an eye during the battle with Abaddon, something she brushed off as a family curse, and went on to be a special consultant to the Justice League and other law enforcement agents specializing in understanding the way assassin's thought. Ino continued her work with the Yamanaka clan, eventually becoming the clan head despite her 'eccentricities.' Argent became a typical vigilante, working with the League in order to get her adrenaline rushes in. Each of the ladies would have one child, Lilly, Inojin, and Alexis, a girl, boy, and girl respectively.

They weren't the only ones starting a family either, as Zabuza and Banshee would have their first child nine months after the battle with Abaddon, just Dana predicted. They named him Alfred, after Zabuza's father of course, and that alone was enough to allow Alfred to die happily. Luckily, the butler would live long enough to see some his great grandchildren, along with wedding of his surrogate grandson, Haku. He and Sai married roughly six months after the birth of Zabuza's first son, and would go on to work with Zabuza and Banshee to protect the Hidden Mist and Gotham city.

Another Hidden Mist shinobi, Chojuro, lived a strong life of his own, continuing to see both Powergirl and Supergirl, though none of them were exactly the marrying or family type. Chojuro would eventually become the Mist's next Mizukage, albeit far into the future. Mei didn't retire until 30 years after the battle with Abaddon.

Black Canary would give birth to Connor Queen only months after that same battle, making Oliver Queen one proud Papa. Not to many shifts in their lives after that, just the the added task of raising and training their little boy. He'd find his place in world too, though that's a story for a bit further down the road.

Catwoman and Kakashi continued their relationship as well, their soon to be born child proving to be the push that convinced them their love for one another was not simply some casual arrangement. They would name their new daughter Nekoto, marrying a month after she was born. Another situation that stayed mostly the same, with the exception of Selina now using her thieving skills for the good guys as opposed to just herself. It was an arrangement that left both she and Kalashi happier than they ever thought they'd be.

As for Selina's sister, Kitrina, she'd had kept herself pretty busy. She went on to train with her big sister, becoming a skilled thief that proved both useful to Gotham and the Hidden Leaf. Kiba continued his work with the Inuzuka clan and went on to be clan head, making his mother all the more proud. He and Kitrina would eventually marry and have a small litter of children to call their own.

The rest of the Rookie-Nine would lead normal shinobi lives of their own. Choji would marry a Cloud ninja by the name of Karui, who'd go on to give birth to his daughter Chocho, and became head of his clan. Shikamaru would take on the role of clan head as well, and go to marry a 'surprisingly not troublesome' civilian girl, who he'd have his son Shikadai with. Shino never married, but did go on to lead the Aburame clan. Sakura would marry Sasuke, a move that surprised at least a few people, and had a surprisingly solid marriage with him along with a daughter by the name of Sadara. Sasuke lived up to his promise to Itachi, leading the Uchiha clan into a new era, with a pardoned Kisame as his partner when he became an Anbu Captain.

Shizune would continue to work on the medical system in the Hidden Leaf, and married Barry Allen, aka the Flash, who continued his work as a hero. They had a daughter they'd name Nora, after Barry's deceased mother. Barry got Shizune to loosen up a bit, and Shizune knew just how to reign Barry in when she needed to. A strong match for sure.

Tsunade and Jiraiya lived their lives to the fullest they'd ever had, despite their ages, and even a child couldn't slow them down. They would name their new daughter Mito, after Tsunade's grandmother. It seemed there was nothing that could slow the Sannin down.

Heading back to the American side of things, the time would eventually come from the current Leagues to retire and hand over the mantle to another generation of defenders. New heroes stepped right up to meet that challenge, the first of which being Black Arrow, the identity held by Connor Queen. Between his mother's super scream and his father's training in archery, he was a force to be reckoned with. His lover was none other than Jikusume Wayne, the now fully grown superhero who'd inherited the bloodlines and fiery temper of her mother, taking up the mantle of Cinder. Her brother, John, found out about his real parents at a young age, and came to term with it easily enough with a family as supportive as his. He had the same control over plants that Poison Ivy once did, along with the chemistry based brilliance that both of his parents once held, making him an all too dangerous hero by the name of Hemlock. Duela Dent, thanks to all of her training with Harley Quinn and Jason, made a strong member of the new League as Card Queen, a name she'd picked up thanks to so many of her gadgets being card based. Terry Mcginnis and Dana Tan lead the new League, which also featured many of the younger members of the 'Young Justice' team, like Superboy, Miss Martian, and the new Flash, Wally West. It was one hell of a team, and it helped to strike fear in the hearts of any foe they might face.

One final noteworthy member was Mary Grayson, the daughter of Nightwing and Starfire. She had all of her Mother's Tamaranean powers, and trained extensively to become the superhero known as Comet. Nightwing and Starfire never really retired from crime fighting, but they did eventually take a step back and become the unofficial overseers of the Titan Tower, along with Beast Boy and Raven, who'd since married. The crime fighting team became a sort of stepping stone to joining the Justice League, and you'd better believe anyone was ready after training with teachers like that.

Barbara found happiness in her life as well, falling head over heals for Kankuro, who'd eventually become her husband. They'd give her father, the newly retired commissioner, two grandchildren to spoil, a little boy and a little girl. Their names were Yashi and Sarah respectively.

Tim and Stephanie eventually managed to get past all of the baggage they'd been carrying with them and stick it out for the long haul together. Neither felt the need to marry though, they simply weren't the type of people for that short of thing. They merely continued their vigilante days as Red Robin and Batgirl, defenders of Gotham City.

Damian on the other hand surprised everyone when he grew up to fall in love with the one and only Hanabi, marrying his lover before he turned twenty. He would eventually give up the Robin name to live with her properly in the Hidden Leaf, though he never gave up his training regiment. In fact, he took over for Bruce as Batman during the small interval between Bruce's time as Batman and Terry's time.

Speaking of the Dark Knight, Bruce would continue to take on the mental of legendary Batman for as long as he could. By the time he was in his late fifties, his injuries and rough treatment of his body began to catch up with him, and Mei insisted that he take a step back. He didn't have to retire, but she'd rather have him helping her manage the Hidden Mist for her last few years as Mizukage as opposed to getting himself killed like a stubborn old man. Bruce did as she asked, and he Mei lived comfortable lives watching from the sidelines as the world they'd helped to create began to take shape more and more.

Last but not least was Naruto himself, and as for his future, well…

"Naruto, you need to stand still," Hinata scolded her husband as she fought to get his new robes straight, "I swear, sometimes it's easier to get Baruto dressed than it is to get you!"

Naruto was fidgeting as he stood atop the Hokage Tower because his mind was racing with the thoughts of all the responsibility he was about to accept. He sighed as he tried to keep himself calm enough for Hinata to finish, "Hehe, sorry. I can't remember the last I was this nervous."

"I can," Temari piped in, leaning alongside the railing of the roof as she watched her husband's predicament, "It was when you found out all three of us were pregnant and had about the same due date. You remember the look on his face, Cassandra?"

"How could I forget," Naruto's final bride asked with a chuckle, "I've never seen his face turn that ghostly white before. We were kinder with the next children though. We spaced those ones out for him."

The children they were referring to were Baruto and Himawari, mothered by Hinata, Hiruzen and Karua, mothered by Temari, and Bruce and Sylvia, mothered by Cassandra. All of six of them were currently in the massive crowd gathered around the Hokage Tower, being watched by their grandpa Bruce and grandma Mei. Naruto could hardly believe how fast they were growing and how much of his energetic nature they'd managed to inherit, "Yeah, but that didn't make chasing em' down any easier… Heh, you know it's funny, I always used to joke I was gonna Hokage one day. I really wanted that joke to become real, I just never dreamed it actually would. Naruto Uzumaki, the Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. You guys think I'm ready for this?"

Hinata gave her husband a small kiss on the lips, "You've conquered Scarecrow, Joker, and Abaddon, haven't you? I would think this would be easy for you."

"She's right, babe," Temari added on, giving her husband a small wink, "Not to mention that fact that you can handle all three of us in bed at the same time. That's the real impressive part if you ask me."

"Some masterful feats indeed," Cassandra agreed, making the whole group laugh, "You'll be a wonderful and powerful Hokage, my love. No one in this village has any doubt. Now go show these people why they chose you."

Naruto smiled at the three loves of his life, amazed they ended up with him of all people. His journey had been far from conventional, but his destination was greater than anything he could've ever asked for. He would do everything he could defend it as he took the same position his father had once held. With one final deep breath, Naruto turned to face the crowd, ready to take his next steps from this destination and into the next. What was in store next for him, he had no idea, but with his family by his side he held no fear.

He was Naruto Uzumaki-Wayne, the Red Fox, the Sixth Hokage, and the slayer of the some of the most dangerous foes in the world, and he was just getting started...