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1. bright

His dreams were snippets of things bathed in light. He'd see a forest beneath a morning sun, the shine of armor hitting his eyes, pale faces, tiny shimmering smiles, a girl clothed in white.

When he wakes up, his memories were pieces of his broken identity. He realizes how his life was a void, empty and forlorn. But what he remembers is happiness –a cave earthed into a hill, laughter, red cheeks-


-and a pair of bright purple eyes, a ray of sunshine that lit his darkness.

2. melt

Before the sky darkens, they visit the nearby forest to gather firewood. He likes to consider himself a man of focus. But when he loses Diane among the silence of the trees, he'd like to think otherwise.

'No no no –how can I lose her?!' he thought, bashing his uselessness. Harlequin rakes his hair out in frustration as he circles the forest. He does find her, eventually, playing with tulips by a river. She twiddles one bud happily, "The snow melted Harlequin, see? It's spring time!"

He felt like melting too.

3. daffodils

Diane always liked it when he brought home flowers. But she especially liked it when she tagged along to learn more about them. He was happy either way. "This is a daffodil." He hovers near her face so she could see, "Daffodils can mean a lot of things –clarity, inspiration, even memory."

She stares at the flower curiously, "Memory?" the giant swipes one patch clean off the soil. Smiling, she stuffs Harlequin's face with the bunch, making him blush. "For you, Harlequin~!"

The air is then filled with his laughs.

End notes:

[1]Spring is a lovely time, no? Well, since we're talking about a giant who's close to the earth and a fairy king who has a gigantic tree bowing to his every command, it suits them :).

[2]The lack of English King and Diane fan fictions is a bother, so whoever has plans to contribute to the fandom, please do so, it'd be a blessing for all of us. .

[3]I tried my best to strictly follow the drabble policy of 100 words. Once I have this done, I'll move unto longer projects. :3

[4]Bweh bweh, I'll update weekly, so stay tuned! Long live this glorious ship. *-*