Hello, everyone! I decided to do a brief follow-up to Aftershock…the idea came to me and I just couldn't resist writing it. Here's a teaser—I hope you enjoy!

The Kraang.

Just thinking about them still made shivers creep up April's spine, even three years after her first encounter with the awful brain-blobs. But with a deep breath and a focused exhale, she chased the feeling of dread away and flipped open her tessen.

"Just come and try to get me, you freaks," April hissed, opening her eyes in a deadly glare.

Twenty-some Kraang stood in the street in front of her, with half a dozen of their white vans setting up a blockade on either side.

The first Kraang droid raised its weapon. "The challenge which has been issued by the one called April O'Neil has been accepted by Kraang."

"Good." The street lights flickered with a sudden surge of power, making pain twinge in April's forehead. "Stop running your mouth, then."

Purple lasers started blasting through the air. Moving with the fluidity she had learned in her lessons with Splinter, April dodged each blast. She pulled out a second tessen from her belt, this one coated with a glistening iridescent paint. She angled it at one of the laser blasts and the light bounced back at the Kraang who fired it, blasting the gun right out of its hands.

April did an aerial flip out of the way as another droid charged her. She slashed the sharp edge of her plain black tessen right through the droid's neck, then landed on the other side of its collapsing body. With her left-hand tessen, she reflected another laser blast.

"I could really use some help over here, guys!" April shouted. She tapped the Bluetooth (or as Mikey called it, the Greentooth) earpiece with her wrist. "Hello? Is anyone even listening on this?"

"I read you loud and clear, brah," Mikey's voice came back.

"Anybody else?"

"Dude, harsh. I saved your life once, in case you forgot."

With a grunt, April dropped to her knees as another blast flew over her head. "I'm just a few blocks south of their weapons depot. I need backup!"

"I read you, April," Donnie's crackled over the line, tinny and small. "We've gotten into a bit of a tight spot ourselves…Raph, look out!"

"Don. Raph. What's going on over there?" Leo said.

"They're everywhere!" Raph replied, following it up with a string of curses.

"Hold your ground. Mikey and I are on the way."

"What about me?" April said.

"Fall back, April. We can't get to you in time. We'll pick you up at the intersection of—"

Interference. Ear-splitting feedback.

"Hello?" April called.


"That which is known as the signal has been blocked by Kraang," said one of the droids. "The one called April O'Neil is alone."


The story is called Matters of the Mind and the first chapter is published now!