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After the Daisy The Donkey play, when Darwin was alone with Gumball in their room.

"What happened back there? What did the dentist do to you?" asked Darwin. Gumball hesitated, could he trust Darwin? Yes he could! Darwin was Gumball's best friend and brother. Gumball looked around their bedroom making sure it really was just him and Darwin.

"What happened was not something that was caused by the dentist." Gumball said in an overly dramatic voice that sounded a little forced.

"Why are you talking like that?" asked Darwin. Gumball ignored this question.

"I have committed a crime I bit the dentist's hand now I must run away." continued Gumball. Darwin gasped but was also a little happy inside Gumball finally found an excuse to run away so they could go on the epic run away plan they had been talking about for weeks. Anias stuck her head in.

"Really? That is your reason for running away? Come on you've done worse."

"Yes, true but this time I hurt a person who is," Gumball paused to think, "a type of doctor."

"So did I." said Darwin. "Remember when I sneezed and crushed the school nurse with a shelf?" Gumball did an exaggerated gasp and Sally assuming they were joking went downstairs to watch tv. "What?"

"What? how could you say that? Can't you see? Your a criminal too!" Darwin's eyes widened in horror.

"Your right! We're criminals!" he screamed.

"And as criminals we now must run away together!" The brothers stared at each other dramatically for a long time waiting.

"So how are we going to run away without getting caught?" Darwin asked in his regular voice.

"Step one, speak in a deeper dramatic voice at all times. The whole reason we are running away is to make ourselves become more mature and tough." replied Gumball continuing to use a dramatic voice.


At dinner Darwin and Gumball sat and casually ate with the other Wattersons. Chewing and chewing and chewing.

"So how was school today?" asked Richard.

"Dad, it's Saturday." said Anias.

"Oh, how is dinner?" Richard asked instead.

"It's okay." replied Anias. After the short conversation there was silence and chewing again. Nicole picked up her plate and walked over to the refrigerator.

"I'm not feeling well." she murdered. "I'm going to go to bed early." Anias watched Nicole put her food away and leave before truing to the rest of the Wattersons.

"So anyone got anything to talk about?" she asked.

"I found a cherry flavored lollipop under the couch." answered Richard. "it had some dust and hair on it but I blew it off."

"That's interesting. What about you Darwin and Gumball?"

"Oh. Uh. Um. On this day we made an important decision so important it will blow your minds." replied Darwin in a dramatic voice.

"Yeah, I'm sure it's really important." Anias said with a sarcastic tone.

"and I respect you keeping it to yourself." said Richard. "Now, who wants to hear more about my day?" as Richard blabbed on about his day Anias leaned toward Darwin and whispered, "Are you two seriously thinking about running away?" she hissed.

"No, what would make you think that?" replied Darwin keeping the dramatic tone.


"Don't be ridiculous, we were joking." said Gumball joining the private conversation.


"Yes." Anias tapped her chin and thought for a bit.

"Well you may be doing cheesy voices but I guess you could be doing all this as a joke, that does sound like you."

'Correction, the old us.' Gumball thought to himself.

"Hey! Want to watch a movie since it's Saturday?" asked Richard interrupting the private, dramatic conversation.

"Sure." said Anias with a smile. Anias knew exactly which movie they were going to watch. It was the one she choose and rented on Friday. 'Dandelions for Algerhop'.

"Sorry, but we can't. We have important stuff to do." said Gumball.

"Yes, what he said." added Darwin. The two kids put there plates away and ran upstairs. Anias rolled her eyes at their behavior and Richard looked happy, that they had important stuff to do.

When in their room they immediately went to the computer.

"What are we going to do on the computer?" asked Darwin.

"On the computer we will look up ways to disguise ourselves."


"So people don't see us running away and call the cops."

"Oh." Darwin said accidentally in his normal voice again. Geez, these guys are bad actors. Darwin glared at him. "I mean okay." Gumball sat on the chair and logged into the computer.

"Hmm, interesting." Gumball said to himself as he went through the pictures of people in disguise. He kept going until he found one in particular the one who managed to do the greatest disguise ever.

"Darwin look." Gumball tapped Darwin and pointed to a picture of a faceless white cat in a clown outfit.

"That one is pretty good at what they does, they disguised themselves as a mouse made of cheese. Let's have a conversation with them." Gumball looked at the username, it was 'Lexanna_265'.

"I'm going to ask to have an instant chat with them now." Gumball clicked on the username and sent a note requesting an instant chat with Lexanna_265. After they sat and waited and reloaded. Until Lexanna_265 finally responded. Darwin read it out loud.

"If you want to instant chat with me then you fill have to find me on Mafia Town."

'Yes!' Gumball thought to himself loudly in his head.

"Hurry, we must go to Mafia Town before Lexanna_265 logs off." Darwin said in the most dramatic voice he could muter in a moment as epic as this one. Gumball closed the old website and opened Mafia Town.

"Come on. Faster! Faster!" Darwin said rushing Gumball.

"Aaaaand we did it! Logged on to Mafia Town and now all I have to do is find—" Gumball stopped abruptly.

"What is wrong?"

"Aw man! They're in the middle of a game!" whined Gumball. Darwin cleared his throat.

"Don't forget to correct your vocabulary and tone when you speak. We are having a dramatic moment right now."

"I mean, we have hit a problem. The one we are trying to speak to is busy. What do we do?"

"The same thing we did when waiting for a response to our note. We keep reloading the page till we get a response." replied Darwin.

"Good idea." So they tried the reload technique except this time things went a little badly. After hitting the reload button for the billionth time the computer finally lost it and crashed.

"Nooo, computer no! Just one more time! You never know when the game will be finished." moaned Gumball dramatically. The computer responded to that by shutting down by itself. There was a long silence.

"What now?" asked Darwin.

"I guess we will just have to disgiuse ourselves by ourselves." replied Gumball.

"How?" asked Darwin. "Lexanna_265 had to use a lot of things to make their disgiuses. How do you plan on getting all the material in time?" Gumball thought this over for while.

"Easy we could switch clothes! I'll give you my sweater and you give me your shoes. No one will recogzize us, it'll be the perfect disguise." Darwin took out a peice of paper and checked someone off.

"And then?" inquired Darwin.

"Next we find a way to deal with Anias. She is definitely suspicious." answered Gumball.

"Easy, pillows under the cover."

"But, Darwin, you sleep in a fishbowl."

"Oh yeah then we...uh...um...er...take her with us?" stammered Darwin. Gumball jumped up and danced.

"Yes, good idea! Now all we have to do is take a quick nap and do everything we plan on doing when everyone is asleep." said Gumball who was too excited to fully think about the plan and what flaws it might have.