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The rave was insane. She would never go to one usually, but when you didn't have any emotions, there was nothing stopping you. Life was to be lived, not observed.

Neon colors were everywhere with a blacklight highlighting the whites, pinks, yellows, oranges, and greens seen throughout the room on people's clothes and accessories. Streamers with the colors fell from the ceiling of the huge warehouse. Bodies writhed to the music.

The EDM was bumping and she could feel the bass thrum through her. It blocked out some of the heartbeats of the crowd that she was more interested in.

People were dancing without a care in the word, some assisted by drugs. Others were purely lost in the music.

Caroline Forbes didn't need drugs. Blood with a side of alcohol was what she wanted. What she wanted, she got. She wasn't going to color inside the lines any longer.

Licking her lips in anticipation, she was ready to gorge herself on the feast of hot young guys in the room.

How about the one in the corner? His cornrows were tight and his abs basically pointed to his dick. He looked delicious to suck or fuck.

The guy with brown hair had a headband on that made him look like a douche, but there was a bulge in his pants that called to her, more importantly that bulging vein in his neck.

Caroline's orange tank revealed her fire engine red bra straps and since her abs were tight too she cut off the bottom of the shirt before she left her apartment. Low riding skintight jeans made her legs look like they went on for miles. Spiky heels made her tall enough to weed out all the little guys. A long necklace took the attention to her forever perky boobs. No-inhibition!Caroline had a new sense of style. Sex on a stick. That was what she was going for.

The song changed. Everyone cheered and began to jump up and down. Grabbing a drink from a guy's hands and smirking when he complained, she joined in the dancing, stepping between a gorgeous woman and her equally gorgeous shirtless guy.

She wanted them.

Her hands went to the woman's hips, finding the loops on her white denim short shorts. She felt the guy behind her put his hands on her own hips, never missing a beat.

Together they moved to the music, thrusting their hips against one another back and forth to the rhythm coming out of the blasting speakers. No one needed to speak. It was a blessing after the nonstop chatter of her friends when she saw them. Instead, she was surrounded by two hot bodies, rocking back and forth, sweat and pheromones pouring off them. They didn't want anything from her but her attention.

Caroline reached forward and slowly licked along the seam of the woman's lips. They tasted like minty lipgloss. She bit her own lip and looked up into the girl's eyes. She looked buzzed, but also turned on. Her nipples were hard and they brushed against Caroline's own breasts. The woman's hands joined her boyfriend's on Caroline's hips. She felt lips on her neck from behind and she cupped his head in her hands, feeling his length pushing against her ass. The pounding music hypnotized them as their bodies moved.

"Let's go," she said, reaching for both of their hands.

Bringing them out into the alley where they were alone, she compelled them both, one at a time. "You'll only remember making out with me when we go inside. Enjoy this, don't scream, and don't speak. It's really annoying and I have a buzz."

Pushing the guy against the wall, she pushed her body against him. Reaching down, she put her hands on the bulge in his jeans. "This is nice, but there's something else I want."

Letting her vampire features come forward, she sank her fangs into his neck, suckling deep. The blood was a rush all the alcohol in the world couldn't compete with.

After a minute, she lifted her head and healed him. "Thanks, babe," she said as she licked her lips. Looking down, the guy had an erection. If only she were done, she'd take him back and ride him all night, but she had more to do that night.

"You're pretty," Caroline said to the girl, pushing a lock of dark hair behind her ears. Her fingers stroked up and down between the girl's braless breasts.

Trailing fingers down her body, lingering on the button to her shorts, she could smell the woman's arousal. "I know you want me," she said as her fingers walked down to the woman's right thigh, stopping at the hem of her shorts only inches from her center.

Dropping to her knees, Caroline leaned forward and pushed the woman's thigh against the brick wall so she was open.

"I haven't ever done this before," she admitted as she looked up with a glint in her eyes. Her vampire features returned and she sank her fangs into the woman's femoral artery. The woman's hands came down into Caroline's hair, but didn't push her away. It tasted just as delicious as drinking from the neck, but was more fun.

Stopping when she heard the woman's heartbeat slow, she licked up the drops of blood left behind on her thigh. Standing, feeling like there were electric charges flowing through her veins, Caroline healed the woman and sent them off back inside with a kiss to her cheek. "Delicious."

Slow clapping in the alley had her spinning quickly.

A dark form emerged from the shadows. She hadn't heard a heartbeat and then she saw him.

"Well done, sweetheart."

His curls were shorter than she liked. He had that stubble as usual which was sexy, but scratchy too. He should shave more often. His necklaces were easy grips to ride him like the stud he was. He was the biggest and best lover she ever had…so far.

Her eyes focused on the crotch of his jeans where there was a noticeable bulge. He really did like her show.

"Don't stop me, Klaus."

His arms went out wide. "I wouldn't dream of it. That was beautiful and I'm not the only one who enjoyed it." He looked at her own jeans and inhaled sharply. Shame was one of her missing emotions and she didn't bother blushing or denying her own arousal.

"I like playing with my food these days." Not wanting him to try to get her to turn her emotions back on, she left him behind and walked back inside the club.

Forgetting all the blondes in the crowd in case they reminded her of him, she found the guy with the cornrows. He was good for a dance and bought her some shots that she drank in a fury. She could sense Klaus' eyes on her. Taking her new guy into the men's room, ignoring the stares and cat calls from the line she cut and room she emptied, she compelled, drank from, and healed this one too. "You're hot. Maybe I'll see you later. Thanks." She kissed him hard before she left. She was on her way to being satisfied.

Stalking through the crowd until she was back at the bar, she rolled her eyes when he slid a glowing shot glass towards her. Didn't he know Stefan tried this and now he was off doing who cared what? Getting Stefan to turn off his emotions was brilliant if she said so herself. Now everyone was stopping a ripper and not her.

Laughing, she drank it quickly. "Don't bother, Klaus. Unless you want to let me drink from you or fuck you, you're wasting my time."

Walking away, she looked down where he put a hand on her arm. A frisson of their electricity passed through her. Slapping his hand away, she looked up at him.

"Follow me," he said, looking at her closely. His blue eyes pierced her.

"No," she said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"It will be worth your while. I don't want to make a scene which will call attention to us, but I will." He gave her a look that she took seriously. Klaus was a big complication. That didn't mean she had to follow him as soon as he showed up.

Deciding to keep him off balance and not let him boss her around, she put her hands up and began to dance again, spinning around and letting go. Letting her arms fly as they wanted to, she swung her hips and let the music fill her soul until it was all she thought about. The pulsing beat. The driving bass. The synthesizers playing the melody on a loop. She didn't think about dancing for him or what she looked like.

When she had enough dancing and wanted another drink, Klaus was still there and deciding to just go with it, she put her hands on the back of his jeans, startling him, and she followed him back out to the alley.

Once there, she let him go and stared at his lips while he spoke, not hearing his words, thinking about what a great fuck he'd been. She could use another night with Klaus.

"What? I wasn't paying attention." She watched him lick his lips. "Let's get out of here, Klaus. No talking."

Walking up to him, her hands went to his belt. "You're hot and we work best when we don't speak."

Startling her, his hybrid features came out. Rather than fear, she traced her finger along the veins.

Biting into his own wrist, he held it out to her. "You can have my blood. Drink from me."

Not thinking twice, she brought his wrist to her lips and her fangs pierced his skin, pulling the gift of his blood from his veins. It was everything. She could drink from thousands and they would never taste as good as this man.

When she was satisfied, she pulled back and his lips smashed into hers. Her hands sank into his hair, keeping his mouth close. The blood lingering in her mouth was shared between them, the taste coppery and unforgettable. The kiss was harsh and passionate.

Pushing her back, he took a step away and put a hand on his crotch, trying to get control, not looking at her swollen, blood-stained lips.


He was quiet until he could form coherent thoughts.

"You can drink from me. You can come to when you lose everything. You can have sex with me. Me, Caroline. Me!"

She started to feel something when she looked at the intense expression in his eyes, something she wasn't ready for. Her lack of filter let his words resonate because she heard the truth in them and she didn't have to keep her thoughts about Klaus buried deep.

"I'm living my life as a vampire for the first time." Her voice was monotone and harsh, careful not to let anything in. "This is about me, not us, not anything I feel for you. I don't care, Klaus. Sating all the desires I have, blood, food, drinks, sex, anything. That's all I care about."

"I know. Take from me what you need."

"It will come with strings," she said.

"Caroline, you're drinking from the vein and having sex. You've managed not to kill anyone, because of the fuss I understand. That's what you can be like with your emotions on. A year?"

"Did they call you?" She laughed without humor. They were weak, her friends, calling in the guy they were all afraid of to do their dirty work. "It doesn't matter."

"Come to New Orleans."

"There are plenty of hot guys to drink from here. Plenty of parties too. College boys like me, Klaus." She played with her necklace to distract him, running it along her teeth.

"Mystic Falls has nothing compared to my city. What is keeping you here? They won't follow you. They have an invisible tether. Sex and blood. I can give you both. Come, Caroline. Come." His voice was all seduction and double entendre as he closed into her personal space where they breathed the same air and his mouth moved to her neck and sucked.

It was an interesting offer. New Orleans wouldn't have her friends trying to bother her and Klaus did worse things with his humanity on than she would ever do. "Will you try to get me to shorten my year?"

"One year in an immortal life is a blink. It will only feel like forever for me, because I know your true self. I want to see you revel in being a vampire. You'll turn it back on and deal with everything that has happened. I'll be there if you let me. Anything you want can be yours, Caroline, all you have to do is ask."

She quickly kissed him, flicking her tongue through his mouth. Walking inside, he followed. She drank another shot, but before she joined the dance floor, she spoke to him. "You're delicious, Klaus, but I have the world at my feet. I'm going to do whatever I want, including drinking and fucking when I want. You're good though and taste like sex, so if you're a good boy and let me make the rules, I'll see you in New Orleans."

As she twirled with the rhythm of the music, she saw his smirk and tried to ignore the excitement running through her veins along with his blood.