Chapter Four: The Boy's Sister

Mai's POV

When my body hit the water, all I could think about was finding the mysterious girl.

I desperately swam around; seeking her somewhere in and under the dark waves, but there was no trace of her to be found. I floated to the surface wondering how could she have vanished so fast. After diving in, the girl had not resurfaced. Had she swam away? On the pier, she had a glazed look in her eyes that defied the thought of her being capable of swimming.

There were no ripples or bubbles to hint at signs of struggle under the water's surface.

Not enough time had passed for her to have drowned. Plus if she had drowned her body would probably float.

Maybe she was hiding under the pier or in the distance?

"Hey are you out there? I'm trying to help you!" I yelled as a strong wave hits me by surprise. I catch a handful of salt water in my mouth, making me cough. It's so dark that I can't see anything.

I should go get help. At least that is what a sane person would have thought. Thinking straight was out of the question the instant I dived in after the girl. It was not very smart of me to be swimming alone at night in the ocean. Not to mention that I was in proximity to the area where the dead girl had been found earlier today.

At first, I was not alarmed. The ocean did not particularly scare me, but my mind conjured pretty intimidating ideas about things that could be swimming in the murky waters as I floated in the shadow of the pier.

I could not let this girl die like the other one.

Sure I was scared, but I had already witnessed enough death around me to motivate me to be a hero.

I closed my eyes against all distractions and concentrated on hearing over the normal roar of the ocean. There was just enough light from the pier to make cast odd shadows in the water that confused me while I searched.

Then I heard it.

There was a terrible, sucking noise somewhere off to my left. The sound was frightening when I focused on it, an unnatural thing.

Diving down in the direction of the sound, I swam under the water. It was not long before I could sense something about my size squirming

I reached out to grab it. And got knocked in the face by what felt like an elbow. Water rushed into my mouth as I gasped, forgetting I was underwater.

Mentally projecting thoughts toward the girl, I said, Hey trying to save you! Don't fight me.

The movement in the water lessened. Did that actually work? Then I noticed the figure was not moving at all. Maybe she blacked out?

I reached again and was able to take hold of the girl. One of my arms circled her body. I used the other one to swim toward the surface. She was incredibly heavy. We were deeper than I had imagined.

Our heads broke through water at the same time. I gasped in the fresh air. My muscles tense and hurting from the exertion. The ocean had more waves then it had the moment when I jumped in. It was hard to keep the girl from slipping away.

The crash of the surf roared in the waterlogged shells of my ears. My lungs burned as I struggled to stay afloat. My legs and arms were starting to feel a bit of pressure.

"Hey are you ok?" I said to the girl whose head I was trying to keep above water. Her head just bobbled in the water, and she did not reply.

I knew I had to get her to shore fast, but unexpectedly I was unsure which direction to swim toward.

The water was really turbulent. There also was a slight drizzle. Where was the pier? I could not see the lamplight anymore. Everything was pitch black. Even the moon and stars had disappeared. I kept flipping my feet, treading water to stay afloat.

Praying that my psychic powers could lead me through the darkness; I slowly made my way in the direction I assumed was the beach. The waves were large enough to bat me around. My muscles weren't quite ready to do this kind of swimming while dragging the unconscious girl and keeping her head above the water.

Seriously… Wonder Woman has NOTHING on me! Take that haters out there who said I was useless... I picture Masako Hara and Naru sneezing.

Without warning, a pounding wave lifted us up, and I drink salt water for the second time.

For a second, I misjudged my location on the downward slide behind of the wave and almost hit a leg post from the pier.

YES! Found you!

The pier would be my guide to the beach.

It was very strange that no light shown from the beach or pier.

Suddenly, dark water rushed over my head as my body was jerked downwards. Something grabbed my foot.

I kicked. The thing disappeared and I returned to the surface once more.

A thought came to me. What if what had grabbed my foot was a shark?

The Jaws music started to play in my head.

"AH!" I screamed for help.

Something in the distance replied.

Voices shouted back at me, I thought I might have heard feet pounding on the wood above me.

"Help! I'm over here!"

People are coming! Maybe this nightmare will be over.

Wait… Why didn't I call for help earlier?

Completely creeped out, I held the girl tighter and made my way to a spot I thought the people could see me. Hopefully my sense of direction could be counted on. I still could not see where I was going.

Something hit my side.

I froze.


I knew I had to swim, but I did not want to attract a shark's attention. Sharks were attracted to blood and movement I seem to recall.

A pressure on my shoulders forced my body back underneath the water . It was so suddenly I did not manage to get a good breathe before going under. I also let go of the girl went under.

I clawed at whatever was holding me then stopped. I was paralyzed. My mind fought desperately to break free.

You are going to die. The thought kept repeating itself in my mind.

Almost delirious from the limited oxygen still trapped in my lungs, I stilled, mentally saying goodbye.

Naru…. I would have loved to see you again. Gene will I find you in the afterlife?

I was pretty disoriented, but it felt like a something large had come up behind me. Thick tentacles wrapped around my waist. The iron weight that was pushing me down, fell away, and a new force began pulling me in a different direction.

I could suddenly move so I reacted by thrusting my head back as hard as I could, and was rewarded when my skull made contact with something hard. The grip the thing had on my slackened and I spun around.

I could see! The shadowy figure in the water had clothes.

A man?

The things that were wrapped around me were warm and felt like skin... Like human arms?

Apparently someone had jumped in and tried to grab me. The arms returned to my waist and began to pull me upward.

As my head broke, I took a deep breath of fresh air.

"Mai?! Can you hear me?"

It was Monk!

I couldn't speak, of course – my lips, I was sure, were turning blue.

He apparently didn't need an answer because he was already gathering me to him and swimming toward shore.

I noticed that the world was a lot brighter than it had been.

Finally, somewhat dazed I said, "Bou-san"

"Hang on Mai. I will get you to the beach."

"But there was a girl."

"Osamu-san has her."

That is when I saw a another pair of people a couple of strokes behind Monk.

Takigawa dragged me to shore. It wasn't like I could not swim… After I got enough oxygen in my system, I felt alright. Mainly it just felt good to relax, I was pretty shaken up. Plus I trusted Monk to keep me safe.

Madoka, Ayako, and John were there.

"Mai! Are you ok?"

John ran to help Yasuhara lift the other girl onto the sand.

He froze when he saw the girl's face.

"John, what is wrong?"

Ayako ran to call an ambulance and get a first aid kit.

Yasuhara replied, "She's not breathing." Takigawa jumped over to the girl and felt her pulse. Then he started the chest compressions. The only other time I had seen CPR in action was when Naru had almost died and Lin and Monk had to tried to keep his body alive until an ambulance had come.

He gave her two breaths and then started the compressions over again.

The girl started to cough water.

She then became very still.

Takigawa bent toward her face as he checked her pulse and listened for breathing.

Her eyes opened, and she screamed.

I might have screamed too if I woke after a terrifying experience to find Monk in my face. My face grew hot at the thought of Monk giving me CPR. I had never had a real kiss before so the mere thought of my first lip lock being with Takigawa scattered all my thoughts.

Madoka said reassuringly, "You are safe. Please do not be frightened."

She got on her knees beside the girl. Madoka reached out to comfort her, but the girl jerked away. When the girl sat up, I noticed that the girl was very pretty with brown hair that was almost black and a sprinkle of freckles along her nose. Her terrified eyes were dark and too big for her face.

"What hap-happened?" She stuttered, visibly trembling.

John pulled off his hoodie that he had over a shirt. It was the only dry article of clothes in the group that could be offered to the girl.

"Here you go."

"Th-Thank yyo-you."


The girl looked at John in question. "Uh? My name is Miaka Ocho."

"I'm sorry. You seemed familiar to me." John blushed appropriately.

John's expression had a mixture a surprise and fascination as he watched the Madoka introduce the various members of SPR to the girl.

A shocking thought hit me.

I said, "Miaka? Wait, your brother is Misoru?"

Stunned, the girl asked right when Ayako returned, "How do you know that?"

Ayako announced, "An ambulance is on the way."

Miaka repeated her question.

Mai continued as if she had not been interrupted, "Because your brother asked for our help. We are ghost hunters. Misoru said you were cursed and almost drowned in your sleep."

The girl started to cry. "He is right. Something horrible is happening to me. I do not know what it is, and I can't tell you everything, but if you are psychics can you please help me?"

I shared a look with Ayako and Yasuhara.

Madoka said, "If you can't share everything with us, how are we going to be able to help you?"

The girl bowed putting her head on the ground, crying out, "Please you must help me! If you don't, I will die."

Author's Note: I have a crush on Bou-san so I like to have him rescue Mai. It is very easy for me to see him playing the knight in shining armor. Plus in the stories he saved her more the Naru did. I don't ship Mai and Monk. I think they are best friends, brother/sister… But it is fun to give Mai little romantic moments with all the guys, especially when Naru is not giving her what she needs…LMAO…

…Mai is so adorable to me and would be cute with Lin, Yasu, Monk, John, Gene, or Naru…

… Eventually I will become brave enough to start pairing up couples in my stories...