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A Throne Nobody Wants

*** Westeros ***

Mordred found herself swimming in darkness. The last thing she remembered was dying on her father's spear. Her beautiful, perfect father. A moment later, she felt a tremor in the darkness around space and it quaked all around her. "Faster than she could comprehend, she was pushed unwillingly toward a destination before a blinding light hit her eyes and knocked her out." When she came to, she saw a woman looked down lovingly at her, a woman with blonde hair and green eyes, that reminded her of her father in a way.

"Good morning, Mordred," the blonde woman cooed softly.

Mordred simply sighed. She was well-versed in sorcery thanks in part to her mother Morgana Le Fay. This was a reincarnation she had been reincarnated, birthed again and given a second chance. Maybe this was her chance at redemption. "Truth be told, the rebellion was all her mother's idea; she never wanted to fight her father, not really."

...Okay, so maybe she had something to prove to her father, but what son didn't?!

'Ah well,' Mordred thought forlornly, at least she got to keep her old name. Then a new thought occurred to her. 'Am I a boy or a girl in this new life?'

"Hello sister, how is your daughter ?" a handsome blonde hair man smirked cheekily at the blonde woman.

Mordred exhaled. . . Well, as best a baby could exhale. It seemed she was a girl, again. At least she wasn't a product of incest, again. That was one of the things that drove her to madness in the first place, with her crazy power-hungry mother. The woman looked kind enough and the man held an obviously filial love for his sis-

"Our daughter, Jamie, she's our daughter."

'Oh, come on!' Mordred thought, failing to vocalized her frustration.

"Awww, look at that! She recognizes you as her father, and she seems so eager to meet you!" Cersei Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, beamed with joy as her daughter wiggled in her hold.

Jaime Lannister, his sister's lover, saw the way the baby was fussing about and felt that she was anything but pleased with her new lot in life. 'What a strange child,' he thought. If he hadn't known any better, he would've thought his daughter was glaring at him, even as she wailed so perplexingly.

After a few seconds of venting without the proper vocal cords to do so, Mordred found herself tiring from the exertion. "Ah, well, at least the woman looks like the right sort. She doesn't seem the power hungry type."

*** Four years later Winterfell ***

Shirou couldn't feel his magical circuits! He found himself surrounded by darkness. The last thing he remembered was the blue guy with the lance stabbing him. 'So much for being a superhero. . .'

He realized he was dead – deader than dead. Everything was black. Did that mean that there was no heaven or hell? Was he eternally stuck, in this perpetual lim

'Whoa, what was that?!' Shirou though frantically as a tremor passed through him. He felt himself being pulled somewhere, and his body could not fight against whatever the force was.


It all happened so fast – a flash of brilliant light, pain at being struck, something cut from his belly – the pain was so sharp! He tried to fight back, but it was to no avail. His body was weak – it was over.

Then he felt a hand take hold of him. Wearily, his eyes opened and he saw a woman with red hair, similar to his own, peering down at him. Beside her was a stern looking man with black hair.

He was a magus – a shitty one to be sure, but still a magus. He knew enough about the reincarnation theory to realize what was happening.

'Oh... I've been reborn.' Shirou thought with amazement. Judging by his lack of magical circuits and his week body, the Root must have somehow transplanted his soul into this new body. It was a miracle! Maybe he could be a superhero anyway, and help peop-

"Say hello to your daughter Sansa, Ned." Catelyn Stark proudly presented their daughter to her husband.

"Wait, what?!" Shirou screamed as he – or rather, she – was held up high by the giant man.

"Welcome to Winterfell, Sansa Stark," Eddard Stark proudly stated as his daughter continued to wail. A good set of lungs was a good thing to have in the North.

***Ten Years Later, Essos ***

"Pendra, your work shift is over; go home to your sister, else she'll have my head!" Larazero Aenion, head of the Free Cities farm trade and a fat, heavy set man, jovially yelled to young Arthur Pendra.

Arthur Pendra, a lad of fourteen years, sighed and nodded gratefully. On his way back to the home he shared with his sister, he was greeted by many familiar people. Many a girl, around his age, giggled and blushed his way. Not one to be rude, he gave each a tilt of his head, causing further giggles.

As soon as he approached his home, his sister, as if sensing his presence opened the door, her silver hair trailing behind her as she tackled him with a great, big hug.

"Brother, you're home!" Daenery Targaryen, now called Dana Pendra, lovingly greeted her brother.

Arthur swallowed hard at the disturbing affection in her eyes. He would have to try to find her a good husband, soon, though she was still adamant about marrying him. He had to shudder at that, disbelieving that in his new life, he had a sister who wanted to hold an incestuous relationship with him.

'Damn you, Ser Darry!' Arthur thought without real heat to their benefactor as he followed his sister into their home. At least she wasn't a crazy bitch like his old sister, Le Fay; the girl was sweet beyond words and worshiped the ground he walked on. He sighed again, considering how he needed to find her a good match soon.

Arthur Pendra, born Viserys Targaryen, was odd. Instead of the famous silver hair his family was known for, his had been golden, brighter than even that of the Lannisters. The "Golden Dragon," they called him. It was only due to his violet eyes that they did not suspect a Lannister of bedding the Queen.

Of course, they didn't know his secret: he had been a woman in his previous life – a woman who went on to become the High King of all Britannia. He had always wondered what it was like to be male, and being reborn as one after the Battle of Camlann was something he had not expected. He could not help but suspect that perhaps his adviser Merlin had a hand in this. The world he'd ended up in, the land, were all strange – and yet so familiar.

He was the second-born child of Aerys Targaryen II, the Mad King. Arthur, as he now called himself, could not help but agree with that title. With over twenty years of ruling experience, from a yung age he knew that a rebellion would not be long in forming.

It had not escaped his notice that he was born again a dragon, and that the populace rose up once again to fight the dragons. And as in his own world, the dragon rulers died – well, almost. Ser William Darry had wanted to find more people in the Free Cities to help reclaim their throne, but Arthur would not have it. No, Westeros had seen enough war and strife. His family had failed the people, and the old knight had agreed and died not too long afterward.

It was tough eking out a living, but to live openly as Targaryens was to court death. Of course, calling themselves Pendragons was also rather obvious, so he'd shortened it – a reminder of his old life, and the beginnings of a new one.


Arthur snapped out of his musings and saw his sister giving him a strange look, ones she'd been sending him since her first blooding. "Yes, sister?"

His hackles suddenly rose as his sister walked toward him seductively. She discarded her clothing, piece by piece, as she sauntered toward him.

"I asked, my beloved Golden Dragon," Daenerys said in a husky whisper as she drew closer to her brother, "If you would like to have dinner first-"

Arthur looked into his sister's violet eyes, smoldering with a disturbing gleam, and quickly tried to squash her thoughts. "I'd like the din-"

"Or me," she finished as she stood, stark naked in front of her brother.

'Damn you, Darry!' Arthur cursed the deceased knight again. He steeled his face to begin yet another lecture on the immorality of incest – a task made much more difficult because his family had a long history of incestuous relationships.

Prologue End

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