Having just finished fighting a pack of wraith dragons that Word Paynn had sent after the Shadow and Light Booster, I leant against the wall of an alley. Breathing hard I reached down and removed the amulet, instantly transforming back to myself now that the danger had passed and just outside the Shadow Booster, aka Moordryd Paynn, checked our surrondings. Once he was satisfied we were in no immediate danger he removed his amulet as well and when he joined me, leaving both Quiksilva and Decepshun as lookouts, he gave me a slight grin as I rested my back against the wall.

"It was only eight wraiths so I don't know why you're so tired." He commented and I tilted my head slightly and he chuckled at the expression of annoyance on my face.

"Hmph maybe that wasn't much of a fight for you but me on the other hand..." I trailed off as I rubbed at my eyes, still feeling a little drained from using my newly aquired mag techniques to send the dragons packing. To my surprise Moordryd hadn't even broken a sweat though I suppose that was all due to him being a much more skilled fighter than me, not that I'd ever admit it. As I leant against the alley wall I felt the first few drops of rain fall and as I looked up I sighed, enjoying the sensation as the skies opened up.

Ignoring the rainfall I rested for a few minutes, closing my eyes as the rain washed the sweat from my face and neck and I was so preoccupied by this that I didn't even notice Moordryd walking over to me. Now standing at my side he watched as I leant my head back, catching the rain in my mouth and he gave me a slight smile, the corners of his lips curling slightly and I gave a startled yelp as a pair of warm arms encircled my waist.

"Moordryd what are you doing?" I asked, one eyebrow raised as I stared at him and just for a moment I caught an almost hungry look in his eyes before he moved against my side, hip to hip, before I felt his lips press against mine. Instantly I went limp in his arms as he held me, his kiss soon deepening and when his tongue slipped into my mouth I uttered a groan, muffled somewhat by his tongue.

Forgetting for the time being about being tired I trembled, his tongue not leaving even an inch of my mouth unexplored and while he had me firmly in his grasp he slipped one of his arms from my waist. When Moordryd's tongue finally released me I sighed, convinced that he was finished and that we would ride back to the compound, though as I found out seconds later when his right hand slipped its way into my pants.

"Gah!" I gasped, my eyes going wide as I stared at my boyfriend and he just gave me a reassuring grin apparently not too bothered by the fact we weren't quite alone. "Moordryd...they'll hear." I tried to warn him that our dragons would hear but he just kept grinning and as his fingers found my underwear his whole hand made its way inside and I bit back a groan. "Wait...stop." I grunted and he chuckled, slowly running his open palm up and down against my bare skin and in seconds I clung to him, unable to hold back a groan.

"You're all tense right now, aren't you?" He whispered, licking my earlobe and I groaned again, my efforts to deny my sudden and burning arousal null and void as I gripped his arm in one hand and his shoulder in the other. "Let me help you." He almost sighed into my ear and when his warm breath hit my slightly damp ear I gasped.

"Moordryd..." I groaned and taking this as a sign to procede he did, stroking a little faster and I tilted my head back as I gasped. Taking it slow at first Moordryd carefully rubbed my more senstive area and when my head lolled completely back, my eyes closing, he smiled and held me against him. Rubbing his hand back and forth, up and down felt so good that I was soon moaning and he chuckled loving the expression of pure pleasure that appeared on my face. Finally as he nipped my neck my hips bucked, almost knocking us both off-balance with the strength of my orgasm. Now gasping even more than before he started to stroke me, I leant against his chest as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Feeling better?" He joked and I raised my head, a blush creeping across my face before I leant closer and brushed my lips against his. This time as we kissed he held me in his arms and when the kiss ended I thought I was finally safe. How wrong I was, once again when this time he reached for my pants and seconds later they were almost level with my knees. When my underpants followed suit I blinked.

"This is getting interesting...want to have a little fun?" He asked and I stared at him, confused and maybe even a little shocked before I found myself nodding. "Thought so." He grinned as he reached for the waistband of his pants, slipping them down to just below his waist before he pressed me against the wall facefirst. Being as careful as possible Moordryd pressed his backside against mine and my back arched as he entered me.

Seconds later he gripped my backside in both hands and I reached out, pressing my open palms against the wall as he started to thrust into me. I tried to hold back biting down on my lip, suddenly afraid that someone would hear us as we made love against that alleyway wall and that seemed to work until Moordryd strated to suck on the pale skin directly between my neck and chin and I groaned. Caught between his body and the wall, and with no hope of escape, I gave in and let myself go. Moaning heavily as he thrusted into me my head lolled back and Moordryd managed a chuckle, pushing himself deeper and I let out a cry of pleasure. Moordryd slowed down for a few seconds, a little worried that he'd unintendtionlly injured me until I pushed my backside against his, making me cry out again and he finally understood.

"That's the spot." He gasped before he sped up and as we made love he nipped my neck, earning another cry as I fought to keep pace. When I started to shudder Moordryd knew my climax was coming very close and that's when his mouth closed over mine, muffling my moan as he kissed me. Even with the sound muffled my back arched and when I trembled, Moordryd wrapped his arms around my waist.

Still reeling from my climax I felt Moordryd thrust into me again before he suddenly cried out before he too shuddered. We stayed that way, locked in each other's arms until the strength returned to our legs and as I watched he pulled his pants back up. Too tired I leant against the wall and with a grin he helped me, readjusting my pants until I was fully covered.

"I think we should get back, don't you?" Moordryd asked and I yawned in reply, barely able to see straight as I stumbled towards Quiksilva. My dragon magged me before he looked at me then Moordryd, curious as to why I could barely hold onto his saddle and why my boyfriend had such a goofy looking smile on his face.