"Hey Rayne, time to wake up." Moordryd's voice whispered and I groaned, rolling onto my side. "Come on, before my father finds us here." He added, prodding my shoulder for almost a full minute before I struggled awake.

"Aww...I was comfy." I complained, sitting up and he grinned at me, giving my cheek a kiss before he climbed off the bed. Silently he reached for his medallion and I smiled, watching as he slipped it into his gauntlet.

"Unleash the shadow." He whispered, his lips curling up as his anicent armor slowly transformed him into the Shadow Booster. Taking that as a sign I slid off the bed and lifting my gauntlet above my head I smiled.

"Unlock the light." I giggled, my pure white armor flowing over me until I became the Light Booster. "So what's the plan?" I asked, keeping my voice low and he grinned at me walking towards the door. Silently I followed, curious as to what Moordryd had planned next.

After the last plan to get answers from Word had failed I knew that the younger Paynn had something else planned. Whether it involved risking being caught by Word Paynn I didn't know. But I followed the Shadow Booster into the corridor I watched for any sign of those wraith dragons then I mentally scolded myself, since I couldn't see them what good would it do to look for them.

"Where are we going?" I whispered but Moordryd didn't answer and I frowned, suddenly worried that we would end up caught. Then we emerged into the sunlight and I let out a breath, grinning as Quiksilva growled a greeting. "Hey boy, ready to leave?" I asked as he nuzzled my legs.

"Come on, let's go." Shadow Booster told me, Decepshun magging him and without waiting for me they hurried away. Magging me onto his back, Quiksilva rushed after them and as I held on tight to his back I wondered just where we were going now. I didn't have long to wait as the Shadow Booster led me and 'silva towards what looked like a warehouse and I blinked.

"Why here?" I asked but he ignored me, instead waiting patiently as Decepshun raced inside and Quiksilva followed just as confused as me. Once he slipped somewhat quietly into the warehouse I saw the Shadow Booster leap down, landing silently beside his dragon who wandered over to a quiet spot and flopped down.

Giving me a slight frown, Quiksilva magged me gently to the ground before he gave my legs another nuzzle. Walking over to Decepshun he lay a few feet from her, staring at the Shadow Booster for a few seconds before he chuckled. Now very confused I looked over at Moordryd who crossed his arms, his eyes looking me slowly up and down.

"Okay what's going on? There's no way that Word would follow us here. Besides he hasn't found us yet." I muttered as I looked towards the door, not even noticing Moordryd move behind me. Though when I felt his arms grip my waist I let out a shriek, only to growl as he chuckled. "Oh you're so funny." I grumbled only to freeze when I heard a weird buzzing noise.

"Before you panic those are a pair of purple track gear dragons that have been following us ever since we left the compound. Just calm down because I have the perfect way to get Word's attention." Moordryd whispered into my left ear and I shivered as he brushed the very tip of his tongue against my ear.

"This doesn't...involve...you wouldn't?" I gasped, my face blushing as I realized that he'd led us here for one main reason. "There's no way we're having...ugh...in front of...ohh." I groaned as he slolwy reached down, his fingers brushing my spine.

"Actually...that's the plan. If Word finds us here...with the gear we stole he'll have no choice but to pursue us himself." Moordryd whispered, licking my throat as his fingers reached the tight armor covering my backside. Annoyed I tried to push him away but I soon learnt that despite being shy as Rayne, being the Light Booster filled me a new confidence. And apparently that made me pretty bold when it came to being intimate with Moordryd. Which I proved when I kissed him hard, ignoring the fact that something stood nearby.

Both our dragons, slightly amused, watched on as Moordryd nuzzled my neck his hand still wound around my waist as his other hand freely stroked and rubbed my legs. The kiss left us a little breathless though it didn't stop Shadow Booster from nipping at the exposed skin of my neck and I shuddered, titling my head back slightly to receive another hot kiss.

"We're being...watched...Shadow Booster." I groaned, fighting the urge to let him take me and he smiled meeting my eyes for a moment before he knelt and I groaned as his brushed a kiss against my backside. "Oh...that's..."

"Very drac? If we're on camera...does that bother you?" Moordyd whispered, straighting and as his hands gripped my backside he started to sway very slowly back and forth.

"I...don't know...ugh." I gasped as he ran his hands up and down my hips, his lips brushing a kiss against my neck. As he licked my neck his body pressed against mine and I grinned, my body moving of its own accord. "This...feels nice." I sighed as he gripped my backside again, harder this time as he ground a little more against me. "Mm...keep doing."

Between his kisses and his body I was starting to feel pretty good and it didn't take us too long before Moordryd had me pressed against the wall of the tiny office. "Mmm...faster." I gasped and I'm sure I heard him chuckle before Moordryd ground aagainst me, making me groan a little louder.

"Yeah...let everyone see you." Moordryd muttered, panting a little himself as I jerked from every hip thrust. "Oh..."

I lost my train of thought then, a moan escaping as I feel his body pin mine against the desk.

"Can't stop...myself. Want to..." Moordryd never finshed as I yank his mouth against mine, my tongue slipping into his mouth and curing around his tongue. Moans muffled, we begin to grind our bodies together completely ignoring the fact that we're being watched by a pair of purple tracking gear, tiny dragons who filmed our every move. Not that we cared especially when Moordryd groped blindly for his pants and he's barely inside me before I wrap a leg around his waist driving myself down onto him.

After a loud moan escapes he gives me a growl before he drives himself hard into me and I throw my head back. A cry of pleasure is ripped from my mouth before I drape an arm around his shoulders and now balanced against his chest we begin to thrust. My head lolled back, eyes staring into Moordryd's as he reached out and gripped my backside.

"Uh...ugh...you feel so drac inside. Need to...make love..to you. " Moordryd grunts as he stared into my eyes, giving me a grin before his lips and teeth find my throat. I start to moan, eyes soon closing as he thrusts even harder into me and I bury my head into the crook of his neck trying to control my breathing. But he doesn't give me a second to recover, his body going deeper and I moan as he hits my spot. "There...right?" He asked not that he needed to as his thrusts come faster and I grip the back of his jacket, not even noticing that we have an audience.

Unfortunately we're not being watched by Word but Moordryd's crew. When we didn't arrive back Cain sent purple tracking gear to track us down. Now standing in the compound with a front row seat to our little display he can't believe what he's seeing.

"Hey Vizz, you have got to see this." Cain called out and his fellow crew member, and technical expert sighs before he sets down his Binoc.

"Did you find Moordryd and...whoa." Vizz whispered, eyes wide as he sees that his leader and girlfriend still clad in their ancient draconium armor making love inside the Dragon Eyes crew warehouse. "Is that...?"

"Yeah and right now...well they're not looking for wraiths or Word are they?" Cain grinned as Vizz let out a laugh. Completely oblivious we grunt and groan, our lips mashed together in a heated kiss as Moordryd rode me hard. I let out a series of grunts and just for a moment his lips left mine, his body slowing as he stared at me.

"Shadow...Booster...why?" I gasped and he gave me a slight smile, leaning close and I groaned as his mouth closed over my exposed throat. Then as he slowly sucked he began to thrust faster and I wrapped my other arm around his waist holding on for dearlife as he sped up. I felt every thrust, every kiss and nip as he drove me towards my limit and when I panted body jerking he suddenly released me. "Ugh...no..." I moaned, eyes opening as I wondered why he stopped my release.

"Not letting you...go that easily." Moordryd whispered, fighting the urge to keep going. Instead he not so gently spun me around, pressing me against the desk in front. "Besides...I'm having too much fun..." He whispered something into my ear, his hot breath flowing into it and I shivered. Taking his time he cupped my backside and I gasped, jerking when his mouth closed over the back of my neck. As I gasped he nipped at the pale skin, enjoying the way I groaned and it didn't take too long before he could feel his body respond. Without warning he thrust into me and I arched my back, a loud moan ripped from my mouth as he started to thrust into my backside.

"Slow...down...ohhh." I moaned as he gripped my backside in his hands, going deeper and I cried out as he hit my spot. It caused me to grasp the desk, panting as he thrust fast into me.

"Whoa...they're crazy." Vizz muttered, unable to turn away as he watched the two boosters making love in the Dragon Eyes warehouse. By now Cain had alerted any and all Dragon Eyes crew about the footage and as they watched, Swayy let out a giggle.

"Wonder when they'll figure out it's us and not Word watching their every move?" Blarre commented, reaching for a handful of popcorn Cain had whipped up only a few moments ago.

"Don't know. Though they're going to be really angry once they find out." Cain agreed, nibbling on a piece of popcorn he'd snagged from the bowl. Silently they watched as Moordryd ground his hips against mine, listening as I panted and he silently chuckled knowing I was getting very close to my climax.

"Ugh...if you don't...slow down...I'll come." I groaned and Moordryd let out a laugh, his tongue flicking into my left ear and I shuddered thrusting down onto him and he moaned. My hips rising and falling in time with his, I soon started to feel something coursing through me. "Oh scales..." I moaned as my body tensed up and before I could prevent it I let out a low moan. "You...asked for it..." I gasped as I ground my backside against his crotch and that caused me to throw back my head, shuddering as a wave of pleasure ripped through my body. Opening my mouth wide I cried out and Moordryd laughed as his own release came, his hands gripping my backside so hard it hurt.

With a roar he came, his body jerking against mine as he released deep into me. Both panting heavily I felt Moordryd's body go slack and suddenly I found myself pinned against the desk, unable to move. After a few minutes I heard Moordryd grunt before he gently released my body and I grabbed the desk hard, legs shaking as he straightened.

In the silence that followed I heard Moordryd let out a tired laugh as he pulled his pants on. Then he reaches over and drapes his arms around my waist, gentle as he helped me to my feet.

"We...need to slow down." I panted as I rested my head against his chest and he grinned, running a gloved hand across my cheek. "So...worn out. And we...never did lead Word here...anyway."

"I have a confession. Those purple tracking gear weren't my father's. They were mine," Moordryd muttered as I snuggled into his chest. If I hadn't been so tired I might have been angry but that could wait. Right now I needed to rest and in less than a minute I had fallen asleep in Moordryd's, sorry the Shadow Booster's, arms.