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-Unknown Bunker-

The sounds of steel striking steel kept ringing in the workshop as a curly haired teen kept banging his hammer on a piece of steel on his anvil, the teen's father is twenty feet away assembling a support structure for a pair of wings connected to a harness; done right the device will give the wearer the ability of flight. It was patterned from an invention of old, a pair of wings that allowed a father and son to escape from a mad king's dungeon, unfortunately the son died because of his own foolishness.

The curly haired teen looked to his right where some of his friends are working on their own part of the project. A blonde haired male and a black haired female both with electrifying blue eyes are charging electricity to a few bags of silver throwing discs of the curly haired teens design.

A curly haired female with golden eyes sat on one side using her abilities to coat even more discs with steel known as Adamantine, mined from Mount Olympus, while her boyfriend, a big, beefy Chinese looking teen is operating a small computer trying to run simulations on which tech to add and which will be rendered useless depending on any situation.

Finally a blonde haired female with grey eyes and a brunette with kaleidoscopic eyes are finalizing the designs of the suit itself, for function and aesthetic.

The curly haired teen kept banging on the piece he was working on, they need to finish this quickly as they only have a three hour window to send someone over and he fully intend to do his best for his friends to be as happy as he was when he finally got back to the woman of his dreams.

Speaking of which, he looked behind him and saw the caramel haired wonder, she was braiding copper wires with amazing finesse and despite the soot in her hands and the smudge of grease on her cute nose she still looks as beautiful as he has ever seen her.

-Line Break-

-Mt. Justice-

The team are relaxing on the beach right outside Mount Justice, and basically acting like teenagers. Water was splashed around, sand thrown, friends tossed into the water, and at one time an epic sand castle was built until they abandoned it when it grew taller than Kaldur. Meanwhile two really buff teenagers are wrestling on the sand much to the amusement of their friends and to the supreme delight of Megan.

At first Superboy has no idea why people like the beach so much, his education from the genomorphs showed sand as a gritty and rough substance that sticks to the body, his microscopic vision showed them to be small, sharp, shards of lime and silicon, plus they get everywhere; meaning he's going to have a hell of a time getting the stuff off him once they hit the showers. Despite all that he found himself enjoying the day. His reflection served him poorly at the moment however as his brother tackled him in the midsection making him grunt with the impact, he managed to keep his footing though as he bent down and wrapped his arms around his Percy's chest. With a mighty heave he threw the teen upwards ending up with his brother landing in the water with a huge splash. Everyone laughed, as Percy surfaced with a rogue grin. Suddenly two water whips shot out of the water and wrapped around Superboy's ankles, it dragged him on top of the water at the speed of a jet ski, until the water below him blew out like a geyser sending him up and landing on Megan's life preserver. Both of them sank for a few seconds until the water spat them out, he landed on the beach lying on his back and Megan landed on him face first. The Martian blushed for a moment before getting off him and pulling him up.

He laughed again and his brother went out from the water laughing as well. Despite him still having a grudge on the man of steel just having Percy in his life cleared a lot of the pent up rage he's been carrying around. The envy and jealousy he had for his friends with their relationship with their mentors had been a huge blow to him, specially Megan's relationship with her uncle, and when he learned of his brother being under Wonder Woman's tutelage struck an even bigger blow.

He tried to help around Metropolis to get Superman's attention but it was for naught as the Man of Steel obviously didn't want anything to do with him. After Percy regained consciousness in the cave when they faced the Amazo android he learned that Percy faced the same stubbornness.

"Once upon a time, I had a brother as strong as you and very sweet named Tyson. He was left behind when I was killed in my world and sent here, even now I can imagine his heart-broken face and how his eye would stare at nothing, drowning himself in his work because he will never see his brother again.

"and yet for a long time I rejected him, I denied him as my brother and didn't want anything to do with him. All he ever did was for me, and he very nearly sacrificed himself to save me, our friends, and the world. It took me thinking he was dead before I realized that I love him; that I have always wished for a brother. I don't want to make the same mistake Superboy, I know we have only just met but that doesn't change the fact that you and I share the same DNA, we are brothers and I will do whatever it takes to keep you happy and safe." Percy clapped a hand on Superboy's shoulder and looked him in the eyes, telling him the one thing that will changed his perception of the world to a positive outlook.

"You are not alone in this world anymore." His eyes showing the sincerity and the depth of his emotions

That day more than ever is when Superboy considered himself whole; it doesn't matter if Superman doesn't accept him. He has his friends and he has his brother and that is enough for him.

Hours later found the team assembled on the briefing area in front of Arrow and Batman, they were being introduced to a new team mate. The young woman was blonde with blue eyes, she was beautifully tanned and wearing a green suit with a green mask covering her face; her name was Artemis. It was that exact moment that Wally chose to zip into the cave decked in full beach paraphernalia.

"Recognized: Kid Flash, B03"

"The wall-man is here!" Wally shouted gleefully, unaware of the league members and the new addition to their group

"Now let's get this party star-unh - ted?" he finished rather dispiritedly as he noticed the people in the cave.

"Wall-man, huh?" Artemis began "I love the uniform" at which point a fine dusting of red started creeping on Wally's cheeks

"What exactly are your powers?" She finished

"Uh who's this?" Wally asked trying to recover from his embarrassment

"Artemis, your new teammate" she answered plainly

"Kid Flash, never heard of you" was the rude reply

"Um she's my new protégé" Arrow said butting in

"What happened to your old one?"

"Recognized: Speedy, B06"

"Well for starters he doesn't go by Speedy anymore, call me red Arrow" Roy announced as he passed the Zeta tube

"Roy, you look-" Green Arrow wasn't able to finish however as Roy butted in

"Replaceable?" he said casting a superior look on Artemis which made Percy frown at the rudeness

"It's not like that, you told me you were going solo" Green Arrow answered rather desperately, which Percy filed for future reflection, Arrow seem to really want Roy to understand

"So why waste time finding a sub?" Roy said with a sneer "Can she even use that bow?"

"Yes, she can." Artemis and Percy are getting pretty annoyed with the stupid arrogance Roy has been displaying

Percy tuned out at the conversation by this point silently counting to one hundred, he was getting really ticked off by Roy's arrogance and Percy is very close to snapping. He vaguely picked up a doctor Roquette and that she has created these mini robots that can eat through anything and store any raw data they can get. Once again Green Arrow made a little plea that he and Roy can team up and help her but the arrogance and superiority complex of Roy in his answer is really chaffing at him. It reminded him of Octavian and he has no good memories of that little Scarecrow.

"You brought this to the team; it's their mission which means it's hers now too."

"Then my job's done" Roy said starting to walk away

"Breathe in, Breathe out Percy" he told himself, unfortunately it was no use, his ADHD made him blurt out to Roy

"So the mighty Speedy is not good enough to protect her huh" he said to Aqualad rather loudly "and you guys actually made me think that he's good"

Roy paused a second before continuing to walk away.

"He thinks he's superior than everyone when he doesn't even know the proper way to act, I expected more after reading the file on Speedy" he continued, he noticed Roy pause this time and he has a feeling the archer is gritting his teeth

"What are you talking about?!" Kid Flash demanded angrily

"Well just that he's so hung up about the league induction when he acts like a petulant child that's been denied his candy" Also like Nico when he found out Bianca died. Percy continued his head.

"It's Red Arrow!" Roy yelled turning to Percy his face Red

"Yeah well, you're not worthy until you acquire some maturity, Speedy" Kid Flash is looking at him indignantly, while Aqualad and Robin are more understanding, they're not blind on the way their friend are acting but they don't like him being humiliated in this way either. Before they can decide on a proper course of action, an arrow flew towards Percy which Superboy easily caught.

He was about to charge Roy, incensed that he would attack his brother while his attention was elsewhere but he was stopped by Percy's arm.

"Thank you for making my point, Speedy" Percy said flatly

"SCREW YOU!" Roy yelled and he stalked to the Zeta tube.

"Recognized: Speedy, B06"

"That's Red Arrow, B06 update!" Roy yelled as he disappeared in a flash of Tachyons

Kid Flash was in front of Percy in, well, in a flash

"What's wrong with you man?!" he fairly yelled at him

"Enough" Aqualad said

"I am not happy with the way Percy handled it either, however let us not be blind in the faults of our friend." He said frowning

They heard a little cough and they looked to Batman in attention again, stowing the disagreement for later.

"Mission Parameters…" he said as the Batman began his mission briefing.

-Line Break-

Percy had to admit to himself that the High School looks pretty good, it was dark already but it posed no problem for him at all, all things considering this is the perfect body for him to acquire in this dimension. They have all got linked up by Ms. Martian and he stifled a laugh from the banter Kid and Artemis are having, it really reminds him of the time before he and Annabeth got together. He let out a sigh. He miss Annabeth so much, if he can be allowed a moment of selfishness he wished that Annabeth was sent to this dimension too, if then at least he can always be assured that she's safe

"I don't think that qualifies as a selfish thought" said Artemis's voice in his head making him jump

"Beside, you still have us in this world Tempest" this time it was Ms. Martian's voice

He realized that the banter has stopped and that they were in his head the whole time.

"Sorry guys just got nostalgic for a bit" he apologized

"We understand man" Kid Flash answered

Just then he heard Kaldur calling for back up.

"M'gann, Kid, Artemis, and Tempest we're under attack in the computer lab!"

"On our way!"

Percy rushed in as fast as he could running battle tactics on his mind, Kid was doing a wide perimeter so he might take about ten seconds to get there, Megan and Artemis are closer but slower and Megan can't use the density shifting her uncle has mastered, and Percy is on the roof afraid that he might bring the school down by bursting through the ceiling, long way it is then.

-Line Break-

Kaldur has used his water bearers and formed two blades currently facing an assassin with a cat mask. It seems the mask was chosen in good taste as his opponent is showing all the agility of a cat on the hunt. Kaldur struck close and the assassin leaped and did a flip over his head, she reached into her robes and threw a few shuriken at Doctor Roquette, thankfully Kaldur reflexes was good enough and he morphed one of the blades into a whip using it to bat the shurikens aside.

The assassin leapt back and threw a few to Kaldur who blocked them with his fore arm getting scratched a bit.

"Atlantean skin is quite dense" Kaldur stated

"And my shuriken are quite poisoned" retorted the assassin

Just then the rest of the team reached Kaldur's position effectively outnumbering the assassin five to one.

"This gig's getting interesting" she almost purred before considering "maybe a little too interesting as Percy smashed through the wall behind her.

She threw a smoke bomb to the floor and in true ninja fashion disappeared.

"That was cool" Percy blurted out

Robin and Superboy were unfortunately too late to stop the fog from taking over info from star labs. They decided to re-scan for the fog to outline the next target and move the good doctor to a nearby internet café this time they were more prepared to take care of the assassin however Kid Flash and Artemis are still going at it. Percy silently wished they'd just kiss already but the two heard his though. He really has to remember when they're connected telepathically.

Kaldur has a good strategy, he positioned the team and left Percy to guard Roquette he then sent Ms. Martian to 'patrol' the perimeter.

Meanwhile the assassin from earlier is back with back up of about twenty ninjas and are hiding in the trees.

"Let's go before the martian comes back" said the woman "I don't want to even the odds"

She gave the order and her ninjas attacked, the assassin in the cat mask sneaked around while the other ninja's engage the Kid Flash, Artemis, and Kaldur directly.

Kid zoomed through a group of ninjas delivering punches and kicks by the dozen, a couple managed to swing their katanas at him but none touched the speedster.

Artemis was flipping and bobbing as the ninjas tried to tag her to no avail, she surprised the others by suddenly leaping forward and using her bow she struck the unlucky ones near her dropping them quickly the others dodged backwards but Artemis drew and shot an exploding arrow sending the enemy ninjas flying away.

Kaldur's water bearers are formed as twin sabers and he was facing the ninjas incredibly well, he took them down quickly when he saw something flying at him in his peripheral vision. Using his arms to block he found them to be throwing stars now embedded on his arm. Fortunately the wounds were shallow and he removed them easily.

"I had hoped to face you again" said the lady in the cat mask "let's test the limit to your jellyfish immunity shall we"

She rushed to towards Kaldur drawing twin sai and slashing upwards, Kaldur blocked easily and swiped with one saber but the lady dodged it with a spin, her sai flashed to the right and Kaldur was nicked at the arm. The Atlantean hacked and slashed his moves fast but not fast enough, the woman dodged them and kept scratching him with her sai; on his cheek, below the elbow, on the arm. Kaldur found an opening and ducked forwards as her sai rushed to stab him, he got under her guard, the other sai rushed forward but his water bearer snapped forward and blocked it. Her eyes widened under her mask in surprise before a feral grin came to her lips, Kaldur was barely a second away from defeating her when the toxins took effect and he slumped paralyzed.

"Limit found" she said

The assassin was about to finish Kaldur when she straitened up and caught an arrow, she looked towards Artemis when gas started being sprayed from the arrow to her face. It did absolutely nothing however.

"Sorry, mask has built-in filters" she laughed

The assassin then sprinted inside to end the doctor leaving Artemis and Kid to deal with the remaining ninjas.

-Line Break-

She was quick and silent, the doctor never had any inclination that she was about to die and was still typing on the computer. The assassin's sai snapped forward to stab the doctor when all of a sudden Doctor Roquette spun around and slapped the lady's arm to the side, Roquette's form then shifted to that of Ms. Martian.

"It's a trick!" she realized quickly as Megan attacked trying to take her down, a few ninjas that escaped from the brawl outside intercepted Ms. Martian and she attacked them instead; incensed with the deception she sneaked away and looked for the real Roquette.

She found her easily after crawling through the ventilation shaft; she kicked the grills and dropped down aiming to kill the young doctor once and for all. She was suddenly grabbed from behind and was thrown to the far wall, twisting her body around the assassin managed to land on her feet.

"Who are you supposed to be?" asked the sidekick in front of her

"Cheshire" she said "and you're Tempest, Wonder Woman's sidekick"

"Last chance Cheshire" Percy said "give up"

Cheshire just snickered a little then all of a sudden sprang right towards Percy her sai sailing forward, Percy didn't even move as the sai shattered against his gut. His arm snapped forward almost hitting Cheshire but the assassin was damn good, able to flip backwards before he can touch her.

Cheshire remembered the briefing she got on this job, this guy tempest was a kryptonian clone which means he's vulnerable to magic and kryptonite, she doesn't know how to do magic so that only leaves kryptonite. From her kimono she pulled out another sai, the point was glowing green.

Percy's never experienced fighting against a kryptonite weapon before and was woefully unprepared, Cheshire kicked hard driving herself towards him at break neck speed, and the demigod sent his fist forward to meet the opponent who stabbed her sai upwards actually going through his forearm. The effect was immediate Tempest felt a massive drop in his stamina and black spots danced in his vision; the villain pulled out her sai and stood above Tempest as he fell on his knees. She twirled the weapon point down and brought it down, gathering his wits Percy rolled to the side to avoid the kill strike.

He managed to roll to his legs with his knees shaking and shook his head, he wasn't new to pain and weakness, he is a season warrior. Steeling himself he pulled out a pen from his pocket.

Cheshire just laughed.

"You will fight me, with a pen?" she mocked "You indestructible types are so arrogant, not even bringing back up weapons in case you need them."

The laughed woke up something that's been sleeping for so long within him, rage.

"You wish Cheshire." He flicked off the cap with his thumb sending it towards the assassin.

Cheshire batted the cap on reflex and was about to comment when a sharp point sailed to her mask, she managed to leap backwards just and was shocked when she saw the sidekick wielding a sword. He was in an offensive stance, his weight on his back foot, knees bent, sword point on level with his eyes.

"Got it!" Roquette suddenly yelled, at the same time Cheshire received a message telling her that the fog has been neutralized.

"Looks like you get to program another day doctor, lucky for you my orders were very precise." the assassin said before throwing another smoke bomb. As she escaped one thought was prevalent in her mind.

"Where did that sword come from."



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