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When you learn that there is no magic in a gun

Chapter 4

Duo felt someone shaking him, but he ignored it. "Duo? Duo, come on! We are going to be late! WAKE UP!" someone who he recognized as one of the other Griffendor boys shouted.

Duo cracked open his eyes. He groaned and sat up. It was too early to be awake. "Are you serious? Oh man, it's too early!" he said, but got up.

He looked doubtfully as his new outfit. It was black, that was good, but it was definitely not his style. "Just a LITTLE dweeby." he muttered, but if anyone heard him, they didn't say anything.

He changed, and then sat down to do his hair. The other boys in the room all stopped suddenly and stared at him. One opened his mouth like he was going to comment on Duo's strange hair habits, then just shut it again and looked away in either disbelief at the un-cool-ness of it, or in respect of the very-cool-ness of it.

Either way, Duo ignored him and continued on his hair. Once he was finally done, the group rushed down the stairs. The Common Room was already empty, because most of the people had left for breakfast by now.

- -

When they entered the Main Hall, they realized that they were the very last ones to arrive. Duo had really slowed them down, but it wasn't his fault; he wasn't used to this yet. Several people looked up at them as they sat down, and the other boys began conversing with their friends.

A few people greeted Duo friendly, but he didn't really have anyone he knew to talk to. Plus, e was far to hungry to this about paying attention to people.

For someone so thin, Duo could sure swallow it down. Of course this may have been because he never could really get as much as he wanted to eat in the past, so the effect of that was that was now endlessly hungry.

- -

The Slytherins and the Gryffindors had Transmogrification together with Professor McGonagall as their first class. Heero just gave blank, cold looks that spoke of how he still didn't believe in this, but Wufei and Duo both looked on with surprised curiosity.

Duo was less pleased, however, by the load of homework that was assigned at the end. "Why could we ever need to really do this all? And where can we ever find the time." Duo complained while they made their way to Defense Against The Dark Arts with the Hufflepuffs.

"Don't worry, there will be time. It may not seem like it right now, but trust me that it will become manageable for you soon." Harry assured him. He walked with Ron on one side of him and Duo on the other, and the three talked about the upcoming class. Hermione was back with some group of girl friends talking.

"I'm really anxious to meet this guy, myself. Who did they get this time that is crazy enough to take the job after everything that's happened to the last ones?" Ron stated.

"What?" Duo asked, "What happened to the last ones?"

"Well, they've all sort of. not had so much good luck." Ron turned to Harry for help.

"Our first year here, the teacher who had taught here for several years, Professor Quarrel, turns out to be evil and tried to kill me and raise a once-powerful, evil, wizard again. Lockheart was the professor our second year, but he turned out to be a fraud and lost his memory when we forced him to help us kill a Basilisk, a giant snake thing. Our third year Professor Lupin taught us, and he was great, but he left at the end of the year because everyone found out that he was a Werewolf. Last year we were supposed to have Professor Moody, but an evil wizard kidnapped and impersonated him through most of the year so he could try to help the same evil wizard Quarrel was trying to rise. So, none of them have lasted more than a year, and no one knows who Hogwarts was able to hire this time." Harry explained at length.

Duo starred at him for a moment and then blinked and replied, "So, this is just an ordinary sort of school, huh?" They all grinned at the strangeness of it for a second, then entered the Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom.

- -

They sat down and got out their things, but class hadn't started yet. Duo saw Quatre sitting with the other Hufflepuffs, and waved to him. The blond was conversing with the other boys around him cheerily. Duo smiled; it was good that Quatre was making plenty of friends. Of course, how could he not? He's so friendly and kind to everyone.

Duo himself had been rapidly gathering friends. Most were originally attracted to his American good looks and nice hair, but they soon found out that that was paired with wits and charm. A few of the other boys were looking jealously at him, where he sat surrounded by girls. He was telling some story or another in great detail, moving his hands extravagantly, and completely ignoring the other boys' looks.

Quatre laughed lightly to himself. That was so like Duo.

Class should have started by now, but the professor wasn't there yet. After several more minutes, people were really starting to get anxious. "Where is he?" people started to whisper to one another.

Then with a horribly slow creak, the room's door opened, and the new Professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts appeared.


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