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Over the next few months, the team completed their missions getting better and better and growing closer as friends.
Superboy, now known as Connor and M'gann started going out. As did Wally and Artemis, eventually. They gained a new teammate in who Dick liked very much and was teased many a time by Danny.

Danny and Sam grew closer and closer, Sam even spent a summer at Wayne Mansions. As she grew older she began to get more and more involved in the team until she put on her own mask and started fighting crime alongside her boyfriend.

They faced many challenges and enemies but came out victorious, most of the team ended up joining the League. Danny ended up the official response to any ghost related problem, Sam normally at his side with ab ecto-blaster in hand.

Robin gave up wanting to follow in Batman's footsteps, forging his own path and becoming Nightwing. There were other Robins and he gladly gave them tips on how to impress the Bat. Danny gave a few tips too but wasn't as close with Bruce as he spent most of his time tracking down ghosts that popped up in his territory.

Vlad popped up a few times, but with the team and the League backing Danny's every move and Danny's authority over the human realm given him by the Observants. There wasn't much Vlad could do unless he wanted to end up stuck in Walker's jail for 25 to 30 thousand years. He eventually ended up adopting another 3 cats, all called Maddie. Goodness knows how he gets on with them all having the same name.

They also found out that Danielle was created using hair from Danny's hairbrush. The same brush Sam had used on occasion. Both their DNA had gotten mixed up which was why Danielle was a girl and not an exact clone of Danny. That kind of made her their daughter. Hence why she had been living in the Fenton house with them when Dick made his future visit.

All in all their lives were pretty good. They were happy. They had their ups and downs but life went on and they went with it. There isn't really a better way to end a story.

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