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Hours Later, Outset Island

Picture this scene: You are on a wooden pier, meters away from the rest of civilization, partying the return of one or its core inhabitants. But you have separated yourself from that party, because while it may be fun, and quite frankly, you deserve to have such fun, you have changed a bit, and need some time to think. You walk to the pier, as the porch of your home is too close to distractions, and sit upon the ledge. You gaze out to the darkening sea, where months ago you dreamed of what lie beyond its horizon, but now you know that what is beyond the horizon is a nightmare. You turn your face to the moon, big and white, and wonder if the moon shares your pain. It is tied to Earth, just as you are tied to destiny. Like the white orb, your destiny has revolved once around the fate of an ancient world, and now begins its next revolution to the finding of the successor to the ancient land. How long it will take, you don't know, but in your 17 years, you have learned patience. Patience saved your sister, and it saved two worlds, one fated to die, the other fated to thrive.

In your mind, the cumulation of scouring five treacherous dungeons, drawn out weeks looking for shards, and the near death at the hands of some crazed old man will change a person, or in this case, two. The only difference is that she was sent back from a ruthless pirate woman (as she preferred it) to a young princess of an ancient kingdom and its successor. The young man upon the pier was moved forward. When he first donned the tunic months ago, he had, in tradition, became a man, and was proud of it. Three months later, he had mostly lost all what made him a naive boy (he still had his quirks) and truly became a heroic man. As proud of his accomplishments he was, he knew something. His father, when he last saw him, told him, "A boy's heart belongs to his island; a man, to the sea."

Link's world definitely became tied to the sea, just as Tetra and the rest of the members of the pirate brig Her Grace. He looked out to the anchored ship at the eastern pier, near the lookout. Tomorrow, he would leave Outset behind again, as quickly as he arrived, to search for a New Hyrule. He would leave Aryll, Grandma Saria, and the other inhabitants of Outset like a speck of dust in the wind. He was no longer tied to the one island, but to the world.

"In that sense, I am the same as Ganondorf."

Is that what the King meant? He was tied to Hyrule just as Ganon was, unable to let go? Why couldn't Link be unlike them? Outset is his home, and yet he is… Link slowly turned to the lifeless boat he and Tetra have called home for a few months. Link realized that no matter what, he would be tied to something. If he stayed on Outset, he was linked (no pun intended) to Outset, and the same to the sea when he leaves with the crew. In that sense… Link was the same as Ganondorf and Daphnes.

So was Ganondorf truly evil? Vindictive, yes. Ruthless, definitely. But Link had a vendetta as well, and did whatever it took to save his sister. Does it justify his actions? Was Ganon's acts unjustified? He wanted to save his world from the deep blue sea, and did all he could to attain his goal, only for it to have it stolen. Is it truly a crime to want to have your home returned? Ganon was not innocent, no he was far from it, but when Ganondorf truly should have died, he was spared from that by being sealed twice. All he wanted was a home… Link, Tetra and Daphnes took it away from him.

In this story, there isn't a hero. Link somehow came to that conclusion himself, hours after being called the Hero of Winds. He was no hero to Hyrule, not to the inhabitants of the Great Sea, or to his little island. Sure, Ganondorf would be the much worser fate, but… Heroes save a world from evil, not from homesickness. In some wicked, twisted story, Link was judge , jury, and executioner of a man who wanted his world returned, at the expense of another, which, if one think about it, Link and Tetra made the same decision. In that sense, both of them were just the same as Ganondorf.

"Big Brother?" Link jumped at the calling of his nickname, and turned slowly to the incoming form of his sister Aryll. She looked worried as she came over.

"Oh, hi Aryll. I didn't notice you were coming."

"Why are you out here all alone? Miss Tetra and the other pirates are inside, and Grandma made everyone soup. They love it!"

Link smiled a bit. "Hey, that's great. Don't worry, Aryll. I'll be inside in just a bit." Aryll nodded, and proceeded to sit beside her older brother. He continued to gaze out to sea, his countenance falling from the false joy he had just expressed to a solemn sadness.

"Link, why are you sad?"

"I look sad?"

"Yes…" Aryll looked to the waters reaching for her feet. "i know you are leaving tomorrow on the pirate ship with Miss Tetra and her crew."

Link nodded, and turned to his sister. "You figured that out, huh?"

Aryll looked up to her brother, the first formation of tears in her eyes. "You'll miss me, right?"

Link was slightly taken aback by the question. "Of course I'll miss you, Aryll! I'll miss Grandma, Sue, Sturgeon, Orca, everyone. I'll try to visit when I can, but if I can't, we can send each other letters and I can give souvenirs of my travels." Link tried to smile to make Aryll feel somewhat better, but it had the opposite effect.

"OR you could just stay! It will be like nothing ever happened! I never got kidnapped, and you never went to go find me. Everything could be as it was before!"

Link turned back to sea, and bowed his head with a sigh. Somehow, he did expect Aryll to say this, but he knew she won't understand until she's much older. "No, Aryll, it won't be the same. No matter what we can do to try to forget what happened, it happened. Sure, when I was your age, this island was the world, but… The world I know now is not these two pieces of land called Outset, but everywhere the horizon touches. There's a world to the east, to the west, to the north, to the south, and one of those worlds is a place where our people can thrive like our ancestors in the legends. There's a golden land with green forests, tall mountains, and peace… Peace, most importantly, because a friend of mine told me that peace is what I should strive to achieve."

Aryll folded her hands across her lap, and sighed. "I'll miss you, Big Brother. I'll miss you a lot."

Link ruffled the girl's hair, emitting a small laugh from her. "That's the Aryll I know. I'll miss you too… Which reminds me…" Link digged into his pockets, and showcased to Aryll the red telescope she gave him on his birthday three months earlier. "Here. Thanks for letting me use it. It was really helpful on my journey." Aryll slowly took the item, staring at it as if it was a long lost possession. In a way, it was, but it was Link's reminder of who he was going to save. Aryll, in her young mind, knew Link meant well giving it back to her, but to her, him returning the telescope was like giving a part of her away.

That was when the floodgates flooded over. Link jumped in surprise as Aryll's tears streamed down her face like a miniature river. "Aryll? Didn't you want it back?"

She thrusted the telescope back to him. "Please, Link, keep it so you will never forget me on your journey!"

Link took back the telescope, and wiped his sister's tears from her face. "Hey, Aryll, I will not forget you ever. And since you are giving me something you value dearly, I guess I could do the same. I got a gift for you." Link stood up, and Aryll confusingly turned around.

"What is it?"

Link stood next to his little red boat, patting the lion's head. "Aryll, meet the King of Red Lions. He's one of my best friends, and helped me and Tetra a lot on our travels. Promise to take good care of him."

Aryll was astonished by Link's sacrifice. "B-B-But how will you get around?"

Link chuckled as he looked to the empty eyes of the boat. "Relax, I'm sure Tetra has space for me on her ship." "I hope she does." "I'll take all of my equipment, and the Wind Waker, but this… It would sadden me to see this old guy not to get to stretch his sea legs in the storage hold, or wherever." Turning to Aryll, he smirked as he folded his arms. "You remember when I first came to the Forsaken Fortress to save you, and Tetra caused us to fail, because, between you and me, that bird had a thing for her, and carried us away?"

"Yeah, what happened after that? I was scared that you…"

"Drowned? Yeah, we would have… But he came along, and rescued me, and out of the kindness of his heart, Tetra. I owe him my life." "But will never be able to cash it in."

"Wow, really?"

"Yep. We traveled across the Great Sea, finding buried treasure, fighting deadly monsters, meeting fairies and godly beings, and sailed through the roughest of storms until the skies and seas were as clear as new glass. Yeah, we done a lot together, but it is time for him to have new adventures, and I hope you do not let him down."

Aryll nodded, and stroked the wooden hair of the King of Red Lions. "Is he really a king?"

Link nodded. "Yeah, he is the king of a great and ancient land called Hyrule." His face grew solemn again as he returned his gaze to the boat, holding in a snort. "I don't think adventure was his forte, so he might enjoy resting more than I would like him to, but when you are ready to begin your adventures, Aryll, he'll be the best partner you can have." Link looked up to the stars, wondering if King Daphnes was wherever heaven was, for he truly deserved it. "He helped me more than I could even comprehend and thank him for, and I will forever miss him… Tetra will too, but I don't think she will say or show it publicly."

He felt Aryll collide her form to him, and wrap her arms around him. "I promise to take good care of him, Big Brother."

"Thanks, Aryll." They parted, and Link turned to his home. "I think it is time to return, don't you think? After all, we don't want the soup to be cold." Aryll nodded, and the siblings returned to their abode, although Link did not go in. He looked up to the cliffs on the higher parts of the island, having an idea. "Hey, Aryll, tell Tetra to come outside. I want to talk to her."

A few minutes later, Tetra stepped out onto the porch of Link's home, and found her friend leaning against the railing, again looking to the sea. She raised an eyebrow, wondering what was wrong with him that he sent Aryll to come find her, and walked over to him. She copied his position, looking to the blue horizon along with him. Neither of them spoke a word, although Tetra was dying to know why Link was as quiet as he was. When they arrived at Outset minutes after Link and her returned to their world, thanks to the power of the Wind Waker, the Hero of WInds was very jovial, and to see him now the complete opposite of jovial irrationally irritated her.

Maybe it was some underlying bond between her and Link that was the cause of her irritation, and that's her only reason she could formulate. Maybe he isn't sad at all, just blankly staring into the ocean as she is, although her reasoning is because he is doing it. Monkey see, monkey do. But as she got use to the quiet compared to the interior of Link's home, it gave her some time to think on things that transpired. She was sure Link was slave to these thoughts as well, and the sight of her boat, the small red one, reignited three months of an adventure she dreamed of only having, and the adventure she was now about to set upon.

Tetra knew she talked bold words in the final moments with King Daphnes, but...did she really expect to find a 'New Hyrule' just anywhere? Sure, the act of saying she could find it was bold, and the course she is setting herself and her crew to take to find it puts merit to her words, but can she find it? Will she find it? Is taking Link away from his family and home the right thing to do just to find some magical land outta nowhere?

Tetra honestly did not know who spoke down there. Was it truly her, or did that 'Zelda' speak when she wasn't supposed to, and gotten the pirate into a situation she surely cannot back out of now, as Tetra fulfilled her promises. Did Link get his sister back? Yes. Did Ganon get an arrow up his ass? Probably not in that location, but she definitely made up for it. She only had one pending promise, and that is to her mother to confess her feelings for Link. Yea, Tetra knew she backed out on telling Link before battling Ganondorf (granted, the situation was not fair at all. Link and Tetra were definitely not in the cliche moment for truth), but silently reminded herself to do so before they leave. But the mind of Tetra began to rage over the fact that she can not, should not, and will not rob Aryll and Grandma Saria of the presence of the heroic boy, no matter how attached Tetra got to him. He was only going with them because he felt it was right he help Tetra find this 'New Hyrule,' but Link didn't promise to find it… Tetra (or Zelda) did.

Say she does find it. How will she convince hundreds of people to move from their homes in the Great Sea to another land, and not only that, how will she rule said land? Will the people willingly give up whatever governments they have for the monarchy, starting with the descendant of an age old line she has no chance of proving existed? What if there are other inhabitants there, and they don't want to share the land? Can she force them to do so?

Old Tetra might not give a damn, but the current Tetra, the survivor of a three month hell, could not do such a thing. Old Tetra would not Link step upon her ship because, well, he looked like the stupidest piece of shit she ever seen. New Tetra wouldn't let Link board because she loved him enough to want him to stay home. Old Tetra would have not even helped saved the world...well, she would, but not let Link take any credit.

Wow, she changed much more than she thought she did. Where did her heart turn from black to red, pump blood instead of acid, and symbolize love instead of…

Instead of…

Instead of…

Not hate...anger. That's right, anger. Anger at the world for taking her mother away, anger at the gods for giving her to a ship and the seas instead to the land, and pure anger at Link and her pirates for being so carefree in an uncaring world. That all changed when Link heard how his father passed, and their shared sympathy. That's when it changed, because at that moment, she could share her pain, her agony, her suffering, her turmoil, all at once. It was at that moment she saw Link in a different light. Yes, he was still the stupidest boy she ever met, but hey, he is also the greatest friend in the world. It was at that moment when she turned her face to the world, for she saw it worth saving, and in the end, she did just that. The gods will need more time to get on her good side, however, and maybe they will when she sets foot on her new land.

She turned to Link, who still held his position, and lifted her hand to wipe back his flying sideburn. At first glance, it didn't seem to faze him that she had touched him, but after a moment, he bit his slowly smiling lips. She returned her hand to the sideburn, and softly yanked it. "So, what did you and Aryll talk about? I sent her to find you, and she returns almost in tears."

"Once you stop pulling on my hair, I'll tell you." She submitted, only a bit, as she began to twirl his hair through her fingers. "She tried to convince me to stay, but I convinced her that I am leaving, and we traded gifts. She let me have her telescope a little while longer, and I gave her the King of Red Lions." Link turned to Tetra, who was snickering. "What is so funny?"

She turned away from him, turning her back to the railing as she covered her face. "You are so...ugh."


"It is like I am reading the most cliche story in the world. Boy leaves girl, girl wants boy to stay, they give something they cherish the most, then… Well, you and Aryll are siblings, and many years apart, so I am sure you two hugged it out."

Link stood up straight, frowning at Tetra. "I don't want to even conjecture what you were implying." He looked down to Tetra's neck, noticing that her red handkerchief was gone, and also the necklace that use to live under it. She had no more use for it, Link mused.

Tetra caught his glance to her neck, and immediately flared up. "Yea, I don't need the cloth any longer. I do miss it though. It was a part of me as much as that stupid cap on your head is a part of you." Link nodded, then gazed back to sea, as if he was awaiting something. Tetra wrapped an arm around his shoulders, setting her head on his arm. "Hey, what's got you down?"

"Tetra...what are we?"

That question created a wall in the pirate's mind. That phrase could mean millions of things, and the pirate could only think of two. "W-What do you mean?"

"Are we heroes, or are we villains? Did we do the right thing because it was right, or because it was right to us? Is Ganon truly evil, or just misguided? Did we truly save the world, or did we condemn it? Were we right to take his home away from him like that, just because we wanted to preserve our world?"

"Are you saying-"

"I'm not saying I would like to see Ganondorf rule the world, no, never. I am not saying he didn't deserve his fate. I asking if we, you and me, were the right ones to do it? I tried looking at it from different points, but it all comes to the same conclusion that we are the same. You, me, Daphnes, Ganondorf. In the sense we are tied to our worlds, we are all the same. Yes, Ganon threatened ours, but is that a justified statement? What if it was the other way around? What Ganondorf did, he thought it to be right, no matter how wrong it was. Kidnapping three girls, attempted kidnapping of a fourth, multiple counts of murder, multiple counts of attempted murder, treason, and we, as judge, jury, and executioner, killed him. Not the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny, they sealed him away. Not the gods, they sealed him as well. No, they let him live, despite his crimes. I stabbed him in his head, and killed him… Let's face the facts, Tetra. I am no hero, but a murderer."

Tetra traced her free hand down Link's clothed arm, and interlocked her hand with his. Deciding they needed a more private place to talk, she began to step away, dragging his arm with her. "Come, Link. I have to show you something." He willingly let her take the lead, although he didn't know what she could show him on the island he lived for 17 years, but went along with it anyway. She lead him off the porch, past Sturgeon, Sue Belle, and Orca's house, down the beach, across the long wooden bridge above the water that parted the island into two, past the lookout and Mesa's house, and up the path that eventually leads to the top of the cliffs. Tetra didn't stop there. She lead Link around the cliffs, where the man who constantly gazed out to the cliffs of the side of the main half of the island (the location Link also found a Triforce shard), and across the bridge into the island's forests. She kept continuing through the thick ecosystem, and Link didn't know where she was taking him until she hopped down with him into an area and stopped. The native looked around the area, and it hit him where he was in the forest once he saw a broken branch on the tree. Tetra, her arms folded, glanced up to the tree as well. "Do you know where we are?"

"Yes… It is where we first met." He looked down to Tetra, puzzled. "Why you bring me here?"

"Because, Link… I want you to remember what transpired here. Some time ago, young girl was up there, hanging from a tree, unconscious after being dropped by some asshole of a bird. She didn't know that monsters were homing in on her position, and planned to capture her to take to their dark master. They would have, had not a young boy in green ran up to find the girl with nothing but his simple training sword. He beat the monsters, and got the girl to safety, only for the boy to suffer for his actions. The bird mistakened the boy's sister for the young girl, and took off with her. The boy, filled with determination, convinced the young girl, a pirate captain, to take him to a very scary place, and they sailed off to an unknown danger. To the girl, the boy was many things negative, but one positive thing let her keep him around, and that was that he, despite the act being small, was her hero." Tetra turned to Link, and took both his hands in hers, her sea blue eyes on his forest green eyes. "Months passed, and the adventure ended. The boy and the girl saved not only his sister, but the world from the dark lord. The two returned to the spot where they first met, and remembered the day that brought them together… Link, you may feel as if what we did was wrong, and I can see your point, but you forget, it doesn't matter if in one's eyes that it was right. As Nayru's chosen, I am the guardian of her law, just as you, Farore's chosen, is the guardian of the life she sprung from the land. Her law would not allow for Ganondorf to do what he did, so in that sense, yes, we were right to do what we did, because we did what our predecessors didn't. We made him pay for what he did to our Great Sea, and for what he did to Hyrule twice. Is it justified? Yes. Besides… I think we did Ganon a favor."
"What do you mean?"

"He did what he did because all he knew was death. Notice when you stabbed him, he didn't call out curses of revenge or something like that. He said, 'The wind, it is blowing.' I think, after Daphnes did what he did, Ganondorf was ready to die, because his whole world was Hyrule, and if he could not live with it, then he shall die with it. A captain, an honorable captain, goes down with his ship. Ganondorf, ironically very honorable, went down with his Hyrule. I don't think he would want it any other way. In a twist of fate, you saved Ganondorf as well."

Link chuckled. "That's very twisted, Tetra. Now I'll sleep better at night knowing I saved our mortal enemy."

Tetra smiled, and shrugged. "Whatever floats your boat. But whatever you say, you are a hero to many. Aryll, for starters. What you did for her… I cannot imagine if the old me would go to such lengths for one of my boys. Will I try to save them? Hell yeah, they're my family. I think that is what matters at the end of the day. Not what we done to get to our goals, but whether or not we did it. Link, we did it, and that's all that matters. I promised I would help rescue your sister, for free, and we went through enough hell to do so." Link nodded, unexpectedly and brought Tetra in for a hug. She began to blush, but then relaxed as she snuggled into the comfort of Link's body against hers. "What is this for?"

"For calming my mind, and for helping me save Aryll. I could not have done it without you, His Majesty, and one other person as well."

Tetra mentally counted the number of people who helped Link save his sister, and could only count two. "Who else?"

"When Ganondorf dropped Aryll, the guy that caught her? Remember?"

"Oh yeah… You know him?"

"Of course I do… Where do you think I got my heroism, skills, lust for adventure, and great looks from?" Tetra gaped her mouth as she pulled away from Link, coming to realization.

"You mean…"

"Yeah, it was him. Guess he did find Hyrule after all. Both of our parents, in that case." Link looked back up to the tree. "I wonder what they think of our unlikely pairing."
Tetra knowingly smiled as she cuddled herself into the side of Link. "Mother likes you way too much, I know."


"Yeah… I think I spoke too highly of you."

"Why would you do that, Miss Tetra, who thinks highly of no one?" Link looked down to Tetra with a smirk, and Tetra had to fire back her own, alongside a wink.

"Maybe because I like you, very very very much."

"A lot of people like me."

No, he was not going to make Tetra say love. "Well, I like you more than most."

"I think Aryll has that claim."

Tetra's smile vanished, and both her eyes closed in frustration. Link had grown too smart over their time together. "Fine… I l-... I lo-...lo-...lo-..."

Link leaned to Tetra's ear, and whispered, "Come on, they're waiting."

"TO HELL WITH IT!" Tetra turned herself to fully face Link, and wrapped her arms around Link's neck. She quickly lowered the boy's face down to hers, finally capturing his lips as her own. In that moment, Tetra finally fulfilled her final promise to her mother. When the need for air became of utmost importance, Tetra broke the kiss, and rest her head on Link's chest, his arms snugly around her. "I think I said what I need to say."

"My grandma kissed me before, though not on the lips."

Tetra sighed, and finally gave up. "Dammit, Link, I love you."

Link smiled as he hugged Tetra just a bit tighter. "Yeah, I love you too, Tetra." He looked up to the night sky, silently thanking the goddesses for what just transpired. "We better go back. Gonzo might flip the entire island if he thinks we are gone way too long."

Tetra laughed as she took Link's hand. "Well, if it comes down to it, we could just tell him the Master Sword had to be put back in its place."

Link groaned. "Of course he wouldn't kill me for that."


"Speak of the damn devil." Link and Tetra looked at each other, and laughed all the way out the forests, returning to the party with the islanders and the pirates.

The next morning, the pirate ship Her Grace was pointing its bow to the north, preparing to leave the quaint island of Outset. Most of the inhabitants lined up behind the ship, waving goodbye to the crew as it prepares for its journey to find a New Hyrule.

On the deck, a young woman named Tetra, captain of the ship, tightened a red scarf around her neck. She really didn't know why she did so, but she reasoned it as the handkerchief being there completed her. She folded her arms as she looked dead ahead to the horizon in front of her, the sails of her ship fluttering as they awaited their job to begin. Beside her, her second mate, Gonzo, held the helm of the ship, awaiting his captain's orders. The rest of the crew were spreaded across the ship. Zuko manned the crow's nest, Senza and Mako stood at the front of the ship, beside the catapult. Niko stood in the middle, doing nothing useful as usually. Probably why he is still a swabbie, and Tetra knows he doesn't like that the newest member to her crew got a higher rank than he does.

Oh well, first mate is what one lucky boy gets for not only being Tetra's knight in hot as hell clothing, but for being a hero to the world. Tetra turned back to Link, seeing him wave back to the people of his home, especially to his grandmother and sister, mere hours after returning with his sister in tow. He was very persistent in coming, and Tetra caved in to his demands. He turned to her, and she nodded. He took out a silver baton, and waved it around the air, pointing to the north. A strong gust of wind caught the large sails, and they began to flutter in response. Tetra turned to her crew, and waved her hand. "ANCHORS AWEIGH! HOLD THE TILLER STEADY!" Tetra lowered her arms as the crew performed the tasks, and heard Link stroll up beside her, putting a hand to her shoulder. "As for our destination… The wind will guide us!" The ship began to pull out of port, giving itself to the graces of the sea.

"LINK! TETRA!" Tetra and Link turned around, seeing Aryll on the pier, waving to them. "GOOD LUCK!" Link held a thumbs up as Tetra waved goodbye to the girl.

"Well, Link, one person believes in this foolishness."

Link nodded as he turned to Tetra, patting her on the shoulder. "Well, sometimes, all you need is just one person to believe in you." He turned back to the island, but his gaze caught sight of a small, red boat, resting on the side of the pier. Despite its appearance, Link knew he will miss the boat, and the being who used to inhabit it. "Just one."

Tetra caught the object of his eye, and nodded. She, too, will miss the boat, and the one who possessed it. She clutched Link's hand. "For Hyrule, and for the hope he gave us."

"For New Hyrule, and the hope we will give it." They turned their backs to Outset, and to the ocean awaiting them.

To many, they are an unlikely pair. A pirate girl, brash and bold, and a islander boy, adventurous and naive. Yet, when the world is in peril, a talking boat pitted the both of them of them together, despite their differences, and made a team. It was the belief of this boat that led them from dungeon to dungeon while they uncovered the secrets of a subterranean country's past, and the dark plan an old enemy of that country hand in store. In the end, it was not the islander who stood up to evil, but a hero, adorned in the same green as the one of legend. The girl, well, I think we should not speak of her being a princess, so we'll say she expanded her territory as a pirate. In the end, they were not simple, mismatched kids, but heroes of the world. It only happened because someone had faith in them.

To you, me, and to the world around them, they'll be known as Link and Tetra. But in the future, when New Hyrule is found, when there is nothing but the legend of what took place, when the story is told to a young princess, or to an aspiring engineer, they will be known as The Hero and The Pirate.