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[Chapter 1: The role I was given]

Come on hold my hand.
I want to contact the living.
Not sure I understand, this role I've been given.

I sit and talk to god, and he just laughs at my plans.
My head speaks a language, I don't understand.

I just wanna feel, real love, the home that I'm living.
'Cause I got too much life, running through my veins, going to waste.

[Robbie Williams - Feel]

It was a sunny day. Such a beautiful day it made you think that your day would be perfect. Not a single cloud on the sky, and birds singing love songs that filled the air.
But today all smiles would be wiped away from 4 individuals.

A small boy with teal hair was on his way with his mother to the beach. The radio sang songs of happy times and the boy and his mother sang along. Until they came to a crossing, the boy didn't understand why mother suddenly had let go of the steering wheel and jumped towards him taking him into a warm embrace, holding him tightly. Suddenly all sound surrounding the boy disappeared; the boy closed his eyes and prayed for the sound to come back. And it did, but it wouldn't be the sound he wanted to hear; dripping.




The boy felt small drops yet warm drops fall on his nose, shattering by the small impact on his nose. He hugged his mother tightly and enjoyed the warm embrace. But the embrace became warmer…wetter. And so the boy opened his eyes, only being greeted by something he never could erase from his mind. His mother was covered in her own blood and glass shards that had pierced her, only seemed to sink deeper into her skin. She patted his head one last time, she seemed weaker.

"Whatever you do, don't look down." She said, and closed her eyes.

The boy whimpered and shook her. "Mother, wake up, wake up!" He tried to move but his legs felt weird.

He looked down at his legs, they were shattered. Blood dripping out from every possible angle, only made the boy more ill, he wanted to throw up.

'Whatever you do, don't look down.'

"Aww… is he having a bad dream?" Kise said softly and poked Kurokos cheek. Kuroko rubbed his nose unconsciously and slapped Kises hand away while turning in his sleep.

"He tends to have bad dreams often" Aomine answered. Curious eyes turned towards Aomine.

Aomine scratched his neck and ran his gaze around the room. "Well how should I explain this.." he murmured and stood up and walked towards the couch where Kuroko was currently sleeping in.

Kuroko had a plain white t-shirt and black jeans, which were tied in knots instead of being dragged behind.
He untied one of the knots and brushed the jeans to the side to revile one of Kuroko's limbs.

Even if Kuroko was legless, he had a small limb still there, shorter than to the knee. The limb had a red scar across it, like it was operated.

"And the other one looks the same…" Aomine murmured and tied the knot back.

"How old, is he? He seems so young…" Murasakibara mumbled, putting one of his chips in to the mouth at the same time.

"Four years younger than us, so he's 14 years old" Aomine explained.

Momoi sighed "It's pretty sad that he's so young and yet he can't do anything like the normal kids, well depends on normal."

"If you want to ask something, why don't you ask me" Kuroko yawned.

"Aww you're so cute Tets-kun" Momoi almost jumped at Kuroko and gave him a kiss on the fore head.

'When was he awake?' They thought in union.

"I was in an car accident a couple of years ago, my legs were in such bad shape they couldn't be fixed. Not that I care for my legs… They should have helped mom instead…" he mumbled the last part. This wasn't a topic Kuroko wanted to talk about, and everyone noticed this.

"But, don't you want to walk again? Don't you have prosthesis or something?" Midorima questioned "It would help you a lot more than dragging your lower body around the house, it could cause wounds."

"Prosthesis are expensive. We have a wheelchair, but the house is too small for me to move around in it, so I only use it outside." Kuroko explained. True to his words, the house was too small for a human to move in a wheelchair. The doors were too narrow and almost every room had a small step into it.

Kuroko probably was the sad expression on everyone's face and he smiled. "Don't worry, I have strong arms, I used to play basketball but now I can't. But I need to train them so I can walk farther, right now I move around like this only at home, but I usually sit in one place and read or study."

"You don't go to school?" Akashi asked lastly. Everyone seemed to sweat drop, for Akashi to be interested, this seemed bad.

Kuroko shook his head "No, I'm home schooled, my dad says I would be a bother if I went to a public school. So I study for myself at home."

"So you sit here inside all day?" Midorima stated "It's not good for your health, not like I care."

"Tsundere" Kuroko said bluntly. Midorimas glasses seemed to crack and the whole room was filled with laughter. "But yes, I mostly sit alone home. Dad is at work and Dai-niis mom is usually busy with other stuff. But I often go to our balcony, but I have to admit that I can't see much from the floor" Kuroko admitted in defeat.

Akashi walked to the couch and slightly pushed Aomine to the side and squatted down to Kurokos height.

"Wanna go outside with us?" Akashi smiled and placed his hand on top of Kurokos head and messed with his hair. Kurokos eyes seemed to sparkle into life and he nodded.

"Yosh! Let's go to Majis!" Kise shouted.

Aomine bought a small wheelchair and they all put clothes on and started walking towards Majis. Everyone were pleased when they saw how much Kurokos expressions changed when he saw new things. New streets that were build, new houses, families…

They decided to stop by a bookstore to buy new books to Kuroko, and after buying tens of books they continued their walk to Majis.

They sat down after ordering food. Kuroko only wanted a vanilla milkshake. He was quietly sipping his milkshake while the others had ordered hamburger meals and were laughing. He observed how his brother interacted and reacted to others. Dai-nii seemed pleased. But inside Kuroko grew a small plant called jealousy.

"Kuroko, what the hell are you doing here!" a man suddenly appeared and took a firm grip on the wheelchairs handles.

"Hey! It's ok, he's with me." Aomine stood up and tried to calm the man. The man only shook his head.

"It's your friends, they are probably disturbed by him. It's not like anyone wants to be with him." before anyone could answer the man had rolled Kuroko away with him. Aomine hadn't done anything to stop him.

"Who was that? Why did he say Kuroko was a disturbance to us?" Midorima questioned. "Why didn't you stop him?"

"That, my friends. Was Kuroko's father, the asshole of the house." Aomine answered.

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Another observer of the world: Is Kuroko younger than Ao? Why can't Kuroko be paralyzed instead of being legless?

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Toolazytologin: Why doesn't he have an wheelchair? Shouldn't he be weaker because of weak stamina? Fake legs?

Fake legs cost A LOT. Yes he has a wheelchair but because many houses aren't built for wheelchair users, he can't use it inside, as told in this chapter. He has pretty strong arms, but he hasn't much stamina. He sits a lot and well drags himself if he needs to go somewhere. You train your arms pretty good by doing this for years.

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Their parents aren't married yet, only engaged.

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