This is a Bonus chapter for the AkaKuro week. It doesn't have anything to do with the actual plot.

Who ever you are, where ever you are.
You have all the reasons to live.
We may be different, but yet we're the same.
You, me, we have a heart. And that is what makes us human.




'It's pretty late, who could it be?' Kuroko thought. Sure his and Dai-nii's mother had gone for a weekend trip somewhere. But they shouldn't be back this early.

Kuroko left his book on the floor and crawled towards the front door. He pulled a rope which was tied to the doorknob, opening the door. Kise jumped in.

"Yoo, Kurokocchi!" Kise put down a plastic bag on the floor and lifted his hands up in the air.

"Yoo!" Kuroko answered and lift his hands grinning.

Kise picked up his plastic bag, the inside sounded like glass hitting glass. Kuroko tilted his head hearing the sound.

"Is Aominecchi somewhere?"

"Kitchen." And thus Kise walked away to the kitchen leaving Kuroko alone at the front door. Before Kuroko could close the door, the rest had appeared and walked inside.

First greeting Kuroko and then walking to the kitchen to Aomine. Only one of them didn't.

Kuroko crawled back to the living room and sat down at the rooms corner where he had left his book. Hearing footsteps he gazed up noticing Akashi. Akashi kneeled to Kurokos level and ruffled his hair.

"Good evening" Akashi grinned.

Kuroko felt shivers run through his spine. He only nodded in response.

"Nii-san didn't tell you why we came huh?" Akashi asked. Kuroko shook his head. Akashi sighed.

Akashi mentally noted that he should at least slap Aomine. Even though Aomine lived here, he should at least ask his brother if it was ok for them to come.

"We came to watch a movie, we're staying over night." Akashi explained.

"That's cool." Kuroko said, giving a small smile.

'GAH! Bad, bad… that's bad for the heart…' Akashi's mind screamed, while placing his hand over his heart. 'Smiles like that are bad for the heart.'

Soon Murasakibara came into the living room with snacks and sat down on the couch, paying no mind to Akashi and Kuroko. Momoi came next holding many pillows, giving a slight shocked face seeing Akashi and Kuroko. She continued to the couch and dropped the pillows on the couch. Murasakibara grunted when a pillow was dropped on his chips bag, hearing how his chips cried while being crushed by the pillow.

Midorima came next with a movie and opened the television and started his work with that. Aomine and Kise came lastly with...alcohol.

Akashi noticed the smell of alcohol by the time they stepped inside the room, only sighing and walked over taking a beer. Kuroko slapped his book close and took a backpack which was hidden behind curtains and placed the book inside. He put the backpack on his back and started crawling towards upstairs.

"Aren't you going to watch it with us?" Akashi asked, stopping Kuroko, who was about to crawl upstairs.

Kuroko pointed towards Midorima "I can't handle horror movies"

Some glared towards Midorima, who flinched "Didn't we all agree to watch a horror movie? Why are you blaming me?"

Kuroko gave them a smile "Maybe next time, I enjoy reading more."

After that Kuroko left them alone and crawled upstairs. You could hear all the way downstairs where Kuroko was while he dragged himself. But it suddenly became quiet and they suspected him to sit on his bed and read something.

The movie started.

A couple beers later and completing the movie, they started a new movie. Momoi was buried under pillows, too scared to see what happens next. Akashi found himself tired, and stopped drinking, he didn't want to wake up with a bad headache tomorrow. Others were either still drinking or really into the movie, to notice when Akashi excused himself to search for a bathroom.

Akashi walked slowly upstairs. There was 4 doors upstairs. Probably 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. Question was; which was the bathroom? He could hear a faint music box singing, probably from Kurokos room.

He slowly walked towards the room where the sound came from, finding the door slightly open, he took a look inside. The room was dark, a big window right across from the door, a bed on the left side and drawers to the right. Kuroko sat on his bed gazing outside. Always when the music box next to him stopped singing, he would draw it, and it would start singing again.

"Can't sleep?" Akashi said. Kuroko flinched and looked back.

"Ah… Akashi-kun. No, I have often difficult to fall asleep." Kuroko answered and turned his gaze back towards the window. The sky was covered with bright stars dancing.

Akashi walked inside the room and sat down next to Kuroko, now holding the music box in his hands.

"I also had problems sleeping when I was younger." Akashi said. "But my mom used to sing me to sleep."

"… Used to?" Kuroko questioned with a silent voice.

"She died." Akashi gave Kuroko a sad smile. "So I know how it feels to lose a mother."

Kuroko played with his fingers, lowering his eyes. "Can you sing for me?"

Akashi smiled and drew the music box.

Slowly flying towards you, my own, my stroller.
To a chocolate shop I'll take you, and the hurtful things I'll take away.
How do you know me, even though this is the first time we met?

One little life, with a great light inside.
I guard quietly at you as you sleep, I guard the one who bears the comfort.
I will always be close, I will walk with you alongside.
But my escort is only a newborn child.

His voice sounded so comforting, deep…sad. The song sounded so beautiful with the music box playing on the background.

When the mold of the old wilderness, timeless, comforting.
I'll will be back once again, don't leave me to mourn.
At last I know all of you, and I'm not afraid to let go.

One small life, star dust wishes.
Even if you fall, no wound will hurt you.

The bearer of comfort when needed, will step forward.
Always ready to give, but never asked to.
But I'll be here walking with you alongside.
I will be happy to close the evil gates for you.
No one can make it out alone here.
No one wants to stay alone.

This is why we stand up straight, holding back to back, on each other's side, no longer afraid.

Kuroko leaned his head on Akashis shoulder, and slowly closed his eyelids. Akashi chuckled slightly and kissed Kuroko's hair, and continued to sing.

One little life, with a great bright light inside.
I guard you quietly as you sleep. I guard the one who bears the comfort.
I will always stay close, I will walk with you alongside.
But my escort is only a newborn child.

Akashi woke up next morning in an unfamiliar room. Feeling small pressure on his chest area, he gazed down. Kuroko rested his head on Akashi's chest. Oh wow, his bedhead was something else.

Akashi smiled and ruffled Kuroko's hair.

Akashi soon remembered he really badly needed to go to the toilet. But he didn't want to wake up the teal haired angel who rested. Choices, choices.

Well. Fuck.

Yea. That's the very weird bonus chapter to AkaKuro week. *gulps*
The song is made by various artists and the song is called 'Lohtu (Comfort)' a finnish song. This song was actually made to rise money to build a new childrens hospital here. I higly recommend to listen to the song. Search 'Live aid - LOHTU'

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